Total Disconnect Between FX/Bonds And Stocks

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It's one of those days. The world looks on as Bernanke speaks and the S&P 500 levitates 20 points in a straight line wealth-effect-confirming way. However, it appears the FX and Bond markets just can't get excited about all this... Of course, all that matters is the foot on the neck of spot VIX (which is now back below 15%) and Bernanke's confirmation that housing has bottomed (again).




and the fact that S&P 500 futures just broke above the closing VWAPs from the last two plunges... look at where we bounced to on Tuesday - Monday's closing VWAP... and today, we bounced to Tuesday's closing VWAP...


allowing the big boys caught offside to exit?


Charts: Bloomberg

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Bernanke directed Kevin Henry to tape the "buy" button down with an entire roll of "Ashcroft approved" duct tape.

The Bernank isn't taking any chances when it comes to the risk that his "Virtuous Circle" built with uponshitload of digitized and debt derived fiatski comes crashing down before he rushes for & then slides under the exit door as it's closing (just like in a Hollywood-style ending).

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The USD is down to all major currencies today, yet, gold is down. A lot.

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Like it or not, Gold is in correction mode right now.  I am waiting until prices are below $1500 to buy.  Still too many gold bulls out there, and the market needs to knock a few off before it rallies over $2000 later in the year.

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Going from 1596 to a 14-handle won't shake many bulls out - they just endured a 15% drawdown and grow more convinced by the day that things are getting worse, therefore there will be more printing, therefore gold will rise, etc (something along those lines).

As importantly, many of the real gold bulls have owned it, if not from 500, call it summer 2010, about the time 'dumb' money really started to grasp the qe thing. They're long from 1200, are 'sitting on profits,' and think it's going to play catch up to reality.

Just saying look before you leap on any pre-conceived nominal number. Shit in markets is about to get real.

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Hang the prick but inflict as much bodily harm as this fuck has inflicted on the working slobs of this once PROUD country!

Hey Michelle, normal REAL American's who love the Republic will NEVER be proud of the bastardization you and Barry have inflicted on the Republic. Civil War? Is that the endgame you filth?

B.T.W. Please excuse my ignorance all, but can someone explain what VWAP is and stands for?

Thankx all...

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Perception management ahead of the Q4 GDP and initial claims numbers tomorrow

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Real numbers! Wow...I thought the Wall Street was trying to ban that stuff. NEW housing has definitely bottomed...and since it will replace "old housing" (much smaller, far less costly to live in/maintain, secure,'will hold it's value better) I'm not sure that's bullish over all. Shall see tomorrow.

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This is just another FED "loan explosion" day.

That's all.

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"allowing the big boys caught offside to exit?"

Ya think, Tyler? :)

Bernanke still talking.

To the Moon and back!

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If people stopped shorting this thing at any given chance and didnt dance around claiming bear victory on a 1% down day after +15% and a 1% upday in USH3 after -6.5% then this thing would come unglued much quicker.

the fact is that the market is heading for a top into march and ES 1555 will be hit at least i suspect. then US markets will decline along with the USD

why do people continue to forget the 2007 situation with falling USD and falling SPX.. its clearly in the making.

Pump and dump not finnished yet.

Deal with it

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This whole system in the US is a fraud and anyone with a brain can see it.  It is all based upon printed money, lies, fraud, misstatement of data and outright market rigging by this Jewish Cartel.  Stocks back over 14,000 on more shit economic news and Gold down yet again on manipulation, fraud and deception by this government controlled banking cartel

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So now it's like Monday never even happened.

I love this country. It's the greatest. In. The. World.

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Everyone should have seen this 2-day lift-a-thon coming.  On all Federal Reserve days the markets will be manipulated, guaranteed;  it's a psyops thing.  If the market went down while the Bernank spoke, that would propagate the wrong message, and you sheep are fragile little creatures.

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Oh, believe me. I did.

Not a surprise to me at all. I've been a spectator of this game for many years now.

Plus, it's the end of the month.

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Covered on Monday and putting the shorts back out today.  I wish I would have covered and gone long but I didn't.  I didn't think the window dressing would be this much in two days.  There's no way these fund managers want to have a negative February after their 6%+ January.  And if it really is a huge POMO day then add that to the window dressing and you get this big up day. 

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Knock, knock...

Bernake: Who's there?


Bernake: Go away, we are not buying or selling that shit anymore.

It is going to hurt when I come back and breakdown this door

Bernake: Be quiet....I'm the great and powerful Oz....

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The country concept is used by the globalists to destroy citizens..

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  Bigtime disconnect. Did risk F/X just evaporate? Where is aud,gbp,eur?

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AUD isn't buying the Hopium, sitting at 4-month lows, barely breathing compared to S&P which is up 1% - both are usually correlated.

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So over the next 2 days Who will be correct.  Balls to the wall buy because Bernacke has our back.  or what the fuck this is a fraud.  Ovbiously long term this will fail, but next 2 days?

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Must marvel at complete capture of "markets"...utter ability to drive the "right" assets up, "wrong" assets down...Soviets, Mao, et al would be so impressed at a centrally directed society with the peoples belief they are in "charge".

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How about a graph showing average stock market (S&P500 and Russell 2000) performance versus performace on each day Bernanke has testified before Congress or given a Jackson Hole speech since 2007?

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Looks like they got their morning PM Donkey Punch Smackdown back on schedule today...

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I hope everybody got a chance to BTFD.

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Where's the fucking silver Bernanke, you stupid motherfucker.  Get the price down, you sack of shit, so my bid will get hit. 

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Indeed Tyler, its like the twilight zone. Just think about it

- ES up 1.25% - Gold down 1.25% - USTs flat - USD flat.

Bernank speaking and all is well. Sequester coming thru on Friday.

The Fed must have a "all on hands on deck" call as the Fed's "trading" staff plays whack a mole with printed money.

Play that movie alongside listening to Maxine Waters speaking to BenDover Bernanke......

Where's David Lynch when you need him ?

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The equity scare has been just enought to back crude off which means the yen short, equity long, gold short trade can resume.

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Transparently false public narrative about the state of affairs, wild swings in all financial markets, discussion (and dismissal) of bubbles back in vogue, assholes like Dimon providing the 'gotta keep dancing' quote for this cycle.  It all looks very toppy, it should blow soon.

But I would have said that three years ago.

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This is why I make a sincere effort not to trade equities.  They're in a universe of their own.  Apparently, all you have to do is keep hitting the buy button on the hour, blindly, with no rationale, forever.  Pay no attention to outside reversal days, divergence, selling volume, bad news, fundamentals...  I wish I could do it, but I guess I'm not wired to trade like a monkey.  

In theory, the end of today should be a slam dunk short, but I'm not touching it.  If Congress cancels the sequester, faces will get ripped off.  I still have my eye on April-ish if it sets up like Monday.  One of these times will be a nice selloff.  But I don't care if I miss it b/c fuck equities.    

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The Bernanke Reflation

Naturally, the Fed and its most vocal constituencies -- Wall Street and politicians -- see nothing much to worry about. Wall Street sees a reflation as a way to ease its credit problems, as price increases ease debt burdens and perhaps reflate housing values. Congress and the White House see a way to perhaps avoid a near-term recession, which might get them past the election.

As for the Fed, its Governors are dusting off their favorite intellectual justifications. We are told that inflation isn't as bad as it seems because "core inflation" -- which excludes food and energy prices -- isn't rising as fast as the consumer price index. However, food and energy are what most Americans are having to spend ever more of their paycheck to buy. Thus the Bernanke reflation is in part self-refuting even as a short-term recession antidote, because it robs consumers of some of their discretionary income just when the economy needs it.

Meanwhile, even the Phillips Curve is making a comeback. That's the notion -- popular before it was discredited in the 1970s -- that there is a trade-off between inflation and economic growth. In its new version, argued by Fed Governor Frederic Mishkin, the Phillips Curve doesn't exist in the long term but does in the short term. Thus the Fed can afford to open the monetary flood gates now because the slower economy could lead to lower prices later this year. Then when the economy recovers, the Fed can afford to tighten money again.

This is a beguiling intellectual construct, but it puts a great deal of weight on Fed Governors to know when to tighten again. They were supposed to do something similar in 2003-2005, but they were terribly wrong. Then as now they were also dismissing such forward-looking price signals as gold and oil and instead focusing on such misleading indicators as "core inflation" and the money supply. Mr. Mishkin may be seen as a monetary wizard at the Fed, but to investors around the world he is beginning to look more like a high-class inflationist.

The people who aren't being fooled by all this are the American people. They don't pay their bills with "core" dollar bills, and they know those dollars buy less with each passing month. This explains their rising economic anxiety -- and anger -- better than trade or job losses do, especially since the job market has remained relatively healthy. Inflation is the great thief of the middle class, as even Americans who don't recall the 1970s are learning. With its all-in reflation bet, the Bernanke Fed is gambling with their money.

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seriously ... it's end of the month ...

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I guess the "Context Model" is complete bullshit as it is currently -25 points and some how by tomorrow morning it will be back to zero and the SPY will not have fallen

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Which one doesn't belong in line?

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ill never understand why this market has wiped away all its losses from monday so fast.

how can we not laugh at this joke. we all want it to crash, and it will eventually, but geez, less than 48 hours from mondays close, and we are positive for week. cant make this shit up

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Mr Bernanke!  Mr Bernanke!  Joe Q Public here, sir.  Have you always been a cocksucking motherfucking shit-eating pukefuck asshat cuntbag ballsucking fuckface assclown wimp shit for brains lowlife weasel cuntcunt all your life, sir, or did you go to school for that?

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I fail to see how any of this is helpful.  Why don't you get a tennis racket and an old bean-bag chair or something?

Or does it make you feel grown up to use dirty words?


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take a look at maize prices and tell me if you see any inflation ?

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I say we see Dow 50000 with corn priced at $50/bushel, gas at $20/gal within 5 years! Then we can do a remake of the Les Misérables, American Style...where shall we do the executions? 

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Simple answer.

There's some kind of an APPEARANCE of volume, but there's no LIQUIDITY.

Same batch of stocks bounced around primary dealers desks over and over and over and over.

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Banks are playing hot potato with each other.  Client accounts will be the bagholders.

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S&P has completed a 61.8 retracement of the entire move down from 1532. Not that it means anything these days.

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I think I gave up on TA around - oh, 300 S&P points ago.

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If I still traded equities for a living, judging by the average size of position not hedged, and my propensity to play the short side, there is no doubt I would be dead or in an insane asylum.  They would have dragged me out of the building kicking and screaming and locked the doors


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Every selloff this month has been undone either the same day or within 1-2 days.  In total there were only 2 down days of any non-negligible amount -- one for 10pts on ES and the other for 30pts.  Both were undone within 2 days. While I know this will not end well it is likewise extremely tough to be short - the only relief you get most days is on the open (a few names gap down) - then its nothing but buying most days.