Biderman Blasts "Sequestration Bullshit" And The Government's Big Lie

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The sequestration bullshit is driving TrimTabs' CEO Charles Biderman nuts - and rightly so. As we showed recently, the actual scale of the earth-shattering cuts, while not insignificant, are small and if the shills on TV preaching the end of the world from sequestration did the math they would see it is a mere 6% drop in non-entitlement government spending that is set to destroy the economy. Biderman exclaims, "what is apparent to me is that our government is becoming very good at the big lie," as they exaggerate any and everything to their own needs. It is obvious, he adds, "that our government is deeply committed to not reducing the size of government, and is willing to outright lie," but he saves the epic rant that we come to expect for Paul Krugman. Just as Irving Fisher's infamous 1929 pre-crash call that equities have reached a permanently high plateau; Biderman suggests Krugman will be remembered as erroneously claiming that 'deficits don't matter', as he reminds us of Emperor Caracella's 268AD reign of insidious taxation and currency debasement that ended in 1000% inflation and the end of the Roman Empire. Well worth the price of admission...


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McDonalds for LIFE

Horse Meat on sale @ Piggly Wiggly

Obama 2016

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Sounds like the average American's wet dream.

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Sounds like the average American politician's wet dream. <------fyp

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Loved the Freudian slip: "After Obama's reign ended..."   (See at the 5:00 minute mark.)

The truth slips out at the most inopportune time.

Just watched Larry Summers on Charlie Rose.  Could hardly keep my dinner down.  Both of 'em need professional help.

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Emperor Obama .. na, Caracella! 



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Surf's up! I have a Biderman board.

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Hey everybody, party at Biderman's.


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End of the empire?  America is post empire now, with the rest of the world adrift.

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The sequestration bs is just the new normal, a non-event.

Don't let friends drink the koolade.

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Why aren't there more guys like this in the financial services industry?  Everything contained within this particular rant is readily available information.  A dial up connection and a pinch of common sense and...viola...everything he says is OBVIOUS.  

The question, I guess, the important one that is implied but not stated is...WHO BELIEVES ANY OF DC's OR WALL STREET's big ass lie anymore?  Seriously, who is the demographic target for the idea that a 6% cut in discretionary government spending will destroy this so called GREAT RECOVERY?  Why do we even need Biderman here?  Who believes that an $85 billion dollar annual spending reduction matters...while Ben Bernanke is printing that very same dollar amount....every month? 

Damn, these rabbit holes run very deep.


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You're falling for this game. Don't take it one on the street does. They know the money boyz are just trying to run out the game enough to clear the table of the last chips before the lights go out. Just a guessing game until the music aren't going to like it when the music stops either

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Uuummmm...aaaahhhh...I'd be the polar opposite of "falling for this game."  As far as I'm concerned, and with Ben Bernanke's testimony today confirming, the lights are already out.  Now...the market itself...has truly "fallen for this game."  

Not sure what the point of your comment is.

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This is a CONfidence game. Biderman played in it for years and now he has a rant? Everyone you listen to on CNBS knows the con is on. None of them believe that Ben's going to nail it. They're trying to keep their jobs. Its called FEAR and its running fast and hard now. The big money is positioning, but anyone with a net worth of less than 5 or 10 mil know they're fucked. Fuck Biderman....he's on the con too.

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Charlie "I see FacePlant as a $1000 stock someday" Biderman...

What a consummate asshole.

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i look to italy with delite and worry as the banksters(3 card monty) regroup.

they ultimatly have the power of purse.

can this populist movement spread?  anotherwards, people are waking up?

if italy leaves the euro, then hope and change can spread and the bankster rein

can be squestered...

wish/think/wake up and see it NOT happen again>more gold...

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Um, what is an EBT card holder?  Ignorati for $200, Alex.

"You can't make someone understand something when they're paid NOT to understand it!"

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You would be surprised (maybe not) how much of the public buys into the housing/auto/recovery meme. I hear it from my well-educated friends and family all the time. I've found it's not even worth questioning their belief system as I get labeled as a "reactionary" or "doom and gloomer". The mainstream financial also completely parrots the party line. Just listen to the Motley Fool podcast every week for an example.

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Mr. Biderman, I think you are being to nice on how Dr. Krugman is going to be remembered. I would wager to say he may very well  go down in history as being a complete FUCKING IDIOT!!

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For an idiot, I bet he makes a lot of "money".

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nah, i'm thinking more like #247 at the gallows.....

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why is this fucking yoyo even on ZH?

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Cause he has an incredible radio face

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Exactly, people with short memories forget his cheerleading for the bull market when the bullshit was staring us in the face.

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Pile on with Rose for keeping those shorts on in '09.

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Biderman, his klan, nor cal bagel munching pals and relatives probably all voted hope and change.  How you like them apples libtards?  Enjoying Hope and Chnage?

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so many calls now of the obvious that soon enough folks will realize the scam is a scam and something different next voting day.... you can't fool all the people all the time.

Then what? that's the 64 Trillion dollar question!

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Let me know when Xe demands payment in gold.

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You'll probably live to see them paid in CAD or AUD i'd wager

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...Or Yuan backed by GOLD.

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Wouldn't there be a HUGE spike in the price of gold immediately preceding THAT transaction?

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Academia... new name


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What doesn't drive Biderman nuts?  Not that he shouldn't be driven nuts.

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“Every government is run by liars,” independent journalist I.F. Stone observed, “and nothing they say should be believed.”


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man the whole guvt is infiltrated with reds and mooselams!

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First the horse jokes, now the "moose" jokes?

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It's harrible! Harrible I say.

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But but but...the prisons will be emptied...teachers will be laid off and raped...David Gregory will smuggle contraband gun parts into DC...granny will be shoved over the cliff...32oz soft drinks will be sold in the streets!...and salt, the mountains of salt flowing across our borders...the seas will rise from this...Air Force One needs engine replacements from the wear & tear...Bush's Fault!...thousands of JDorners, millions of them...children will starve from the lack of USDA approved pink slime...oh god the humanity!!!

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I'd just be happy if they laid off half of the dickhead cops in my town

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Right now, they're probably fearing for their jobs where you are with all this bullshit...which just goes to show everyone how fucking stupid (the majority of) can be. Around here they must have went back and told their sergents people are glaring at them and not in a "nice way" they lightened up from what I can tell.

In Florida, it's in the states constitution to balance the budget. Its what they get paid to do first, before anything else.

Its really a remarkable thing ;-)

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I got this. I can solve all of this. You see, we make a coin out of platinum and we write "$1 trillion, bitchez" on it. We foist this off on whatever dumb ass we can get to buy it. It's going to take one of us who can play poker really well and not snicker as we hand it to Bernanke. Then....oh shit...inflation again. Nevermind.

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It's air traffic controllers and radiation safety officers....

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And just think, the TSA will no longer be able to grope and molest children on the same scale as before.

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Its awful...just awful...and to add insult to their injury, all those formally "lost in transit" rings, cameras, bracelets and necklaces will remain with their rightful owners!

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The TSA will be forced to do all pat downs without the one pair of blue latex gloves they are issued when they are hired.

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Shuddap and eat yer horseburger!  (would you like a supersized order of "freedom fries" with that?)