Guest Post: Gun Rights - Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

Gun Rights: Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left?

Throughout history, citizen disarmament generally leads to one of two inevitable outcomes:  Government tyranny and genocide, or, revolution and civil war.  Anti-gun statists would, of course, argue that countries like the UK and Australia have not suffered such a result.  My response would be – just give them time.   You may believe that gun control efforts are part and parcel of a totalitarian agenda (as they usually are), or, you may believe that gun registration and confiscation are a natural extension of the government’s concern for our “safety and well-being”.  Either way, the temptation of power that comes after a populace is made defenseless is almost always too great for any political entity to dismiss.  One way or another, for one reason or another, they WILL take advantage of the fact that the people have no leverage to determine their own cultural future beyond a twisted system of law and governance which is, in the end, easily corrupted.

The unawake and the unaware among us will also argue that revolution or extreme dissent against the establishment is not practical or necessary, because the government “is made of regular people like us, who can be elected or removed at any time”. 

This is the way a Republic is supposed to function, yes.  However, the system we have today has strayed far from the methods of a Free Republic and towards the machinations of a single party system.  Our government does NOT represent the common American anymore.  It has become a centralized and Sovietized monstrosity.  A seething hydra with two poisonous heads; one Democrat in name, one Republican in name.  Both heads feed the same bottomless stomach; the predatory and cannibalistic pit of socialized oligarchy.

On the Republican side, we are offered Neo-Con sharks like George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, who argue for “conservative” policies such as limited government interference and reduced spending, all while introducing legislation which does the exact opposite.  The recent passage of the “Safe Act” in New York with extensive Republican support proves that Republicans cannot be counted on to defend true conservative values. 

The Democrats get candidates like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, who claim to be anti-war and against government abuse of civil liberties, and yet, these same “progressive and compassionate” politicians now froth at the mouth like rabid dogs sinking their teeth into the flesh of the citizenry, expanding on every tyrannical initiative the Republicans began, and are bombing more civilian targets in more foreign countries than anyone with a conscience should be able to bear.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the government is not our buddy.  It is not our ally or friend.  It is not a “part of us”.  It is now a separate and dangerous entity.  A parasite feeding off the masses.  It has become a clear threat to the freedoms of average Americans.  It is time for the public to grow up, snap out of its childish delusions, and accept that there is no solace or justice to be found anymore in Washington D.C.  

Once we understand this fact, a question then arises – What do we do about it?  If we cannot redress our grievances through the election process because both parties favor the same authoritarian direction, and if our street protests are utterly ignored by the mainstream media and the establishment, and if civil suits do nothing but drag on for years with little to no benefit, then what is left for us?  Is the way of the gun the only answer left for the American people at this crossroads? 

I cannot deny that we are very close to such a conclusion.  Anyone who does deny it is living in a candy coated fantasy land.  However, there are still certain options that have not been exhausted, and we should utilize them if for no other reason than to maintain the moral high ground while the power elite continue to expose their own despotic innards.

State And County Nullification

The assertion of local authority in opposition to federal tyranny is already being applied across the country.  Multiple states, counties, and municipalities are issuing declarations of defiance and passing legislation which nullifies any future federal incursions against 2nd Amendment protections.  For instance, the Gilberton Borough Council in PA in conjunction with Police Chief Mark Kessler has recently adopted a resolution defending all 2nd Amendment rights within their municipal borders up to and including the denial of operations by federal officers:

Approximately 283 county Sheriffs and multiple police officers have taken a hard stand, stating that they will either not aid federal enforcement officials with gun control related activities, or, that they will not allow such activities within their county, period:

This trend of dissent amongst law enforcement officials debunks the nihilistic view promoted by disinformation agents that “no one in law enforcement will have the guts to stand up to the government no matter how sour it turns”.   It has also shaken the Obama Administration enough that the White House is struggling to counter it by wining and dining police unions and sheriffs departments in order to form their own “coalition of the willing”.  Obama seems to believe that holding press conferences using children or police as background props will somehow earn him political capital in the battle for gun rights, but I have my doubts:

Multiple states have legislation on the table to nullify as well, and it would seem that the violent push by the establishment to extinguish the 2nd Amendment has actually sharply rekindled the public’s interest in States Rights and the 10th Amendment.

This does not mean, though, that we should rely on nullification alone.  While the gun grabbers are stumbling into severe resistance at the national level, some representatives are attempting to supplant gun rights at the state level, including New York, California, Washington State, and Missouri.  The goal here is obvious; counter states rights arguments by using anti-gun legislators to impose federal controls through the back door of state legislation.

They will claim that if we support states rights, then we have to abide by the decisions of regions like New York when they ban and confiscate firearms.  It’s sad how gun grabbers lose track of reality.  Neither federal authority, nor state authority, supplants the legal barriers of the Constitution itself, meaning, no federal or local authority has the right or power to remove our freedom of speech, our freedom of assembly, our freedom of privacy, OR our freedom to own firearms (including firearms of military utility).  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights supersede all other legal and political entities (including treaties, as ruled by the Supreme Court).  At least, that’s what the Founding Fathers intended when they established this nation.  The point is, a state is well within its rights to defy the Federal Government if it is enacting unconstitutional abuses, and the people are well within their rights to defy a state when it does the same.

Economic Nullification

There is actually a fantastic economic opportunity to be had by states and counties that nullify gun control legislation.  Many gun manufacturers and retail businesses are facing financial oblivion if the establishment has its way, and moving operations outside the U.S. is not necessarily practical for most of them (gun manufacturing is one of the last business models we still do better than the rest of the world).  Municipalities could offer safe haven to these businesses, allowing them to continue producing firearms and high capacity magazines, fulfill expanding public demand, and create a surging cash flow into their area while at the same time giving the federal government the finger.

This strategy does not come without dangers, though.  Many states and counties are addicted to federal funding, and some would go bankrupt without it.  The obvious first response by the feds to protesting local governments will be to cut off the river of cash and starve them into subservience. 

This brand of internal financial warfare can be countered by local governments by nullifying a few other unconstitutional regulations, including those issued by the EPA and the BLM.  States and counties could easily disable federal land development restrictions and begin using resource development as a means to generate supplemental income.  North Dakota is essentially doing this right now in the Bakken Oil Fields, becoming one of the few states in America that is actually creating legitimate high paying jobs (instead of part time wage slave jobs), and growing more prosperous every year.

This tactic is not limited to state governments either.  Counties also have the ability, with the right officials involved, to regain control of their economic destinies anytime they want.  All it takes is the courage to rock the establishment boat.

Refuse All Registration Schemes

National firearms registration and gun databases are almost always followed by full gun confiscation.  The process is usually done in a standardized manner:  First demand extensive registration and cataloging of gun owners.  Second, ban more effective styles of weaponry, including semi-automatics and high capacity rifles (Let the sport hunters keep their bolt actions for a time, and lure them onto your side with the promise that they will get to keep their .270 or their 30-06).  Then take all semi-auto handguns.  Then, ban high powered magnum style bolt actions by labeling them “sniper rifles”.  Then demand that the gun owners that still remain allow official “inspections” of their home by law enforcement to ensure that they are “storing their weapons properly”.  Then, force them to move those weapons to a designated “warehouse or range”, locked away for any use other than recreational shooting.  Then, when the public is thoroughly disconnected from their original right to bear arms, take everything that’s left. 

Keep in mind that the federal government and certain state governments are acting as if they would like to skip ALL of the preliminary steps and go straight to full confiscation.  I am not discounting that possibility.  But, they may feign certain concessions in the near term in order to get the one thing they really want – full registration. 

Registration must be the line in the sand for every single gun owner in this country, whether they own several semi-automatics, or one pump action shotgun.  Once you give in to being registered, fingerprinted, photographed, and tracked wherever you decide to live like a convicted sexual predator, you have shown that you have no will or spirit.  You have shown that you will submit to anything.

After a full registration has been enacted, every gun (and maybe every bullet) will be tracked.  If confiscation is utilized, they know exactly what you have and what you should not have, and exactly where you are.  Criminals will still acquire weapons illegally, as they always have.  The only people who will suffer are law abiding citizens. It’s a recipe for dictatorship and nothing more.             

Gun Barter Networks

The retail firearms and ammo markets are Sahara dry right now, and will probably remain that way in the foreseeable future.  Anything that is available for purchase is usually twice the price it was last year.  Extremely high demand is removing retail from the picture before any legislation is even passed.  Enter barter…

Cash will remain a bargaining tool for as long as the dollar remains the world reserve currency and holds at least some semblance of value (this will end sooner than most people think).  That said, as gun items become scarce, the allure of cash may be supplanted.  The signs of this are already evident.

Gun owners are now looking more to trade firearms and accessories for OTHER firearms and accessories, because they know that once they sell an item, they may never see it again, and the usefulness of cash is fleeting.  Gun Barter is not only a way for firearms enthusiasts to get what they need, it is also a way for them to move around any future gun sale restrictions that may arise.  Private gun sales are legal in some states, but do not count on this to last.  Barter leaves no paper trail, and thus, no traceable evidence of transaction.  For those who fear this idea as “legally questionable”, all I can do is remind them that an unconstitutional law is no law at all.  If it does not adhere to the guidelines of our founding principles, our founding documents, and our natural rights, then it is just a bunch of meaningless words on a meaningless piece of paper signed by a meaningless political puppet.            

3D Printing And Home Manufacturing

3D Printing is now available to the public and for those with the money, I recommend they invest quickly.  Unless the establishment wants to make the possession of these printers illegal, as well as shut down the internet, there will be no way to stop data streamers from supplying the software needed to make molds for every conceivable gun part, including high capacity mags.  This technology has been effectively promoted by the Wiki Weapons Project:

According to current ATF law, the home manufacture of gun parts is not technically illegal, as long as they are not being produced for sale.  But in a state or county where federal gun laws have been nullified, what the ATF says is irrelevant. 

Home manufacturing of gun parts and ammo would be a highly lucrative business in such safe haven areas.  And, the ability to build one’s own self defense platform is a vital skill in a sparse market environment.  The ultimate freedom is being able to supply your own needs without having to ask for materials or permission from others.  It should be the goal of every pro-gun activist to reach this independence.

Force The Establishment To Show Its True Colors

While some in the general public may be incensed by the trampling of our freedoms by government, many (including myself) would view direct action and aimless French Revolution-style violence as distasteful and disastrous.  The moral high ground is all that any dissenting movement has.  It will be hard enough to keep this ground with the constant demonization of liberty minded people that is being espoused by propaganda peddlers like the SPLC and numerous media outlets.  We do not need to help them do their jobs.

Now, to be clear, I have NO illusions that the above strategies will defuse a confrontation between those who value freedom, and those who desire power.  The hope is that enough people within our population will refuse to comply, and that this will make any future despotism impossible to construct.  However, it is far more likely that these acts of defiance will elicit a brutal response from the government.  And in a way, that is exactly what we want…

The Founding Fathers went through steps very similar to those I listed above and more to counter the tightening grip of the British Empire during the first American Revolution.  The idea is simple:

Peacefully deny the corrupt system’s authority over your life by supplying your own needs and your own security, rather than lashing out blindly.  Force them to show their true colors.  Expose their dishonor and maliciousness.  Make them come after you like the predators they are, and then, once they can no longer play the role of the “defending hero” in the eyes of the public, use your right to self defense to send them a message they won’t forget.

Skeptics will claim that physical defense is useless against a technologically advanced enemy.  They will claim that we need a "majority" we do not have in order to prevail.  These are usually people who have never fought for anything in their lives.  They do not understand that the “odds” are unimportant.  They mean nothing.  No revolution for good ever begins with "majority support".  Each is fought by a minority of strong willed and aware individuals.  When all other methods of protest have been dismantled, the system leaves us with only two options: stand and fight, or kneel and beg for mercy.  All you need to know is what YOU would do when faced with that choice.  

There is no other culture on earth that has the capacity, like Americans currently do, to defeat centralists, defend individual liberty, and end the pursuit of total global power in this lifetime.  We are the first and last line.  If freedom is undone here, it is undone everywhere for generations to come.  This is our responsibility.  This is our providence.  There can be no complacency.  There can be no compromise.  There can be no fear.  It ends on this ground.  One way, or another…

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hoos bin pharteen's picture

Broken attempt at reductio ad absurdum.

Nuclear weapons are non-surgical, indiscriminate weapons. Similarly, man traps and even RPG's are illegal as well, and rightly given their indiscriminate mechanism.

How one feels about the possession of firearms comes down to whether you believe a man has the right to protect his life, loved ones and property.

Some people don't like that freedom and fear/hate those who do. Some are even hippocrits who believe that only "important" people should have such rights while the rest should be victims.

moondog's picture

What will you tell your grandchildren you did when they came for our guns?

This is not just about the living...this is about the generations that come after us. Will you fight for their freedom?


"There is no other culture on earth that has the capacity, like Americans currently do, to defeat centralists, defend individual liberty, and end the pursuit of total global power in this lifetime.  We are the first and last line.  If freedom is undone here, it is undone everywhere for generations to come.  This is our responsibility.  This is our providence.  There can be no complacency.  There can be no compromise.  There can be no fear.  It ends on this ground.  One way, or another…"

Little John's picture

Gold and silver store wealth, Lead protects it.

nmewn's picture

On this point of "universal gun registration" (the so-called, gun show loop hole) which seems to be the ONLY thing with a 50-50 chance of passing.

At what point in time did a human RIGHT become a thing that needs to be registered or screened with the federal government?

Do we register or screen with them for our right to speak freely, attend church (or not), ask for its permission on who to hang out with?

No we don't...and never will.

Molon labe you bastards.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

In fact, the Federal Gubmint has no jurisdiction to regulate commerce between two parties operating within state lines. Not that they won't try, but it will be the final insult to the commerce clause of the constitution.

FeralSerf's picture

I take it you have never studied Wickard v. Filburn.  The highest court in the land has determined that the Feds do have the right to regulate commerce between two parties, or even if there's only growing wheat for on-farm consumption, within state lines.

Just because I, or you, don't agree with this doesn't mean it's not The Law.

nmewn's picture

If they upheld a law that said its perfectly legal for the state to confiscate all your property upon your death...would that make it "justified tyranny" or just plain ole tyranny? ;-)

A Lunatic's picture

The day the SCOTUS granted itself the sole power to determine the constitutionality of laws and have the final word on the matter was a very huge nail in the coffin for the future of justice in America. We're literally one appointment away from losing it all if people do not make the distinction between "laws" and Justice..........

nmewn's picture

Its an amazing thing to watch as "the truth" reveals itself...

“The rules outside of the United States are going to be different than the rules inside the United States,” Obama explained. “In part because our capacity to capture a terrorist inside the United States are very different than in the foothills or mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan.”

So, of course, this is why he launched a mini invasion by SEALS (and others) who were sent into Pakistan to capture or kill Bin Hidin or sumpin?

The man is a walking, talking, bumbling, stumbling contradiction of terms & words...really just a paradoy of a president should be.

A Lunatic's picture

The more I come to understand, the more I see that America has the leadership it deserves; you and I however do not. What to

DosZap's picture

The day the SCOTUS granted itself the sole power to determine the constitutionality of laws and have the final word on the matter was a very huge nail in the coffin for the future of justice in America. We're literally one appointment away from losing it all if people do not make the distinction between "laws" and Justice..........


Ever heard of a Con Con?, 38 states can convene and amend the Const and take away ANY powers the Gvt has.(over 34 have already signed on.)

And they can do nothing about it, UNLESS they decide to disagree BY Force.

Then it's ON.

A Lunatic's picture

I'm afraid any attempts to amend the constitution will not bode well for our future. You and I will not have a seat at that table, your "representatives" will vote according to their own self preservation and lust for power and control; all in the name of national security of course, nothing that isn't necessary and expedient............

nmewn's picture


I can count on one hand the people I think I could trust to represent the peoples interests at such a con-fab.

And I'm not certain about those with their track record lately ;-)

FeralSerf's picture

You can thank the Marshall Court, especially Marbury v. Madison (1803) for this.

The Legacy of the Marshall Court (1801-1835):

Citxmech's picture

I've heard a lot of bitching here about Marbury - but what is the better alternative when there is a dispute regarding the meaning/scope of the Contstitution.  If that power is not going to remain in the Judicial branch - are you going to cede it to the executive or legislative branches instead?

That would be far worse, IMHO.

A Lunatic's picture

As far as the Constitutionality of new laws is concerned; when in doubt throw it the fuck out............

FeralSerf's picture

I think it should be decided by the state legislatures instead, like constitution amendments are decided.  The states were the ones that created the federal government for their convenience and the convenience of their respective citizens, not for the convenience of the federal government that was being created.   Letting the Federal government decide whether its own policies are legal or not it too much like letting the fox guard the hen house.

Citxmech's picture

Interesting.  The downside is that it would/could lead to incompatable decisions between states - however in the context of each state being an "experiment in autonomy," that might be a workable idea with a little paradigm shifting. . .

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

The entire system of Common Law hinges on JURIES OF ONES PEERS as being the final arbiter of justice.

The constitution is clear on this point as well. Those powers not expressly delegated, are reserved to the states, or the people."

The Jury of Peers represents the people, and thus has the final say.

Citxmech's picture

The interesting thing here is that all juries are allowed to do (in our basically British common-law system) is decide questions of fact.  Questions of law get decided by the judge (this applies to both civil or criminal matters).

Constitutionality issues are necessarily questions of law - hence the appeal to the SCOTUS.

A Lunatic's picture

Ever heard of Jury Nullification? Jurors have a lot more legal discretion than the modern judicial system would have us believe......

Citxmech's picture

Sure, but that has nothing to do with deciding the extent and meaning of the Constitution.  Jury nulification is a form of civil disobediance where the power to judge facts is used as a method of protest against laws that are interpreted as unjust.  Juries' rulings can and have been thrown out if the results are "unreasonable."  Usually this happens when verdicts against corporations are "too large."

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

That is Admiralty law you are describing, not common law.

FeralSerf's picture

A criminal doesn't really ever get a jury of his peers.  If he did the jury would necessarily be selected from the prison population instead of the voter registration lists.  Criminals, both current and ex, are not allowed to be jurors.

Anusocracy's picture

There isn't a right to form a government so courts, etc. have no right to do anything.

It's all done through use of force, like in the animal world.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Correct, see my post below.

What you are hinting at is exactly what the sociapaths/owners in control want.  They want to know who among us will defend our life, family and property with deadly force.  Once they have that list, then they know exactly who remains in the way from their complete power and control.

Guns will always be available either way, so I don't worry too much about this.

When you start to see the right to assembly being cracked down on, then you can sweat.  And no, comminicating anonymously via the internet is not the same thing...

nmewn's picture

"Once they have that list, then they know exactly who remains in the way from their complete power and control."

Throughout my entire life I've let it be known this is the line that won't be crossed to everyone around me. I've written published letters to the editor, my congresscritters and presidents (Clinton being the last) all under my real birth name.

They know exactly who I am and the millions just like me.

They are the ones who should be very afraid (and are) not us.

Shell Game's picture

+1  Absolutely correct.  If they were not afraid of us, they wouldn't work so hard at control on all fronts. This is why it is important to write those letters and to make public statements. Invisibility is highly overrated..

The Gooch's picture

Right on, nmewn.

"They" are very afraid.

The Pro2 community is galvanized like never before.

Been meeting a LOT of great people at the shops, town-halls and gun-grabber events.

It's on like donkey kong.

P.S. Great article, Brandon! Shared it yesterday and it spread like wildfire.


AnAnonymous's picture

In 'American' societies,the most insecure, by far, are all those middle class 'americans' who fear to lose their middle class status.

By far.

nmewn's picture

Don't you have some new born chinese girls to drown or sumpin?

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americanism' will take care of that.

'Americanism', the emancipation of women... That is why so many third world women are imported so the 'american' consequences of this 'american' emancipation could be soaked.


What a world, an 'american' world.

nmewn's picture

I think you're confusing Saudi Arabia trafficking in Somali women to be used (and abused) as slaves with America...but do carry on.

AnAnonymous's picture

No, no confusion. Confusion is the work of 'americans'

So supposedly, 'american' women are free. But it somehow appeared that their 'american' male counterpart did not take well the idea of putting that extra work of keeping child, upkeeing the house etc

Some third world women had to be imported so they could fulfill the part 'american' women no longer wanted to take.

'American' emancipation, the way it works...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous propagandated:

No, no confusion. Confusion is the work of 'americans'

This kind of delusion always makes the good laughing excessively.

Alas, alas, dodectuple alas, less nine, Confusius being one of the three sovereigns of Chinese citizenism must make indicative that Confusion is creation of, and indeed pillar of, Chinese citizenism.

Emotional appeal to authority, I dont know. It is not the matter. This comment is lacking on a simple ground: it is built on proclaiming a fact. Very Chinese citizenish.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

Funny, I was walking---or trying to walk---through Central in Hong Kong one Sunday, and it was impassable, cluttered with tens of thousands of young women.  I kept hearing this language.  I know it wasn't Cantonese, and not Putongua.  I think it was Tagalog, and I kept hearing some song called "Anak".

All those women, are they like expat property developers or investment bankers or something?

KTV Escort's picture

Yeah, every Sunday the Filipino women socialize in HK, I was told many have housekeeping jobs, work is scarce back home. Beautiful phenomenon IMO, thousands of little groups, on blankets and cardboard.

nmewn's picture

To you both...I am not afraid.

Its a character flaw on my part ;-)

Shell Game's picture

There is a measurable pleasure from being defiant and unafraid.  :)

nmewn's picture

Its unique to being free ;-)

kayl's picture

Your birth certificate registers your NAME, or corporate fiction, with the government. Your parents willingly ratted you out even though you were a baby and not able to contract. Then, without knowledge you ratified the registration through dozens of adhesion contracts like passport, driver's license, voting, school, insurance. You are under jurisdiction of commercial and Admiralty law. You were captured by foreign privateers. You can strip away the novation, and demand freight and salvage claims on your property. But it's a long haul through legal treatises. In the upshot, no amount of paper fillings will trump brute force.

Stand prepared "No quarter asked or given."

Shell Game's picture

Another brilliant piece by Brandon Smith.  The only peaceful gun control is NO gun control. There are too many laws on the current thick books.

As a hard working, law abiding free man, there is no fucking reason I shouldn't be able to bear a true select-fire, full auto assault weapon.  Everything the control freaks do is to minimize the balancing of power the 2nd Amendment is meant for - the ability of The People to usurp a Rogue Government.

Molon labe at your risk, Leviathan.

reader2010's picture

here is what real issues is 

Living in the End Times According to Slavoj Zizek

dwdollar's picture

Rebellions are started and lead by a minority. Only after the rebels appear to be winning, does the majority safely switch sides. We could be living under the Galactic Empire with Darth Sidious at the throne and still the majority would embrace the status quo.

You see, the majority throughout history is a bunch of pathetic losers who always do what they're told and what is expected of them. It's up to a small minority to keep the psychopaths from taking over.

Bad Attitude's picture

Our [first] Revolutionary War was fought by three to five percent of the population. It doesn't take a majority to produce beneficial change, only a clear objective and a willingness to participate.

I know from personal experience that a small number of people can make something happen. A couple of decades ago, I was involved in grass-roots Second Amendment activities. I moved to a "conservative" western state, and wanted to join a grass-roots Second Amendment group. Finding none, I started one, and its membership grew to 250 people by the time I had to move (family issues) from that state. During that time, my organization was able to defeat gun control legislation. The organization I left behind was able to get concealed carry reform through the legislature after I left.

While there are a lot of sheep in any population, there are enough people willing to do something meaningful if given some direction and a clearly defined objective. So, if you don't see something what you want, start it!

And, contrary to what Dear Leader says, do not lead from behind. Get out front and fight!

AnAnonymous's picture

Amen to that, bro.

We Americans know how to sacrifice for the all of Mankind. And Mankind includes sheeple...

Signed: an American.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Amen to that, fellow Chinese citizenism citizen citizenist.

We Chinese citizenism citizens know how to sacrifice all (dogs, cats, lizards, worms, female newborn Chinese citizenism citizens, aborted female Chinese citizenism fetuses, pigeons, salamanders, crickets, etc) for the all of new Chinese citizenism fastfood franchise JKC (Just Killed Cat).

Signed: AnAnonymous