The Men Who Built America: Remembering The Gilded Age Part 1

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It is perhaps time to look back at what once was. In Part 1 of the 4 part History Channel series, a new war begins as out of the turmoil of the Civil War, America enters an age of enlightenment that will change the landscape of the country forever. The growth is driven by five insightful men who will change the world forever. John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan rose from obscurity and in the process built modern America. Their names hang on street signs, are etched into buildings and are a part of the fabric of history. These men created the American Dream and were the engine of capitalism as they transformed everything they touched in building the oil, rail, steel, shipping, automobile and finance industries. Their paths crossed repeatedly as they elected presidents, set economic policies and influenced major events of the 50 most formative years this country has ever known. From the Civil War to the Great Depression and World War I, for better or worse, they led the way.


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Fed up with revisionism huh?

Ready for a little history then?  "Jews" flocked to "New Holland" a century before your latecomers, and set up their usual weapons n drugs scams under the protection of their Calvinist hosts...

upper Hudson River tribes were bribed with muskets and firewater to begin a ceaseless campaign of terror against their blood Brethern north of the Falls when the homegrown supply of fur ran out - the usual suspects in an unbroken time line right through to the present...golden triangle/golden crescent drugs n weapons trade...

your Rhode Island great ships and traders were slavers, running to Africa with their liquor and buying bodies to bring back to the Indies...any aid received by the Republic from them was incidental to the 'aid'  they gave themselves. Same deal with the later New England gang who made their loot from opium in the Orient, and with it launched an assault upon all the smalltime bootstrap Merikans who actually built businesses and knew how to run them...

cabbalist sionism ain't nothin new - just the fancy packaging provided by their shill apologists. Henry Ford knew...and paid the price for refusing to shut up about it!

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As might be infered the City was, of course, involved England dominated the Slave Trade from the early 1600's.

btw: the big players back in the day were those fun loving and peaceful Quakers.

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What about triple passports? :)

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When did you write this book, and are you offering autographed copies?

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funny how so many of you think business and politics should be some fair and polite affair. the era of the robber barons was the only time in the usa that the free market reigned and all of its manifestations were realized and exposed. labor even had balls of steel to fight for it's piece of the pie.  today's robber barons are common thieves compared to these guys, producing nothing of value while sucking out the lifeblood of the nation arrogantly believing they are genius astute businessmen aided by the craven politicians selling their services for pennies screwing the cowered people into compliant submission. the wealth of the nation created by the robber barons was replicated through out the world resulting in two world wars ultimately uplifting the lives of millions in the western world(and japan) even as millions died to defend the old status quo and fight for the new world order.

the cycle is nearing completion as the old new world order gives way to the new new world order, maybe the final world order. there will be hell to pay. that is the way of the world according to human nature.

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Schmuck. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the inalienable right of every American, and you surrender to mere money. Fool.

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" Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the inalienable right of every American"


So how come these rights have been aliened?

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what a bunch of BS.

No wonder country is turning into shithole.

Brainwashing is omnipresent.

It's like saying Stalin built Russia, Louis the 16 France and Mugabe Zimbabwe. 

There will be no recovery, no "taking republic back" until all generations with this shit in there heads die off.

All those "freedom loving" idiots don't want freedom - they want better slavery!

"They took our jooobs!!"

Abandon all hope! 

Kastorsky's picture

built ameika?!

What the fuck not to build?

Kill all natives, grab the whole continent, import slaves.

Some fucking achievement.

Pretorian's picture

Jim cramer , jack welsh... green span all US patsy leading today america in the movie. 

medium giraffe's picture

What gives with the NWO propaganda?  Is ZH really just another Psy-Ops site or is this a symptom of Stockholm syndrome?

Weird one Tyler.  Weird.

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friday night fodder ..... best thread i've seen here inna while. thanks tylers.

frenchie's picture

except Ford (and maybe Vanderbilt, but i have no info), the other folks were judo-masons so i doubt their impact was ultimately beneficial for all the US goyim...

putaipan's picture

i keep imagining that scottish sumo character in austin powers ...."in mah bhelllly !".  judo-masons....

frenchie's picture

p.s. the match Taylor-Montebourg continues :p

(in French)

getting better & better

apparently the US gov is trying to cool down the thing etc...

lol² continues

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the title should read : The MEn who hi-jacked the American Republic...into a Corporatist Combine.

What Marx said about Capitalism's final destination they have effectively achieved in the 1980-2008 period of its current prolongation.

And WB7's photoshop is the perfect iconisation of that time line.

Good Ole RR and MAggie working for the perpetrators of this capitalist oligarchy scam; all the while singing we will avoid taking the Allende/Soviet "road to Serfdom" by liberating America's and UK's entrepreneurial potential. Why they couldn't have ensured a fairer balancing act between "statism-tax profligacy/entitlement so easy" and "corporatist greed thru monoply supply side frenzy - all built on debt/cheap oil", is beyond me...

They had it all when the Berlin wall fell...and they blew it up in hubristic derivative duck soup and outsourced chinese noodles!

Now that is simply not understanding the Roman decadence historical precedent and resulting meme...What good was Dear Henry's shuttle diplomacy and Trilateral "detente" sweet serenading; to these latter day NWO suited Oligarchs, if they forgot such simple historical road maps from the past leading to inevitable Pompeian decadence ?

Towering like a colossus...dixit Wolfowitz "right man's burden" meme! And what ensued...

"Well done!"... As Marx's ghost must be saying in his graveyard in London. "Now I can  sleep in peace!"

The basic tenet of what these men represented is that the capitalist market in the industrial age makes the relationship in society : producer boss-consumer slave. A materialist dialectics as predicted by Marx to a T!

WHY? Where is the competitive advantage to society as a whole? ...'Cos we keep innovating to increase our own capitalist leverage by controlling the nation state in regulatory capture; aka crony capitalism.... And it  trickles down  for your perpetual benefit consumers!'

Wow, wow, wow...we are so lucky! Right???

And Republic and citizenship takes second place to that fundamental new relationship. That is soooo true today! 

This model has now won; we are collectively there today, and in winning it has shown us its own limitations : they have to QE to infinity to save their own necks or go back to world Armageddon. Which destroys the basic consumer/producer paradigm as prime driving force of society. It becomes evident that MArx's critique was right and the citizen has to reassert his rights to avoid becoming a perpetual serf to past meme of recurrent violence. PAx Americana has not produced the goods, if anything made things more polarised and contentious in society.

Where is that horizontal, level playing field, that halcyon dream of upward momentum?

What have we learned in the "we the people" meme? 


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That the Viet Minh, Algerians et al. didn't care for French 'liberation'?

falak pema's picture

thats a given but not a taken; as our societies cannot live w/o Niger's uranium and Gabon/Congo's oil and I. Coast teak and coffee and the West needs Nigeria/Angola black gold and...well the whole continent looks up for grabs, so we never learn.

People deserve their masters alas! 

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Don't worry, we're getting back to that soon enough. As Fed policies keep transferring wealth into the hands of the already rich, five people will eventually own the entire world.

Marley's picture

Ahhh, yeah.  Wonderful propaganda.  "Gangs of New York" was more accurate.  But what can you expect from a Straussian website, "perpetual deception of the citizens by those in power is critical because they need to be led, and they need strong rulers to tell them what's good for them."

Buy Gold

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Trump, Cuban, Welch, Cramer... Could you get a bigger group of phony businessmen douche bag cunty face commentators?

Faust100F's picture

And it was all done before the time of Federal Income Taxes and a Federal Reserve. I mean . . ., I mean . . ., I mean . . . 

moonstears's picture

These guys had none to few taxes. These guys were pro America, not multinational at advent, these guys were impressive, and yet more vile than most understand. These guy's grandkids thinking that their grandaddy's fortune's give them some right to fucking dictate America's/the world's future and needs is what's horribly sad.

shovelhead's picture

Bah Humbug,

A bunch of whiners who haven't been able to save enough to buy their first Congressman.

Sour grapes.

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Just waiting for that dip

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Icon of today, Steve Jobs (RIP), created a revolutionary product and manufactured the product in China. How great would America be if Henry Ford had manufactured automobiles in China? Add WalMart's strategy of insourcing from China from 1990's and you can explain a signicant amount of America's decline.

Then add Bush and Obama, we will be dead by 2016!


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at 12:15 Greenspan beautifully justified that depression can happen at any moment without warning and no one is to blame like 2008. If u believe him then go back to sleep. Meh !