Chris Christie Says "God-Awful" Atlantic City Government "Going Down The Chute"

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A week after the epic fail of Atlantic City's Revel casino, and in the middle of the gambling 'mecca's rebuilding, the mayor of this always-above-board city has voted himself a $16,000 per annum pay rise; why not, he is entitled, right? Well it seems Chris Christie has a few things to say about that:


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And this is what happens when you elect statists.

In other news, crazy Ben is at it again, perjuring himself again and again...

Bernanke Says Treasury, MBS Markets Not Disrupted by QE


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Silly, he's above the law.  Law only applies to the serfs.

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Chris Christie lowering the state flag to half staff when Whitney Houston OD'd cracked me up.

Shell Game's picture

In The Matrix, crack whores are mascots..

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

The lyrics of "Every Woman" clearly show she is differentiating herself from a whore by emphasing that she can do anything you want done now, but do it naturally

HD's picture

I think it was more a matter of not being able to get the flag all the way up the pole...

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Hard to take that fat fuck seriously anymore after he practically went down on Barry Soetero after Hurricane Sandy.

Whores come in all shapes and sizes, there's a lid for every pot, and we found out that Chris Christie's mouth fitted quite nicely around Barry's cock.

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I'm sure NY Governor Andrew Cuomo thanks Chris Christie for trying to incite the vacating of Atlantic City casinos in favor of Indian Reservations in upstate NY or China-bus racinos out in Eastern Queens.

Christie is a fat bastard, full of hot air, and a pudgy-fingered subject usually found hovering over the banquet table in the king's court.

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He took it up the lard ass, too. While eating a doughnut.

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Indeed, the Law is for common people defining the rules by which they must serve their masters.

One can only wonder of how naive and brainwashed people are foolishly assuming the Law is the same for all.

As for Chris Christie, he is just a buffoon.


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Rules are for fools, laws are for little people and losers. That's the ethic of the criminal overlords, and it works a treat for them. 

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Going down the chute??? sorry its already at the treatment plant.

The last Mayor down there went missing for weeks...AND was *gasp* a liar

They would be eating people down there if it wasn't for the casinos.

As much as i like Christie,with what goes on here in Jersey, why the fuss over 16K?...



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"They would be eating people down there if it wasn't for the casinos."

So funny, so true. 

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Chris Christie is the same type of fucking tool he's always railing against.  He does this at the same time he accepts ObamaCare and financially buries his state for years into the future by expanding Medicaid services, all so he can get Obama bucks for the next 3 years.  Same with my fucking governor.  At least he's not getting quoted attacking other people like the fucking hypocrite, Christie.

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Run for president......please!

Frozen IcQb's picture

The man can barely walk let alone run!

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Maybe he could roll for president.

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I'm sure he will enter 2016 race for the Presidency, as a democrat.

Watts_D_Matter's picture

LJ Silver....he cant enter as a Democrap....He looks more like an elephant than a donkey....

McMolotov's picture

He'll pull a Bloomberg and run as an "independent" the same way Teddy Roosevelt did against Woodrow Wilson. He'll help split the vote in order to ensure whichever statist asshole the powers-that-be choose gets elected.

Everybodys All American's picture

... so is the federal government asshole and you just decided to add to the bill with Obamacare medicaid for Jersey. F- off fat ass.

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Christie is a principled politician. Judging from his girth, he always knows where the best feed trough is at, and right now Obama's his best bud!

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In other eastern states outrageous news...

The people who live in the battered neighborhood have been enticed by a deal that will pay them 100 percent of their damaged home’s prestorm market value — plus 5 percent if the homeowners stay on Staten Island, Cuomo said. The feds will pick up 75 percent of the tab.

No wonder they vote democrat!!

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Christie would suck Obama's appendage for more clownbux.

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Just yesterday Christie signed a bill legalizing Online Gambling in NJ, following Vegas signing last week. Gotta wonder if there is even more back story here.

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I am originally from New Jersey. Saying AC's government is "going down the chute" is basically saying nothing and a waste of time to report. And Christie is a bully, don't trust him, he is no different than every other ruling class Republican.

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You got to be kidding with the "republican" comment! Especially in NJ?

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He's no Republican - he should have a (D) after his title.  As big a RINO as McLame.

azzhatter's picture

he's just another big government prick. Fuck him

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I still live in NJ. If Christie is just realizing this now, he must have had his head up his ass his entire life. Forget AC. How about almost all local, county and state agencies. Every fucking municipality I deal with is corrupt, bloated with nepotism and cronyism.

I made the mistake of voting for this pant-load of a Gov. based on his history as a prosecutor. Guess I should have remembered that past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

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New Jersey has some of the most fertile farmland on earth. The fact that most of it has been paved over for the last 50 years just makes it even more valuable. When the big reset happens, we'll just scrape the thin layer shit off of the top of Jersey, dump it in the Atlantic, and turn it into something useful.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

+1 Best blueberries, peaches, and tomatoes you'll ever taste.

koaj's picture

dont forget white corn. got some great farms no more than 5 minutes away from me. all my summer veggies come from there

americanspirit's picture

The area around Martinsville is some of the prettiest and most productive farmland in the US

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Here's some dry humor I lay on people once in a while:


What's the difference between an East Coast Democrat and an East Coast Republican?


I don't know either.

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The Atlantic City government just realeased a statement of its own:

  "Curtains, Christie!  Curtains!!"

H E D G E H O G's picture

fuck New Joysee. and New Yoik while we're at it.

Hedgetard55's picture

How the hell does Governor Donut, Christie Creme, stay so huge? He must be eating half a cow a day.

Oldwood's picture

Actually I think its pork.

McMolotov's picture

Horsemeat: the breakfast of champions.

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You have two cows and Christie agrees to let them graze on his ranch.  later, when you return to claim your cows, you find only two donkeys.  

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They shouldn't have told Altantic City that Sandy was coming.  Might have avoided all this.

(is there another state that has four cities as bad as Atlantic City, Newark, Camden and Trenton?)

Seasmoke's picture

Just in case there is. We also have Jersey City