So Who Leaked The Heinz Deal?

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Just a purely accidental modest to quite modest increase in the Heinz June $65 call open interest yesterday, and an even more accidental $1.5 million profit in one day? Surely the new Morgan Stanely head of the SEC will get right on it, and market "credibility" will be preserved. At least Buffett's DOJ-immune rating agency Moody's will rate the JPM's committed financing for the HNZ takeover AAAA++++.


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Surely MIDAS picked it up.....

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So Who Leaked The Heinz Deal?


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John Kerry pushed this deal as a hard bargain with Buffett, but Warren "Let's Anally Rape The Taxpayers MOAR, amIright Charlie Munger?" Buffett did manage to get a 2,500 year exclusive ketchup supplier to the U.S. Government & Military contract in exchange for the share premium paid.

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sure wish these fvckers would tip me off too...I'd like to play along!

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Dude, you gotta pay to play...haven't you learned anything about crony capitalism in the last 5 years?

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I am sure the SEC will get right on it..

Hey a big fat pink pig just flew past my window....

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Are you implying that there is insider trading on Wall Street? I'd shocked! Shocked I say!

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Heresy to the highest!

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the truly shocking thing is that there's still ongoing outsider trading

who wants to invest in that rigged casino is beyond me

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But this time I'm pretty sure TIMMY DIDN'T DO IT!!

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that's 'doobie' aka fatty, joint, spliff, etc...

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How about 8:30 AM EST GOLD take down on daily basis?
Look at the chart now! F*cking Crooks!!!

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You're wrong, the take down is at 8:20am

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yeah, time is various between 8.15AM-8.45AM, Ones Goldman And Morgan
manipulation squad gets to the office.

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Yea! 7:20 central when the Chicago exchange opens up. I have been watching it. Jump on it and they will prohibit the masses on extended trading. Problem is that the spreads are horrendous and if turns on you.....

Before they banned spot trading similar to FX I made pretty penny on these patterns. Then one day, I mentioned something here on ZH and two days later boom. No more plebes allowed.

Stay out of the markets fellows, let them cannibalize each other. 



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Just think, if it wasn't for all these regular $5, $10, $15, $20 price knock-downs on gold just imagine where the price would be today. Probably north of $3,000.00

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I buy phys early in the morning.  Just ordered some @ 1643.  I think Sinclair is right about the Gld manipulation being over in March, we'll see.  Do you live in New Mexico?  I only knew one other Doña.

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Just got smacked down to 1642, I should have stayed in bed.

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Yeah... just had a friend calling me saying "Look Gold is going back up"...


and it went down...

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WOW! You should have waited until 8:31 to post.... check the price now.....

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That's actually an in-your-face message; "What can you do about dudes? We rule the world."

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I'm guessing John Kerry had a Certificate of Divestiture for this.

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Has anyone seen Martha Stewart lately?

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Oh ya, Martha- the last person dumb enough to get caught.....

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lol nice one Tyler. Just shows its "who you know" and not "what you know" that makes "success" more likely

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well... looks like Buffets secretairy will pay as much taxes as Buffet next year :)


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Insiders live very comfortably, don't they.

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If I had a big, juicy dog turd superglued to my face, just under the nose, like a mustache, but dripping and with all flies and stuff on it...I reckon I would notice.

Those super-slueths at the (insert TLA for any government watchdog e.g. SEC, FSA, CFTC)...not so much...

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2.5 times average daily volume on the shares......businees as usual.

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Hey futures were down. They will do anythig these days to ramp them.

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Hey fonz, im taking a page outta your book today and starting a small position on TWC based on that selling pressure after the earnings mis being exhausted and I actually think theres some decent value here at these levels- I actually only focus almost exclusively on small and mid-caps but its a decent risk/reward setup at this point i think

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Reminds me of the days a American company took us over.

All senior staff had to sign a document that it's forbidden to trade the company stock with inside info....


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yup 65 to be safe...

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I'm sure that CNBS will be all over this.

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just goes to show : buying a State secretary's company ensures you full "#1 crony capitalist" - preferred DC lobbyist - status for the rest of the incumbency.

Good investment Warren, now Washington will sing your song all along.

Watch Buffet's net worth INCREASE by leaps and bounds; a true financial Oscar winner!

He will out Pistorius Pistorius; luckily for him he has no girl friend; and more so for her! 

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they don't give a sht least with AA options prior to 9/11 they did it one week earlier

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art cashin, jack welch ole warren and becky quick walk into a bar...

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Art says.."wadda ya have..I´m kinda thirsty"

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are they wearing suites?

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Warren runs his mouth while filling Becky's.  Pillow talk.  That's all.

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"Fraud never sleeps."

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Heinz have to whack it a few times to get it to move....

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Aha!  There's the leaky catsup bottle joke I was looking for.  Thanks :-)

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Anticipation ....... It's making me wait

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It was Nancy Pelosi.  Bitch has her hands in everything.

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Yes, probably many of our public "servants" front running the deal! 

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Yes, how I want to strangle that biatch!  Her and that that other anti-gun POS Feinstein.