UK's George Osborne Responds To Moody's Downgrade

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Osborne's statement was prepared well in advance, which means Moody's action was not only prepared and distributed long ago but it got the blessing of both the UK government and Goldman Sachs. And why not: so far it has achieved precisely what it was intended to: crush the Pound. The next question: when does talk of GBP-EUR parity begin?

Moodys has just downgraded Britain’s credit rating from AAA to Aa1


The Chancellor George Osborne released the following statement after the UK lost its AAA credit rating with agency Moody's:


Tonight we have a stark reminder of the debt problems facing our country - and the clearest possible warning to anyone who thinks we can run away from dealing with those problems.


Far from weakening our resolve to deliver our economic recovery plan, this decision redoubles it.


We will go on delivering the plan that has cut the deficit by a quarter, and given us record low interest rates and record numbers of jobs.


As the rating agency says, Britain faces huge challenges at home from the debts built up over many many years, and it is made no easier by the very weak economic situation in Europe.


Crucially for families and businesses, they say that ‘the UK's creditworthiness remains extremely high’ thanks in part to a ‘strong track record of fiscal consolidation’ and our ‘political will’.


They also make it absolutely clear that they could downgrade the UK’s credit rating further in the event of ‘reduced political commitment to fiscal consolidation’.


We are not going to run away from our problems, we are going to overcome them.


– George Osborne

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Good thing those pm's are down!

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Now we know why the 'market' tanked wed

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Chinese Funds will be EUR sellers, cos France will be downgraded to AA

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Still believe Germany goes down a notch first before France or Japan are downgraded again...btw any idea on which 3 dates in the year EU downgrades are even being allowed ? Frontrunning should be immediately visible, like in the UKs case.

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It will be difficult to downgrade Germany currently. They're running a budget surplus. The "only" things that could screw Germany over, are its overdependence on trade and much of the proceeds of European trade ending up as claims in the accounting no-mans land of the Target2 balance sheet. If Moody's et al would bring that as a reason to the fore, they might as well challenge the whole € construct, but that would go a step too far for their banker friends.

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Why should the rationale be the same for Germany as for the UK downgrade. Though you can criticize the floundering economic fundamentals they would i assume clearly go for the ESM/EFSF liabilities, e.g. Spain, Italy and France having a bailout forced on themselves for their own good etc.

Then why would they need anything realistic to base their ratings on at all ? Keeping the ponzi going requires balancing acts in the race to debase, and i figured there are only rules to be followed: one, no 'important' country can have AAA, two US treasuries have to remain bid - requiring the petrodollar stays and the capital shifts in the right direction after downgrades. The carusell goes on.

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"redoubles" -  Bah ha ha ha ha!  Pompous ass.

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wait for it...pop goes the dollar. 

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But Krugman said they could run deficits forever and it was no big deal?


What's up with that?

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That's an easy one: The deficits are just too small. Things will improve once deficit are in double digits, see Spain and Rajoy's take on his excellent work...oh wait...

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"In an effort to reduce our debts, we are calling on the BoE to forgive the debt that they own, in coordination with other central banks."

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when does talk of GBP-EUR parity begin?

Next month, or the day after. Christmas would also be a very good time.

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Parity will at least make monetary union psychologically and practically more acceptable, if either or both currencies still exist in the future.

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Weren't the brits wanting to devalue the pound?


Guess they got their wish... sans printing.  Policy tools bitches.

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"And in conclusion, we are opening an inquiry into Moody's rating of CDOs."

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I may well be mistaken, but gold and silver have been crushed otherwise there would have been windfall profits to certain precious metals owners with the devaluations of those currencies.

In other words the big boys wanted to crush the argument of the gold bugs that precious metals guard against devaluation.

I'd welcome a reasoned contrary view as it is just conjecture on my part.

As for the UK, she must be ruing the day she decided to send convicts to Australia instead of leaving them in England and taking the rest of the population to Australia.

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Gold is priced in Dollars.  As the Pound weakens and the US Dollar strenghtens the price of gold should drop.  obviously Someone (Goldman) knew the down grade was coming.  We have to see but the price of gold in Pounds might go up like gold in Yen.

But I could be totally wrong

busted by the bailout's picture

Competitive devaluation, aka currency war, continues apace.

If all currencies drop by 99.99%, do any of them actually fall?


Who wins when they all fall?

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He who owns gold or silver or oil or some other necessary recognized tangible.

Poor Grogman's picture

Everybody who uses those currencies to purchase anything tangible loses out.

Anyone who has too much debt gets their standard of living squeezed as cost of living prices increase.

If you have consumer debt even worse as there is no partially offsetting nominal gain as there is for some lucky R/E investors somewhere.

Anyone who does not use fiat currency is a winner, therefore everyone must be forced to use it so that the pain is equally shared.

PM holders will see the value of many fiat currencies change value abruptly against their stack.

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Put the issuance of money into the hands of the government which can then issue money without debt or interest attached.

Been done before - Bradbury pound.

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Sign of the times : Osborne, Cameron and Boris of London all belonged to an Oxbridge elitist decadent club that formed their links way back when they were students at Oxford.

Now they all row in the same political boat as it hits the rocks : poetic justice Bullingdon's boys! 

The Oxbridge student clubs that make David Cameron's Bullingdon chums look like Girl Guides | Mail Online

the "yes we can" becomes "we shall overcome"...Ironic, Hollande sings the same song.

To overcome you first have to recognise your enemy...who/what is the enemy?

And... if its you the enemy, then what? 

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If it was the US the statement would read like this.


Currently Moody's is acting outside of their allowed charter.  As you read this right now the DOJ is raiding Moody's offices around the world and we have already brought charges against the top 100 execs cuz they are part of the 1%.  We will confiscate their wealth and provide everyone with a voucher for a free snow cone.



sethstorm's picture

Enough of these downgrades and Moody's own existence may be downgraded to "silently coopted".

are we there yet's picture

What would the central bankers do if the Euro, british pound, and US dollar were simultaniously within close triple near parity at some future time?

Black Markets's picture

It was a master stroke by the UK to delay their downgrade until now.

Now they can dump tens of billions of GBP onto the market to crush cable and win the FX war, all under the guise of the Moody's downgrade.


It's the perfect cover story.


The British and London are ruthless bastards when it comes to such matters.

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We shall print on the beaches, we shall print on the landing grounds, we shall print in the fields and in the streets, we shall print in the hills; we shall never surrender.

magpie's picture

Never was so much owed by so many to so few

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

Short Sterling, Short it to  1.00 US;   short it down. 

Edward Fiatski's picture

Eventually, yes. Well, perhaps not to parity but within 10-15% of each other. I'd like to see the Pound defunct and replaced with a revalued EUR - it will happen eventually, BABYLON WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY!

Britain has nothing to offer to the world expect for illiterate chav peasantry & an out-dated, barbaric form of "culture" circa 1200 AD.

Your Johnny goes into the queen's WHAT-WHAT!

shinobi-7's picture

Answer from Mr Montebourg to Moody's:

Thank you for righting to wrong of last year. You know how pissed off I was by the completely expected but unjust downgrade of France. We know that downgrades are an unavoidable part of decline but could you please from now on have the kindness to downgrade the UK first? (The weather, you know?)

Bunga Bunga's picture

EU regulates the rating agencies, since January 2013 they have to consult governments upfront, otherwise they can shut down their business in the EU

No surprise here!

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When sharia is instituted in Britain people like Cameron and King and Osbourne will be losing their hands and their tongues. Same here in the US. Ben better have his go bag ready, and a private jet to a private island with a private army he can afford to pay.

Bunga Bunga's picture

I hope he doesn't forget his private printer.

Notarocketscientist's picture

Can someone show George this

Printing has failed

Austerity has failed

The UK is going to fail

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"Competitive devaluation, aka currency war, continues apace.

If all currencies drop by 99.99%, do any of them actually fall?


Who wins when they all fall?"



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The cradle will rock on Monday morning... Buy PMs this week-end!!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

/This is no cause to whack the US debt ratings, and hence way too early to raise the interest rates and whack the bonds and stock markets?  Right!?   The Grubmint still has fiat-wars, ammo, drones, etc to Ponzi-finance, right?  No real-world inflation coming, right?/sarc

Fiat agnostic's picture

Japan prints, Venezuela devalues, ex-JPM dude talks down euro, sterling loses AAA - and the good old dollar stays firm, just as it was nearing a 'head and shoulder' break down point. Strange or all part of the plan?? 

d_taco's picture

It was already known in april 2012 that the UK will lost it AAA.

There is no comparison between Germany and the UK. UK the same grade as Germany is absurd.

The current UK budget plan was base on a 2% growth. (There is no growth)

UK runs a growing budget deficit and a current account deficit for years and 0 growth. So it will be a matter of time before capital realise it can not make any gain in the UK: at that moment a currency crisis is in the make. This was already known in april 2012.

Zerohedge readers where distracted by the EURO hysteria. A EURO break up was the biggest nonsense, and the best trade of 2012 feeded by zerohedge. All suckers that flee the Euro to the Pound in May 2012 are now toasted.




smacker's picture



Osborne is a c***, only marginally more useful than everyone in the socialist Labour Party, particularly the two Red Eds and Hattie Hatemen.

Osborne's claim to have cut the UK deficit by a quarter is meaningless tripe as he well knows. Fact: he will fail to achieve a balanced budget by 2015 as he promised and national debt will be considerably higher than when he came into office. This despite that there remains enormous potential to seriously downsize government and rid the taxpayer of thousands of parasitic Civil Servants who spend their time plotting for the next socialist government.

And he loves to crow about interest rates being at their lowest level for zillions of years, whilst ignoring that zirp is crucifying savers and investors, creating more inflation because the £ is now living below stairs and as the UK imports so much, it's creating still more inflation. I'll ignore the temptation for mal-investment thru zirp because he almost certainly wouldn't understand it.

He also fails to mention that QE is destroying private pensions thru all-time low annuity rates and of course QE will add even further to inflation and ultimately to welfare costs as more and more people who "thought" they'd done the right thing find themselves penniless through insane govt policy.

You couldn't make this up. Yet another country run by nutters.


el-greco's picture

Georgie Boy obviously had a few pipes and a few swigs before writing this statement. A spectacular piece of nonsense and contradictions.

dcau1's picture

Fark GBP/EUR parity. I'm waiting for GBP/AUD parity.