Bernanke Testimony Day Two Webcast - This Time Before The House Committee

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Yesterday Bernanke testified before the Senate: today it is the turn of the House to grandstand. The prepared remarks are the same, but the Q&A will certainly be different, and will focus mostly on political talking points surrounding the sequester, with little to no talk of actual monetary policy. After all, the last thing anyone in Congress wants is the man who provides the deficit funding to pull the punch bowl.

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Fuck You Bernanke!!!!!!!!!!

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Answser the question Bernake, are you an a@@ hat or not?

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Answer the question Bernaked, why are you such an asshole?

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TYLER ... PLEASE Get Rid The Fucking ANNOYING Eye Ads All Over Your Site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Shit Is Driving Your Readership AWAY!

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Would the rest of you please quit reloading Kitco?

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Well Since I Posted, The Fecking EYE Ads Disappeared ... Thanks TY...


Butt What About All The Down Voters??? You Wanna See The Fucking Annoying Ads ????????????????

I'll Program A Fecking FLASHING Pink And Blue Page Just For Ya's To Watch All Day...

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You still see ads? Hmm.

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What do you think pays for the site?  Ben Bernanke isn't making any generous donations to ZH.


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Best part of the testimony is the last questioner...  Sean Duffy R-WI ...  Lets the ChairSatan dangle and eat his own words...


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Is there an Adblocker plugin to let just the snorg tee girls through?

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Bernanke looks like he's at death's door. Someone should pour a pot of scalding hot coffee on his bald fucking head to wake him up.

Maxine Waters (D-CA) & ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, is one of those CONgresspersons who talks R-E-A-L-L-Y LOUDLY & HALTINGLY probably as a result of the fact that she is so disrespected by even his fellow criminal CONgressional scumbags, and she feels the need to SPEAK UP and fake PROJECTING CONFIDENCE to try and divert attention from the fact that operates at the level of 1st grade arithmetic.

ObaMao Cabinent

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This fuckin Jbag getting grilled again today by these circus of yardapes? No wonder the markets are rallying, you cant have a down day when either the Bernank or Obama is speaking.

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All they need to do is schedule a few Bernak or ObaMao press conferences daily and we'll have green market days forever!

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"Bernanke looks like he's at death's door. Someone should pour a pot of scalding hot coffee on his bald fucking head to wake him up."


I thought the exact same thing. Made me think about body language and all that that can convey. Something big soon? 

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You are spot on with your observations. She is an embarrasment.

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RE: "TYLER ... PLEASE Get Rid The Fucking ANNOYING Eye Ads All Over Your Site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Don't get Mad, Get Adblock Plus


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I don't know.

That chick advertizing T-shirts is cute.

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Q: Why isn't Bernanke dangling at the end of a rope ?

A: Because Americans are dumb and lazy.

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Keep patting yourselves on the back as to how smart you are while Bernanke, Blankfein, Dimon and the rest of the merry band of criminals rob you in broad daylight.

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They think Ben Bernanke is buddies with Ben Ghazi.

Oh look!  A shiny object!

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Liberals in Iran are calling for a "Stone Ban."

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Tune in your radios. Relax your splichters.

Edward Fiatski's picture

WTF, Ben is re-reading yesterday's tripe.

Edward Fiatski's picture

FX likes Ben's comments on "the importance of long-term low IRs". LOL

mayhem_korner's picture



Yes, but the algos don't know what Groundhog Day is.  MSM gets to unleash two sets of market-levitation headlines.

Edward Fiatski's picture

He just asked the committee chairman if he could read the rest 2 pages of this tripe, which everyone heard YTD - Both of them twitched while stuttering, agreed, and the circus Must Go On.

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....that's because they ask the same questions.

thismarketisrigged's picture

they should handcuff his ass as he walks in and put him in the slammer.


then go to wall st and get the rest of those assholes

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Arrest Congress first. Then Wall Street becomes pointless.

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Well, have I got an event for you! 

Any who have a FarceBark page can visit

to see "A Mass Citizens Arrest On OUR Elected Offici..

where almost 2000 have publicly announced that they plan to attend and participate. Some participants have announced their intent to bring guns.  They are trying to arrange group discounts for hotel rooms. 

Should be some interesting small arms target practice for Capitol Police and Feds. 

Bring lunch and cameras with telephoto. 

"We The People will meet at the Capital Building in Washington DC to make a mass citizens arrest on every member of congress - both the house and senate, the Vice President and President for Treason against the United States of America.

With the aid of local law enforcement We The People will read formal charges of treason against each and every one of them and then each will be arrested and given due process.

We The People as American citizens have every right to make a citizens arrest if we see a crime...See More"

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I think I figured out why Bernanke hates gold so much.  He has been putting gold on the wrong side of the Fed's balance sheet all this time.  So in his view, gold is a liability instead of an asset.  One would think the Fed would hire on better accountants.

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I wonder where they hide the teleprompters

monad's picture

Its in the ear. If you look again at the Gore - Perot NAFTA "debate" you can see one in el patrone Al's ear. They probably have Google Teleprompter contact lenses by now.  

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Does Alan Grayson get a whack at him?

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Mr. Bernanke, would you pay me .25% per year to borrow a trillion dollars like you do for your maggot friends?

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The guy's an asshole, but you gotta love that suit.

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Fuck you you fucking full keynestard fucking fiat shitting bank dick choking fucker. I fucking hope you get crushed by a fucking DC cab driven by a fucking underemployed fucking shlub trying to feed and school his fucking kids you fucking Ivy league retarded crook. Fuck off and die.

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Nine-nine-five.  Just a closing exclamation point shy of a perfect 10.

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Fuck/word ratio a solid 11/49.
A+ my friend.

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But the best line ever using the word 'fuck' was from the movie 'Get Shorty' and delivered by Dennis Farina's character as he arrives in LAX from Miami and gets a limo ride...he says,"They say the reason the fucking sunsets in fucking LA are so fucking beautiful is cause of the fucking smog."  One of the best lines ever...sorry to digress!

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Deficit spending must continue to mitigate social unrest. As we move from one debt crisis to another, the stock market will move higher as there is unending pressure to invest excess liquidity. The danger is not commodity inflation, its a 20%+ move in the DJIA.

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Chairman Bernanke, do you wear a santa hat while Mr. Dimon sucks your dick?

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Maxine Waters speaking as of now. Reads a letter written by her maid which she doesnt understand. Wonders what monetary policy means. Praises Ben Bernanke nonetheless for his sacrifices and services to his country.

No wonder why California is in such a hole when you witness what kind of nonsense they can achieve to elect into power.

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Holy shit

Maxine waters is Pelosi in blackface