In Japan, The Matrix Is Now Reality As Humans Are Used As Living Batteries

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Who says necessity is not the mother of invention in the New Normal. While a tiny fraction of the Japanese population is enjoying the transitory effects of Abe's latest reflating "wealth effect" policy (even as China has made it clear said policy will end quite soon), the bigger problem for Japan is that even sooner, more and more of it will be reliant on hamster wheels to generate electricity, as LNG prices have just hit a record high and are rising at a breakneck pace, and as local nuclear power generation has collapsed to virtually zero. Which means one thing: electricity will soon become so unaffordable only those who are invested in the daily 2% Nikkei surges will be able to electrify their immediate surroundings.

So what is Japan's solution? A quite ingenious one: as and ASR both report, Japan's Fujifilm has created organic printed sheet that harvests energy from body heat, or in other words, converts body heat to electricity. Finally, at least one key part of the Matrix "reality" is now fully operational - the use of human beings as batteries.

Specifically, Fujifilm Corp. and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have developed a resin sheet that generates electricity, utilizing the temperature difference between human body and the air.

The power-generating sheet developed by Fujifilm and AIST could be used to provide additional power for portable devices.

The sheet uses the thermoelectric effect, which generates a voltages due to the temperature difference between the surface of an object and its reverse side. The sheet is 0.4mm thick and soft. In a normal environment, the temperature of the air is lower than that of the human body or the surface of clothes. That temperature difference can be used to generate a steady flow of electricity.

From Geek:

Fujifilm has used the Nanotech 2013 conference in Tokyo to demonstrate some progress with the creation of a new thermoelectric conversion material. Such a material can convert temperature differences directly into electricity, which can then be stored or used immediately to power or charge some device.


The material Fujifilm has created in collaboration with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is desirable because it is both organic and has the highest thermoelectric conversion efficiency yet seen. Using a temperature difference of just one degree Celsius it can produce “several milliwatts” of electricity.


The good news continues as Fujifilm can manufacture the organic thermoelectric conversion material using a printing technique, making it easy to produce a range of sheet sizes at a minimal cost. It’s also not rigid, so can be wrapped around an object such as an area of your body.


So far two primary uses are seen for the new material. The first is as an attachment patients can wear on their skin to power medical devices. The second is as part of solar panels as a way of collecting additional energy and therefore making them more efficient.


Depending on how cheap and quick the material is to produce, we may see it appear as an accessory you can wear to help charge your smartphone on the go in the near future.

And since life always immitates Hollywood, we now await for the release of the prophecy which will disclose just who it is that will destroy Bernanke's centrally-planned surreality, in which those who trade stocks are in a Matrix of their own.

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Frastric's picture

Blue pill bitchez!

Son of Loki's picture
Dreamliner Grounded Until At Least End Of May

The airline with the largest fleet of Boeing 787s says it will be months before the plane takes to the skies again.



Freddie's picture

Boeing is going to be punished for moving some production to SC.

francis_sawyer's picture

Guess what you're going to be wearing in the FEMA camp...

zerozulu's picture

To produce electricity they need human heat. With the declining human numbers in japan they should work on a device first that produces babies when two human transfer heat.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Chinese citizenism already advanced beyond frail Japanese technology in harvesting humans for energy giving returns judiciously.

Tibetan humans self-immolate, Chinese citizenism technology converting their remains to charcoal briquettes efficiently.

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This is what they get for having major body parts outsources to foreign countries. Wouldn't have nearly the problems if the whole thing was done here.  I hope th idiots that made the decision don't make anything on the stock options they get for this stupidity.

Beastmanager's picture

Thermodinamically inefficient, the reason why I could never stomach Matrix, dumb premise that distracts me from all the rest.

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So is green energy....but that isn't stopping them. We should export all our coal to Japan and China. We don't need it anymore.

mick_richfield's picture

That was as close as they were able to get to the real deal.

The matrix doesn't want you for your lousy 400 watts.  It wants you for your processing power.  The 1 exaflop-equivalent per human brain.   Imagine the processing power from an entire enslaved species.

That's why the main jack goes into the back of the head.

It feels ... a little weird at first.


MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Ok, now imagine how dumb the common person is & re-question your supposition here

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

All you need to do is make sure the net cost of sustinance, sanitation and in-head entertainment takes less energy to provide than the energy you get from the human "cell". The rest is just a question of size/scale.

Septicus Maximus's picture

Is this the same George Freidman who predicted in his landmark piece of shit book, "The Coming War with Japan" ?

Friedman is a carpetbagging clown of the first order, who knows how to pick mistresses and friends.  


Killer the Buzzard's picture

Maybe this can help fix the problems with the 787.

francis_sawyer's picture

New upholstery for DC Fusors Chevy BBQ...

Magnum's picture

Leave it to the Japanese to efficiently power pervert toys hidden in their underwear.  

Sixdeuce062's picture

it might help if they wrap godzilla with that other wise i think it would cost more in energy to make that thing than you get out of it but its neat now if it would power a gundam..........

GMadScientist's picture

Walking robots == braindead retarded.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Depends what they’re walking over, across or up. Anything that can walk up walls has advantages. Anything that can walk across dangerous terrain filled with sharp things, pit-falls or radiation (a fully hydraulic robot, for example) would be very useful. Especially in a certain Prefecture in Japan. Like now.

fonzannoon's picture

so the moral of the story here is buy stocks.

Dr. No's picture

I figure Japan would just sell a bunch of their US Treasuries on the open market and use the USD to buy energy.  Pretty simple to us non-corrupt bankers.

lolmao500's picture

Solar panels and windmills still better.

grunk's picture

I'm not wearing a windmill. No way.

Sudden Debt's picture

and where are you going to put those solar panels?

A Nanny Moose's picture

Where the sun don't shine....duh!

Matt's picture

They already make backpacks with a flexible solar panel rear covering for charging portable electronics. Wearing a backpacks is probably a better idea than wrapping your body in sheets of thermopile stickers.

q99x2's picture

Fish at the great depths of the ocean also use their bodies to generate light. They have like an inbuilt flashlight sort of miner's helmet.

Mercury's picture

In other news Boeing announced today that passengers will now be required to wear special jumpsuits on all 787 Dreamliner flights.

StychoKiller's picture

Quite the clever one, ain't ya? :>D

BandGap's picture

US submarines have been using this concept to generate electricity for many years. The breakthrough is the organic polymer.

Mad Mohel's picture

A shitload of silver in it? :D

Matt's picture

If by a shitload, you mean a miniscule, insignificant amount. At 0.4mm thick, I would be surprised if the the amount of silver in a sheet was in the milligrams of weight.

Glass Seagull's picture

And Japan then realized they were quickly running out of these humanoid batteries.


GMadScientist's picture

As long as the demised are among those holding the mountain of internal Nippon public debt, it's all good.

buckethead's picture

Had to read twice. Best comment yet.

Super Broccoli's picture

so your body heat is going to provide the electricity to heat the house ? yeahright !

Dr. No's picture

If your house is a down parka, then you got a chance...

Yen Cross's picture

 Latex( love) dolls need moar Duracell  AAA'S. Japan is going to fuel it's winter on Friction...

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Lets just put this latest Japanese "miracle" in the pile with fembots, artificial intelligence and nuclear power.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Didn't mean to judge your use of fembots.  Mea culpa.

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LNG in the Pacific Rim is indexed to Brent Crude.

donpaulo's picture

since the matrix is originally from Japan this story has extra special meaning


the main issue with Japanese and Winter/Summer temps are that they do not use Western standards of insulation


However the traditional response has been the Kotatsu

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 FX is completely directionless. No correlations what so ever. Risk is afraid to rear it's ugly head, for fear of being stomped by Chair Satan. Hey everyone let's pile into Oil and really fuck things sideways.

Boondocker's picture

correlation is so 1998!!!

krispkritter's picture

Why don't they just develop a film that absorbs all the newly freed radiation that's blowing in the wind and spilling into the ocean?  Hell, then we could license it for Hanford and clean that shit up too.


You want to impress me? Make a film that when wrapped around politician's heads, absorbs the hot air and sound emanating from them; then we'd have unlimited energy and not have to listen to the shitbags.  And then give it a 'term limit' of 4 years after which it suffocates the host...

Long-John-Silver's picture

I'm sure that these panels will consume more energy in production than they will ever return during there service life just like solar panels.

Shell Game's picture

LOL, kind of how bulimics use the opp. strategy when it comes to food - more food out, than in.  Sustainable!

fijisailor's picture

So does this mean that the Japanese will start having sex again to bolster electricity production?