Market Reaction To FOMC Minutes

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UPDATE: Minutes after the post - Stocks getting ugly now, catching down to VIX and USD's move

Bonds were sold instantly as the more hawkish comments from the FOMC hit - as was Gold. The USD rallied and stocks dipped modestly. Once that initial knee-jerk settled, stocks have gone largely sideways to modestly lower, Treasury yields have pushed back towards the day's highs as the USD strength and Gold weakness are tracking each other perfectly for now. Unfortunately, this is not helping the price of Oil - which is higher post-FOMC. Notably, while this is clearly being viewed as hawkish for bonds, commodities, and the USD, stocks appear unphased - but it seems VIX is soaking up the equity uncertainty for now (VIX +1.1 vols at 13.40%) indicating considerably more concern than the market itself (for now). The 'bond-like' Utilities sector is the most pressured (as rates rise) for now.

USD Up (inverted), Gold Down, Treasury yields Up, Oil Up, Stocks Flat...


But VIX not happy...


and Utes are hurting more as rates rise..

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sell that barbarous me

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Let me provide the real FOMC transcript as a public service:


Esther George:  Gee Ben, aren't you seeing what I'm seeing out there? This will end badly.


William Dudley:   What do you want him to do, stop printing?


Elizabeth Duke:   Maybe we can try to thread the needle & buy some more time?


Sarah Bloom Raskin:   Whatever do you mean?


Jeremy Stein:   You know, increase both the frequency of more hawkish statements and influence public perception that a greater number of us are becoming more hawkish, or at least less dovish.


James Bullard:   You mean try and talk the suicide markets down? [At this point, Bullard is spontaneously laughing out loud] Hey, Dudley, why don't you buy some CRM?


Eric Rosengren:   Sounds good to me, let's do it. 


Ben Bernanke:   Should we take a vote?


James Bullard:   Fuck you Bernanke. I'm hungry. Let's eat.
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why do I keep hearing the theme song to Kelly's Hero's in my head?

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File this under:  The fed is trying  to have its cake, eat it, shit it out, and eat it again.


Oil down  Check

Gold down Check

Bernake still a shit eating fuckstick    Check x4



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Just remember, Zionists, according to their religion, are forbidden to charge eachother interest.  Nothing will change until the bernanke is removed....

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Assuming for a moment that your statement is correct, by implication... What does that say about the followers of Jesus?  Rhetorical question:  Are they looking out for each other like Zionists are, or are they too busy being their "bitches"?  Are they really "Christians" (genuine followers of Jesus), or more like indoctrinated and zombified followers, who act like a sheep or peasants?

Don't you wish that these "Christians" would look out for each other also, the way these 'Zionists' do?  Are you mad at the 'Zionists' for looking after their own, or mad at these "damned Christians" who are not looking after their own?  Just sayin'.  Hope you can handle the cognitive dissonance w/o needing to go into attack mode.  Like Truman said:  It's not my enemies, but my (so-called) 'friends' that keep me up at night.  Cheers.

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Yeah but he got four upticks for mentioning "zionist". You didn't get any for telling the truth? Now there is some cognitive dissonance.  I got a beard, I'm prob guilty too. 

The Proletariat's picture

I never said "Christians" were not "Zionists" so I do not understand what your talking about.

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The Fed knows that a bad move can ruin all the work done in recent years. Surely we will see the guy Ben and his friends juggling again.

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A perfectly timed fraud so people will sell to the gangsters before the crash!

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Notably, while this is clearly being viewed as hawkish for bonds, commodities, and the USD, stocks appear unphased

Of course - nothing is allowed to "phase" stocks. At least not negatively.

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just setting up for another jawboned, VIX crushing ES bounce to new highs over the next few days


PS - ........."Stocks getting ugly now".......really?  stocks won't be "ugly" until they cross ES 1200

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Meanwhile, they've got the positive direction covered with their QE4EVA Warp Drive.

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Er, McMarket.  Everything soon to be on the Dollar Menu.

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Once the hyperinflation begins, it'll be the Fiddy Dollah (Hollah Hollah) Menu.

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fuckers and their computers 

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We are so close to 1500....While I dont love falling knives, I also feel like if you waited this long to pull the ripcord and buy, it might be time to make a big splash bet...

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My bet is that they'll use your account holdings leveraged 200 times against you, rehypothetically speaking.

And if you happen to win anyway? Bank holiday.

All exits will be sealed. The only winning move is not to play.

The DTCC cartel thanks you for your participation, as they couldn't game anything without those of you who insist there's risk-free value to be had by picking up that penny near the steamroller.

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"rehypothetically speaking"

Now that's serious funny.

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No QE from the Fed and Gold Plummets. I was never bullish on Gold and still am not. If anything Silver over Gold. Difference between tangible Dollars and Digital Dollar's. The fed can easily destory digital dollars but not tangible ones. The Fed can't physically print tangible money and put it into the real economy the way it can print digital money. The value of the physical tangible dollar doesn't begin to truly lose value to me until real ppl are not willing to accept it. I'm not seeing that. 

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BREAKING NEWS: FED hoarding 3D printers for printing tangible assetts

jimmyjames's picture

I was never bullish on Gold and still am not


Then obviously you were wrong for 12 years and now you think because gold is back testing the Aug 2012 breakout (normal bull market action)--that you have credibility now-

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"The Fed can't physically print tangible money and put it into the real economy the way it can print digital money."

Have you ever heard of SNAP cards? The idea that there is a difference between digital money and 'tangible' money when describing FRNs is absurd.

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Not to mention paper checks, or other forms of monetized paper one can trade.

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It seems that the Fed leaks its minutes to its favorite customers earlier.  They seems to know what is coming and start shorting precious metals a week earlier.

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really? I didn't know....thanks for sharing.

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Apparently Bill Gross isn't one of his favorite as Gross recommended everyone load up on TIPS and other inflation protected assets just a week ago.

NotApplicable's picture

But did he?

I'd say Bill is talking his book.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Of course they did. Desperate measures by desperate men are called for. Give me ramming speed Scotty.

<Politicians and banksters to the lifeboats.>

helping_friendly_book's picture

BTFD? Or is it different this time?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'm smelling a cognitive dissonance brewing.

<Sorry.......that was just my feet.>

akarc's picture

IT only looks like cognitive dissonance. It looks as though even the fed can no longer suspend reality

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We're well beyond the point of no return, so there's little left to lose. Slowly letting the bad news out now is what they call "managing expectations."

Next thing you know, the "fiscal hawks" will be demanding even more QE, while the "doves" will be lining up at the altar of the IMF.

All they lack is an appropriate sacrifice. Gee, I wonder where they'll find one...

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How is the fed gonna EVER raise rates/cease QE

If they do the market will tank, whatever wealth effect will cease and the economy will be in the shitter again.

ALSO...all of these pension funds (Public and Private) that are counting on unrealistically high returns will be even worse off if the FED pulls the plug...the government via the FED will be the only backstop again for We The Freaking People.

They can't cease printing...ever...till it go BOOOOM!

tecno242's picture

you are correct..

and the longer they wait.. the bigger the boom when they do.

that's why Japan is a zombie economy with debt that's 250% of GDP

Sandy15's picture

It should be at the point of ........BOOOOM now!!!!!!

NotApplicable's picture

Too soon. TINA is yet to arrive at the theater, let alone take the stage. When you see the puppets start arguing over HOW the IMF will save us (rather than IF), you'll know the regime's end is near.

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Today the most knee-jerk sell-off in Gold in the history of the world.

The Fed prints it will affect the long term price structure. The Fed stops printing because inflation starts to come in.

So indeed Soros has been buying the cause the Printing, but the Fed will not keep printing once the newly monetary units start to show off in teh economy.

So the masses will buy the Gold when they see the inflation. Sell your Gold at that point.

The Problem with Gold is that if you take out the 1998-2002 episode, the Gold probably was 400 USD per ounce. The Monetary base has been multiplied by 5 times since 1998, so we have a new target base for Gold at 2,000 - 2,100 this is assuming no expansion of the monetary base.

When the Fed is forced to raise rates aggressively it is because inflation is getting unnoyingly high, sheeple buy the consequence, you sell.


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thats right dawg long TMV JGBD just hope my paper will have some fkn value

NotApplicable's picture

Well, you can always wipe your ass with it. Some find value in that.

WhiteNight123129's picture

* This assuming no expansion of the COVERAGE of the monetary base.