Guest Post: Why Don't People See

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Via Monty Pelerin's World,

I meet people that still believe that the world is fine. They believe things like:

  • The US government has plenty of money.
  • Government cares for its citizens.
  • The economy cannot crash.
  • We are not in a recession (Depression).
  • The lives of their children will be better than their own.
  • The government can continue to print money to fund promises they cannot afford.

Despite these untenable beliefs, these are not stupid people. Many are professionals who do quite well — doctors, lawyers, dentists, college professors, etc. They are not  zombies, our walking dead, have no idea about what is happening around them no less the way things work in an economy, society or the world. It is our educated who should care yet seem to be oblivious to what lies ahead.

The ignorance and/or lack of concern of this group is perplexing and maddening. They are certainly capable of understanding. It is also in their interests to comprehend, as they are the ones who will lose the most. How does one open their eyes? What can they be shown to arouse them from their ignorance?

Sadly, I don’t have answers to these frustrating questions. It is not that others have not presented the information as much as these people refuse to acknowledge the implications. Are they all too busy? Are they idiot savants who are geniuses in their fields but not very smart away from it? Warnings come from many sources and from many different perspectives, yet they do not seem to penetrate the minds of those most capable of effecting change.

From a self-interest standpoint, this productive group should be the most concerned. After all, they are ground zero for the Socialist schemes that are destroying society. They are the ones that will be crushed in the redistribution dreams of our political class. Will they awaken too late? Or, will many of them just withdraw their productivity by retiring early, emigrating, etc.?

I don’t have answers to these questions, but I do know that this professional class is about to become prey for our predatory State. And, when that happens, they will hurt but not nearly as much as the rest of us.

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Watching American idle is a soothing balm.

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Many are professionals who do quite well — doctors, lawyers, dentists


We'd do a lot better if we have a government made up of welders, HVAC servicemen, and plumbers.


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orwell covered this long ago... most of the professional classes are hopelessly entagled in the system, and therefore, will not rise up in opposition.  the push will come from the underclass.

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Right, they are not "stupid," it's just that their brains are running shit software.

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<------------ I have ADD or OCD tendencies

<------------ I am normal


If I weren't so cheap I would create a survey to establish a demographic outline of those Awake in America and the degree to which reality has set in.  I would bet ADD/OCD tendencies show an high correlation...We never understood, nor ever easily belonged, how to give in on reality to be friends and get along with the Sheep.  That is the overwhelming problem.

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yes, and i wonder what percentage of the professional classes pound their consciousness into submission with SSRI's...   just another little gift from the NWO to ensure that the sheeple accept their enslavement.

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Because these are untenable beliefs these are stupid people

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Sorry, but I'm tired of those who makes excuses for those who fail to see the obvious truth - they ARE stupid, the same way that people who cant do basic arithmetic or distinguish between their/there/they're are stupid. There are plenty of doctors and lawyers who unthinkingly read textbooks, take exams, get qualified, read newspapers, obey authority and do their jobs, perhaps very well. All that demonstrates is a well developed left brain hemisphere and a clinically dead right hemisphere - so called "squares" with no capacity to think outside the box and reason for themselves without an academic or mainstream media-based authority to do their thinking for them. If you can't see that the western governments (and most others) are criminals, murderers and terrorists, you are stupid. If you can't see that 9/11 was an inside job, you are stupid. If you think the US economy is fine, you are stupid. End of story.

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Well, first off, there has been little to no personal downside thus far for displaying this level of stupidity. Stupid should hurt.

These professionals not only comprise but fall victim to false authority syndrome.

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Agreed. There are few negative consequences to stupidity. We,as a society, have interfered with natural selection far too long by sheltering people from their bad decisions.

Personally, I think a lot of these otherwise smart people are intentionally in denial. They do not want to know the truth. It is going to be ugly when they are finally forced by circumstances to deal with reality.

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I think you nailed it re: denial, at least among those who pay attention to affairs outside their offices.  I'm reminded of a response from someone when I phoned to inform them of a tragedy in the life of a family member: 


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His Dad told him when Dad was in his teens Grandpa told him nothing to worry about, there will be no financial crisis and no more war after the first one.

His Dad told him when he was in his teens nothing to worry about, there will not be another financial crisis and no more war after the second one.

What are you telling/going to tell your children/grandchildren ?

I am asking YOU. Don't fucking look to PhDs from Ivy League U's.


Sorry, not addressing you, Lore.

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MR. Guest, You Forgot One ...


@@@ GOLD Price Is Absolutely Not Manipulated.

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Intelligence is "conditioned" out of people, it starts from the top and works it's way down

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He forgot one:


  • Fiat currency has value
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I like Monty's musings & articles by & large, but this one leaves me cold for a number of reasons, not the least of which is his ambiguous closing paragraph regarding what's going to happen to a specific group (i.e. the "professional class"), without providing a shred of specific information or supporting evidence.

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I'd say that the intelligence and the psychology of a person are not the same thing.  But the most intelligent people are aware of their own psychology and that which pervades society, and they think their way beyond it.

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Invest in imaginary Gold (GLD), imaginary Silver (SLV) or imaginary Palladium (PALL)

It's not stupid.

It's fucking retarded.

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You carry skepticism to an unhealthy degree.

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It has and remains all about edumacation.

The babylonaian empire of dust purposely dumbs people down with the media and on the kids in all mind control schools. When once edumacational centers at any level taught kids to be good thinkers and leaders, now they teach them to be good followers and slaves. Media garbage is what it garbage fit for the ripe and mind-controlled lemmings to consume like nightly church.

Call the Light Brigades.

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I am young but I know one thing perrenial, that in order for a conscious to better itself over time, individual or collective, it needs to believe that things can be done right the first time, and make it not happenstance but rather a way of life. If you can show everyone that shit can be done righteously, people may take notice and subscribe to that philosophy rather than the false one propagated through the global herding framework, the one that says that a single human being is not capable of all. I'll be doing my part.

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America’s 60 Families
Dynasties listed below were included in America’s 60 Families, Ferdinand Lundberg’s 1937 expose on the super-rich. Lundberg used tax records to uncover the often impenetrable financial and political machinations of the 60 Families, effectively publishing a directory of names and occupations of family scions as well as estimates of their fortunes.
“The United States is owned and dominated today by a hierarchy of its sixty richest families, buttressed by no more than ninety families of lesser wealth… These families are the living center of the modern industrial oligarchy which dominates the United States, functioning discreetly under a de jure democratic form of government behind which a de facto government, absolutist and plutocratic in its lineaments, has gradually taken form since the Civil War. This de facto government is actually the government of the United States — informal, invisible, shadowy. It is the government of money in a dollar democracy.”

Families are listed in ranked order (according to 1924 tax records) with their primary sources of wealth.

1 Rockefeller Family Standard Oil
2 Morgan Family J. P. Morgan & Co.
3 Ford Family Ford Motors
4 Harkness Family Standard Oil
5 Mellon Family Aluminum Company
6 Vanderbilt Family NY Central R&R
7 Whitney Family Standard Oil
8 Standard Oil Families Standard Oil
9 Du Pont Family DuPont
10 McCormick Family International Harvester, Chicago Times
11 Baker Family First National Bank
12 Fisher Family General Motors
13 Guggenheim Family American Smelting & Refining Co.
14 Field Family Marshall Field’s
15 Curtis-Boks Family Curtis Publishing Co.
16 Duke Family American Tobacco Company
17 Berwind Family Berwind-White Coal Co.
18 Lehman Family Lehman Brothers
19 Widener Family American Tobacco Company, public utilities
20 Reynolds Family R. J. Reynolds
21 Astor Family Real estate
22 Winthrop Family Miscellaneous
23 Stillman Family Citibank
24 Timken Family Timken
25 Pitcairn Family Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. (now PPG Industries)
26 Warburg Family Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
27 Metcalf Family Rhode Island textile mills
28 Clark Family Singer Sewing Machine Co.
29 Phipps Family Carnegie Steel
30 Kahn Family Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
31 Green Family Stocks and real estate
32 Patterson Family Chicago Tribune
33 Taft Family Real estate
34 Deering Family International Harvester
35 De Forest Family Corporate law practice
36 Gould Family Railroads
37 Hills Family Railroads
38 Drexel Family J. P. Morgan & Co.
39 Ryan Family Stock market
40 Foster Family Auto parts
41 Johnson Family Victor Phonograph
42 James Family Copper and railroads
43 Nash Family Automobiles
44 Schiff Family Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
45 Patten Family Wheat market
46 Hayden Family Stock market
47 Weber Family Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
48 Blumenthal Family Lazard
49 Mills Family Mining
50 Friedsam Family Merchandising
51 McLean Family Mining
52 Higgins Family New York real estate
53 Cochran Family Textiles
54 Kirkwood Family
55 Tyson Family
56 Huntington Family Railroads
57 Storrow Family Lee Higginson & Co.
58 Rosenwald Family Sears Roebuck
59 Baruch Family Stock market
60 Kresge Family Merchandising

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Combine this list with a reading of Juri Lins' The Secret History of Freemasonry, Eustace Mullin's The World Order, and Anthony Sutton's The Order of the Skull and Bones, and you will know the documented, active conspirators of The New World Order: who, what, when, where, how and why Oligarchical Collectivism was brought into reality. 

All are available on pdf over the net for free. Be skeptical, certainly, but the documentation is there, and cannot be debunked by the standard "conspiracy theory" attack.

Why don't highly educated people see? Remember that Education was one of the primary targets for takeover by the NWO, and all their sponsored socialist movements (Fabianism, Bolshevism, Nazism, and Frankfurt Cultural Marxism) took over the schools. Sutton's work documents this process in the USA; John Taylor Gatto also. Educated professionals spent their formative years in the brainwashing machine, and have been rewarded for it. The more time spent in higher education, the more exposure to NWO propaganda. And the professionals' continued career advancement requires their continued ignorance of the puppet masters and their propaganda. Go along, get along--right over the cliff, lemmings.

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This is America, and we don't believe in negative consequences.

Except, perhaps, for failing to attend Tony Robbins' seminars.

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Stupid should hurt.

And with those three words, you've become my hero.

We keep alive poorly run businesses and pursue unsustainable policies (in defense, government-backed financing for houses and education, etc.), while rewarding ourselves with artificially low interest rates based in no reality.  Stupid doesn't hurt anymore now that we've tapped into the magic of deficit spending.

In my mind, there's only one reason capitalism works:  Stupidity gets punished. And we've removed that from the equation.


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My question would be: "Who cares about these folks?"

I've been down the road of trying to be a source of information on these issues.  I've generally been met with the view that I just fell off a spaceship.  No more.  They are on their own. 

Remember the Twilight Zone episode of the neighbors trying to break into the shelter of the family who prepared? 

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I hear you, Rock, but I don't want it to come to that.  These people have skills, intelligence and value,  I don't think most people want to be a drain on the system, but the sad truth is MOST people are (When government spending is 40% of GDP and every dollar gets spent more than once, that is most certainly the case),  Their fatal flaw is they don't want to understand  the big picture, or even look at it.  If they got a bill every month for what the government is spending to "help" us, things would change immediately.  

So the bigger problem to me is that we've created a world where stupid doesn't hurt.

When my appendix ruptured last year, I was cared for by top-notch professionals up and down the line.  I'm glad that they we're experts at what they did and don't really care that most of them probably have no idea what the Austrian school of economics is.  

I don't want to see those people get flushed.

RockyRacoon's picture

Your key statement:

...we've created a world where stupid doesn't hurt.

I recall many years ago when dodge-ball was outlawed in public schools.  I figgered we were in big trouble then.  If you remove the ability to be "unpopular" you thereby remove the stigma of low self-esteem.   Say what?!  Poor bastards get out into the real world and get quite a shock to find out that some people just aren't liked... period.   Then we get all sorts of other methods to build self-image and all that crap.  It's like we've removed the ability to be mediocre.  Well, some folks are just ordinary, not intended to go to college, not intended to be extraordinary.  Being stupid is not a handicap any more.

mark mchugh's picture

I'll agree that we're trying to engineer outcomes.  The teacher's pet straight A student often comes up short in both the coordination and popularity departments, and nothing drives that point home like a swift dodgeball to the groin.  So we wind up with "genuises" who can't change a tire.


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USSA = nothing succeeds like FAILURE !!!!

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Eventually, all "professionals" will be working for the government.  At the same time, the government will be having to steal its money from the unskilled serfs.  So, with the exception of the oligarchy, everyone's standard of living will fall and "it will hurt".  If they have their way, this will be a slow and incremental process, so as not to raise too many eyebrows.

As for stupidity, maybe... maybe not.  The truth requires people to alter their belief systems.  Most are not open enough to allow this to happen overnight.  Furthermore, when this does happen in a rapid transition, it defines paranoid schizophrenic.  What I see is intelligent people who eventually come to realize the implications of the Federal Reserve.  Myself, I took the direct route of "Holy Shit!  It's the FED!"....

SeattleBruce's picture

Good point - look what's happening with obummercare - many physicians are quitting rather than work almost direct for the goobermint...they're certainly NOT the stoopid ones...

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"Holy Shit!" The same people (Vanderlip, Warburg, Schiff) who created the Fed also set up American International Corporation to fund the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and funded Woodrow Wilson's Presidential campaigns.

How does that go, Hegel? "Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis"? Their method is controlled opposition, controlled outcomes. The London and Paris Rothschilds perfected this art in the Napoleonic Wars, and it's been going on ever since.

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Hey! I spent 10 years studying medicine and oncology, so if you have cancer, you should listen to me!

Krugpot spent ten years studying the economy, so if you have an economy, you should listen to him!


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my mama says stupid is as stupid does....

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If you're gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough.

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I am a member of the professional class and will attest to their complete stupidity. I was trying to get my partners to short the market and financials in 2006 and 2007 telling them the housing bubble would be a spectacular collapse...........only 2 out of 8 partners listened. The arguments verged on comedy. They really are dumbed down.

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It is fascinating, isn't it?  Here's another tidbit, based on personal discussion with some of my contacts in the so-called 'professional class':  Many are living from paycheque to paycheque.  Despite large incomes, they have huge debts.  Ask them at the end of the year where their money goes, and they stare blankly. When the food riots start, there will be lots of 'professionals' amongst the non-'professionals.'

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in such a scenerio the non-professionals will do better in many regards than the "professionals" the only ones with a marketable skill will be the docs and nurses

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I think the biggest blockages to folks seeing the forest instead of the trees are:

1. The slow bumpy nature of the decline (allows for excuses made at the behest of normalcy bias);

2. The insidious nature of inflation (folks just can't seem to fully understand why this is both thievery and a tax); and

3. The "Malthus was wrong" fallacy, also known as the myth of "progress" (the religious belief that humanity is necessarily on an "upward" trajectory regardless of how many of us are fighting for exponential growth at the expense of the world's finite resources).

Ultimately, I think that confronting the need to immediately prepare for a coming crisis comes down to playing the "what happens next?" game, being realistic in the time frames involved, and understanding that just because I was comfortable yesterday doesn't mean I will be better-off tomorrow.

Lore's picture

Good post, esp. re: "being realistic in the time frames involved." Malthus may be right, but not in the span of one lifetime, like some extravagantly-marketed alarmists would have us believe.  Generational credit contraction spells the end of a way of life, but certainly not the end of the world, and we need not feel obliged to save ourselves from some imagined disaster by paying tribute to a new carbon priesthood.

Cardinal Fang's picture

+1 "Myth of Progress" sorta like the "Myth of Civilization". Superstorm Sandy came very close to ripping the veneer off that one. Food and Fuel, baby, Food and fuel.

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Yup......absolutely true.....most of my colleagues have enormous debt and are living paycheck to paycheck despite average incomes o 500K

SamAdams's picture

My brother works for Margin Stanley as an investment advisor and he hasn't a clue as to what is really going on.  He is one of the "slow" ones I guess.  Eventually it will sink in.  At any rate, I've awakened my entire family with the exception of little brother.

BTW, my platform is going to county!  "Ban dual-citizens from serving in any congressional position.  Existing Senators/Representatives grandfathered in."

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He is paid not to know. Otherwise he wouldn't be working for Morgue Stealy.