Atmospheric Warfare: Japan Warns Its Citizens To Hide From China's Toxic Smog

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In addition to currency, trade, and disputed islands, Japan can add one more form of covert warfare it is now engaged in with China: atmospheric. We first wrote about the relentless exports of Beijing's toxic smog, which has been migrating in an eastern direction, over the East China Asia, and parking right over downtown Tokyo, nearly a month ago,  but only now has Japan formally responded to what can only be classified as Chinese atmospheric sabotage. According to Japan Times, "Authorities will urge residents to stay indoors if the level of toxic
smog spreading to Japan from China is expected to exceed twice the maximum limit set by the central government, officials said." And with Chinese smog overnight already literally off the charts virtually every day, as seen most recently here...


... one wonders just what is this great economic reflationary miracle Japan intends on conducting, with everyone ordered to stay indoors or better yet, not breathe? The good news, is that as explained previously, China's inbound toxic air should promptly fix Japan's untenable "top-heavy" demographic situation.

From Japan Times:

The Environment Ministry guidelines say prefectural governments will recommend that people, especially those with heart or lung diseases, the elderly and children, refrain from going outside or ventilating their homes if the average amount per day of the air pollutant PM2.5 (particulate matter 2.5 microns in diameter) is projected to top 70 micrograms per cubic meter.


The ministry has set a limit of less than 35 micrograms for the pollutant found in toxic smog. The alert will be issued if the level exceeds 85 micrograms in an hour in the early morning, since the average amount per day would then be expected to surpass 70 micrograms, based on past monitoring data analysis.


The alerts will be not legally binding, according to the ministry, which set the guidelines based on findings on health hazards caused by PM 2.5 and standards in the United States.


The hazardous particulate matter PM2.5 can be absorbed by the lungs and cause heart and lung disease.

One can't help but be amused by the hypocrisy of a government suddenly concerned about the health of its citizens, and imposing limits and such, when in the aftermath of Fukushima, the government would arbitrarily set maximum radiation dosage exposure limits, only to double them the next day when they were thoroughly trounced.

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Stoploss's picture

Radiation good..


Smog bad..


That is all..

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As always......find someone else to blame....problem solved.

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WHY DID YOU CAUSE ALL THAT SMOG YOU Socialist... kapitalistic....



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China releasing smog...

USSA releasing illegals...

Both are efforts in extortion:

China wants islands USSA wants more taxes.

Sudden Debt's picture

yeah.... but those illegals clean pools... what does smog do?

krispkritter's picture

Dirties the pools so the illegals remain employed...?

Sudden Debt's picture

this sounds all to Krugman to me... I can't follow anymore....

Bicycle Repairman's picture

LOL.  This is from the Onion, right?  Japanese citizens, it's Chinese smog that caused your baby to have 3 eyes.

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In other news, the sickness from toxic smog is very similar but different than radiation sickness. Trust us, we are the government and we know these things.

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Radiation releases? Go to work please, take the train, enjoy some sushi at the outdoor eatery. It's fine. Trust us.

Cloud of particulates from China? Oh teh noes hide your childrens the airs are diseases hair melting oh the humanity.

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Communist China: Sniff our smog! 

Capitalist Japan: I'll see your PAH and raise you an I-131. 

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My wife's best friend is Chinese and a legal translator.  She just returned and said the city (forgot name - Quangjow - sorry, they all sound alike)  she worked was the most toxic place she'd ever been.  "Unlivable"/ lights on at noon to break the smog/gas masks/a gooey "film" on her clothes and in her hair.   If China was trying to find a more self-destructive pathway she could not have picked a better plan. 

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dude... don't downplay it....


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Damn it SD..., you owe me a another keyboard...

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Who needs Solar? Right? Nodoby, burn coal is good and clean.

Keep "Smoking".

Azannoth's picture

Coal contains trace radioactive isotopes, when you burn Billions of tons of it, it add up fast, all the coal plants in the world release way more radiation than all the nuclear plants

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Why worry about thr Orient, The wasatch front of Utah has the worst air in North America...this shit kills people.

Sofa King Confused's picture

I dont know if it the worst in the US but the inversions there are pretty bad.

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Smog vs Radiation

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made in china bitchez

Mad Max's picture

Population control asian-style.  Of course, Japan and China both have terrible demographic balances.  Maybe this is intended to even those out a bit.

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Grrrr BAD CHINESES that didn't want to sign our magnificient Kyoto bullshit agreement !'s picture

Why worry about air or water pollution? Eliminate EPA!

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Once we get the death panels rolling.....we won't need the EPA so much.

semperfi's picture

death panels won't be necessary thanks to Fukushima

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

Welcome to the industrial party.

Brought to you by TPTB.

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

Why do i think i know when AnAnonymous is voting the board?

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His friends know him as the masked AnAnalogousAnus, he's a real sniffer

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That's all you got clip on just your anonymous -1 junk to a truthyism, no pigeon english retort, no chinese colloquial euphemism you could reply with to illustrate the grandeur of your communist culture over the round eye. you disappoint at every turn but you already knew that.

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All of that money spent on reducing carbon in Japan wasted.  Didn't anyone realize that the wind blows from West to East.  But, at least the radioactive ocean between Japan and Hawaii has clean air (with statistically insignificant less CO2) hovering over it.

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Ah, 'americans', you cant make them up.

If that helps saving some lives from being exposed to radiation...

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Did that make sense in your head when you typed it?

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What you just read was the conflatuation of two opposing and polluted streams of ananonymystical 'chinese' citizenism consciousness, resulting in the mutual and total annhilation of all pre-existing (if highly attenuated) quanta of rationality, with the subsequently produced highly charged particles of insanitation and hypocritizenism being emitted in an unfocused and incoherent beam of non-mattering radiation at a wavelength of 412 ms (megashites).

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Alas, alas, the positive square root of nine alas, Chinese citizenism conflatulence can only lead to a praecoxology of dementia. Previous offuscatory psycholotron experimentation resulted in the insanitationary particles reaching a state of hypocriticality, whereupon the incoherent beam began to exhibit properties of AnAnonymoronic waves.

Such tinkering with the laws of eternal nature creates the risk of disoriental catastrophe, because when a Chinese citizenism citizen is forced to admit one's own nature, it usually smells bad.

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Much of crusty truthness is bitten off in your throating of the mind regarding the supercritical and hyperhypocritical eternal nature of AnAnonymystical 'chinese' citizenism.

Making as so, recent experimentationalizings in the new Shangdong Superconflatuating Supercollider have conclusively demonstratized that the 0.9999999c collisionings between the insanitational boson and the roadside crapton result in the production of highly energetic but unstable anti-selfindictons, which spontaneously decompose into a chaotic mixture of "uncharm" quarks, parangons, anti-logicons, and brownbabyMaons.

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Imagine what it's like to live in a city where you can't tell if a building is on fire by looking at it.