Silver Purge As Stocks Surge

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It seems the mere opening of the US equity markets is enough to spark renewed excitement over the fact that Europe's GDP data must be troughing right - or Japan's? Whatever it is, Silver (and gold) is getting monkey-hammered as Stocks surge on negligible volume... FX markets not so much; Treasuries not so much; credit not so much; Oil not so much...


Smells to us like whatever it takes to run up to overnight highs and take some stops in ES...



and stocks in a world of their own relative to risk-assets almost total lack of excitement...


Chart: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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orangegeek's picture

With the US Dollar rising again, the markets and commodities should be falling.


Euro has tanked, as expected, but these markets keep hanging on.  Shit for earnings/revenue can't be bullish forever.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

general funamentals and technicals are fine. The concept of 1 or few limited sellers dumping units on the market with no regard to limiting loss is nonsense despite and legitimate head or tailwinds.

AllThatGlitters's picture

Yeah, until the dollar falls again.

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Ok, what the cartel is doing to keep gold down is to create fiat gold, via gold loans. So, for anyone in this forum, the onus is to prove that there is a limit to creating gold loans. Particularly when those gold loans are created in the repo market by the same who manage the repo market, and in the end backed by treasuries, which are enforced in the system as risk free and cannot be downgraded (as S&P and Egan Jones can tell you).

Now, come on guys....tell me: How can the creation of gold loans be stopped? If you cannot answer this question, you better sell all your PM holdings and join the short side.

Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

it can be stopped by rolling Jamie Dimon up into a rug and throwing him in an empty parking lot next to Coney Island

Confundido's picture

it won't happen and if it does, there will be someone else taking over...

scatterbrains's picture

We will never know how or what will stop these gold loans you speak of but I'd guess both the Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies have the means to know and coincidentally or not their central banks are buying gold hand over fist it seems.


silverdragon's picture

Oh so TPTB want to f*ck with physical silver again do they? Good luck with that we will just buy more and more physical!

And we will take delivery!

TPTB are insane, prepare to be raped!



Confundido's picture

We? Who is we? Nobody will corner the creation of precious metals loans. Like with any other bank, only depositors can create a rush for deposits. And the depositors are the same central banks (from east to west), the same bullion banks and the same who get the loans! If you are out of the market, holding your bullion, you cannot create a rush for physical. You have no claim over those who extended the gold loans. Indeed, the ration of paper to physical will have grown, what?

Meat Hammer's picture

40 ounces of freedom takes on a whole new meaning.

SelfGov's picture

Just in time for pay day!

Lord Of Finance's picture

Good. I am out of this shit stain market. All I play with now is what glitters. Hope it goes back to 1450 for gold so I can buy a shitload more. I cashed out first week of September with Appl being my last long hold. Takin that bundle to the junk silver man when it stops its slide. Hope it retraces to mid 20'$.

unwashedmass's picture


Blythe must really be in trouble to do something as visible as today's manipulation. i mean, we know that the CTFC is gonna sit on its hands, but, still....

there is such a thing as good form in manipulation....

Jon Steed's picture

Sorry late to the soft launch party didn't buy at $1.75. But am trying to make up with the $30 action. It's all good ill be ready for the full launch whenever it happens. Let me get my tax refund first so I can add to the stack then fill ya boots.

Bernanke you fuck wit. Fuck u.

I know I know, strangely tho it does make me feel better.

youngman's picture

everyone is worried about China and a cyberattack.....I think China can buy a bunch of futures and ask for delivery and tank the would fall apart...they do not have the silver...and then they could show the world they are the new leaders...who would trust the so called Capitalists anymore...sure the USA, Britain, the Eu would try to put it back together...but the rest of the know where the growth is...would fall in line behind China I think

unwashedmass's picture

That's the sickest thing here and shows you exactly what the priority is --- save JPM's butt. Doesn't matter the country is selling its seed corn and its credibility, and destroying its reserve currency status....

all that matters is Jamie's bonus. 

and we better not forget it. 

TraderTimm's picture

Hilarious - bitcoin and silver are nearly at parity.

Jon Steed's picture

Oh yeah and one more thing

Fuck you Bart and your lame ass fuck wit, weak minded ,piece of shit bum fucking turd wanking toss pot holding group of twats. Your a complete embarrassment to the whole fucking regulatory enforcement group of individuals who take their jobs seriously.

Oh we don't have the funds to investigate the blah blah fuckety blah fuck organizations blah fuckety blah.

Tell you what Einstein how about you fucking fine the bastards 30 billion instead of 30 million and use that to hire the right fucking people to investigate the fucking manipulation you useless waste of fucking money toss twat fucking pricks. Then you can find more wanker bankers and fine em more put a few in jail and ...... Ah what's the use you brought for corrupt fuck fuckety fuck fucker

Deep breath

Ok ok I need to take a fucking Paxil right now before I have a frickin aneurysm or something.

Back to you regular programming people. No manipulation here. We are representing our clients interests ....... Fuck off

Needed to get that off my chest. Just sayin.

I could be wrong of course. Ha ha ha ha ha.

trendybull459's picture

Well guys,while in al human hystory God gave us the tools to dig silver for free from nature,now each once silver mined deliver unrecoverable damage to Nature by cianide

have and must to see: "I love to travel,I love to be sponsored,I love things for free just because I'm a chick..."The other forms of prostitutes the Matrix try to keep going while prostitutes loosing jobs because rich corporative clients and bankers gettin hair cuts.Babies,you soon belong to the working class and taking water to home from the 10km long by step :)))))))))) Matrix should be reloaded:

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

FOCUS: WGC: Global Gold Demand Posts Second-Highest Quarter Ever; India Remains Top Consumer In 2012 - Kitco News, Feb 14 2013 1:02AM. why the gold price is dropping....

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

2013 9:27AM Currency Wars Escalate: Russia Loads Up on Gold - Kitco News, Feb 13 2013 8:04A "


"Shirely" thats why the price of gold is down.....Right...????


And don"t call me "Surely"

Ps....fuck you Jon.....Nurdler......

fijisailor's picture

If you can't ignore minor corrections like this you have no business being in PMs