So Who Leaked The Heinz Deal?

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Just a purely accidental modest to quite modest increase in the Heinz June $65 call open interest yesterday, and an even more accidental $1.5 million profit in one day? Surely the new Morgan Stanely head of the SEC will get right on it, and market "credibility" will be preserved. At least Buffett's DOJ-immune rating agency Moody's will rate the JPM's committed financing for the HNZ takeover AAAA++++.


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Another one that had similar action was Constellation Brands Inc. (STZ).

Take a look at the Feb 35.00 call options that expire in one day, 1700 contracts. Then take a look at the Feb 35.00 puts. some 4,400 contracts traded that expire in one day.

What makes no sense is if you look out to March, April, and July, you see far more puts in the 30.00-35.00 range than calls. There might be some sort or Ram-a-Lam strategy going on, but as of today, all of those puts, and there were a lot of them, will expire worthless.

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The ketchup is out of the bottle...or is that catsup.

BTW - it's not a good idea to microwave this stuff in the plastic packet - regardelss of how you spell it. Fun to smash them though.

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The Bollinger runneth over

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... who is Charlie Munger.

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Buffett probably bought the options too.

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That impartial agency, the protector of the public and free markets the SEC will get to the bottom of this. Super Moe is on the case.

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Isn't the illustrious Senator McCain somehow involved in this?  Nothing to see here move along!

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Well whoever wrote those options is gonna be pissed. Won't they squeel?

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Congressional Bonus time dude... 


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So lets get this straight.... Kerry gets sworn in quickly and within days this deal is announced. 


I'd start with the accounts of Senators, their aides and their companions, associates, and work my way out from there. 

But remember, its all legal if your a member of congress.... 

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Kerry text to Lavrov: Like that action? Answer the phone next time I call, prick.

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Goldman ahead -- of course

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A lot of leaking going on all over. Had to laugh at NZD rising 10 minutes before data being announced yesterday.

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not hard to trace the owners of those trades there is a very clear audit trail, so get our regulators on that and off the midget porn sites


unless of course they are bought and paid for too


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A warning to those insider traders - the law will ketch up with you!