European "Democracy" Full Frontal - EU Parliament Head Tells Italians Not To Vote For Silvio

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To say that Germany does not love Silvio Berlusconi would be an understatement. But not even we thought European "democracy" would stoop so low as to tell Italians not to bring Bunga back or else. As Reuters reports, the German president of the European Parliament, once compared to a Nazi concentration camp guard by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, warned Italians on Thursday not to back the scandal-ridden media tycoon at the ballot box. Martin Schulz is the latest in a line of German politicians to express fears about a possible Berlusconi comeback largely due to worries he will halt Rome's reform drive that has helped to lift investor confidence in the euro zone. "Silvio Berlusconi has already sent Italy into a tailspin with irresponsible behavior in government and personal escapades," Schulz was quoted as saying in German daily Bild.

Ironically, as today's PMI data confirm, it is somewhat hypocritical of Germany to accuse Italy of anything since in the Zero-Sum mercantilist union, it is only Germany, now that France has careened off the cliff, that benefits from everyone else's misfortune. The irony is that Germany should be rooting for Silvio - after all they need that EURUSD some 1000 pips lower to boost German exports, and when all hell breaks loose with Italian bond spread, Germany will simply inject another €500 billion in current account liquidity via Target2 (even if it means crushing PIMCO and their long Italy bond position). To pretend that anything in Europe at this moment is about solidarity is hypocrisy of the nth degree.

Anyway, back to the Europe where any trace of a majority popular opinion must be promptly crushed as in any true totalitarian despotism.

In quotes not printed in the paper but sent in an advance copy of the report, Schulz went on to urge Italians to vote for continued reforms.


"Much is at stake in the forthcoming elections, including making sure that the confidence built up by (Prime Minister) Mario Monti is not lost. I am very confident that Italian voters will make the right choice for their country."


There is bad blood between Berlusconi and Schulz, a Social Democrat.


In 2003, the then Italian prime minister said he would like to suggest Schulz, who had criticized his policies, for the role of a Kapo in a film on Nazi concentration camps. A Kapo was a camp inmate given privileges for supervising prison work gangs.


Berlusconi later brushed off the comment, saying he was being ironic and had referred to a television comedy series.


Merkel herself, who has supported Monti's austerity drive and has a difficult relationship with Berlusconi, has kept mum on who she would like to see lead the euro zone's third biggest economy .


Monti risked embarrassing her this week by saying Merkel did not want the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) to win, following Berlusconi's remark that Monti would join forces with the PD after the election "with Merkel's blessing".

Something tells us a German telling Italians to vote for a pro-Goldman Sachs endorsed regime in this case embodied in a vote again one person, may have just sealed the outcome of this weekend's Italian election. And not in a way that will make Goldman Sachs, or ze Germans, happy.

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How do you say screw off in Italian?

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"Va' fa' un culo"

If you are really pissed..

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He's gettin' the Ron Paul treatment and he ain't even a threat to the "system".  Hell, he's an integral part of the rot.
Must be some little voices in their heads calling BS on themselves.
Conscience anybody.


OK, OK, so he is creepy, a but too flashy and horny as a billy goat.
But what's new other than he flaunts it?.

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Photo caption contest:

"Aye Aye know....they-a breakin' my balls....these fuckin' guys. You know what I'm sayin'? where's the newest hot pieces of ass around this EU Parliament joint?"

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Hey the Krauts destroyed Europe in the 1900's why shouldn't they carry on in the 2000's?

And at no point do they promote Bunga parties, gas ovens yes, 3 girls at once no.

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Silvio = Il Duce II

Caught between a rock and and a rock!

GS backed or Il Duce #2?

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Under any other circumstances, one would consider this a ringing endorsement for the candidate in question.

This conundrum is calculated to make the electorate's head explode, like that robot in the old Star Trek episode.

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Why do Europeans still feel the need for "national" presidents and prime ministers, when the EU already has a President? President Herman Van Rompuy may not have the charm and charisma of a Barack Obama or a David Cameron, but if you’re after a leader with quiet stoicism and a passion for creating a united Europe, then Herman Van Rompuy is the ideal president. Europeans need to start feeling proud to be European. Together, people are stronger, and the more people can collectivize their skills, energy and creativity, the greater we can be as a species. Ultimately, we need to create a world government with a global central bank and and a global currency. This global government will be run by the brightest minds, and our monetary policy will be directed by the most educated and learned economics professors in the world. Once we have the resources and institutional leadership to enact policy on global level, there is no limit to our success as a species.

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what's to like about europe really ? i'm not proud to be european, it's a fucking soviet state !

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Proof positive that Europe will take anyone....even if they want to behead you.

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Why does any human need to commit to a "nation"? Thats complete bullshit anyway. Nationalism (as well as patriotism) are just idiotic innovations of narcissistic people addicted to might.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Because geographical borders defined by politicians are the foundational axioms for morality, denoting the difference between moving and immigration, between trade and importing and exporting, between hiring and offshoreing. I'm not saying we should get rid of national boundaries - national borders have an essential ethical function. Instead, what I propose is a supernational, global government that sits on top of nation states. It's simply another layer of leadership that enacts global legislation across the nation states.

kurzdump's picture

A global government would only increase complexity if you are not willing to disband nations. It would not prevent wars between nations, it would not be wanted nor accepted by the majority of the people. Just like the EU. Only a minority in Europe is happy with this supernational EU government that cannot even be elected directly. The EU is blamed for almost everything that goes wrong.

The planet-nation would only make sense if you adopt it to a new economic system and "redesign" the social system, power structures, etc. No way thats gonna work without a massive crisis leading to millions of people dying cus of war or poverty.

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I'm not quite sure who is worse ... you or Steve from Virginia.


Probably Steve, he never responds. 


Either way, if you're trolling --- bravo.  Very well played.  If you're not ... nahhhh


you gotta be trolling.

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what you don't seem to recognise and MDB does is that we ALREADY have a de facto world government run by Oligarchs; aka the global networked TBTF banks + ExxonMobil et al+ Google/Apple et al+ Facebok/amazon+ Monsanto/agri + Nestle/food + Walmart/ retail +Tax havens in Caymanista land where NO government can control their profits...

SO if the economic juggernaut power structure matrix is already in place all it needs are Van Rompuys type figurehead creatures, a dime a dozen, as elected page boys to bring the sheeple on board to that reality in terms of political structures who just RUBBERSTAMP reality.

MDB is totally right and he is not trolling.

That's today's reality, and the Nation States ARE ALL bankrupt, in the face of these NEW rulers of the world. The political boys just bow to these guys,  very few want to fight them. 

Whose deluded and whose on the ball? 

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You have to differ between social order and economic order. The government of a nation defines the general framework for the economy (law, monetary system) and makes sure that people stick to the rules of this framework (police, military). A kind of power structure comes with this "social order". However, there is another power structure that is based on money. Those with money have might to control those who want money oder owe debt. 

I think that those with money tend to control those who "rule" (the goverment). But still, it was always the one with money that "runs" the world (is mighty).

falak pema's picture

But still, it was always the one with money that "runs" the world (is mighty)....

Spot on.

A government w/O economic teeth; aka taxes paid and laws that can be enforced; aka paid and responsible policemen and army, cannot exercise its rule. So the social and economic orders are married in reality. Its a question of who carries a bigger economic stick.

Today undoubtedly its the Oligarchs. They don't respond to anybody except their stock holders. And people are not citizens to them; just consumers. 

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They respond to stockholders?....uh, dunno about that one.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

More accurately, national borders define the geographical limits of state enforcement. i.e. they define the limits within which your "elected" leaders have your "permission" to ass-rape you, hard and sans-lube.

"Practically every action taken by state officials introduces violence or the spoils of violence into an otherwise free society."

Max Weber

Anything outside those bounds is war...eerrr, sorry; is a "police action in support of freedom, democracy, etc..."


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We already had a semi-global government that sit on top of nation states. It called Soviet Union and the layer of leadership is known as communism.

Fortunately, it was not a truly global government. If it were we would be all now very happy to be building the 'bright tomorrows' like our former comrades in Maoist China or North Korea while waiting for hours in a queue to buy oranges or bananas.

If even I had some sympathy for your dreaming I would certainly not agree to nominate any of the current leaders for global government position. I particularly mean none of lying and irresponsible politicians, greedy bankers, predatory cartels, despotic dictators, insidious propaganda manipulators, ashkenazi lunatics and their corrupt and servile goyim puppets - just to name a few for illustration. To put it simply, none of those would be eligible for such a challenging position. Perhaps Jesus Christ and his twelve Apostles could qualify.

The concept of wise, fair-minded and functioning global government is so difficult that mankind at the current level of knowledge and ethical disposition should quickly forget any such ideas. The sooner it does, the better.

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You're just stupid, like any fascist had to be.

Moar layers - yeah, that should fix it... and if not, yet moar some! :P

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hahahahaaaaa.....i actually spell my laugh...unlike teenage girls who use LOL

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brush your shoulders off......your scales are showing

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That's ass backwards
The Nation's Role is to Commit to its People

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They don't bathe regularly. Why the Christ would they want hang tight with each other.

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Note to self.

Never eat or drink while reading a post from MDB.

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MDB for Emperor. Love the sarcasm.

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MDB, you're writing reminds me of the MAd Magazine fold-ins I used to read as a kid...

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...may not have the charm and charisma of a Barack Obama or a David Cameron...

Barack Obama has great charm and charisma.

David Cameron has a little charm (to his political followers), and no charisma, which is why his party wants him replaced with Boris Johnson.

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si dice vaffanculo tutto attaccato!!!


comunque vince Beppe Grillo :D

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'fanculo = go get fucked in your ass

fottiti = go fuck yourself



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va fa "in" culo.

say it fast sounds like this: vaffanculo

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ma va'ffanculo



:D always enjoy spreading this italian lessons


>> look out for the 5 STARS MOVEMENT instead

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concordo.. ridicoli sti americani che commentano la nostra politica dall'estero leggendo i giornali che citano la repubblica e il corriere.. bell'informazione neutra 

ArgentoFisico's picture

dai, un po'  come noi che commentiamo quella america senza saperne praticamente un cazzo

dariomilano's picture

ahah  in effetti :D però li hai 50% di dire una cosa corretta lol

ArgentoFisico's picture

ma tu non sei italiano! "li hai 50%"... ma che lingua è? :D

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azz come sei precisino :D .. scommettendo sulla vittoria di uno dei due candidati alla presidenza degli stati uniti d'america, hai il cinquanta percento di possibilità di azzeccare l'alternativa giusta... così sembro più italiano, milanese doc :D

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Like Germany didn't know beforehand that Italians have been electing porn stars to office for years. So when the SHTF the Italians aren't allowed artistic license/sheer irony with their elections? Please, when the party starts in Italy, you'll want this guy at the helm. He'll know what to do instinctively.

They love Mussolini............until they hung him.

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After Berlusconi was ousted, he had made comments on several occasions which inferred that Italy might need to back to the Italian Lira.  Perhaps this is why the Germans and the Goldmans need him to be out of office. 

He can not win, Goldman will not allow it.

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What the hell, Italianos.

Go ahead, vote for a flyer. If it makes all the other countries mad, all the more reason to vote for him.

Financially speaking, you're totally fucked no matter who you vote for.

Might as well have some fun.


ArgentoFisico's picture

correct ... but, who knows.. we'll see which death we'll die

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se cancelliamo/blocchiamo gli interessi sul debito quelli fregati, finanziariamente parlando, sono i creditori non i debitori