Europe's Horsemeat Horror Spreads To Czech' Swedish Meatballs And Beyond

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The ongoing debacle of Europe's food-chain continues with news from the BBC that IKEA, the venerable do-it-yourself furniture (and food apparently) maker has pulled 1675lbs of Swedish Meatballs off shelves. Horse was found in "beef and pork" meatballs in the Czech Republic and then in 13 other nations including the UK, Holland, and Portugal. Since the first horsemeat was found last month, traces have been found in many places (table below) with UK's FSA having 35 positive tests and Germany's equivalent 67 positives. IKEA's discovery, noted on their facebook page, adds further fuel to the complex food-chain fire but we can only wonder just how many extra pieces of horsemeat were included in the package (and what was missing).


As once British MEP noted, "Europe's food retailers depend on a complex network of brokers, cold stores and meat-cutting plants around the continent from which to source the ingredients wherever they are cheapest. The evidence of the past few weeks shows that national food safety authorities have failed to identify a problem in the supply chain over a significant period of time."




Source: BBC

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scatterbrains's picture

Long horse rendering / pink slime / soylent wafers bitchezz

Popo's picture

What's with this whiny, squeamish bullshit.  Horse meat is delicious, low in fat and high in protein.  It's a delicacy in many countries.   

This whole story just makes Europe look ridiculous.

francis_sawyer's picture

So is 'BirdsEye' gonna be off the hook if they find BirdsEye's in there?

Manthong's picture

S’no big deal.. no deception involved.. the horse’s name was Sven.

francis_sawyer's picture

Might have even been spared if he hadn't lugged out in the final furlong...

HoofHearted's picture

MMMMM....bork bork bork.

The horsemeat is what made the Swedish chef so popular. He was one of my favorite Muppets. But then Goldman will want to get involved in this message, so I can't say that...

WayBehind's picture

Big deal. When I was growing up, horse meat salami was available at every grocery store. just saying .... 

Zero Debt's picture

Bullish for bullshit, bearish for horseshit

falak pema's picture

Na, its just the TDs playing at KAiser Sauzee, spreading the panic in Euro, whereas they should be reporting the Snapper scandal in US; 33% of fish in supermarkets over there is wrongly labelled! 

Don't worry, be happy! 

thisandthat's picture

Until you realize this was never meant for consumption so it's not health checked.

kridkrid's picture

Health checked by whom... and for what? What if it's little more than an illusion?

thisandthat's picture

What if you're paying for say, gold, and get tungsten, instead - it's still pretty useful metal, after all... what if you pay for US$ and get ZIM$ - still paper money all things said.

Do you think they used it because it's of better quality, or because it was much cheaper?

malikai's picture

Clearly, even the meat which was "meant for consumption" wasn't checked either. Otherwise this wouldn't have happened.

Nevermind that, however. The lesson here is "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

Börjesson's picture

It's not about the meat quality as such. It's about the customer not being able to trust the content declaration, and the manufacturers apparently not having a clue what goes into their products.

francis_sawyer's picture

Just wait until horsemeat starts showing up in your pasteurized milk & city water...

Momauguin Joe's picture

Horsemeat I can deal with. It's the nuclear waste in the city water that I'm worried about.

Never One Roach's picture

I thought their meatballs tasty fishy....mmmmmmm

BurningFuld's picture

As a horse owner I would like to say: There is nothing wrong with horse meat (not that I eat my horses). Most likely this meat is from North America, because of the massive drought and economic downturn here the slaughter plants for horses are running over time in the last year. All that horse meat is going somewhere. Also realize your average horse has been feed very well it's entire life. NO force feeding, No diet of antibiotics, No growth hormones.

Also...I work with a German lady..she says it's a relatively popular meat in Europe???   Why all the fuss. Eat up!

SkottFree's picture

Most horse meat plants were closed in the US a few years back do to US outrage over selling horse meat to the UK. Now plants have moved outside the US and still ship products to the same countrys! Products need only proper lableling 5% 50% 100% horse meat to be sold!

Just another diversion tatic to take center stage away from real issues!

economicminor's picture

U.S. slaughter of horses ended in 2007 when Congress, at the urging of animal rights groups, halted funding to inspect processing plants. The unintended result was thousands of horses abandoned or neglected, and even more enduring hundreds of miles of travel to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

Teamtc321's picture

As a cattle rancher and horse partner, I would like to be very pointed, you have zero fucking clue what you are talking about.Horses in the states that go to slaughter are generally jammed in trailers, then traveled long distances to the Texas/Mexico boarder. I will let those do their own research on the process, imho it is a fucking outrage to say the least.

Fucking bullshit what these horses have to go through just to feed you sick nasty mfer's.




sgorem's picture

no. THIS is not what makes EUROPE look ridiculous.

sgorem's picture

horseballs anyone ?????????

azzhatter's picture

Not a good marketing twist

Monedas's picture

Horses are cleaner, their vital organs are higher and absorb less default radiation .... quit eating Granma's food !

css1971's picture

In the book it was Soylent steaks, not wafers. (Too much for the american audience)

GetZeeGold's picture



How many horses does Europe have? Must have them things breeding like rabbits.

pods's picture

A few less than they used to?

timbo_em's picture

Funny story: Pre-collapse, horses were held as status symbols in parts of Spain (Andalusia, for instance). Since 2008 owners couldn't afford this any more. Some horses were slaughtered right away, some were simply freed...and then caught and slaughtered by the authorities and some still enjoy their freedom in southern Spain (like camels in Australia). So basically since 2008 an yearly average of 50.000 tons of horse meat was produced in Spain and noone has a clue where that meat went. Just one thing, Spaniards knowingly don't eat horse meat.

eigenvalue's picture

It's just horsemeat not human flesh. Why the fuss?

Water Is Wet's picture

+1, 7 billion people in the world can't be fed cheaply with prime ingredients.  We have high fructose corn syrup, GMO foods, radioactive tuna, and horsemeat meatballs because feeding 7 billion people is a strain on the earth.

BurningFuld's picture

Horse meat is much more expensive to produce than beef. There is just a glut of horses in North America right now with the drought last year and the poor economy. I'm sure that is where it is coming from.

JOYFUL's picture

Sorry friend, but Europe has it's own crisis right now, and there's no need for imported equine products...those countries which were last to be invited into the Euro party were also the last to give up their horse culture...conforming to the centralized control freaks in Brussels means giving up all kinds of horses being allowed on roadways....animals grazing freely, and on and on...

result is thousands of dudes having to give up their wagons and carriages, close down their barns and sell off their workhorses. In the name of 'progress' and 'safety' ...this, combined with the aforementioned sell off of 'pet' horses by owners no longer willing to pay for feed has culled the Euro horse populations so severely that the four leggers will soon nuff disappear altogether from the for the expensive breeding ranches of the mega-rich moneyboyz behind this whole scam.

Merikans worry about their guns, and the right to bear them. A man with a weapon is a target. But a horse and armed rider are a direct marker of who we once were, and goes to the heart of what Merika once was.

This whole mess what Merika has gotten itself into could be sorted out in one quick chapter. 800 armed* men riding separately but in tandem to the steps of any State capital south(or west!)of the Mason-Dixon** line would bring the visceral imagery together for a final showdown with those who are counting on you to to either lie down, or play into their hands when they start moving for the guns.  The pukes hiding behind their secret state would have to show their hand or fold...and pity the sherrif's deputy or federal hack who got the order to step out in support of them. If the complicit media tried to shut it out, they would look like total fools as the internet followed every move. We need to have this out soon.

Right now there still is 'the internet' ...and there still are some 'horses'...and some 'men' ...I wouldn't count on the combination staying around for too much longer! Gold, guns. and two fresh mounts...everything else is just blowin smoke.

*no ammo...that's key.

**blood's too watered down elsewhere

kridkrid's picture

Ever since the story broke I've been trying to figure out why it even matters. The only thing I can come up with is the idea that the supply chain is so interconnected that something that isn't supposed to be in the food is in the food. I suppose if horse meat can end up in my meatballs, so can _____. Farmers markets... it's about all you can really trust... mostly.

malikai's picture

The reason why it matters so much is because the beaurocracy MUST grow at all costs.

Do not think so much about the issue at hand, but how the issue may be used to further the state's objectives. Or, in this case, the superstate.

JOYFUL's picture

It matters because the cabbalist is required to always signal to their victim what is their fate...and by doing so, gain implicit acceptance on the part of that victim. EuroMerikan is being 'shown' the death of it's culture and it's means of defense, through the mass slaughter of our greatest friends and helpmates. With them, we were warriors...without them we will be slaves. A war of symbols has been waged for half a century now, since the photo-journalism of the "Vietnam" War, to inflict psychological defeat after defeat upon the Europoid psyche....slowly showing the slipping away of every marker of what made us men.

There is no 'health' or other issue going on here whatsoever...this is a war...of symbols...but it's denouement with be an onslaught of terror, when we have abandoned all our old friends and loyalties...

to which there will be no cavalry to ride to the rescue.

sgorem's picture

"It's just horsemeat not human flesh. Why the fuss?"  YET.......................

TonyCoitus's picture

Giddyup Bitchez!

pods's picture

Wake me up when they start finding human DNA in products.

We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control................


css1971's picture

Don't test you won't find.

Better not eh.

Edward Fiatski's picture

But Horsemeat is still meat, right guys?

Horsemeat - the fall of Western Civilisation!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Has the USDA started checking for horse meat in the meat supply here? Or are they too busy reviewing porn movies?

Sudden Debt's picture

what does it say on the labeling of your food?

and it's forebidden to say anything bad about meat you know...

hooligan2009's picture

must be time to get a little mint sauce for that mutton/lamb

Sudden Debt's picture



If they turn in their meals, THEY GET FULL RETAIL PRICES REFUNDED!!



I got this info from a friend of mine who works for a cleanup company where they destroy the food.

Why they do it is anybody's guess.

Edward Fiatski's picture

Who insures frozen burgers? THE HORROR.

Chuck Norris's picture

And by "destroy" you mean recycle it into the school lunch program?

Sudden Debt's picture

nop, anything that has a 0,1% horse DNA trace is destroyed as in burned.

nop, if caddle eat their proteine mixes (which are most commonly made out of powerdered down cadavers from other animals, they always tend to contain those DNA traces.

In short, it's not only beef that's being destroyed but also pork.

And the volumes they're destroying are BIG!

Pseudo Anonym's picture

starving africans and asians would love to hear that food is being destroyed