Eng£Aa1nd Downgrade: Citi's Take

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From Citi's Steven Englander, who confirms what we said previously: the UK is now officially in the hands of the monetary apparatus, which is controlled by, you guessed it, yet another Vampire Squid tentacle.

Quick UK/GBP downgrade comment


US, France, Japan have not paid up because of downgrades and it is unlikely that the bond market will be where the UK feels the most pain. With a CB willing to do large amount of QE, funding deficit is not an issue.


What is an issue is that it puts all the more pressure on monetary policy and the exchange rate to generate the growth that the UK needs, so while by itself the announcement merely accelerates what was expected to happen at some point, the need for GBP weakness will become more apparent to policymakers and investors.

The race for GBP-EUR parity is on.

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Watch out below!  Here comes the collapse!

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The race for GBP-EUR parity is on.


This is the death nail!

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China will decide on it...


i bet for massive massacre on EUR next days

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I bet whatever happens I'll be screwed.

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"With a CB willing to do large amount of QE, funding deficit is not an issue."

U....cough....SA..... cough..cough

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 With a CB willing to do large amount of QE, funding deficit is not an issue.


Yes, that is a howler, he has to be a moron to make such a statement.

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Ha! Wishful thinking Braugh!


They will keep this going until they run out of ways to rape the general public of their wealth.


Any guesses as to how long that will take?

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Good question. I assume the piecemeal QE will be abandoned and even fractional reserve banking supended at some point - the bailout to end all bailouts. And who might be so desperate ?

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It's already over guys, relax and think about how you want to contribute to society from here on in:


This is as real as you want to make it. :)

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There will be massive inflation in the UK as the pound falls,  What does the UK export?  Clipped British accents (like Piers Morgan), horsemeat lasagna,  and naked pictures of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge.

And, of course, financial fraud in the City.

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Not top any more but still 7th in Manufacturing. The company I work for makes stuff and we export a lot of what we make. We price in the local currency so devaluation means we get more £ for our foreign sales but sales stay the same.

I'm buying some Euros now for our summer holiday.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Well Grimbert

you should do fine....nominally...as long as 'nominally' holds up

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We've actually got a wealth of talent and innovation in the the UK, if only the fekkers would take their foot off our throats for five minutes and let us get on with it....

But yeah, list of recent major 'contrubitions' verified 100% accurate.  And sorry about Piers 'Moron' Morgan, we'll send you a statue in reparation.  Of Wills. Naked. Proabably...

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As of the last census, the city of London is now officially a white minority.

650k Brits have moved out and the Asians #1, and Mooslims, etc,etc,etc, have now taken the lead.

Funny what those LOOSE Socialist programs can do.

Just like the one ObaMao is running now.

Bottom line London is F*#*$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROGS next.

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We could sell muslims to the Saudis.  It would help our balance of trade.

Harlequin001's picture

You mean , like we sold Africans to the Americans?

Harlequin001's picture

Cool, I seem to remember that that worked rather well, for a while anyway.

Caused a few social problems if you were African but we can now print money for that can't we...

and let's face it, without British help, a lot of black Africans would have had immense difficulty obtaining US citizenship... and being taxed to death EVERYWHERE you go.

Freedom, not.

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Only Muslims live there, who cares bagdag,uk slum/Detroit

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Well, I'm not sure what your definition is of "massive" inflation. But we already have around 8% real CPI, not the trash 2.7% spewed from the lying mouth of Chancellor Osborne and "Mervyn "King of Inflation'". Couple that to the £ falling through the floor, zirp, Carney's plans to double up on QE when he takes office, austerity applied in name only, and I agree we might be seeing "massive" inflation sometime soon. At what point the economy implodes and workers unions go on strike until their wage demands are met, who knows.

These insane policies might be tolerable if they were ever going to work. But confidence is being hammered day after day.

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But we already have around 8% real CPI


9.2% according to John Williams Shadow Stats.

smacker's picture



If John Williams says it's 9.2%, then it's 9.2%!

Actual inflation will vary depending on age group...older people generally suffer more, younger ones less. My 8% figure probably applies to people in the 25-50 age group.

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Inflation is the name of the game.

We want the Pound slammed so hard, that the peasantry will rethink their stance on the Euro! I think the minimum wage, which the majority of the working plebs receive in Britain, is around £1.2k - a few more trading sessions and it's going to buy FUCK-ALL in terms of imported goods.


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They will make billions selling the trinkets with the photos of the new heir to the throne. The child shall save the kingdom.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Yeah a real disgrace we will have to eat real beef as well, could the economic news get any worse.

Anyone noticed how the Royal family has toned down their posh accents in recent years, the rumour is Dick Van Dyke was their elocution tutor.

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Dollar has been floating between 79 and 81 since last September.  If it jumps over 82, we're in for some fun.  

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the race to bottom is the plug that pulls the vortex into vacuum. 

The whole game of CBs : BOJ, FED, ECB is to AVOID race to bttom and to inflate money printed to make the liquidity pump overflow thus diluting debt, levitating assets and obliging the "bad banks" to go belly up to bring private sector under total CB control.

But this requires that all Cbs play ball. This new guy at BOE is a GS guy...he should know the score...so UK has to tag along and not fall out of step! 

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Fitzpatrick and Englander, both  great guys in forex.

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Vampires Bitchezzzzzzzz¡

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...to generate the growth that the UK needs,

Growth, I am so sick of that word. It is a bankers word. It is the word they use while ruthless fucking the people.

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Well said , and nowhere are the bankers more in charge than in the uk.
It's level of debt is now the same as Weimar Germany except this time TPTB have made sure the indigenous population are lazy, stupid and the numbers even on young males Muslim and white. Yep officially holocaust proofed
I'd bet on sharia with the same Jewish elite living large and buying off the mullahs within 15 yrs
The new normal for Europe

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God has been on quite a good investment roll, lately

hooligan2009's picture

bacon roll? would you like a little hoof with that....it's crunchy!

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Wait... So this means they need more QE?!? Bet the farm on the FTSE100, imposssible for a sell off now

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It's a race to GBPUSD parity .... 1.25 target in near term

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confucious he say...beware the first dirty sheet you get back from the laundry...for who is to say that the laundry isn't dirty"

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<shock-horror ON>

But ...but ...but ... we had Chancellor Osborne on the TV this morning repeating the mantra that he and his boss Cameron have been saying for months: "we have reduced the govt deficit by 1/4 since taking office."

THAT govt debt % to GDP is still rising sharply must be due to unrelated factors which have nothing to do with them.

<shock-horror OFF>

hooligan2009's picture

about time ...now who's next..UK debt to GDP is c. 80%..of course that hides the off 50% of GDP in smoke and mirrors, plus falsified accounting..that sounds familiar...germany? canada? i believe Moody's still has the US at AAA, pending the outcome of co-conspiracy suits .. dog tooth checked suits no doubt..

Venerability's picture

I hope you realize your little Blacole Trojan Virus has now spread to millions upon millions of computers and is threatening to take down the entire Internet.


For a malicious joke.

DosZap's picture

Blacole Trojan Virus

Nothing on SNOPES yet, source?

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Is that not the most ridiculous analysis ever?

The sovereigns are downgraded, now more then ever the BoE needs to further dilute the currency to payoff the debt.

This is really simpleton logic to respond by saying a weaker pound will make exports more competitive. That takes YEARS to develop and it's only true to the extent that the increased exports yield higher tax revenues. You could just export more and the sales revenue stay in foreign accounts.

Otherwise, you just increase inflation expectations, further justifying yet another downgrade.

Citi is just infected with horrible analysis.