All Hope And Change Roads Lead To Greece

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Who says Barron's covers are only good for timing contrarian market inflection points to the millisecond? In this specific case, we learn that all hope and change roads (soon to be de-potholed following another trillion in road renewal stimulus, aka ARRA 2.0, spent shortly and paying a minimum wage of $9.00 to the depotholers) lead to, where else, Athens, Greece.

Meanwhile in Greece, free food for everyone!

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You know how to defeat thought control and propaganda? Just don't pay any attention. Turn off the MSM news shows. Don't read MSM newspapers or news magazines. Never listen to politician speeches. Get your news from alternative sources. You will not only be better informed, but you will be healthier and have less stress in your life.

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Got some links there sport? PS fox and Drudge don't count.

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Would have been great to see Ben Carson read that Obame quote at the prayer breakfast just before he said it would take over 500,000 years to count to 16 trillion. 

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 I love a Man with Conviction :-)

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Makes me want to cry, really... How sad is the state of affairs globally because some sick psychopaths deemed it necessary to purchase another Island, another country, another Billion dollar yacht... Well, enjoy it for the little time you all have left...

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Don't be silly. This state of affairs enjoys broad popular support in the US, as we saw back in November. This is purely the work of the free-stuff brigades. If Soros or Buffet takes advantage, well, that's what they're good at, so that's what they do.

History shows that bad ideas don't die when they're shown to be bad - they only die when the generation that believes them dies.

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The bailouts will continue until morale improves!

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The Barrons cover or the video?

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and prbably smells as bad as walmart on any ebt day.

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If there is justice in this world, the US economy will crash under his watch! He deserved to be voted in so he can finsh off what he started before the end of his 2nd term!

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Fuck sakes, he is just a muppet. They are all muppets. Can we get a sign over the door into Fight Club, please?



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that people don't get this is bad enough... the fact that they think you're the crazy one for this simple observation... almost too much.

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Quite the joke of an existence, really.

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F Barrons/WSJ/Murdoch/NewsCorp/AlWaleed/Jeezera - they have been for open borders and illegals.  Alan Abelson of Barrons probably voted for O twice.   F the media, TV and Hollywood.

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Red Friday ..... Black May Day

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Greece leads the way!

As in times of old when she led the way into democracy.

Now she leads the marching parade of nations, heading for soveriegn default.

And guess who is the leader of the marching band? O'Bammy and his bunch of merry thieves!

See you at the fair grounds, for a ride on the REAL merry-go-round! Get there early for your seat.   

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Imagine how high this market would be if things were actually good, don't forget to sign up for the new rounds of welfare plans this year.. Obama offerring the two for twenty thousand a year if you walk in with a limp

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25????:))))wishfullll thinkinggg..

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I am thinking more like 5 years

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The sooner the better. Let's just get this shit over with. Let the empire collapse already so we can rebuild it.

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Pondering this yesterday on the river. We still have the old reliable infrastructure standing. Old, but still standing because it is still strong. If Americans would take pride in their lands, and preserve what we have to persevere through the planed destruction, then after the banks crash, it will be back to sweat equity and the kind of pioneering that developed this country in the first place. The good news is, there are still barely enough elders left to teach the people how they lived during the first depression, and rebuilt after world war two.

Learn from your elders while you can, and keep the peace in your own neighborhoods with the awareness of what is coming to a theater near you soon.

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There is a little old granny on YouTube who has a series on Depression-era recipes.   

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Just once it would be nice to have a more accurate and honest headline. If they want to compare the US to Greece the headline should read: "We are in worse shape than Greece now and if our credit card stopped working it would even be clear to Barron's: thank you bond prostitutes". Twenty five years from now? What the hell are they smoking?

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Barron's didn't count the intergovernmental debt in ratio to GDP. What dorks!

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Nobody pays attention to math or basic economics anymore--we're in feelgood land until the bottom drops out--and the O is willing to say whatever anyone wants to hear as long as he gets out of his second term before the bottom drops out.  It's as simple as that--fucktards all around.

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Being able to objectively state a list of possible outcomes in a future timeslice, given a current timeslice... it's called conspiracy. Watch out what outcome you permute out loud man, dem popo's gonna write you up a nice ticket for Possession of Illegal Probability.

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Yes. Didn't they "bust Madame Marie for telling fortunes better than they do?"...

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When the economy collapses, Dear Leader will not be held responsible for his role in destroying the economy. He will blame his predecessors and Congress, and the media will not question him.

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Obama will also blame:

  1. Capitalism
  2. Greedy Speculators
  3. The Rich
  4. Conservatives
  5. Preppers and Conspiracy Theorists
  6. China, Russia, and MENA
  7. The Weather
  8. Natural Disasters
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I don't think we're making it through his second term....

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I KNOW we're not making it through his second term!

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it's his 3rd term that scares me...

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nah... it's whoever is next. TPTB control the system... they control both parties and have owned both candidates all the way back to at least JFK (thought they had JFK, but the father went and had a stroke). The "election" is the biggest part of the illusion. No way they let that piece go. There will be an election and we'll get the same fascist leader that we've been given for a half of a century.

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Bingo. This is how the system works: The oligarchs don't care who wins the general elections. They intervene in the primaries with money and media control to ensure that the candidate for both parties will support them and their policies. At that point, it doesn't matter who wins in November. It's a win-win situation for the oligarchs. That is how the U.S. political system works these days. You are correct in that the oligarchs don't want to change anything about the two-term limits because most of the sheeple still believe that the November election makes a difference, "it's the most important election in our lifetime" and so on. TPTB want to maintain that illusion.

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I agree with you at the American government level. I think they are going to fully test the idea that deficits and debt don't matter as long as you can get the central banker to add more zero's to some paper somewhere. We laughed at the trillion dollar coin a few months ago. You may not laugh in the future.

Where I disagree is that I perceive a general malaise in the back of the mind of most people who pay any attention to current events. My whole family, friends, coworkers seem to have an underlying sense of doom or foreboding. I don't think most can tell you why but they have an instinct for the numbers and the general situation. If you combine this with a general sense of powerlessness it is why most people just go about their normal daily lives hoping for best, hoping their instincts are wrong and living in the present moment...before some vague economic tsunami rolls in. I do it myself at times.

Sometimes I get so depressed I cannot sleep. I am happier when I ignore it. I have transferred from the hopeful libertarian type to the one where given our form of unconstitutional government, human nature, the size of the problem and the crew in's over. It's just a matter of time. It is a painful process to go from optimist to pessimist.

So, i was at a gun show yesterday and the prices of any AR-15 or AK-47 style weapon has skyrocketed, ammo is on major backorder and I bought a couple months of survival food...finally. So, many people are paying attention to different aspects of the coming apocalypse. it's just that none of them are in government or the mainstream press.

Basic math and economics will have their day and it won't be pretty.

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Instead of optimist to pessimist work to become the status quo. It's hard, but can be done. Look at Elizabeth Warren. Without her there now, her questions would not be asked.

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While I think Elizabeth Warren's current tough stance is admirable, I have to wonder what prompted the massive exposure of her hard line of questioning.  Ron Paul has been taking The Bernanke and Geitner to task numerous times in the past, but that has never been featured in the MSM, only alternative news sites that provide links to CSpan.  

Another example, when Cliff Stearns calls out Hank Paulson, but again not a peep from the MSM. 



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The last thing the status quo want is lazy ass Americans to get with it and start running for office, and take over. Keep telling yourself there is nothing you can do, it's too big at this point, so when it falls apart you can look at your fingernails and nod I told you so.

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Oh, please, Elizabeth Warren is just the latest "bad cop" they roll out every once in a while to talk tough but do nothing to change the system. I'll believe it when she actually does something to change the status quo instead of just talking tough.

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Takes more than one to change the system, and it's good that she has the guts and highlights the bullshit on Wall Street for MSM.

You bankers here are boiling mad she won the election, the Scott Brown loss cost you the big bucks. And more of us are running and winning local elections, school board, city council, state offices and up to federal.

Besides whining or prepping, we can take over.

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Elizabeth Warren the fake cherokee, is a statist, progressive Democrat, and a fraud. Everything she does and says is staged.

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That pretty much sums it up.

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Exactly. If she were for real there is no way she'd be getting face time on the MSM or from the clowns at CNBC. You should've seen Maria interview that idiot Bahney Fwank - both of them are scared to death of the banksters.

Warren is all show.

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Or maybe she had face time to put all the corporatists on red alert.

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Warren has benefitted greatly by rigging the game and engaging in fraud and the idiots still voted her in.  She is a liar and a fake. The Senate is totally evil and has been for a LONG time.  The Senate and senators are a major part of the problem.  My guess is this fake indian knows how much the public hates these people and their hatred is increasing.

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Well, Whistle, I accept your point and I do sort of preach the gospel of liberty to any and all who will listen. It is in my blood and I cannot do otherwise: but it will not be enough to overcome current economic and social forces that are in play already.

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keep speaking truth to power, FreedomGuy.  It unsettles the Fascists and Statists in power, one day we will overcome.