Where Do Stocks Go Next?

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Presented with little comment except to note that US and European credit markets have been sending warning signals all year; whether they rally to meet stocks or stocks crack to credit's concerns is not for sure - though the truism that credit anticipates and equity confirms remains as prescient as ever. However, it appears the macro-economy is better reflected in credit and with the Fed suggesting its liquidity anxiety is rising, perhaps equities will recouple once again...

European credit (especially financials) have been horrible all year... equities began to catch down today...


but it is US equity markets that stand out in their ignorance (or crystal ball-like hope)...


The 'trade' appears to be convergence...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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Up Bernanke's Ass!

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buybuy baby, or is it, bye-bye baby, or perhaps even... "buh-bye!" baby....

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by the time spx gets down to current level of HYG, HYG will be signaling another 80 points lower for spx.....

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i say NAS no new high.

SP and DAX have a shot at it still in the form of a violent spike.

Either way whole complex is rolling over.. and that includes USD GBP USH3 and all the rest of it..

the "protracted top" as i call it

foreign markets look much better valuation wise

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margin call pressure soon, like short squeeze in reverse

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If credit could anticipate the 10yr would be at 11%.

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I see 600 in the SPX's future.  Not tradeable, as it could hit 1600 or 6000 before 600.  It's paper money, afterall.


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I see a few people who have no idea they are about to get cropdusted.

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credit anticipates? i think someone just called bond traders smart money. how can this be?

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Because there are no bond traders except the Fed, and you don't fight the Fed. ;)

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Depends, will there truly be a margin call?  Is there going to be a paradigm shift? Is this a "fourth turning"?  Will supply lines break?


I might not matter as in the scenarios above, all paper promises wil be of no value whatsoever.

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Your comment in song form, from 1974.  Crystal Ball.


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Funny how all this shit come down to the trading of oil on a tiny island in the Persian Gulf.  



Getting gas from a gas station here in the U.S. is going to be quite the motherfucker if that thing every really gets up and rolling.  

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You know what they say, "sell in Mid feb and do some coke".

Cursive's picture


I literally LOL'd.  Thank you.

fonzannoon's picture

funny I just replied to you up above.

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Fonz, you are a wise man.

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Well the Fed is buying up stocks to make up the difference from the slump in US Credit.

The fed has unlimited credit.


The Fed Dictates the price of the stock market for as long as people have faith in the US Dollar.



The market goes down when people dump the dollar, the inflation will come first.


Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

I disagree, the market will go up (remember, it's priced nominally) when people dump the dollar.  

There are several entities buying up the dollar.  "Competitive devaluation"/managed decline in the value of all currencies.  They have to make it look like a real market, so the dollar has to have periods where it increases in relative value to other steaming piles of horsemeat shit laden wads of paper.  


Tells the entire story.  

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Notice how the action in the past couple of weeks is nearly a carbon copy of what started happening in late March last year?  Last year it was "sell in May got moved up to April".  Well, it got moved up again this year. 

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I don't know where U.S stocks go next, but the Japanese finance minister said the NIKKEI is going to 13,000 before the year end. I believe it because he told me so. Too bad the Bernank won't tell us his year end target.

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When Japan implodes and Japanese government bonds collapse the money has flow somewhere. It will flow to either of these:

1. Nikkei equities (which is why the Nikkei may actually enter a bull market soon)

2. US dollars (because the reserve currency stinks less than the rest of worlds currency)

3. US equities (which is why a DOW upward trend may continue after this current correction ends)

4. Gold/silver

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They need to reduce margin requirements to 1%. What the hell.

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How many more signals does one need to dump stock and buy PM!?


  • Insider stock sales
  • Investor sentiment
  • Retail investors just got scalped
  • PM slammed prices down to 200 MDA and bouncing
  • Walmart, Foxconn & Catepillar sales
  • ISM index & unemployment divergance
  • Europe not fixed
  • Berlusconi going to be reelected
  • China tightening
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Where do stocks go next?  Answer: wherever Goldman and J P Morgan want them to go.

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Singularity, bitchez.

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up then down

rinse then repeat

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It's the pause that refreshes?  Or more appropriately, has someone opened the shit house door?

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They can go to Hell for all I care............

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If everyone sells, except the banks, will the market still go down? What are the banks going to do with the $85B / mth?
Oh yeh - how is the Bernank going to "take profits" on the Fed's position?
Lotsa questions.......

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If stocks are looking for somewhere to go and die, i have a huge pasture beside my house.  I will let them die here...I'll even help dig a shallow grave if needed...no charge.

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Without QE there is no place but down for stocks.  BTFD died yesterday with the Fed minutes

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If only. All it will take is one or two Fed Governors lieing through their teeth on one of the financial clown shows and it will be "RISK ON!"

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Someone yesterday predicted 2.5 Fed heads would be out today.

Williams is out and about today.(.5)

"I anticipate that purchases of mortgage-backed securities and longer-term Treasury securities will be needed well into the second half of this year," he said in remarks prepared for delivery to The Forecasters Club in New York."

Bullard is at as well.(1)

""We can continue for a while and then assess things as we go forward," he added. "But I would like to get the (Fed policy-setting) committee to react to incoming data and adjust the program to incoming data," whether it is decreasing or increasing purchases."

Fisher is doing interviews today too.(1)

"Mr. Fisher cautioned, however, that the Fed will not move quickly, saying "whether you're a hawk or a dove, no one on the committee wants to (end easy-policy) radically." A tapering of the policy, he said, would be a "sensible thing.""

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I'm seeing SPX 1332 next stop based on these satanic bitchezz running the show

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Where the hell is Million Dollar Baby when you need him? Time for somebody to tell us what a bunch of ignorant doomsayers we all are, etc. etc. and this is just a temporary 'breather' in the market that is forever going to be going up and up and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...

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Expand the time to 1 full year. 

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Stocks only go up. BTFD

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With a name like that, the advice must be good.