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Over the past few years, Citi's Matt King notes that the future never seems to become quite bright enough to offset the underlying economic and political realities. When we have been in this situation before, something has happened to make the markets nervous again, and then the outlook has darkened. Typically it’s been because of back-pedalling by policymakers on reforms, or doubts about central banks’ willingness to continue injecting liquidity at tighter spread levels. Recent headlines about limiting the scope for bank recapitalization by the ESM, sequestration probabilities, and about central banks’ growing nervousness that markets are running ahead of economic reality make us doubt that this time is any different.


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Where does 'Central Banks Print Money' fit in?

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That would be a "Constant" in that equasion, like a Timex Ben Press's keep on a Clicking

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Perhaps this is why some say yields will remain at rock-bottom levels for years...

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Where is "derivatives structure implodes"?

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seems like straight up since 666 spx

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so we are here where the dither-er "pledge to spend without adding 'dime' to deficit "  ;-/

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Your exactly right, the printing of money is the oil or fuel for the circle.  What happens though is that as more money is printed it makes the time between each length of the circle to become shorter and shorter to the point that eventually it will be just market falling.

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That would be where: " Policy Makers Take Action"


Have you been paying attention to the last few years?

Central Banks = Policy Makers


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Exuberant Euphoria-->Policy Makers suck 10 billion from peasants--> Market Crashes, Congress promises reforms--> Policy makers enter in when everyone else is broke or scared to death-->Market rebounds, confidence must be due to reforms-->Exuberant Euphoria-->

Policy Makers=congress=vampires

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You might have skipped a few seasons but when you start looking again, Richie is still playing arround with Obama's wife, Ben's still printing and the intriges pille up one after another.

Maybe Timmy will do a reappearance in the next season?

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The world continues to spin about its axis....until it doesn't. All we need to know to predict the next collapse in stock values is to see want underlying fundamentals support the current prices....and there are none. These prices will evaporate faster than a corzine managed customer account. 

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Lots of policymaker dithering, or is it dicking the public?

I have to question "policy makers take action".  What would that be, increasing the debt ceiling ad infinitum?  FED money printing and QE to the moon?  That isn't action, it's a heroin injection into the body public.

I'll cheer the market collapse becuase it has become nothing but a Ponzi meter.

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Ground Hog Day - Bill Murray rocks

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Like the old days, when the few desire a profit, a whole species of buffalo almost became extinct.

There are other examples.

Human nature hasn't changed, but today we are the buffalo.

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no - we're lemmings.... Buffalo were noble beasts hunted to death.   We're mindless rat like creatures following our leaders over a cliff to our doom

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I'm certainly not following a leader over a cliff.  They may drag me kicking and screaming but I ain't following anyone over it!

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I lost millions reading ZH and going short, I will only listen to GS from now and buy hand over fist everyday

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The fastest way to create a small fortune is to start with a large one.


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GS's year-end target for SPX was 1250.  You could have made money fading that advice, which ZH pointed out.

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Gone short on thinking for yourself?

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Nice chart.

But he missed 2 things....especially since he works at Citi:

After "Outlook improves", there should be a space for "Banks steal your money" and then at the other end of the spectrum, have, "You Finally Notice we Stole Your Money".

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Limited closed loop system.  After the markets sell off, Mad Max would replace "outlook deteriorates" then "policymakers take action" would evolve to total anarchy where policymakers reap what they have sown.

Just saying.

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"Markets sell off" should be replaced with "Control-P" and an arrow pointing upward to "Zimbawbwe."

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Any chance my Zimbabwe trillions will be worth something in the near future?   

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While true, it does not factor time... That is the incalculable variable.. "The waaaaaitin is the hardest part..."

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Biderman says wages and salaries are soaring. Doubling each month. Companies are finally hiring. And he is likely pissed that he lost so many clients from going short too soon.

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So if you invest in the market here, you will be a circle jerk.

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 "Punxsutawney Phil", saw Blankfeins shadow and ran back into his hole!

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Is this a positive or a negative loop. Same old crap. Is as much I would like to see things blow up, I don't see a mechanism that would trigger it.

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The "Policy Makers" decided some time ago to debase the currency because they "can" get away with "printing money" (in all of the marvelous ways that they have creatively come up with) until the system collapses. Any belief that they will change their behavior is delusional. If Obama's mentors from the Univ. of Chicago have their way, and they probably will, they will continue on this path until there are no more "poor People." They have beautifully co-opted the financial elite, whose asset base will double or triple in nominal terms, if not in purchasing power per se. What diffference does it make if the fancy estate "costs $10mm or $40mm, as long as your asset base has risen proportionately.  All the doom, glumm, and gloom guys on ZH are obviously not part of the financial elite. Ever hear a bankster complain about Ber nake's policies. And for all of you commentators here, WB included, the cover, the mask, the charade, the underlying rationale, the reason that all of this shit will not stop is............................... the dual mandate - inflation and unemployment. It is the latter that his honor the Chairman uses to justify his behavior. The neo-communists from Chicago, have got Bernake by the balls. Everybody knows that the housing bubble made a lot of highschool, and nearly highschool graduates, and undocumented aliens unemployed. They were otjherwise unemployable then, are unemployable now, and will continue to be unemployable, until the m9iddle class white women - single divorced moms - give up the hope that Johnnie the dumb lazy ass "must" go to college, instead of trade school, or an apprentice program. Now Johnniw is deep in debt, his mother is hopelessly voting for Obama, and will vote again for Hillory to save their asses. But alas, the beat will go on, the federal support of everybody and evrything, except the baby boomers and thier savings accounts and purchasing power, will continue for decades. Why? Because we are faced with cultural normative belief sets - not as the idealogues would have you believe mere financial and economic "conditions." Such matters take decades to replace; BECAUSE only abject failure causes a change in attitudes. And so long as they out vote you, outnumber you at the polls, and your carefully chosen representatives are cowards, the future is plain to see, and easily predicatable.

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damn.... the truth hurts

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It's also kind of fuckin' hilarious

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only abject failure causes a change in attitudes

Bada bing, bada boom, bitchez.

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So,,,  the moral of your story is......Buy gold and silver?

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Where is "stacks fall off stern"?

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It is different this time, instead of losing 78% of your money, you'll lose 99%.

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I bought some ERY (short Financials).  How much might I make?

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Why go to Disneyworld? 

We get to ride the teacups in real life.

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I did not see a drone in there.

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Where is says, "Outlook deterioriates"

Is where you take "Colloidal Silver."

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Nothing in politics is by accident. The power group with the greatest cohesive vision/agenda invariably dominates (for a time) the stage. Our current dominant group likes it like this, and is keeping it like that. They have found a way to justify funneling over $1,000,000,000,000 per year into their pockets, at the expense of the federal indebtedness of the USA. What is happening is the greatest heist in American history. Its the easiest money they have ever made. And IMO this is the last gallon of blood they will get from this victim, before it becomes "unproductive" to their intentions.

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What does 'market sell-off' mean?


In order to sell, the seller needs a buyer. Who's going to buy?

I will buy, for sure, but at Dow 4000.

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Stock market is same as housing market.....

Fed prints - hands out cash to buddies at zirp - they buy stocks.... they buy foreclosed properties.

This market is for all intents and purposes a closed loop - similar to a washing machine

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Why not just go from Outlook Improves straight to Policy Makers Take Action?

and by action I mean playing golf or going skiing.

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Or taking bribes and hiring hookers.