Titan CEO vs France Round 3: "The Wackos Of The Communist Union Destroy The Highest Paying Jobs"

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The saga of the capitalist vs the socialist goes on with Round 3, following round 1 in which the "Titan CEO Crushes Socialist "Work Ethic", Tells France "You Can Keep Your So-Called Workers" and round 2 in which "Socialist France Responds To Titan CEO, Hilarity Ensues." With the entire "developed" world now a real-time parody of itself, in which the truth about the true state of affairs is only revealed in grotesque, farcical, ad-hominem repartees between various members of the insolvent status quo plutocracy, we can only hope for many more rounds of this didactic back and forth.

Excerpted from Titan CEO Maurice Taylor's follow up letter in response to Arnaud Montebourg's letter responding to Maurice Taylor.

You letter shows the extent to which your political class is out of touch with real world problems.


You call me an extremist, but most businessmen would agree that I must be nuts to have the idea to spend millions of US dollars to buy a tyre factory in France paying some of the highest wages in the world.


Your letter did not mention why the French government has not stepped in to rescue this Goodyear tyre factory.


The extremist, Mr Minister, is your government and the lack of knowledge about how to build a business.


Your government let the wackos of the communist union destroy the highest paying jobs.


At no time did Titan ask for lower wages; we asked only if you want seven hours pay, you work at least six.


France does have beautiful women and great wine.


PS: My grandmother named my father after French entertainer Maurice Chevalier, and I inherited the name.


I have visited Normandy with my wife. I know what we did for France.

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USA is now France's problem/enemy... Let's see how French people sip this up in those coffee shops...

theater. for. the. masses.

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touche' would be more fiting.

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douche' is more like it.

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yeah, now he just sounds like a whiny bitch.  outclassed by a frog.... damn

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President Andrew Jackson

Migrated the Indians who refused to work
to reservations in the Western USA

We should start thinking about moving the
recepients of government entitlements to reservations

Easier to care for

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The Chinese have force labor camps for anyone who gets on a politician or policemans nerves.  I am thinking that forced labor would fix the US's immigration problem.  Each parent will have to perform 1 year of hard labor for each child that is in the US.  Only one parent?  Oh wow, now that parent gets to do double the time.  Four kids and no father?  Now that will get a person 8 years of forced labor.

This recipe can be "fixed" for other groups of people that are in need of fixin' as well.

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Whiny bitch? What letter are you reading? He says to the French, if you like them so much, nationalize it. Then he reminds the minister how dumb it was to mention Americans dying for the helpless French 70 years ago. This is what's known as the last word. Spin it any way you want, that's how it's gonna be seen here in the ussra.

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Under such a system, Octomom is fucked. you got my vote.

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You mean Andrew Jackson, the unrepentant slave-owning founder of the modern Democratic party who murdered thousands of Cherokee, Creek, Seminoles and others?  That Andrew Jackson?  Just wondering.

Now another Democrat named Obama is going to try do something similar to you and me as Jackson did to those Native Americans. Get ready.

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No, the other Andrew Jackson, the one who was against the Central Bank.

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So lets see, trying to convince nomadic tribes that don't use Jooobucks to value their life as a slave to the Rothschilds, and if that fails, we just give them a few hundrew square miles in the most desolate parts of Wyoming or Arizona.

And that relates to fat Mexicans popping out 6 kids and driving an Escalade paid for by welfare payments how exactly?

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There are "beautiful women" in France?

Shit far.  Seems like I would have noticed. 

Now if he's talking about the Norse tourist girls....;)

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In reality this (late) former French model may be more emblematic of French economic policy and financial condition than Brigitte Bardot.  

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The prettiest ones braid their pit hair, gives a place for the fleas to hide...

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...and they smell like the YMCA

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French formula for curing a bad case of the crabs, using only an ice pick, a match, and lighter fluid.

Step One:  shave half of pubic hair.

Step Two:  soak remaining pubes in lighter fluid

Step Three:  set lighter fluid on fire

Step Four: when the little fuckers flee the fire, take the ice pick...

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I think she could still lose a few pounds, just a little bit CHUBBY for me.

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it is too bad they shower once a week

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Awesome, I was kind of disappointed with the FKK clubs in france. Maybe if a few more factories go bust, you'll actually find french girls in the French FKK clubs. 

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Darn! Ripped from the lips truth. DISTRACTIONS IN ALL SORTS OF COLORS!

Thanks for saying exactly what the first thoughts were when seeing this story...again.

Cool reporting no less, and entertaining at best, but the truth is, something wicked this way comes. Purim? Sholom??

What exactly IS important to DO on a crashing plane in the last days of Pompeii?


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Distractions, yep!

Sholom? Indeed!

Purim indeed, but those that bring purim are not Hebrew, never were. Rather mongul Turks mixed w/ every race on the planet.

The synagogue of satan rising.  Read the book www.synagoguerising.com 


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Never argue with an idiot.The only result is that you will end up lowering yourself to the same level of idiocy. Albeit the fact that the Titan CEO has a number of good arguments - his latest missive just shows what an complete ass he himself is.

"PS: My grandmother named my father after French entertainer Maurice Chevalier, and I inherited the name.


I have visited Normandy with my wife. I know what we did for France."


Why don´t you visit Verdun and Somme as well to find out what France did for JP Morgan and Uncle Whiskers - the prime recipients of the goods of the wholesale destruction of that part of the world.Fool.

The EU need to institute a TSA and then go hog-wild on Maurice´s ass.He will be one of those spectacular cases where an infintesimal but yet oh so important part of the travel documentation is lost and then forced to reside in some neutral corner of the airport entertained by daily stripsearches and pokings.



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The highest paying jobs go to CEOs and they are in no danger whatsoever.

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when someone makes over $3 million dollar a year is so easy to call everyone else lazy and unmotivated....

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Usually not.But the world is a complicated place. Sometimes,just somteimes an Eloi turns the wrong corner and meets a Morloch.Call it chance.Call it Karma...whatever. But those are the type of things that makes you feel a bit more happy about the world.

The highest paying jobs are not without their own dangers. Ask that Exxon exec that was gunned down outside a restaurant in Brussels.Being shot in the face a couple of times and a couple of taps to the chest - he won´t be telling us what he thinks about that.But I am quite sure he may be miffed out being taken out in the prime of his life.And in his peak earning years.

Now the police within minutes prononcounced this to be a robbery gone wrong.Howvever MO and circumstance point in other direction.

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Touche, Mr. Taylor.

Or should I say "Shake and Bake, that just happened!"

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I can't take it anymore.  Are all these idiots on CNBC and Bloomberg actually that stupid to act like the market is going up for any other reason than the 85 Billion going in every month?

How do these people get paid?

Why did I decide to be an honest person and make not one of these tools blowing dia-rita out my pie hole every day?

I need to turn it off.

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I need to turn it off.

Please do. You'll find that the time and energy you wasted on it was huge, and that you will be both happier and more productive away from it.


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TV and Hollywood are good for sheep who liked to be brainwashed.  You watch it - you support it.

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Sadly teh womenz require frivolity and fem centric programming, never met a woman that can handle a whole night without media distractions. But yes kill your television.

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Some guys just donT have the ability to keep women "occupied" all night.

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There are few real Americans left, but Taylor is one. I'd share a foxhole with him.

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People like maury taylorwitz aren't found in foxholes. 

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Taylor is 67. World War II ended in 1945. Unless he fought in utero, he can't talk about "what we did over there." Yet another civilian who likes to take credit for battles he never fought. Typically American.

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Why don't you hop a plane and come say it over here?

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Of course we will have to bail your pansy ass out yet again in Mali.

Hey, it could be worse. When were all gone, the fucking French will STILL be relegated to this rock.  LOL!!

With no one to turn to except yourselves.

That's funny..

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Hey Helvitco, your fearless froggy comrade leader brought up the topic to begin with DOUCHEBAG, not the yank. Reading comprehension much?

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Didn't the Russians fight 80% of the German army?

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Yes, the Russians were being punished for not setting up a Central Bank.

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This is a John Galt moment for Maurice Taylor.  The idiots running these governments are being exposed for the pathetic charlatans they are.

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Many people do not want to talk about it. But the French government is taking the worst possible measures to resolve the crisis. This driving away private investment (domestic and foreign), is increasing spending beyond its means and is trying to politically attack all critics. From my point of view, France will undoubtedly be the next problem in Europe.

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private investment, that's a good one! there is no private, there is only the fascist banking fuck job

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It's rope a US dope until they find the next best way to hide the crime so deep it will be more easily forgotten, if not noticed in the first place. Viva la pouilly-fuisses.