Today's Volume Surge In Context

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Sorry to steal the jam out of the media pundit's donut but the better-than-average volume that is supposedly representative of something today in fact is solely due to the surge that occurred when we sold off into the European close and when Bernanke was dancing around Senatorial questions about stock market bubbles. It appears once again this afternoon that US equity algos have forgotten that Europe will open once again in 8 hours.



When Europe closed (at the lows) volume was 1.79mm contracts against an average of 1.1mm or 62% above average.

Now it is 2.5mm versus 1.7mm average - only 47% above average.


Charts: Bloomberg

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Other reason. Berlusconi's latest flame was just reported to be already 19 yrs old.

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Darn, she is younger than mine...

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More like a recipe for macaroons:  beat briskly until you get stiff [market] peaks . . . which henceforth may not have the same staying power -- or, will they?

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They're just betting on the 10-1 Apple split tomorrow, complete with a special $500/sh dividend.....

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It was a "market talk" (unconfirmed all across the board, of course) rumor-ramp-a-paloosa day!

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Bob pisani is glued to ZH. everything he says, he says 5 mins after a zh article.

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Once a reporter repeater, always a reporter repeater.....regardless of the source.

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Brother Cog,

Indeed, Cdad's proprietary BlowHorn [CNBC] Unwatchability Indicator is currently off the charts.  And as per usual, it remains true that the only way to get an unmanipulated view of markets refresh ZH.

I personally cannot wait for the ZH special due soon on just what Bernanke said today during the Q/A session of today's hearing.  Mr. Bernanke clearly explicitly said...there is no market...or perhaps The Fed IS the market.


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What's really worrying me more right now is that if I go to Denver and order Rocky Mountain Oysters how can I be sure they're not Horse Cobblers?

And with the sequester coming, all of the Horse Teste Inspectors will be furloughed.

Boner, where are you when we need you?

We must pray to the great RMO god, Sack-o'-Nuts

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I have to come clean Fonz... I am Bob Pisani. Thank you for watching.

fonzannoon's picture

if you are Bob Pisani then Francis Sawyer is Jerry Seinfeld. That's how far down the rabbit hole we are.

Divided States of America's picture

Another POMO day today?? Feels like the market is levitating on Bernanke's hot gas

McMolotov's picture

ZH: Pissing all over the carefully constructed narrative on a daily basis.

q99x2's picture

Drug test the executive branch, house and senate.

McMolotov's picture

Do bath salts show up on drug tests?

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Rumor has it someone at CNBS walked in on Cramer masturbating to a picture of two twin show poodles after the move up.

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We close Red today?  yes?  The "market" is just 'digesting' it's losses from yesterday.

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Here... Hold this bag for me.

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Volume surge= selling strength vs BTFD

Serfs Up's picture

My is coming.

virgilcaine's picture

Last half hour should be interesting. The SPY trading heavy. It wants to go.

gatorontheloose's picture

to me it looks like closing sold calls waiting for upside.... :\

thismarketisrigged's picture

how the mother fucking shit are we fucking up this much? this is so fucking retarded.


its fucking amazing. whenever we have big gains, we continue going higher, and our pullback is like 20 pts. basically it takes months or it can take years to wipe away the gains.


whenever we suffer big losses, those losses are wiped away the next fucking day.


i really want to strangle obama and bernanke, biggest fucking douchebags on the planet. 


fuck u jamie dimon u fucking bastard, i hope u end up in jail along with lloyd and all ur other cronie bank guys. fuck u all douchebags

Mark123's picture

I am giving up on this casino, penny stock, rigged, manipulated "market".  Nothing makes sense anymore....and nobody seems to care.


We play with real money....they play with no-cost, unlimited credit lines which they create themselves.  It will all come crashing down at some point, and all the paper will be worthless (including the shorts).  Then they will declare a state of emergency and steal anything we have left that was not invested with the crooks.


I am actively looking for a new planet somewhere.

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The dicks are banging the Vix again... suprise. Turn around Tuesday Bitchez, can't have people getting the wrong idea here, get those stocks back up where they belong.

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Looks like we close right at the highs for the day.  Only question is whether we regain 1500 while we're at it. 

Don't see why not, since today's news should pretty much cancel out yesterday's news that the Eurozone is collapsing.

El Hosel's picture

Kick the collapse down the road, its working like a charm.

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This site has been USELESS for 4 fucking years as we have gone up,up and up.

Context my ass,until we go down this is just stupid.

John Law Lives's picture

ZH never told you to short the equity markets.  You make your own decisions.