Chris Christie Says "God-Awful" Atlantic City Government "Going Down The Chute"

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A week after the epic fail of Atlantic City's Revel casino, and in the middle of the gambling 'mecca's rebuilding, the mayor of this always-above-board city has voted himself a $16,000 per annum pay rise; why not, he is entitled, right? Well it seems Chris Christie has a few things to say about that:


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I consider the whole area of Secaucus, Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth, etc. as one big, intertwined hell hole.   You have my condolences.

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i was gonna say Secaucus and West New York. Elizabeth is right down there too.

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Don't forget Paterson.  Worst of them all.  It's the cult favorite on this list.

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dont forget new brunswick. when you go on the other side of town from Rutgers and past the hipster restaurants and bars you have a bonafide hell hole

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There's been a spat between AC's mayor and Christie ever since the hurricane.  The AC mayor was screaming about how lousy the support was from Christie and how they were endangering people's lives, etc, etc.  Anyway, Christie got into it with him and fired back, etc, etc.  On the surface they smoothed it over but you knew those guys were going to hate eachother after that.

Which brings us up to today.  Christie's been itching to lay into this guy and the casino failure is his opportunity to do that. 

In other words, BORING!

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Christie is always a few years behind the curve. Must be the extra blubber that slows him down.

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Hey Fatty, how about a critique of the US goverment or are you and Barack in close company still?

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Not for nothin'...

  Anyone who has not seen "Boardwalk Empire" - it's worth the time.  It's one of the few shows I really enjoy.

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Atlantic City was a worthless dump decades ago and has only gone downhill since. A hurricane wiping the place clean would be the best thing that could happen to that city.

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Meanwhile, Christie and the NJ state legislature just passed a law permitting online gambling in the state. Once again, the line between government and Wall Street thinking becomes increasingly blurred as more gambling becomes the go-to solution for everything.

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New Jersey epitomizes the shithole this country has become and this fat prick Christie is its poster child.

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Christie trying to look like one of the good guys for 2016.

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We live in an uncertain world, but we can be sure of one thing:  Chris Christie cares about Chris Christie.

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Hey! Go easy on AC - after all, they have to spend all that US taxpayer funded storm relief 'liquidity' someplace...

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Christie.  Pshshsh.

Have another doughnut ya stinkin' hypocrite.  

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Christie... king of the fake conservatives... you know... as in Too Many Fake Conservatives.

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Imagine if he didn't get his Sandy porkulus bill?