Iran Says It Has Brought Down Another Foreign Spy Drone

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Back in December 2011, a US RQ-170 Sentinel drone was either brought down or crash landed smack in the middle of Iran, allowing the local military and scientists to reverse engineer it furthering their own understanding of possible countermeasures, as well as selling the underlying technology to China and other countries eager to peek inside America's remote-controlled "oppression liberators." All this happened because someone during the drone design phase forgot to add a self-destruct option. Now, over a year later, we will see if someone finally thought of adding this simple feature following news that Iran has just brought down another (just modestly antagonizing) foreign spy drone over its territory.

From Reuters:

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have brought down a foreign surveillance drone during a military exercise, the official Islamic Republic News Agency said on Saturday.


"We have managed to bring down a drone of the enemy. This has happened before in our country," the agency quoted war games spokesman General Hamid Sarkheli as saying in Kerman, southeast Iran, where the military exercise is taking place.


The agency gave no details on who the drone belonged to.


In Washington, a Pentagon spokesman said he had seen the reports. He noted that the Iranians did not specifically claim that the drone was American.


In the past, there have been incidents of Iran claiming to have seized U.S. drones.


In early January Iranian media said Iran had captured two miniature U.S.-made surveillance drones over the past 17 months.


Several drone incidents over the past year or so have highlighted tension in the Gulf as Iran and the United States flex their military capabilities in a standoff over Iran's disputed nuclear program.

In other disturbing drone-related news, Michael Krieger reports that when it comes to targeted killings...

It's OK if Obama does it"


In a YouGov poll of 1,000 voters last August, Tesler found significantly more support for targeted killing of suspected terrorists among white “racial liberals” (i.e., those liberal on issues of race) and African-Americans when they were told that Obama supported such a policy than when they were not told it was the president’s policy. Only 27 percent of white racial liberals in a control group supported the targeted killing policy, but that jumped to 48 percent among such voters who were told Obama had conducted such targeted killings.

- Joan Walsh’s recent article at Salon:  Targeted killings: OK if Obama does it?


Think about how troubling the above passage is.  Basically, a reasonably large percentage of the population of America will simply allow Barrack Obama to do whatever he wants because he is black and a member of their “Democrat” football team.  The irony is incredible, but believe me this fact is not lost upon the elites that want to perpetuate the warfare state indefinitely. They fully understand that Obama essentially neutralizes a large part of the “liberal” resistance simply because he is black and ostensibly “liberal.”


I came across the above information while reading Glenn Greenwald’s article about how MSNBC has finally make the total transformation into official government propaganda arm by hiring Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod.  His article is a scathing must-read.  Here are my favorite excerpts:


Last month, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton conducted a spirited debate about whether Obama belongs on Mount Rushmore or instead deserves a separate monument to his greatness (just weeks before replacing frequent Obama critic Cenk Uygur as MSNBC host, Sharpton publicly vowed never to criticize Barack Obama under any circumstances: a vow he has faithfully maintained). 


A Pew poll found that in the week leading up to the 2012 election, MSNBC did not air a single story critical of the President or a single positive story about Romney – not a single one – even as Fox aired a few negative ones about Romney and a few positive ones about Obama.


“Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has become a contributor for MSNBC. Rachel Maddow introduced Gibbs as a new member of her network’s stable in the final minutes before President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. . . . Gibbs was White House press secretary from 2009 to early 2011, when he left to become a senior campaign adviser for Obama’s re-election.”“David Axelrod, the former White House senior advisor and senior strategist for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, has joined NBC News and MSNBC as a senior political analyst, the networks announced today. . . . Like Gibbs, Axelrod will appear across the networks’ programming.”Finally, American citizens will now be able to hear what journalism has for too long so vindictively denied them: a vibrant debate between Gibbs and Axelrod on how great Obama really is.


That you can cover what political officials do more effectively when you act adversarially and without their “cooperation” doesn’t seem to occur to them. Moreover, getting to sit for personal interviews with the president usually produces anything but adversarial questioning. As even Politico admits: “some reporters inevitably worry access or the chance of a presidential interview will decrease if they get in the face of this White House.”


Well looking at the bright side, the more the mainstream media continues to screw up, the greater the opportunity they are creating for people like me.


Full article here.

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McMolotov's picture

"These tyrannies will not reverse themselves."

I call bullshit. This country was founded by getting rid of tyranny, and while we may have had a bit of outside help from (of all places) France, we did it primarily on our own. To believe other countries are incapable of doing the same is arrogant as hell. When they want change, it will happen.

Moreover, we're broke and it's none of our damned business. Does this fact really need to be pounded into someone's head here on ZH?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Count me as being "arrogant as hell" then.     The governments of Iran and Saddam's former regime control the oil revenues, and every business worht controlling in those countries, which they use to pay their layers of minions to brutally control everyone else, with lots of guns and brutality and pervasive totalitarian control.     This ain't 18th century New England.    It's a lot more orwellian than that.

As to what is "our business" let me remind you that you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.    Weakness is a provocation.    Appeasement is an invitation to worse aggression later.   And so on.   Sorry to be a bubble burster, but reality always comes rushing back in.

francis_sawyer's picture

There is an extraordinary representation of jews in Iran who don't seem to mind the living conditions... I take it that 'Netanyahu' will consider that when he sends in the airstrikes... Or is it all just a BULLSHIT propaganda job... I forget...

Bandit und Buster's picture


If anything the Iranians are appeasing the US.  We have already declared war on them in more ways than one. THEY are not the threat! Israel is the threat to peace in case you missed that somehow. 

WWII was for the communist make Europe safe for communism!

Now the jews want wwIII!  and they want the US to fight it for them and shed OUR blood! again! Your appeasment argument is HOLLOW!  WARS ARE FOR BANKSTERS WHO ARE MOSTLY ZIONIST JEWS!

"‘We’ve been fighting a war for the past 18 months, which is the harbinger of World War III. The world is going to fight, whether they like it or not.  I’m sure,’ Ra’anan Gissin, a senior adviser to [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon, said n an interview Friday." Stephanie Innes, Arizona Daily Star, March 18, 2003. 


"What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew's) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!" - Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.

"The Jew is an inborn Communist." - Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311.

"We Jews are going to bring war on Germany." –

David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson's I Testify, page 188.

"The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism." - The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, October 8, 1942.

DaveyJones's picture

good point. The USA does nothing to control oil does it? In its country or any other

What's more tyrannical, admitting you're doing it or killing your own and others then telling anything but the truth for the same reason?

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

I call bullshit:


Despite all that has been written about the American Revolution, it seems that very little of what actually happened, or even the correct order that events occurred is known today by the vast majority of Americans.

From birth they are taught the war was the utmost expression of liberty and nobility, a notion so sacrosanct that no one seems to question it.


The proclamation act of 1763, ...
angered those colonists ... who wanted to claim more and more Indian land, so they started to organize for war by drilling their own militias.


So by the time Britain attempted to enforce an anti-smuggling policy, the practice had become perversely 'time honoured' and by interfering in such a way, it was portrayed by protagonists (smugglers) as violating the 'rights' of colonists and started the talk of the King as a Tyrant.


the colonial protagonists reacted to this with even more vehemence and set up secret insurgent groups employing thugs, best described as drunken, canting, cruel hypocritical lairs without order or cleanliness (e.g. the Sons of Liberty) who subjected anyone who sold these stamps to physical violence and the burning down of their houses.


All of this unrest was still only from a small minority of colonists, but by allowing smuggling to go on for so long, this minority had become powerful, influential and resourceful, getting their way by carrying out acts of aggression.


Congress appointed George Washington as commander in chief of the Continental Army who quickly turned his attention to Canada, first inviting them to join the rebellion, but when rebuffed he planned a two pronged invasion,


when the rebels fled, they set fire to as many of the buildings in Manhattan as they could,


Washington wanted the time to make an example of loyalist 'Tory' homesteaders in the area and had his men raid their farms and houses, killing, raping, pillaging as many as he could,


France agreed and entered the war on the rebel side, but failed to mention they were going to prolong the war in order to weaken both the British and the Americans,


Another Perspective on 'Americanism'

Things that go bump's picture

Well, this country may have been founded in that fashion, but our recent history is a betrayal of everything we once stood for. The US and Britain ousted the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953 and replaced him with the infinately corrupt Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, enabling him to put his boot on the necks of the Iranians and propping him up for decades in exchange for his more friendly-to-the-west leanings.    

john39's picture

nice c- grade propaganda you are trying spread.  Iran is a beautiful country with pretty solid people.  as for the bile you are spreading about oppression, look around the U.S. or Europe lately?  Certainly a far higher level of culture in Iran than say israhole....

nmewn's picture

TBT is married to an Iranian if I recall, I would suspect he knows very well what he's talking about.

smlbizman's picture

tbt...maybe would should improve their lives and move them to detroit...

css1971's picture

Iran had a democracy until the US instigated a coup in 1953 and installed a King. America made Iran what it is today by destroying their democratic republic.


So..... your point was?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Mostly you'll get an earful about Carter letting/helping the Shah to fall, but sure they'll wear you out about Mossdegh too, and the British, and so on.    Bottom line though, lots of Iranians are nostalgic about the time of the Shah, when Iran was modernising fast, the schools were integrated, and Islam wasn't in your face, and the mullahs weren't ruining everyone's day, and week, and month, and life.

o2sd's picture

Yes, all of which was created by the country that promotes tyranny everywhere, the USA. Try researching what Iran was like under Mosaddegh before your country's reign of terror.


McMolotov's picture

Exactly. The way our government and the complicit media describe these places, you'd think they were Detroit.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Or Obama's old community organizing locales in Chicago.

NoWayJose's picture

Drone makers are cheering this, as the US will be forced into buying Drone 2.0 models with anti-hacking features.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The Drone Wars shall continue -- as long as someone is footing the bill.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Of course it never occurs to the 2.0 SW geeks, that by then Iran's (and Russia's and China's) HW geeks will have learned how to spot them and track them in the sky, and use them for target practice.  Or will have made clone copies of 1.0 drones, and use them to... "Return to Sender, address well-know".  What poetic irony that would be.

"That's why it's going right up your... I knew you'd be surprised!".  - philosopher Zappa

But, hey, why impede sales of 2.0 SW in the meantime? /sarc

TBT or not TBT's picture

Russia is imploding demographically and therefore economically, as is, and will, China.   Their leaders are interested in enriching themselves, and screwing around with tech for sale to broke governments is not their way forward.    

As to Russian tech, western militaries have been going through the best stuff they could come up with like hot knife through...air, and that's loking backward, at products of a less comprehensively destroyed Russia.   Going forward, Russia gets worse, as it has been doing for decades.   

Bandit und Buster's picture

"Russia is imploding demographically and therefore economically, as is, and will, China.   Their leaders are interested in enriching themselves,..."

OHHHH! I see, and THAT'S the difference they have with the US, right! Got it!  /sarc

you're full of shit or ignorance!


TBT or not TBT's picture

Russia's birth rate is and has been well below 1 per woman for a long while.   Demographers are agreed anything below 1.4 and you're doomed.      The US birthrate had been holding in the 2.0/2.1 arena buy has dropped to 19 and now 1.8 with the Obama Democrat party and other control freak central planning assholes clouding our future.

djsmps's picture

So they downed a Freedom Enabler.

insidious's picture

How will people feel in America if Americans get tracked down and killed by non-US drones and the governments repsonsible refuse to release evidence as to the reason for the assasination? Will we so easily accept the judgement of the executive branch of another nation or would we see it as an act of war?

SilverDOG's picture

Targets will be the ones trying to escape from the FEMA camps.


TBT or not TBT's picture

Moral relativism much?    Iran's government is a brutal tyranny bent on regional domination, genocide, acquisition of the ADM needed to pull it off.

Bandit und Buster's picture

It's so confusing! So you're saying their just like israel and therefore THAT'S  the problem?? Hmmm

OK for Israel to be a brutal tyranny to the regional people and dominate them w/ genocide and but but but NOT Iran!

Speaking of "RELATIVISM"! 


TBT or not TBT's picture

Gays, and even gay arabs, live openly and freely so in..WHICH middle eastern countries?    Not in the paleosimian terrortories, mind you.    Those are fanatical, ignorant shitholes like much of the arab world but with the added stench and patheticness of living off welfare from the West for so many decades.    I am talking of the wealthy, free, neighboring country, the highest educated in the world, that has sadly had to wall out these sad neighbors, and from time to time fight for their lives against multiple invading armies at once, intent on killing every last one of them. 

o2sd's picture

Looks like we've got an Israeli astroturfer. Lets see if he and francis can get together and make sweet forum fireworks.


Things that go bump's picture

Don't you just love an underdog with so many attractive virtues.  

TBT or not TBT's picture

Indeed, countries that send drones over U.S. soil to kill americans will get blown...not "back," but "up."    That's how a republic of a free people handles foreign aggression, by agressing back ten or a hundred times as hard, not twice.

NoWayJose's picture

How much longer until we see Iranian drones built in China flying over the US Fleet?

The Heart's picture

The funny part of this is when these things start flying over isreal, they will not know if they are American drones, or the Iranian ships in new chinese copied American drone airframes.


TBT or not TBT's picture

It isn't the airframe that makes the drone, it is the software and communication/control systems.    That's the hard part, and they don't have that, nor the satellite links needed.     The USA does.  Iran will not likely reach that level off of their current political and economic model, which is a suicidal one. 

StychoKiller's picture

Satellites are only relay points in space, they take in whatever radio signals fit in their bandwidth and send it back down to a reception point.

TBT or not TBT's picture

That cost a shitload to put up there and maintain.   Oh.   You only get to use them if you own them or lease services from those who do.    Get it in your head now if you can, that Iran is having to bring in North Korean ballistic missile technology.    North Korean.    Nevermind a launcher worthy of entrusting a very expensive satellite on, or twenty...which is what you'd need to even start.   Iran is not going to have a C3I network worth a damn, probably ever, for this and other reasons.     Pretty much only the USA has a comprehensive global one.

nmewn's picture

"In a YouGov poll of 1,000 voters last August, Tesler found significantly more support for targeted killing of suspected terrorists among white “racial liberals” (i.e., those liberal on issues of race) and African-Americans when they were told that Obama supported such a policy than when they were >>>not<<< told it was the president’s policy. Only 27 percent of white racial liberals in a control group supported the targeted killing policy, but that jumped to 48 percent among such voters who were told Obama had conducted such targeted killings."

Gotta love the "progressive" back flips.

Happiness, is a warm drone.


Speaking of idiot "progressives", their agendas and's a young man who knows his rights...

...well done young man ;-)

formadesika3's picture

"In a YouGov poll of 1,000 voters last August, Tesler found significantly more support for targeted killing of suspected terrorists among white “racial liberals” (i.e., those liberal on issues of race) and African-Americans when they were told that Obama supported such a policy than when they were >>>not<<< told it was the president’s policy. Only 27 percent of white racial liberals in a control group supported the targeted killing policy, but that jumped to 48 percent among such voters who were told Obama had conducted such targeted killings."

Things never change. Nixon goes to China.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Nixon identified easily with other control freaks and paranoiacs.

Anusocracy's picture

The liberals back their subhuman leaders just like the conservatives do.

TBT or not TBT's picture

"Conservatives" come under withering attack from their own kind constantly, and don't put up with Jesusification of the order liberals have allowed Obama/Axelrod to do.    Obama is very, very human, a psychologically damaged man lashing out against wrongs he imagines inflicted upon the Rest of the World(Kenyans, Indonesians, and Hawaians for example...the peoples of his upbringing) by the West.    He's been attracted to other damaged subversive minds throughout his life thereafter, not just those his lefty mom and grandparents inflicted on him.

Anusocracy's picture

Prehistoric psychopathic alpha-males were hard wired for their behaviors.

Modern era psychopathic alpha-males are hard-wired for their behaviors.

He's genetically damaged.

GMadScientist's picture

Seems like he was looking to get hassled...lucky he didn't get shot by the Po-Po.

nmewn's picture

He was only walking down the street.

GMadScientist's picture

Sorry, nobody rehearses that much without knowing they want an audience.


nmewn's picture

Do you have any evidence to support your claim he rehearsed anything or are you reacting just as the cop did without any real justification? Do you have any evidence (besides the cop saying so) that someone actually called in saying they see someone walking around with a gun?

He is a law student, who knows his subject matter very well...its perfectly legal to open carry where he was so there is no reason for the cops to hassle him. He not only knows the gun laws of this locale (and the cop obviuosly did not) but his rights as an American when it comes to the gestapo tactics often employed by the local gendarmes. We don't have to "show our papers" on demand just because authority demands them.

Everyone has a cell phone camera these days...some cops don't like that either. Usually the same ones who use video gather information & evidence on their Thats too bad...just

The only saving grace for this cop (and his department and town finances) is his supervisor did know the law and let him go immediately, with his scary, black, high capacity, fully loaded, gun ;-)

Hannibal's picture

Except for Iran, every country has the right of self defens against foreign evil doers.