Yet Another Italian Real-Time Vote Map On The Route To Italy's Hung Parliament

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With the epic, and very embarrassing, retracement of Italy's (and the US stock market's) entire intraday gains as the revelation that Europe may be very much unfixed all over again, here is yet another vote tracking map, which however is slightly delayed from the real time data, which as of moments ago had Berlusconi at 37.4% in the all too critical Lombardy, while Bersani at just 29.7%, while the latest braoder Senate count per Sky is Berlusconi 31.9%, Bersani 28.7% and Grillo at 24.9%, which means Bunga + Bepe have over 56% of the Senate: an epic failure for Goldman's tentacle. This is very bad news for statists, as the lack of 158 seats even for a Bersani-Monti coalition, means a Hung Parliament, possible loss of OMT eligibility and new elections coming soon, all of which was explained previously.

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Turn those machines back on!

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Well, after the Italian horse race, they are all still just horse meat.

I know what everybody is going to be asking regardless of the “winner”..

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Check your history, and your biology.

We gotta hand it to the Italians on this one, bitchez.  A vote for Grillo is a general F U to the establishment... Utopian visions or not.  They've rejected the status quo on a larger scale than any 'Murican movement has been able to muster up.

Voting FUCK YOU takes BALLS.

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The barbarians (Lombards) have never disappointed yet since they conquered the Roman Empire ~2K years ago.

Forza Italia!

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Dare I say it....Italy goes back to the Lira and fucks the central banks and GS, JPM at the same time..    They may take my money, but they will never take my hope and dreams

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Stop it.  You're making me all misty.

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Berlusconi will soon be sharing his views on who is hung

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Dear Angela,

Even though you are an unfuckable lard ass....I just thought this might be the appropriate time to express this sentiment:  Vafanculo!



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Tylers, as per the title of a "Hung Parliament" a few days ago - it is truly hung now. :)


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Never thought I'd be happy to see him doing well. Last night I was down 100 pips on EUR/USD. Now I am waiting to seize my profit.

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the day that Italy became the center of the world...

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Re Italy's Hung Parliament

Wish someone would hang Congress...

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How do ye like those lemons Angie?


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new elections coming soon ? this is italy not dumberland greece !



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Italian Governments have to last at least 15 months that is the time required for elected members to be granted the so called "vitalizio" that is a life time golden public check that they will receive for the rest of their lives for having worked only 15 thats' a gravy train and that's why they all try to get their hands on it. ..none of those suckers care about the Country.

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The best link I was able to find is

Bunga - 42.2, Communist - 27.6

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It's like since America voted for a clown, that it's almost fashionable for any other country to also vote for clowns :)

Anybody remember how he called Obama when he won the American elections? :) Priceless :)

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When the bankers are taking your life, a comedian is not necessarily funny and, if he opposes the bankers, he is a very serious candidate. And, btw, a comedian is not necessarily corrupt, unlike other candidates.

Italy’s grassroots Five Star Movement’s  populist leader, Beppe Grillo, wrote June 13, 2012, on his blog: “The EU is out of control and the euro is a box of dynamite with a fuse that is getting ever shorter. And we are sitting on top of it.”

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Why hung? Looks like an outright win for Bunga-Grillo even if it takes a three-way in the lower house.

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well i don't see grillo dealing with anyone ! the guy campaigned over "let's kick them all out" ...

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Ha Haaaa!

Fuck you Goldman, fucking small pricked assholes. Eat shit.

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Italy has no enemies .... even the North Koreans diplomats don't want to lose their visitation rights !  After the reset .... look me up at my Castello Monedas in Sardinia !

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Knew a woman from Sardinia a few years ago... never seen a woman with more hair than her...

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Next up Eastleigh,

Go Nigel, Go UKIP!!!!


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If by some bizarre miracle in the vote fraud, er I mean counting, process, Ron Paul had won, he would have been assassinated. 

The same would happen with Grillo. 

Too much money and power at stake to tolerate anyone not yet corrupted into the system.  Now, shut up and eat your gruel. 

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I would love italians to fuck the troika and the perverse Euroshit! Forza ragazzi, non mollate!

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il dolce far niente,  or “the sweetness of doing nothing.”

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screw Clinton/Kerry 2016, and

screw Rubio/West 2016.

the next winning US POSident ticket is Bunga/Bunga 2016!