If We All Move To Montana There Will Be No Slowdown

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We have explained the linkage between an inflating Federal Reserve balance sheet; the intended consequence of that excess (fungible) reserve liquidity leaking into non-printable assets; and that energy costs (and gas prices implicitly) are the end-game 'regulator' of that excess as they crush (again and again) the hopes of multiple-expansion-based equity strategies. However, even as prices of Gas surge once again towards the critical $3.80 level that has capped rallies in the last 5 years, the WSJ notes that Montana and Wyoming are still seeing prices below $3.25. Of course this is all just transitory - as we are told time after time - but the reason it is reflexively transitory is simply because of the effect on all the red states in the chart below driving consumers to cutback. Transitory, yes; slow-down-inducing for sure; the only thing that stops the world's central bankers going into a printing frenzy, absolutely.


If only we all moved to Montana or Wyoming, there'd be no slowdown?


and as a reminder... why this matters...


Source: WSJ

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Coldsun's picture

Bush will be blamed and for some reason the answer will be accepted. Kleptocracy be damned.

boogerbently's picture

I can hear it now.

Taxes had to be raised, to pay for the entitlements, that increased during the recession, that BUSH caused.

The Heart's picture

"The outcry will be epic all the same just you wait."


Vooter's picture

Luckily, my car is parked 95% of the time--I commute by subway--so $6 gas is certainly doable...

Clowns on Acid's picture

Yeh, but think of the increased cost to transport food/booze into NYC. You will get hit in other ways....Bloomberg will ensure that.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Montana needs cheap gas because it's 300 miles to the supermarket for a lot of the farmers.

Dr. Engali's picture

Fuck Montana...Simon Black told me to buy a ranch in Chile...or move to Somefuckistan.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"We" are not the demographic Simon Black is looking for. Move along.

<Neither is he.>

rustymason's picture

Simon wants me to put all of my gold out of my reach so that when the final USSA lock-down is implemented, I cannot get at it. Sounds great, but I smell a rat ....

blu's picture

I don't think the Montanans want the rest of us showing up there. And of the 300 million guns in the country I suspect an outsized proportion of those will be found locked and loaded at the gates into the country of big sky.

venturen's picture

INFLATION IS HAPPENING...$6 this summer! Note useage is at 1980 level...but massive money printing is already pushing everything up! 

kridkrid's picture

I buy a york peppermint patty from time to time at checkout.  Not more than a year ago, they were $.49.  The price went to $.79, but it was buy one get one free... for a few weeks... then the price stayed at $.79.  6 months later, the same process at $.99.  Two nights ago it was $1.19 (buy one, get one free... but that'll last a week).  Pretty remarkable, really. 

Dr. Engali's picture

It's costing alot more to get the sensation these days.

blu's picture

Did you save any of the wrappers of old? Check the weight. One supposes they are getting smaller/thinner/lighter while the price is going up.

And "chocolate" is probably now relegated to one of the "artificial flavors".

At least there is no (well -- little) risk of finding any horse meat in there so you have that going for you.

espirit's picture

Guy in Walmart today asked me where to find a 12 pack of soda instead of the 8 packs.  I told him he better be checking for 12oz cans also.

McMolotov's picture

What the hell is up with those tiny cans? Americans keep getting bigger but our containers of food keep shrinking.

blu's picture

I notice lately the BudLight billboard ads in my town are extolling the virtues of their spiffy new "Platinum" brew in the "slim" can.

Budweiser is the King of Korn. They have new gadget cans about twice a year. Some of the innovations are just too stupid to believe sometimes. Their target market segment must be "morons". I someday expect a can with a digital liquid level readout. Or it will talk to you when it's empty; "Time for another Budweiser, homie!" except in whatever language is dominant in your community according to your GPS location.

But back to my point:  I think the slim can is about delivering less product. Pretty soon all their cans will be "slim", they'll charge the same amount per can, and they'll sell more cans but not more beer. Which is fine because the beer is cold piss.

WillyGroper's picture

You weren't listening. 

It's transitory.

espirit's picture

I was listening, what I'd heard was transitory.

q99x2's picture

Herd the sheeple up to the caldera.

Dr Paul Krugman's picture
Things are looking better.  Stocks up, gold down...the asset purchases are working!  Bernanke is sticking with his guns.  We still have a ways to go, but for now:  Way to go Ben!
Uber Vandal's picture

I can't wait until Ben introduces Negative Interest Rates, like the Bank of England is currently mulling, and other countries already have implemented.



Dr. Engali's picture

"Bernanke is sticking with his guns"


If there was ever a person who needs their guns confiscated it's the Bernank.

W74's picture

What do the Juice need guns for when they have congress, lawyers, lobbyists and the entire world banking apparatus on their side?

rustymason's picture

They have the MSM and most of the Christian churches captured, too. The only thing they lack control of just now is the military services, though they are doing a fine job of destroying it through feminism.

W74's picture

And the Gayocracy.

I can't believe how many times I got passed over for women who had 1/3rd of the scores I had. 

Glad to have gotten out, I was done wasting my time and risking my life to destabilize other countries for the benefit of Israel.

....speaking of which, maybe I should've served in their military.  I could be mayor of Chicago by now.

Imminent Crucible's picture

Way to go, Ben! When you were installed as Fed Chairman on Feb 1, 2006, the price of gold was $568.  It's a thousand dollars higher now--WAY TO GO, BEN!!

And in Feb 2006, a barrel of oil cost $61 and a gallon of gas averaged $2.31. Now oil is $93 and gasoline is at record highs everywhere. WAY TO GO, BEN!!

In Feb 2006, the US govt could only afford to finance two wars. Now we can finance six, even seven! WAY TO GO, BEN!

In 2006, the Fed's balance sheet was a piddly $800 billion---Today it's FOUR times that big.  WAY TO GO! Incompetent crooked rat bastard.....


Hey, Kroog...if you're going to kiss his behind, please don't do it publicly.

AGuy's picture

"In 2006, the Fed's balance sheet was a piddly $800 billion---Today it's FOUR times that big"

More like 15 times, if you include the $9T that is missing and off the Feds balance sheet:

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve Federal Inspector General (Alan Grayson)



" Incompetent crooked rat bastard"

Incompetant? Nah, He just following orders.


FWIW: Just before Bernanke gave his infamous helocopter speech, Gold was at $300/oz and Oil was below $30 (back in 2002). US Manufacturing was about 20% of the US economy, today is less than 5%.


Northeaster's picture

Montana and Wyoming are beautiful if you don't mind a few ICBM silos here & there.

Coldsun's picture

Those ICBM silos over there? It just means you are safer...

rustymason's picture

Wow, Montana must be terror free!

Bunga Bunga's picture

These silos have very thick walls for a reason.

W74's picture

I live in Maryland but I go to Virginia somewhat frequently.  I used to live in North Carolina and I had all the cheapest gas stations along I-95 memorized.  Gas is literally 30-35 cents cheaper, not because it gets transported to either state differently, but because of fucktarded liberal taxes.  When I do go I make sure I fill up at my preferred station as I enter the state and definitely right before I leave.  The $2-3 difference means a lot added up over time.  Make sure to bring the gas cans for the tractor and weedwacker, that makes a difference too and feel better (not good, just a little better) knowing your taxes are going to a conservative state where the roads actually get paved instead of getting used as kickbacks to the teacher's unions.

NoWayJose's picture

Hey! Is this an election map with the colors switched. Funny how the states that tax fuel delivery, fuel dispensing, fuel usage, and have higher property taxes and environmental regulations on gas stations and refineries just by chance have higher gas prices? Or is this just a plot by rich Republican oil barrons to stick it to voters on the other side of the aisle?

NoWayJose's picture

If everyone moves to Montana, it will turn into California!

kridkrid's picture

correct me if I"m wrong, but if we kill all of the golfers...

W74's picture

Anyone here live in AZ?  I went over the past summer and talked to a guy at his shop for a good 20 minutes.  Naturally we got on the topic about taxes and regulation (I tend to ask people how business is going, try it, SMB owners love when you ask, most of them)

He mentioned how about 15 years ago he moved from CA to AZ to avoid taxes, regulations and live a freer life, but now with so many more fleeing California (often not knowing the reason(s) why, but going anyway or making up some other excuse) he said they're coming over, getting involved in politics and enacting the exact same bullshit that has/is/will bankrupt the state they just fled.

It's sad really.  If any border control is needed in the US it's to keep Californians and New Englanders out of everywhere else.

Totentänzerlied's picture

Arizona gave the world Janet Napolitano.

Gimp's picture

Lib states who voted for the current POTUS really paying for it now....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

clawsthatscratch's picture

Lived there, the weather chased me off, that and uncle sending me to Korea

Cardinal Fang's picture

Long sod huts on the northern prairie.

badrhino's picture


It's awful here!!

Don't come. 

It's cold, and windy, and there are dangerous animals everywhere!



W74's picture

That's what the Vikings who wanted their freedom and independence said about Iceland.  It is cold though.

jmk's picture

Yes, for Heaven's sake, don't come to Montana.  It's been 40 below zero since Thanksgiving and the snow is ass deep to a tall Indian.  Yes, there are real Indians!  Scalp your ass if you ain't careful.

blu's picture

"ass deep to a tall Indian."

Haven't heard that one in decades! Made me smile.

My upbringing was about as far away from PC as you can get without actually belonging to the local chapter of the Order of the KKK. Some great memories tho. Rough people living in a rough world, made me what I am though they probably wouldn't have me now. And they call themselves rednecks.

jmk's picture

How about hub deep on a Ferris Wheel? My maternal great-grandfather was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan until my father (a Catholic) got his oldest granddaughter (my mother) pregnant. Grandpa had to resign because there were no Negros or Jews to harass the local Klavern had to settle for the odd Catholic. Ended the Klan in that part of the Corn Belt. You can't make this stuff up!

Technical Bard's picture

Montana and Wyoming have cheap gas primarily because they are tied to the Canadian crude oil market as their primary supply.  Canadian crude prices are depressed with a discount of $30-40/bbl off WTI because of export constraints (e.g. Keystone XL delays).  Thus refineries in these states can buy cheap oil and thus make cheap gas.

Rusty Trombone's picture

Can I drink the water in Montana - or is 85% of it still polluted from willy nilly mining interests that didn't give a fuck?

Land aint worth SHIT without potable water.