President Obama To Sermonize On Unspeakable Sequester Evil - Live Webcast

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We suspect that if one combines all the most apocalyptic scenes from 'Day After Tomorrow', 'Armageddon', 'Planet of the Apes', and '2012', then President Obama's address (scheduled for 1045ET) on the impact of the sequester will come close. Of course, he could merely comment on the fact that we need to cut spending (not slow spending growth) in order to revert to sustainability but we suspect this is not 'silver linings playbook'. Young children and pets should probably be removed from the room as our leader explains just how cataclysmic things are going to get unless we all just get along... As a gentle reminder, here is the very same President threatening to veto any effort to stop spending cuts - oh well, it seems there really are no easy off-ramps.


As a reminder:


"I will veto any effort to get rid of the automatic spending cuts... No easy off-ramps on this one. We need to keep the pressure up to compromise. Not turn off the pressure. Only way the spending cuts will not take place is if congress gets back to work and agrees on a balanced plan to reduce the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion. That is what they need to do. That’s the job they promise to do"

- Barack Obama, November 21, 2011


Fast forward to....

With our economy poised to continue to strengthen this year, the President will make clear that we can’t see another self-inflicted wound from Washington. The President will urge Congress to come together and act to ensure these devastating cuts to defense and job-creating programs don’t take effect.

- White House statement, February 5, 2013

.... and

"The threat of massive automatic cuts have already started to affect business decisions.  Deep indiscriminate cuts to things like education and training, energy and national security, will cost us jobs and it will slow down our recovery.... It’s not the right thing to do for the economy, it’s not the right thing for folks who are out there still looking for work. And the good news is this doesn’t have to happen.... [Congress] should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of the sequester for a few more months until Congress finds a way to replace these cuts with a smarter solution.

- Barack Obama, February 5, 2013

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Says the President who demonized Bush for his excessive spending and continual raising of the debt ceiling.

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Prepared text of Barack Obamney's speech:


"Forget that bullshit speech I made as a senator in 2006. We need to ensure more debt-derived fiat money is given freely to the banking-WallStreet-Defense complex that owns me, your duly elected Congress, federal & state level regulators, and the judiciary branch of your government, bitchez."

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Up His.  And up Congress'.  Automatic sequesters appear to be the ONLY way to cut (growth of) spending.  America got what they wanted when they chose Him, or so they think.  Not my president, not my Congress, not my banksters.

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All bullshit, using the jobs mantra. Sequester hurts job creation, really???  Naw, i know what it hurts..

A little bit of P-A-N-I-C in there today.

Boehner, stand ground, there's fixing to be an asshole pointed straight to the sun.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Stand ground?

The GOP is as much at fault for the can kicking as anyone.

TuesdayBen's picture

This feckless boob Obama was a truly hideous choice for an executive position, a choice we will pay for for decades, if not in blood.

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This is just Obama's way of deflecting any and all responsibility away from himself for the effects of the sequestration and on to others, whom ever those others may be.

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It's interesting how cuts to GOVERNMENT are construed as hurting the economy. This is real 'plantation' thinking.

$85 billion in cuts is one month of QE. It's navel lint.  They need to talk at least a couple $Trillion for any 'recovery' allusion to be less than glib. 

"Failed presidency" was in the bag regardless of whoever took office. 


TruthInSunshine's picture

Plantation thinking indeed.

Whether a defense contractor that lives or dies on making essentially wealth-destroying (and pollticially destabilizing, in many cases) products in 100% government-funded contractual batches, or the now 4th generation welfare-dependent children somewhere in America (which means that their great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and now they have all received welfare)...

....plantation thinking indeed.

Colonel Klink's picture

It's Boehner's asshole that's been pointed up for Obama to abuse.

It's one big circle jerk and you're not in it!

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No worries..

"We will just do tough cuts on the rates of increases and we will decrease the deficit by over a trillion dollars within the course of the next ten years. We need not  worry about the fact that there will be no savings left in the country and the total of all debt and derivatives will balloon to well over a quadrillion dollars because I will be safely ensconced in my Hawaiian beach and golf  compound. "

Colonel Klink's picture

Obama is a cunt.


That is all...

Colonel Klink's picture

Yep, Boner has been proven to be the chump.  Wonder if he's gonna cry again?

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Nice photo op with the men and women in blue behind him, but what does that have anything to do with kicking the can down the road?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Pretty soon photo ops willmean less than zero...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Na, people buy the photo ops.  They buy that Bernanke knows what he is doing because he has a PhD and "studied" the Great Depression.  They buy Obama because he went to Columbia and Harvard, he was a "community" organizer, and he is just so nice.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yes, he is so nice because he cares.  Really, he does.  I mean, a community organizer CARES!

Lucius Cornelius Sulla's picture

Any person serving in the military with half a brain must realize that bombing civilians around the world and keeping sea lanes open for Saudi royals has nothing to do with "defending" the USA.  Any person working at NSA data centers using technology to perform illegal searches on their fellow citizens are sick jerks.  Federal spending cuts can't happen soon enough.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

1/2 the Sequester is DoD and 1/2 is domestic discretionary.

IT'S 85 lousy billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's all!!  Out of 1.1T of deficit and they are having a hissy fit.

They all agreed to this.  It is INSIGNIFICANT to the total and they are throwing panic attacks.  What in the FUCK do they think is going to fix this if they don't have some pain?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Nah, but we are defending Europe's access to oil, China's shipping lanes, Japan's fishing waters.     The U.S. could quasi-annex Alberta and drill baby drill for all the oil and gas we may need, but Obama doesn't like Americans living well.    Gotta create more dependency and crisis, bring us down.

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If he is so popular why do the have to disarm them cops? Maybe the first family dog is running around and we all know cops are imprinted to shoot ALL loose dogs, yea, that's it.

Nick Jihad's picture

Who says the dogs have to be loose?

redpill's picture


Take a bloody mary shot every time he says "vital services"

francis_sawyer's picture

Tell the teleprompter to just toss out any number & then DIVIDE BY ZERO... That oughtta work...

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I am pleased to be the first to "+ 1" you.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

That math works for him.  Of course, he uses a different calculator than most of us do.

GetZeeGold's picture



Time to eat your peas Barry.

francis_sawyer's picture

He wants a hamburger... no ~ a cheeseburger, he wants a hot dog, he wants potato chips...


SDShack's picture

"You'll get nothing, and like it!" Oh, if that statement would just be true concerning 0zer0.

ElvisDog's picture

Take a vodka shot every time he says "folks"

Jethro's picture

Vodka?  No my friend, you need to follow his constituent base to achieve the level of chemical belief suspension and go straight to huffing gold spray paint.

Jugdish's picture

Preferably from a big plastic bottle of Popov. Don't even pour a fukin shot. Just suck it right outta the bottle. fuk it.

Cdad's picture

President Obama seems to be laboring under the delusion that people actually believe what he says anymore. far down one's own rabbit hole a fellow can tumble.

RopeADope's picture

Obama is the new Adam Lanza.

Banksters's picture

Psychopaths say the darndest things.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Socio-path.   Socio.   Obama is not delusional.   He intends to take the western world down quite a few notches.  

He swore to on hist father's grave, according to his TWO autobiographies.     You can hear it in his own voice, in the audiobook format, which is obamaphiliac-friendly.    A lot of them don't read good.

Banksters's picture

I contemplated sociopath, and then I remembered the drone strikes.

TBT or not TBT's picture

I am thinking of the DSM type definition.   Obama is not delusional.   He knows he is taking down the US and the former colonial powers of the developed world by allowing Congress to expand spending and debt.   As to drone strikes this isn't the first president who has presided over US controlled assets or proxies killing FOREIGNERS.    It is the 45th president who has done so, and I'm OK with that for the most part.   There is no such thing as international law and the UN is a horrible joke, as is national sovereignty...OTHER nations's sovereignty that is to say.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Don't forget fiat for the the public sector unions, the UAW, SNAP folks, "disabled" people prematurely receiving socialist insecurity checks, and so many others!

Cap Matifou's picture

...and forget also the articles, that outed me back in 2004

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

smlbizman's picture

over /under on his cpt to start....i will take 11:05

SeverinSlade's picture

Mr. President if Washington DC is manufacturing these problems why then are you asking us to rely on Washington to solve the very problems they create?

ejmoosa's picture

Veto threats in virtually the same breath he says he wants to compromise.


That's the ticket to make things happen.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

The repubs will send a "fix" legislation that he will veto, auto-cuts go into effect March 1st.  Bank it!

tsx500's picture

his lips are moving ..............

Sudden Debt's picture

Taxes... no spending cuts... good thing.... WTF!!! IF HE TALKS LIKE THAT 99% OF THE LEMMINGS WILL THINK THAT'S A GOOD THING!!!