Are Amercians Turning Their Bulging Back On Fast Food?

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Ten years after the infamous 'Supersize Me' movie highlighted the epidemic of obesity and fast-food in the US, it appears, from CDC data, that the message that greasy burgers and other artery-clogging food is not good (no matter how cheap). As NBCNews reports, the percentage of calories consumed from fast-food has dropped from 12.8% between 2003-2006 to 11.3% between 2007-2010. The reasons are not entirely clear though an aging population is certainly a factor as they comment, "Maybe you don't listen at 30, but you do at 60 when you are more vulnerable to clogged arteries of high blood pressure," as the 60-plus age group's consumption of fast-food dropped as low as 6% of calories (with the 20-39 age group consuming the most). Unfortunately, non-Hispanic black adults consumed a worrying 21% of their calories from fast-food. While this appears to be a positive thing, and indeed the aging of our population provides some backing for it continuing, we can't help but fear that the ongoing surge in food stamps and disability benefits suggests the fast-food 'breadlines' of today may be regrowing.


Via NBCNews,

Americans’ love affair with fast food may be far from over, but there are signs we may be cutting down on French fries, greasy burgers and other artery-clogging food, according to a new study.


A survey released on Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that, on average, adults consumed about 11.3 percent of their daily calorie intake from fast food in the 2007-2010 period – a drop from 12.8 percent in 2003-2006.


The CDC noted that more frequent fast-food consumption is associated with higher energy and fat intake and lower intake of healthful nutrients.


During 2007–2010, the highest percentage of calories from fast food was consumed among adults aged 20–39, the survey said. But among non-Hispanic black adults in that group, 21 percent of their calories were consumed from fast food. Cheryl Fryar, one of the authors of the study, said that while calorie intake was higher in young blacks than young whites, there was little racial or ethnicity differences in older Americans. She noted that the percentage of fast-food calories in the diet dropped to as low as 6 percent in the 60-plus age group. There was little difference between men and women, she said.




The survey results come almost 10 years after the film “Supersize Me” highlighted the danger of diets heavy on fast food, such as hamburgers, French fries and pizza.




Fernstrom said the second significant finding was that the fast-food calorie intake dropped dramatically as people age. “It could be cost related, or is it because people are becoming more health conscious?”




“Maybe you don’t listen at 30, but you do at 60 when you are more vulnerable to clogged arteries of high blood pressure.”




Commenting on the lower fast-food calorie intake, he said it was not clear if people were cutting back on how often they went to fast food restaurants or simply ordered healthier menu options. “Nowadays, they're offering a whole plethora of lower-calorie alternatives,” such as salads, low-fat dressings, low-calorie yogurt or desserts, smaller portions, low-fat and fat-free milk and water.


“It's no longer about where you eat, it's about what you choose when you're there.  I can't say for sure, but I believe McDonald's is still doing robust business, and if more of that is coming from lower-calorie foods, salads, fresh fruit, etc., then that's terrific,” Ayoob told



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Dre4dwolf's picture

It's fucking cold outside, im gona eat my damned empty calories. 28F right now + wind.


zuuma's picture

Fear not!

Obamacare & ethanol mandates will have us looking like thin, trim Ethiopians in no time!

Eat cheesburgers while you still can.

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Where's my deep fried pork rind and spaghetti sandwich?

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Does it say blacks eating twice as much crappy fast food than everyone else? Now I get where this First Lady is coming from.

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Chewbacca's [not to mention Kim Kardashian's] fat ass has become an 'ASSpirational' goal of modern day 'would-be' Marie Antoinettes...

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I didn't say that [this time]... But now that you mention it, you don't even need joobux to take advantage of the discount bucket deal at Popeyes... You jus need your EBT card... Jamie Dimon wishes you... 'bon appetit BITCH'!


Oh ~ Here come the junks... It's fucking hilarious... Jews must be more sacred than God Almighty himself... People don't think twice of taking the Lord's name in vain [Goddammit! Holy Shit! Jesus Fucking Christ!]... But say 'joobux' & it's enough to make delicate do-gooders have a fucking anuerysm... [rolls eyes]...

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The down arrows are not from slamming the Jews or using God's name in vain.

The down arrows come from the shallow thinking that brings the desire to type such things in the first place.

This nation has lots of assholes in power positions.

The fact that a handful of these assholes are ALSO Jews does not warrant the bashing.

It demonstrates shallow intellect, a weakness in critical thinking or a laziness in wanting to take the time to accurately articulate the problem.



Try becoming friends with a Jew sometime. Treat them as a good friend, as you would one of your Christian pals for instance.... Celebrate their successes and offer a helping hand in their failures. Burp their kids. Tolerate their BS as you would a Christian pals, just as they tolerate yours.

Do this with sincerity and you will find yourself greatly blessed.

So few people do this it is no wonder the Jews keep to themselves and their own circles.



francis_sawyer's picture

 "This nation has lots of assholes in power positions... The fact that a handful of these assholes are ALSO Jews does not warrant the bashing..."


How wrong you are... I've made it ABUNDANTLY clear that it's a problem [mostly for people like YOU]... To understand mathematics, statistics, ratios, or quantum analysis...

Jews represent less than 1% of the worlds population... Yet ~ in the US... They represent roughly:

- 70% of the power nodes in MSM

- probably 50% [or greater] of the power nodes in banking... [I'm being extremely generous here]

- & nearly all of the most vocal political lobby

- They're even 33% of the fucking Supreme Court [which gets it candidates, presumably, from the vast pool of legal professionals]...

So ~ if, [as you yourself say], "This nation has a lot of assholes in power positions"...Then you yourself, are largely being critical of jews... Welcome to the club...


"Treat them as a good friend, as you would one of your Christian pals for instance"

Christian pals?... CHRISTIAN PALS???... What the fuck do you know about me [more than your own interpretation of what I'm all about based on a fucking intenet blog]?... Are you some kind of a fucking retard?



francis_sawyer's picture

shallow thinking = "if, on TV, they say that if you use the word 'JEW', you're 'anti-semitic'... Then it must be true"...


You know ~ because it was on TV, & all...



francis_sawyer's picture

shallow thinking = call into question the  MASSIVE over representation of jews in power nodes...

DEEP THINKING = STFU & kiss your ass goodbye 



Divine Wind's picture



OK Francis, what percentage of Jews would be acceptable to you? What number would King Francis set?

Your explanation reveals your problem with Jews.

You are pissed because they are the top achievers, and as the top achievers, naturally everyone else comes in second or further back.

If it was not them, you would be pissing and moaning that it was whoever else was at the top. And yes, top achievers do have many common features extending beyond religion or ethnicity.

That is, unless YOU were at the top. Then it would be OK, right.

In the end, it all comes down, as usual, to you being jealous or their success.

What an ass. Time to grow up.


francis_sawyer's picture

I'm a simple kind of person...


Therefore ~ How about an EXACT representation versus population?...

Do you believe in DEMOCRACY?... I'm not saying that I, francis_sawyer necessarily believes in that [because, historically, it is a concept that seems highly FUNGIBLE at whim]... But for shits & grins let's play the 'DEMOCRACY' game...


You make the case that they are 'top achievers'... I make the case that PLANNED & PRACTICED NEPOTISM is the REASON that they are 'top achievers'...

After all... YOU are the one who is characterizing their [SO CALLED] 'ACHIEVEMENTS' as 'SUCCESS'... Frankly ~ I'd consider them a miserable FAILURE [based on results]... Otherwise ~ why would a blog like this [of which you are a regular customer] be GAINING in popularity & resonance...?

I await your thoughtful reply...

secret_sam's picture

There definitely COULD BE nepotism involved, every ethnic group seems to do some of that. 

It could also be they're smarter than you, and rather than bitching about how unfair the world is, they're working their asses off to *earn* the positions that you feel are so unevenly distributed.

It is hard to understand how the planned and practiced nepotism of such a tiny percentage of the population would result in them "ruling the world" if there weren't some other factors involved.  Even WASPs stick together.

pods's picture

From what I see on a daily basis, Amerikans are not calorie deficient.


Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

They are calorie deficient, just that some calories are more equal than others.

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Mrs. Horseman showing off some of her lean meat...

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more jokes bringing up the rear

that's quite a property hedgeless

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That's no property...that's my wife!

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as long as she knows she's the butt of your jokes

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nice bunnies! :-)


Is that a pistol in the belt there?

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She must be in shape if she can run down a couple of rabbits.

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Probably a hell-hound. Didn't have to use the gun. Knocked the rabbits dead with one look of her face.

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Rabbit is fast food !!!

TBT or not TBT's picture

This lightweight article did not define "fast food" but here is one certainty for you.

A serving of pasta or bread, whole grain or otherwise, surely wasn't in the CDC fastfood definition, and yet has a higher glycemic index than a calorie equal quantity of table sugar or coke.   Go have a look at the tables that figure both.  Bread/pasta are worse than table sugar or coke.    Potatoes are less bad, the main problem with them being the omega-6 charged oils they are fried in.     Insulin spikes plus far too much omega-6 generates inflammatory signals in every tissue, body wide, including in arteries of course.

TruthInSunshine's picture

There's nothing sexier (I mean that in the most respectful of ways) than a woman who is self-sufficient.

Keeper, Keep Her, HH.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

LOVE IT. I havr a herd as well, but I lost chickens, as our city banned them. (I'm in a sub-urban area.) Rabbit is great, people should know more about it, and how easy it is to raise. Extra credit on the handgun!

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Barbequed rabbit is great.  Even better, serve it in a wine sauce.  Your guests will praise it to the moon..., and then realize they don't know what they are eating;)

Hulk's picture

The heater keeps Mr Horseman on the straight and narrow !!!

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There is so much sexy in that're my new hero Hedgeless!

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Some of us worry about you Hulk,

and the rest gave up worrying long ago;)

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I actually have no idea on who that Grandma is!

But you can imagine my surprise when she came through the front door with a dead raccoon in one hand and a .22 in the other !!!

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Let me guess the left one was called snowy and the right one sooty. The kids will need extra Ritalin this weekend after they find the hutch door swinging in the breeze.

DaveyJones's picture

and they balance that girth with other deficiencies

Like investments, some food (plants) give better nutritional return per calorie/dollar than others. And like investments, diversity keeps the whole thing properly fed and growing without criminally poisonous instruments - the garden and the thing eating out of it. 

and, if you can find (or borrow) a patch of dirt and compost some food / plant waste - I can't possibly find a better return than a packet of seeds and a little attention.

just got my "mizspoona" seeds (cross of Mizuna and Tatsoi) supposed to be very cold hardy with that asian mustard bite. starting in the greenhouse

pods's picture

I pick up my seeds from Baker Creek. They also have a catalog that is, and I don't mind saying this, beautiful.  Backstories on the strains, pics, etc.

Look forward to some Cherokee Purples and Black Krims eaten like apples.  

It is amazing to see how many different types of seeds available, and the variation within each.


DaveyJones's picture

Yeah Rareseeds is cool. Like other economic corners, there are a lot of great "little guys" out there. At least till Monsanto kills them.  Imagine the seed diversity a hundred years ago. It truly is superior intelligence on every level including free "market."  I have come to like these guys as well: - some great rare varieties - amazing asian varieties (some are fantastic cold hardy stuff) - decent european diversity - great information site, huge database of plants and info  - great book on perennials which are really the best return on every resource  - great variety of fruit, rare and otherwise


zhandax's picture

I just put in my spring order at Italian Seed and Tool last night.  Only guys I have found that sell authentic peperoncini seed.  I highly recommend their San Marzano tomatoes, as well.

californiagirl's picture

Hi Davey.  :-)  How is the GMO fight going?

DaveyJones's picture

Thanks. we got the critical signature number. So the real fight will soon begin. The Seattle Times, MSM, just did a piece saying very little but claiming it's not worth the "cost." I think I have convinced the movement to be proactive and aggressive demonstrating the deadly evidence that is already out there, in addition to the lying claim that it will cost significant money to simply rearrange ink on an already required label, with the fact that just like any other item in a "free market" we should have the right to know what we are buying - especially food whether it's good bad or indifferent for us, with the fact that 70 countries have done this and their system has not economically imploded - at least on this basis, and the final (and I think most important point) that a number of sicentists think there are serious connections with serious health issues and the ONLY way to settle this is a tracking database so...if the industry is so sure it's clean they should want the database as well to prove their point but if they are so scared of the results maybe that's why they throw the money out to block because its nothing like the money of a health class actions or product kill.... 

californiagirl's picture

Seattle/Washington will be tough because you are up against Gates money.  One of his major agendas is pushing GMOs (and other toxins) around the world and working with the federal governement to strong-arm and threaten any country that resists the urge to poison its citizens.  It fits well with his population reduction agenda.  I hope you guys succeed where California failed. 

Also, isn't the Seattle Times owned by McClatchy, who also owns/invests in baseball teams?  Those baseball guys love the steroids and other artificial chemicals.  And they are all about denying it.  Why would he want to support a movement to tell the truth?

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

This was the only issue we voted on in Cali ( what else really mattered?) and we were devastated it failed. If Washington succeeds it will be a sign we are truly done as a state. Godspeed! Anything we Calis can do let us know.


DaveyJones's picture

I remember prosecuting Gates for his old speeding days in his Jaguar. He would "spend" 30k at his daddy's firm fighting them. One time, we actually believe someone broke in and stole the paperwork. Also had a paralegal working for me whose roomate dated him not long before he hooked up with the wife. She described him coming over and weirding out much like many of the theories thrown around for his "medical" condition.

Gates can spend all the money in the world. God knows he has it. THey key is getting people to see that big money and big government are the same with the same agenda and could care less about your health and the fact that they want "reverse product placement" and will spend Gates money to fight it, only proves our point.

Bring it on    

And this bullshit about its necessity for more food production. THere is already data out there showing its destruction and inefficencies as well

Bring it on

californiagirl's picture

BTW, I recall reading that Gates father was a well-know Eugenicist.  Maybe one of the reasons he is so messed up. 

And you are correct about those studies. Plenty of studies showing that the damage to the soil by GMOs actually reduces yield over the years - not increasing it like the GMO advocates like to say.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Fuck it, I have Obamacare, so burgers up bitchez!

SemperFord's picture

We all learn from a young age how to eat healthy, If people are stupid enough to eat that shit they deserve what they get.


Edit: At the same time I don't agree with selling shit and calling it food.

DosZap's picture

Most older folks do not eat fast foods,except on rare occasions when they are rushed.

Plus, there is no such thing as a CHEAP Burger/fries /drink combo anymore, anywhere.

$7.00-$8.00 for an adult male.

For that you can eat REAL food.

secret_sam's picture

    there is no such thing as a CHEAP Burger/fries /drink combo

That's an outrageous amount of calories, tho--why would it be cheap?  You're better off just getting a value burger and a value fries/rings/whatever if you have any sense of scale for caloric intake.

The average meal for the average grown male assuming a fairly active day should be about 800 calories.  You'll probably get 1300-1500 from a common "value meal."  And that's not even to get into the fact that most "average grown males" in the USA aren't ACTIVE.

(Admittedly: lots of folks only really eat once a day, in which case that "value meal" is a reasonable, albeit unhealthy, option.  Figure some junkfood snacks during the day and a value meal for dinner and for sure you won't starve.)