Gold And Silver Inverse Slamdown

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It would appear that someone tripped and flipped the algo switch this morning as the ubiquitous morning slamdown has morphed into a take-off. Perhaps it is no coincidence that every Muppet's favorite banker (cough Goldman Sachs cough) opined on Gold's coming weakness yesterday and that hedge funds are the least exposed to the precious metals on record, which as everyone BUT Goldman knows, is the traditional signal that it is a time to buy. Actually we take that back: Goldman certainly knew it, which is why it has been urgently advising its clients to sell... To Goldman.


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Everything Harry tells you is a lie. Remember that.

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Op Ex is behind us. "Stop hunting" is behind us..... the metals are poised to go much higher. 


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When Muppets attack back.

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Yep, OpEx behind us and the metals go ballistic. Thanks to whomever pointed that out to me.

Check out silver going VERTICAL on the Live Spot chart:

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And just give gold and silver time...  The PMs are your best diversification against .gov and Fed malfeasance.

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Called it last week, bitchez.  Hope someone made some money.  As for me, I can only dream of trading because I lost my PMs in a boating accident quite some time ago.

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FND usually has some volatility associated with it, but next week we should see a real liftoff. 

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I just can't wrap my brain around it..., who would pay GS for their advice?

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I imagine that the people who PAY for their advice get different advice.

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This quarter screw gold and silver.   I've been buying powder, thousands of bullets and primers (and getting very good deals).   That stuff is like PGM's right now.   

Ammo is outrageous, for some reason the ingredients haven't caught up ... yet.  

1000% yields from 2004 to now are pretty good.   (2004: 5.56 $99/1000  2013: 5.56 $990/1000) 

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These aren't muppets attacking.  These are muppets getting SQUEEEEEZED....

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Like I was once told by the Head of Sales at one of the Major Bulge Bracket firms; "You are nothing but inventory to (insert firm's name)"

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But then again, what was I even expecting?

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Flacon, are you the one that pointed out Opex to me the other day? If so, thanks!

Gold going straight up on the live spot chart:

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Coins are quite good at rotation, being round and all! :>D

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WTF ,the tradition is that when Ben speaks PM's go down.

Looks like the paper manipulators might have lost control.

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Check Friday's CoT reports - the paper managers cleared out the bulk of their short positions last week and transferred the short-side over to the speculators.  They're still in control, just now they're going to manage the price up for a while instead of down.

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Just wait for the discontinuities in the function.

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I love the smell of skewered muppet in the morning.

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Granny please scramble me some eggs with a side of muppet....pretty please.

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Get outta bed and make it yourself ya drunk.

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Some lies are richer than others

Bernanke: Exit strategy will not subsidize banks

and this is said merely DAYS after it was revealed that Bank of America received yet another back-door bailout.

Completely unashamed.

Henry Chinaski's picture

Maybe it is true that the exit strategy will not subsidize banks, just nationalize them.

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The open interest in silver at multiyear highs w/ March open interest very high for just a few days left may cause Ben & Co. some sleepless nights. 

knukles's picture

Oh come on...

It's all just show for the Big Lie, anyway.

buzzsaw99's picture

He is only partially lying. There is no exit strategy.

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Bernanke: "Exit strategy will not subsidize banks"

Technically, that's correct.  In a Clintonesque sort of way. They won't be subsidizing many retail banks -- just the shareholders of the Fed itself (GS, JPM...).

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Not yet...but soon

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surely it was something the bearded wonder said

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Any chance Goldman an advance copy of Ben's QE 4Eva Senate speech?

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Ben's speech leaked? Boy are we cynical or what?

EscapeKey's picture

got an advance copy?

what makes you think goldman didn't write it?

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Why would anyone want to own gold? It just sits there....

no reply needed

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Why would anyone want to own gold?  It just sits there....

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Funny thing happened to me over the past few years,.... my fiat lost a big portion of it's buying power and all it did was sit there...not doing a thing.

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Thus why you should be making proper investments.

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I've put everything I've got into Facefuck.

EscapeKey's picture

Don't forget 3,500-pe ratio Amazon, and LinkedIn.

Such bargains.

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Oh, you mean the 'proper' investments the illuminati controlled main stream media tells us?

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That chart makes me think that we are actually on a gold standard right now, whether the current body politic wants it or not.

Gold is flowing in the direction of added value.  China manufacturing adds value, thus gold flows there.

francis_sawyer's picture

According to the chart ~ China gets to par in less than 30 months [not accounting for what is or already has been emptied out of western vaults]...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

We got two clubs:  The Gold-member club and the Platinum-coin club .  The BRIC & friends are in the Gold club.  The Fed & Friends are in the Platinum coin club.  Both are vying for more members, using soft, hard and even Fricking* kinetic methods in their zero-sum game. 

* 'fricking...' = after Henry Frick

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That is similar to the same thing Corzine was spouting on CNBS before 1.6 billion dollars vaporized under his watch....but you knew that already.