Is This The Chart That Everyone Is Concerned About?

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We have seen this all before...'s never different this time. Of course, you should buy the dip; you invest for the long-term, right? VIX, schmix; Credit, schmedit; Gas prices, schmices; Macro, schmacro...


The last few times that VIX has seen such a 4-day low-to-high risk-flare were extremely significant events...


Credit markets have been flashing red for a month...


and we've seen that before too...


And we've seen what the catalyst for an equity rerating is before...


Macro seems to be sending clear signals too... that we've seen before...


But apart from that...BTFD (or in Abe's case STFR)


Charts: Bloomberg, Capital Context, and Goldman Sachs

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Holy fucking shit batman!!

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Influential author N. N. Taleb (author of The Black Swan and the new Antifragile) has many doubts about the value of predictions and charts.  He says it is better to look at your RISKS and VULNERABILITIES rather than predict the future.

Nonetheless, the above charts DO look a little scary.  Owning some gold can help you feel a little safer.

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In the words of a wise man (*cough*football coach*cough*): "prognosis only after the match"...

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Elliott Wave International has the charts that everyone should be concerned about.  This top is at the upper channel line of the run up in the stock market starting from the 1932 Great Depression low:

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These are not the charts you're looking for . . .

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You didn't build that chart. 

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^ Buy Gold and Silver

v Buy Gun(s) and Ammo

Needs some advice guys, I have enough scratch for another ounce of gold and 20  ounces of silver, or I can add to my gun/ammo collection at the show this weekend. Thoughts?

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My advice is stock up on dehydrated food:


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Flacon's a solid guy I would take his advice if you have weapons and ammo all ready.

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Buy the gold & silver & give us your address [or your favorite fishing hole]...

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Bitchz have a very negative effect on NET. Wait for a real bottom. There's a lot of padding out there. When you look at the fundamentals and the opportunity costs, ownership may be over rated.

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I'll wait for a 20 year old bottom.

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Diversify. Buy 1 oz of gold and ammo for the guns you already have.

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or a half case of a good 30 yo single malt & a decent box of cubans...oh yeh or just a 30 yo Cuban for a week or two - after all we are all going to be dead for a very long time

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Was reading an article about a Bosnian's experience during the Yugoslav breakup.  With guns and ammo, you can acquire gold and silver.  When things got really desperate, roving gangs of unemployed men would loot, pillage, and steal to acquire whatever they could get away with.  It was incredibly dangerous.  Guns and ammo  +1.

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I logged in solely to say LOL

I appreciate your wit.

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Their claim about impending war coincides with Ray Tomes and others' findings about nature and its cycles: war cycles align with solar activity cycles, and current solar maximum reaches its peak in 2014, so, expect heavy artillery shelling somewhere in the world (*cough*middle east*cough*) around that time - just saying...

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So, I was junked 3 times the other day for saying: "THIS IS IT" with regard to the Yen "discontinuity". But now you are two days later all saying "Holy MoFo...yammerYammeryammer". The following two days ZH has AGAIN shown its muscle reporting on Britian, Japan, etc swirling down the toilet. So, my little fairy princesses, enjoy the ride. Its going to be a very difficult ride into the furnaces of hell. In about a month it will be obvious what the "new pair-a-dime" holds for us. Until then, all your junks are belong to us.

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You got junked 3 times? 


You're doing it wrong..  Let me know when you get -100.  3 is nothing. :)

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I'm workin it bro, workin it!

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Put the last 3 comments together & you're just about there... You guys should form a partnership...

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"Its going to be a very difficult ride into the furnaces of hell"

Nice! - Global Warming reloaded bitchez!!!

(Furnaces of hell my ass - it's cold as hell in Europe)

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I would think that Europe is quite warm given all the fuckin' hot air your politicians keep exhaling. And there are so many of them! That globalist white collar welfare program is working very well for you! Maybe you need to burn a few politicians for heat, new source of heating energy. and a potential means of "sending a message" to Brussels.

/sarc off

In all sincerity, please prepare yourself and your family. This is going to be a flaming shit storm. A blitz on the markets, smoldering ruins in the aftermath. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

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"My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours"

Thank You friend, same to you and your family

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"Its going to be a very difficult ride into the furnaces of hell"

Nice! - Global Warming reloaded bitchez!!!

(Furnaces of hell my ass - it's cold as hell in Europe)

"Its going to be a very difficult ride into the crevaces of hell"


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crevaces = crevices or cravaces = crevasses?

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oops, meant to say crevasses, obviously :P

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Thank you, all my ZeroHedge fans, for your junks. A man is known by his enemies. Indeedy so. Junk on, Garth!

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There is an old Zero Hedge tradition that junk in yo trunk is a badge of honour. I don't know how many here will remember that but it's in keeping with Hedge culture, kinda like blood on Fight Club. You can swallow a pint of blood before you get sick you know. The trick is to see how many junks you can carry while walking that fine line between insane & contrarian thinker.

So, in honour of your good comments here, I have hereby changed the Up vote I originally gave you to a Junk. Welcome to the Hedge son.

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I always get "that" feeling when the roller coaster gets to the top.  I'm getting "that" feeling.

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The action felt strange this afternoon(monday) in equities and commodoties. One cannot fight the invisible hand...

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I think 'that' feeling will get much stronger in April/May.  Thats when the weather starts warming in Athens and precipitation decreases.  Things will get interesting when the unemployed youth can comfortably demonstrate/riot 24/7 in t-shirts and shorts.  Tick-tock on the Syntagma Square riot clock. . . . . .

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I may initiate a small position in molotov cocktails and riot shields. Already am long futures in 7 11 size cups on the new York black mkt exchange (nybme)

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Holy underwear, we've got to protect our phoney baloney jobs, gentleman.

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They are killing the new Robin you know.

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"We're gonna keep growing......Okay? And, obviously, I'll say it: 'If you're growing, you're not in recession, right?'. I mean, we all know that!"

- Henry "Hank" Paulson, fmr US Secretary of the Treasury and Goldman Sachs Stooge

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watched Inside Job again last night.. watching his "performance" was great, second only to Glenn Hubbard's.

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Speaking of "scare quotes":

"We're gonna keep "growing"......Okay? And, obviously, I'll say it: 'If you're "growing", you're not in "recession", right?'. I mean, we all "know" that!" *wink*


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I need to watch it again. I'll see if it's on Torrent. Oh there it is - looks like someone ripped the BluRay:


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I read this, imagining him twitching uncontrollably after each word. At least the Master Printer takes his meds to stay drugged & sedated during public appearances.

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Whatever you do, don't look down! That's the killer, in cartoon movies - everything's fine until they look down, and they always look down, the idiots.

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That caused me to almost die chocking from uncontrollable laughtor.