Boehner To Calm Fears (Or Not) - Live Webcast

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While it appears the Speaker has decided to hold his comments until after the cash markets close at 4pm ET, we suspect futures will get a kick out of his always-reassuring tone. Following the President's earlier demands for no sequester and more spending, we suspect Boehner will fully acquiesce and agree to a pony in everyone's stocking too... or not. Full webcast below.


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Boehner To Calm Fears...

"Morgan Stanley is fine!"

redpill's picture

If he cries, drink the whole f'n bottle

Almost Solvent's picture

Wait, he holds pressers where he doesn't cry?

Or at least have to clear his throat as his eyes moisten?

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#1 for the Bloodhound Gang reference.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Is anyone scared?  Yes, I can understand.  Some people might be more worried about .gov incompetence and/or evil than others.  Some technologies are more robust than others...

"Mid-Twentieth Century Technology"

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Kneeding my junk like two hard boiled eggs in a tube sock........

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That never seems to work with my wife...

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They are repeating the same thing 4 times, nice

Sudden Debt's picture

Pony, it's what's for dinner...

Banksters's picture

Jon Corzine is still free.  



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buy the dip you dips!!

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The guy is a total RIhNO... he should be shot and we could make some nice stuff with his ivory.

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The DC politicians are all oligarchists. They care not for their country, only for their bank accounts. The left/right appearance is nothing but an appearance.

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This fucking poser is always playing to the gallery.  Yet another narcissistic sociopathic loser without a clue as to what true patriotism is.  Where the hell do Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankenstein, and the other banksters find these crazy fuckers???!!  Why are we letting them put them in charge of our future??!!!!  Is this really the best we've got????  WTF, over?

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Sequestration = 1/3 of one percent (as implemented over a few short years) of annual federal budget.

And it's the end of the world as they claim it.




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We've been fucked since birth. We are just seeing the final act.

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Hmm no, that's still to come. After SHTF, wait for the OWS movement to take control. MOAR goverment without banks = socialist utopia. That will be America's final act.

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The banks are not letting go until the last drop is squeezed.

eatthebanksters's picture

They are trying so hard to kick the can and keep things going because they know their fate if the shit hits the fan. Geithner is laughing is ass of right now playing gin with Corzine, Lewis and Mozillo.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Hey....wait a minute....

85 billion of total sequestration "cuts" (aka slow in GROWTH of spending) = 85 billion per month in Bernanke POMO...


Heyyyyy....waaaaiiiiit a minute........

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THEY are so fucked. They will hang. Only a question of when, not if.

mdtrader's picture

And they all liquidated their gold for equities in the last 2 weeks! Ha ha.

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Another one of these sitcoms. Geez this shit is so old.

dwdollar's picture

Haha... faked you suckerz again! ~Bonehead

lolmao500's picture

Fear?? What fear?? Did I miss something?? Is the boogeyman coming to eat us or what?

Anyone ``afraid`` of the sequester belongs in a mental institution.

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There's a name for this shit in DC.  They call it the Washington Monument Complex.

Whenever someone suggests cutting the budget, the kleptocrats immediately decide the only non-essential things to cut are the national parks, border control, access to the Smithsonian (and the Mall, hence the Monument), and the FAA (planes colliding).

May they rot in Hell.

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Because their whole "shovel ready" economic theory and policies will collapse with all the layoffs/firings they will have once their sugardaddy Fed stops paying the rent, electric and water bills.


Long cardboard boxes and sleeping bags

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boehner will fold like a cheap negligee....that is a job requirement for republicans....gingrich showed the way in the 90s with his little boy histrionics.....he will huff, puff, and bluff, but will fold on cue - either today or in the very near future....

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*Boehner stiffens, Obama cries out in pain

*Stunning photo's of Uranus

More at 5 o'clock

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why dont Boner just say what they sayin on Bloomberg and CNBS...

"its Italy's fault...."

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"Help us, Ben-Kenobi, you're our only Hope."

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Heck! Even the dark side Emperor looks good next to these clowns.

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Nice fucking sell off in the final hour.  Now it's time to get afraid JB and there's nothing you can say or do.

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If the sequestration cuts go through, there may not be enough horsemeat for teachers and emergency responders.

Rustysilver's picture


Teachers and responders are first in line. They will be enough for them. Others may have to settle for pony or donkey meat.

adr's picture

Hey Pony meat gotta be like veal right?

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They've served (assume they still do) horse steaks once a week for decades at the Harvard Faculty Club.  What's wrong with horse?

Ropingdown's picture

How the hell did federal taxpayers get on the hook for local teacheers and cops/ff's in the first place?  Through pandering to unions so as to sway elections.  Those powers are retained by the states, who damned well ought to pay for them.  Good.  Lay off some teachers and cops.  Let neighbors look out for each other.  Let students be told it is their job to learn, read, study.  We did better with 40 kids per class than they do today with 16.  Jobs programs for votes, but with costs to us that run for a generation. It makes me ill.

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so far so good...85 billion in cuts done..just the odd 1.5 trillion to go to return to surpluses and start repaying debt down from 100% of GDP to 50% so that the economy can grow at 5%!!!

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We have a spending problem and need cuts..... NO SHIT MOTHER FUCKER. What tipped you off?

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What a joke from Boehner!  Who is in charge of our conquest of the world?