Obama Dispatches 100 US Troops To Niger To "Support Predator Drone Base"

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As we speculated from the very beginning, and as was reaffirmed in "Is Nigeria, And Its Light Sweet Crude, About To Be Drawn Into The Mali "Liberation" Campaign?", the "French" (with complete and fully-comped US support) Mali campaign is slowly but surely migrating to its intended target: Nigeria, and rather its holdings of light sweet crude. And while the US presence in this latest resource land grab, this time in Africa, was so far rather stealthy, it appears the time for foreplay is over and moments ago Obama told congress has has dispatched 40 more American troops to Niger this week, bringing the total U.S. military presence in the west African country to 100. Let's hear it for the full retroactive transparency demanded by the War Powers Resolution.

The Hill reports: "The troops have been deployed to support the intervention in neighboring Mali, where French troops have been helping local forces rout Islamist militants from the country's north since last month.  The Obama administration is also planning to build a base in Niger for unarmed Predator drones to conduct surveillance on militants in the region, The New York Times reported last month. On Wednesday, “the last elements of a deployment of approximately 40 additional U.S. military personnel entered Niger with the consent of the Government of Niger,” Obama wrote to the House and Senate leaders." Next: extensive weapons of mass destruction are discovered in Abuja while Al Qaeda terrorists are seen making threatening gestuers and using harsh language at Nigerian oil rigs which is the international acknowledged symbol that the US has to do its sworn globocop duty and liberate all that oppressed Nigerian crude.

More importantly, China is surely delighted over what as everyone can now understand, is an imminent confrontation over who owns what in Africa.

Here's the full letter:



February 22, 2013


Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)


On February 20, 2013, the last elements of a deployment of approximately 40 additional U.S. military personnel entered Niger with the consent of the Government of Niger. This deployment will provide support for intelligence collection and will also facilitate intelligence sharing with French forces conducting operations in Mali, and with other partners in the region. The total number of U.S. military personnel deployed to Niger is approximately 100. The recently deployed forces have deployed with weapons for the purpose of providing their own force protection and security.


I directed this deployment of U.S. forces in furtherance of U.S. national security interests, and pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct U.S. foreign relations and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive.


I am providing this report as part of my efforts to keep the Congress fully informed, consistent with the War Powers Resolution (Public Law 93-148). I appreciate the support of the Congress in this action.





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Thanks for the map. I flunked geography.

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Africa belongs to China!

Obummer better be careful.

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Every single chinese person carries a smart phone.  Seems like an easy problem to fix.

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"The Obama administration is also planning to build a base in Niger for unarmed Predator drones to conduct surveillance on militants in the region"

Unarmed for now.  Always starts that way.

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There once was a POTUS dispatching troops to Niger,
who went for a ride on a tiger.
They came back from the ride
with the POTUS inside,
and a smile on the face of the tiger.

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Shee-it, ain't nuffin' new!
Obama bin dispatchin' nigers wid dronz since he got mo'lected

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Did O just say "That's my Niger!"?

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It's time to return to America's Favorite Foreign Relations Game Show "Imperial Jeopardy," with your host Barry O'Drone.  Imperial Jeopardy is brought to you by RAYTHEON "Where We Know the American Way of Life is Non-Negotiable ©"

Barry O'Drone:  "When we went to the break, we had N-I-G-E-R on the board.  Our question for today is 'What is the Ultimate Goal for Operation Imperial Liberation'?"

Contestant #1:  "Barry, can I buy an 'i' and an 'a'?"

Contestant #2:  "Barry, I think I can solve the puzzle !!"


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"The troops have been deployed to support the intervention in neighboring Mali, where French troops have been helping local forces rout Islamist militants from the country's north since last month."

Gotta love those Islamist militants, always in the right place at the right time!

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religious sheeple are the sheeplest of all sheeple and easily play into the hands of TPTB.

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This one is going to end with a new Black Hawk Down incident. 100 troops in the middle of nowhere with many millions of high-tech gear that any number of state actors would pay richly for is just asking for a raid. If they get attacked there's no way that support can arrive in time to do anything, even if the President happens to be awake and working at the time to authorize it.

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It sure would be a "darn shame" if Chinese-backed militants were to attack peaceable US soldiers, there only for humanitarian observation reasons, and force the US into conflict with those dirty commie bastards.

Nice country you got there, sure would be a shame if anything were to happen to it.

Oh yeah - "Remember the Maine!!!"

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BTW, for those who are denser than a APFSDS-T, /sarc.

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"U.S. Africa Command protects and defends the national security interests of the United States by strengthening the defense capabilities of African states and regional organizations and, when directed, conducts military operations, in order to deter and defeat transnational threats and to provide a security environment conducive to good governance and development."


Activated in 2008, US Africom is a direct response to China's growing influence in Africa. If you peruse the Africom website, you will not find one mention of securing resources. However, despite the atypical platitudes of ensuring national security and helping the Africans fight terrorism in the region, it is quite obvious that it is an incursion with the ultimate prize being Africa's treasures. It is a pillaging, just as egregious as Pizzaro's Spanish conquest of the Incan Empire.

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Actually what it is is bureacratic expansion. 

It's jobs, money and positioning for another four star general and his staff.   And once in place, they need to do something and justify their existence. 

Any pillaging will be an effect of that.

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Africa belongs to China!


Not anymore. We claim this land in the interest of peas.

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And Amercia Belongs to Jesus!

"Amercia is Jesus' Favorite Country ©"
"Jesus Watches Fox News ©"
"Jesus Guides Our Drones ©" 

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cat and mouse game  at this point. Positioning before the real game starts. Someone will blink and then the U.S. will get a real shooting war. Enjoy these days .......gl

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... and mineral rights will change hands.

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Oh, and while he's at it, let's just go ahead and ban tropical waves that originate from there, causing all of our troubles over here, in the form of hurricanes.

We still got a couple months till hurricane season, just dont forget, BAN AFRICAN TROPICAL WAVES.

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Hey, they're called Assault Tropical Waves.

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Africa belongs to China!

Not even. If so, it could be an area of growth for 'americans' but the reality that Africa still belongs to 'americans'.

'Americans' have reached that stage in their expansion process when they no longer step in to acquire more but step in to prevent previously acquired loot from being taken from them.

As 'Americans' have from the start, designed to build their empire of liberty as they say out of debt, it is somehow bad news because there will be less and less of new loot inputs, and more and more securing of previously added loot.

Here the Chinese are the threat that could withdraw from 'americans'

Very hard to counter balance the debt stuff when there is no longer future gains from loot.

The beauty of 'americanism' to the world.

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Hey...the retard is back....welcome to the Snake...enjoy the ride....Gong Xi Fa Cai...????

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Actually, the only thing that belongs to china is YOU. cHiNeese steal Tibet. cHiNee peoples are steal from people all over the world. cHiNee peoples are steal oil and gold from Africa, not there to help local people. cHiNee people steal oil and coal from North America even. Payment with yuan is not real money, just cheap poor quality paper. Now, Shut up and get me an egg roll!

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The Gambia - is that like The Ohio State University.

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It's called that because the whole country is the banks of the Gambia River

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That's because there are several Ohio Universities, and only one Ohio State!

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Except for the corn and soybeans, Ohio isn't good for shit.  The Ohio State University could get blasted by an asteroid, and nobody would care outside of Ohio.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Let it be known that 8 of the most corrupt presidents have come from Ohio.  No other state has been able to provide so many corrupt presidents!  And the doomer above claims "Ohio ainT good for shit!"

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Tyler must be mistaken.  This is the most transparent administration in all of history.  I don't know about everyone else, but I know I can see right through them.

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We have to execute the attack plan.....so we can see what's in it.

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Is Obama going to drone his friends that grew up in the same huts as him? They knew him as the skinny little brown kid growing up in the small town of Niger!

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Get your facts straight, Eireann. Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not Niger! Doofus.


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Whatever.  Kenyans, Nigerans, they all look the same to me.

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maybe some of the people from Niger can move here???

We can always use more Niger Americans here!

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I wish they would just come out and say it: "We have the finest military in the world and we fight for oil."

Americans could rally around winning the oil.

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Hmm, "rout Islamist forces" and re-route Nigerian oil.


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Rumor has it they are converting old AFB's in the US to drone bases. They've been seen flying out of old bases in AZ, MI, & CA.

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Who makes these drones? Got a stock symbol? The correction is over, I feel like buying.

toady's picture

Northrup & General Atomics

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You are quite correct about this.  The former George AFB in Victorville, CA, is now used as a drone airfield for a CAANG unit based in Riverside, CA.  This base is also used for urban operations training by the US Marine Corps and Navy.


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Currency was followed by real war. As in the last century.

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So our 1/2 Niger Prez is helping out the 100% Niger Prez?

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Hey! Kenya is nearby... I think.

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We're stretched a little thin at the moment Amigo....we'll see if we can fit it in tomorrow.


The progressives realized make love not war wasn't getting the job done....so they took it 180.