Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard's Outside "Consulting And Advisory Relationships"

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Yesterday we showed you the "outside compensation" list of Columbia's Fred Mishkin.

Today, it's the turn of Columbia Business School dean and Mitt Romney's "go to economist", Glenn "You have three more minutes, give it your best shot" Hubbard. Here they are:

Consulting or Speaking Engagements at Some Point During the Past Five Years: U.S. Department of Justice, Airgas, Alternative Investment Group, American Century, America’s Health Insurance Plans, ApexBrasil, Association for Corporate Growth, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Barclays Services Corporation, BNP Paribas, Capital Research, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity, Franklin Resources, Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation, NMS Group, Oracle, Pension Real Estate Association, Real Estate Roundtable, Reynolds American, Royal Bank of Scotland, Visa, Wells Fargo, Nomura Holdings America, Laurus Funds, Ripplewood Holdings

And as a reminder:

Source: Glenn Hubbard resume

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HD's picture

It's good to be the Dean.

Raymond Reason's picture

Credentials, baby.  Once you've got the cred, you can write your own ticket, your words are divine truth, and worth a lot of money to someone who needs an endorsement. 

flacon's picture

QUIZZ: "Department if Justice is in which of the four branches of government? JUDICIAL, Executive, Banking, or Legislative?"


If you answered EXECUTIVE you can pat yourself on the back. If you answered JUDICIAL you must have graduated from a public school. 

Zer0head's picture

worth repeating

More Pigs at the trough

It's a giant rotating pig trough that includes the media pundits, the media anchors, the econo elite, buy side scum, sell side scum, pseudo economists, forex broads etc I mean fucking Roubini was a partner with Larry Summers I heard that one of the vulvas on Roubi's wall had Big Larrys name under it - then the political class that rotates into the corporate class and the bureaucrats who land plum jobs in the so called private sector

It is one giant cluster fuck game of screw the peasant for fun or profit and it extends into bloggger world think Mr. Wall Street Big Picture or those dickheads over at Business Insider shills and emmeffers

and their viewers and readers   hate to say but we are all dumb fucking muppets


and then we have one of  satan's many ambassadors hard at work in the heartland

This week, the US Supreme Court hears arguments that pit Monsanto against 75-year-old Indiana soya-bean farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman

francis_sawyer's picture

There are other branches of government besides "banking"?...

AlaricBalth's picture

Hey! I've seen that list before.

However, Tyler's looks much better organized. ;-)

James_Cole's picture

Glenn is too funny, should be the slogan of Columbia econ - "Give it your best shot!"

Sadly this tool had a lot of influence on US economic policy over the past 20 yrs, particularly under Bush 2.

OutLookingIn's picture

Iranian banking justice;

4 bankers sentenced to DEATH for fraud.

Could do with some of that here!

TruthInSunshine's picture

This is an INCREDIBLE Public Service Zero Hedge does in terms of shining the spotlight on the absolutely corrupted-beyond-salvation state of the nation, where whether it's academia (those doing the "objective" teaching to the next generation-- whose drivel is largely bought & paid for), alleged state and federal regulators (or non-regulators, to be more precise) "policing" industry (particularly banking & financial services), CONgress, the Executive Branch of BigInefficientCorruptGov, or any other entity that's literally a front group for private banking interests that have hijacked allegedly "sovereign" nations.

Expose all the scumbags, ZH.

tom a taxpayer's picture

1,000 up arrows...all the arrows in my quiver to TruthinSunshine and ZeroHedge!

"This is an INCREDIBLE Public Service Zero Hedge does in terms of shining the spotlight on the absolutely corrupted-beyond-salvation state of the nation..."

thisandthat's picture

Now you know why they're after them (kidding, they hate them for their nukes).

CompassionateFascist's picture

actually true. Once Iran has nukes, Isramerica can no longer force it back onto the petrodollar. As for Hubbard, just your average, well-paid shabbatz goy.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Names & addresses please!  These exposes of the banksters and their cronies are great, but would be even better if we knew how to contact the perps...

g speed's picture

I think he's looking for where the perp sleeps and where his kids live and the route he takes to work and who his main squeeze is and what hotel he takes his underage male/female sex partners to--that kind of "where can he be reached" thing. 

All Risk No Reward's picture

Exactly!  flacon still believes the false central state / international banking cartel false narratives.

The Executive Branch is the "curtain" to the gang bankster OWNER AND CONTROLLER "oz."

Get with it, flac!

Debt Money Tyranny

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”
? Napoleon Bonaparte


rayduh4life's picture

"Give me control of a nations currency and I care not who makes their laws". 

Chuck Walla's picture

I love the smell of incestuous relationships in the morning!


jballz's picture

And if you think the government has branches you must have been a pol sci lemming.

The limbs die when the beast is decapitated. That happened a long long time ago. I won't bicker over specific dates, but I think we can all agree it was before JFK's brain went for a long walk and never came home.

Ps you put judicial in all caps, that was misleading. -100

Drop out, bitchez.

flacon's picture



Yes, USA became a Corporation in the late 1800's. "Government" is really a misnomer. You are beholden to Uniform Commercial Code unless you express your remedy and reserve your rights. 


(All that to say, yes, I get it. ) :)

James's picture

The above link will take you to a site that will explain your true rights.

The people taking your rights are lying to you.

UCC codes are only for foreign contracts.

You are not a "person" under color of Law.

That is Lawyerspeak to induce you to give up your rights.

Look about 4-5" down on page and read UCC codes first!


Thisson's picture

You are both idiots.  The UCC governs commercial transactions.  It codifies how things like checks and mortgages work, and is a set of common rules for what happens when contracts do not include certain provisions.  Maybe you should try reading the actual document instead of reading some inane webpage's conspiracy rantings.

Eireann go Brach's picture

Look up the word "Fucking Cocksucker" in the dictionary, and you find Glenn Hubbards name next to it!

francis_sawyer's picture

So I guess it means to qualify as a "fucking cocksucker" you'd need a dick shoved so far up your ass you can taste it... That man has talent!

Eireann go Brach's picture

I hear you have those skills Sawyer!

Omen IV's picture

AND...SCUMBAG MOTHAFUCKA, weasel and tell me where you need to go and ill provide your court house expert testimony


McMolotov's picture

"Give it your best shot."

Does that mean aim for his head?

StychoKiller's picture

Think you'd hit anything vital there?

Deacon Frost's picture

Would I say Hubbard is very arrogant?

All Risk No Reward's picture

That little punk is a Vichy piece of trash.  He uses "arrogance" as a front for the fact he's a piece of trash bullshit artist that spews lies for his gang bankster buddies.

He's a controlled minion with no ability to express his individuality, which this punk sold out long ago for a piece of the debt money fraud pie.

Debt Money Tyranny

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”
? Napoleon Bonaparte (not that Napoleon was good, he wasn't.  but he was non bankster trash bad against bankster trash British bad)

vato poco's picture

Arrogant? Hubbard?

Of all the slimy weasel cocksuckers 'showcased' in that movie, he's the one I really *really* wanted to kick the shit out of. Nice & slow, up close & personal, in front of his children. Until he bawled uncontrollably like a little bitch. Then, when he begged me to stop, I could prissily reply, "Well, I don't think I have to answer that question!" And go back to pounding on him. *sigh* Well. A man can dream.

CompassionateFascist's picture

I'm only surprised Humbug consented to the interview, which was an ambush neatly done. He can't even be all that bright.

q99x2's picture

 Zombies in the making. They don't have a reservation in the Government bunkers during the upcoming revolution.

blindman's picture

how do these people get away with this stuff?
are they all lizards?
Weekend News Headlines; AAA, Pedophiles, and Tainted Food

Posted on February 24, 2013 by maxkeiser

smacker's picture

Ah yes, our news reader friend sitting in his car is always good for a laff.

Over on the right hand side is a video interview with Max by Andrew Neil (ex Editor of The Times, now BBC politics front man). Notice how careful Neil is nowadays about what he says after he sold out his soul to the BBC, who fight with other MSM outlets to be No.1 at disseminating State lies and propaganda.

blindman's picture

it is a laff of rage though, his commentary is more significant
than his reading and more appropriate than the delivery one
might find from the "professionals" in the trade of journalism.
if it doesn't make you sick and rage full you are not understanding the news
is the impression outstanding, the point of the artist.?
Inside Job: Afflicted by conflicts of interest, economists must share significant blame for the global crisis
Posted by Ian Fraser, February 24, 2011
" ...In one excruciating but telling scene (see the above clip), Mishkin, professor of finance and economics at Columbia University, also governor of the US Federal Reserve from September 2006 to August 2008, is portrayed as an "economist for hire" - he is revealed to have taken a $124,000 payment from the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce in exchange for writing a glowing report on the Icelandic banking sector, published not long before it started to collapse in May 2006.

In this scene, and when Mishkin gives his reasons for leaving the Fed - "So, so, uh, that, uh, I had to, to revise a textbook" - I'm afraid that he comes across as an utterly hollow man. The Hubbard scene is, if anything, even better. Here I quote from Daemon’s Movies:

"One of Inside Job's most compelling moments occurs when Ferguson interviews Glenn Hubbard, the current dean of the Columbia University Business School and a former chief economic adviser during the Bush administration.

"On-screen the cornered Dean, who is strongly implicated in pushing the Bush-era policies that caused the system to implode, and who is called out for collecting hefty checks for shilling corporation-friendly economic ideas, bares his teeth and reveals that beneath the façade of the nerdy academic lies a vicious political animal, red in tooth and claw."

After Mishkin defended himself on the Financial Times Economists' Forum website, in October 2010, Ferguson responded:

"Many of the most prominent economists in America are now paid to testify in Congress, to serve on boards of directors, testify in antitrust cases and regulatory proceedings, and to give speeches to the companies and industries they study and write about with supposed objectivity. … Some prominent academics have close ties to financial services yet neither their university employers nor the journals in which they publish require them to disclose their conflicts of interest, their financial positions, or the relationship between their financial interests and the policy positions they take.

"It is time to end this."
so we abide by this charade of professionals who cannot grasp their
utter lack of any ethic of integrity as their first priority of adherence
to ponzi finance money outweighs all other considerations and "intellect".
that is what we call balanced, normal and healthy. the artist taxi driver
makes the point in the clip regarding the bbc reportage on the privatising
prison operations, same in the usa. the research sited from the industry
itself, same in the pharma and agra and medical and .... and the conflict
of interest is never acknowledged, and this supreme ignorance is embraced
by the top experts in academia and government. this is why we are fucking
doomed beasts and nothing more, stupid doomed animals following the
worst of our generation. imo. but not the artist taxi driver ......
he has ears to hear and all that .....

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Of course, we also know that Stiglitz got paid to write a glowing review of the financial health of the GSE's, right? Somehow Ferguson forgot him... curious, that.

blindman's picture

Glenn Hubbard, Countrywide's $1200 an Hour Expert Witness
By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
21 December 12

"Hidden among the reams of material recently filed in connection with the lawsuit of monoline insurer MBIA against Bank of America and Countrywide is a deposition of none other than Columbia University's Glenn Hubbard. And boy, is it a wild deposition. It's like Inside Job, only Hubbard has to answer the questions he doesn't want to answer. Reading it is like watching a man try to avoid breathing in a gas chamber."
"At issue here is the fact that Hubbard testified on behalf of Countrywide in the MBIA suit. He conducted an "analysis" that essentially concluded that Countrywide's loans weren't any worse than the loans produced by other mortgage originators, and that therefore the monstrous losses that investors in those loans suffered were due to other factors related to the economic crisis – and not caused by the serial misrepresentations and fraud in Countrywide's underwriting.

In other words, the Dean of the Columbia University business school testified that the fact that Countrywide claimed to have conducted thorough due diligence when in fact it was pressuring underwriters to approve 60 to 70 mortgage applications a day and failing to verify any income levels or other key information (to say nothing of the outright falsification of such data, which also went on on a mass scale) – he testified that these issues were irrelevant.

Investors in Countrywide loans, he reported, in specifically rebutting MBIA's claims of fraud, were probably victims of macroeconomic factors, among other things the expansion of lending guidelines by "the government-sponsored entities," i.e. Fannie and Freddie. You know, that old saw
." ....
criminals in a suit and tie !
Mitt Romney adviser criticises Obama's comments on eurozone crisis
In an German newspaper op-ed, R Glenn Hubbard says White House advice to Euro leaders had been 'misleading' and 'unwise'
"..In the piece, Hubbard said it was a mistake for the US to encourage Germany to "stand up financially weak governments and banks in the eurozone".

"Unfortunately, the advice of the US government regarding solutions to the crisis is misleading. For Europe and especially for Germany," Hubbard wrote, according to a New York Times translation of the article from the Handelsblatt.
" ...
they are all crooks and thieves, sue the bastards !

blindman's picture

and this ...
"..That's as close as they got to getting Hubbard to admit that for $1200 an hour, he swore that Countrywide's underwriting practices were irrelevant – without investigating Countrywide's underwriting practices.

As for the question of how Hubbard managed to omit the fact that the loans he compared Countrywide loans to also had underwriting problems, there was this exchange:

Q. So in the aggregate, more than half of your entire population in the control group was affected by litigation?

A. I think, well, yes, by number of pools, yes.

Q. And in neither your initial report nor your rebuttal report did you disclose that fact for the benefit of the court?

A. Well I've already told you I didn't think it was relevant from my –

Q. I'm aware that's what you said today. But the fact is in neither your initial report nor your rebuttal report did you disclose that more than half of all the securitizations in your so-called control group were affected by litigation?

A. If I don't think something is a relevant fact, why would I have disclosed that?

Q. You're agreeing with me, you didn't disclose it, right?

A. That's a factual question. You had innuendo attached to it.

Q. Well, sir, I do think it's significant that you didn't disclose that fact, that's why it's in my question. I just wanted to confirm you did not disclose that fact, right?

A. I didn't disclose the fact.

Hubbard must be a very inquisitive thinker. He took $1200 an hour specifically to not learn how subprime loans were created. Moreover, he did this non-learning for Countrywide years after the financial collapse, long after the truth about that company had already become common knowledge pretty much everywhere in the world outside Hubbard's office, long after Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo had been charged by the SEC with deliberately misleading investors (and insider trading, to boot), and long after the Attorney General of California had concluded that Countrywide was essentially a giant scheme to use mass fraud to dump pools of bad loans on unsuspecting marks on the secondary market.
" .... m.t.

Thisson's picture

The "blame it on the economy, not on our actions" defense does not seem to be working very well.

Oldwood's picture

His opinion is just as good as any other paid shill's. I'm just pissed that no one is willing to pay me for saying what they want. I'd be happy if they just paid me to shut up!

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"I'm just pissed that no one is willing to pay me for saying what they want."

Maybe they would if you gave it your best shot.  Come on suck it up and I'll let you have one more post.

--  GH via BR

Oldwood's picture

Gee, you really think someone would pay me? Tell me how it has worked out for you so far. Shilling, that is.

jonjon831983's picture

Hot damn, this guy pissed me off so bad when I watched the movie.  Sure I guess he doesn't have to say his sources, but he seems so smug and assholeish.

jmcadg's picture

Another piece of scum. Scum always rises to the top.

Oh and an arrogant prick. I'll give you my best shot you tosser.

upWising's picture

IT'S THE SEPTIC TANK RULE that prevails in the Halls of Academe, the "Private Sector," and in "Public Service."

The SHIT rises to the top, floats around far too long and stinks up the place, and ever-too-slowly rots and sinks to the botom where it belongs, creating a lot of volatile stinky gasses in the process.

This is just another example....


AcidRainIsCool's picture

Time is ticking. Soon these fuckpigs get taken down. Banksters, political elite, et al.

Will roast their bones on our bonfires. And piss on the ashes.

Then we start over.

Pseudo Anonym's picture

what are we talking here?  crypto j?