Boehners' Bluff-Calling Or Last-Minute Deal? - Live Webcast

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The question is will he (fold) or won't he? It seems the market still believes he will...


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Looks less orange

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less "protein intake" with reggie love back in DC?

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Stooge #2


Dem, Rep, Black, White, Orange, Gay, Straight,'s all the same in the land of Fast Food

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probably too busy bonering an intern

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He just tweeted a non-sentence:



Via :  “sequester spin gets ahead of reality”  Should be replaced w/ better cuts."


WTF does that mean? Fucking politik-talk. What the fuck!


Meanwhile gold is getting ass-raped.....


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Gold and Silver are indeed getting ass-raped! Sans Vaseline!

Any astute suggestions on the causes and if the last few week's continual massive take-down is in any way related to the upcoming sequester? And if so, how? And if the sequester happens, which looks like it will, how will that affect gold and silver prices going forward? Any ideas?

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I have no idea.... But these are some suggestions:


1. Today is "First Notice for Delivery" of the PM contracts. So they may want the price to be as low as possible today. 


2. Jim Sinclair posted this last night....



You Want Dates For The End Of This Reaction?

February 27, 2013, at 10:46 pm 

by Jim Sinclair in the category General Editorial |  Print This Post |  Email This Post

Dear CIGAs,


You wants dates? Ok.


The bet on the short of gold side is that the Sequester takes place. I have felt that the gold market’s longest period of reaction possible would end on my birthday, March 27th. That puts it directly in place of this wager in time.


Regardless of whether or not Sequester occurs, I stand by this timing assumption that I have held since this decline started.


Many who I know and asked me in private know this statement to be true. I know that this is read by just those that are at the heart of this decline.


The earliest date of the end of the decline is the 28th of February and the longest period of pressure is until the 27th of March. Thereafter gold is released to the upside which will be a minimum of $3500.


Defend yourselves because today was a wager on the Sequester occurring. Regardless, do not give away your position in either gold or shares that are fully paid for. Margin is madness in gold because the volatility is only starting.


Please note the last interview I gave was about 9 months ago. I have a planned interview with Eric King of on Friday of this week. It will have significance as it is a statement. Please remember this in the future.

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We're close to support for the metals and the pixie dust stock market is likely topping out. An unpleasant surprise now could be used to break $1525, the holy grail of all central bankers. Will they and can they are big questions but I am deferring on PM for the while. We have not tested support while this new Chinese regime has been in power so will those infinite buy orders still be there if we do? Astute might be a stretch.

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Will the sequester matter ? Will the 2 percent reduction in paychecks tip things over anyways ?

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So, how does a Republican cave-in on the Sequester, a budget to replace the CR, and the debt ceiling, fire the market higher?  In what universe are those deals considered positive steps for business, investment, and the economy? 

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It depends on whether the insider-information-trading CONgress is short or long the Bernank'd-POMOd-QE4ever "permanent plateau" markets...

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Man I miss the Monty Python days, the material from this gong show rivals the "land of schmeeeeeee"

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Let's get ready to SEQUESTER!!!

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Funny thing is, by the time I read this comment, the Gubmint spent more than the f&*king sequester cuts.

More Hasting Pudding vs Whiffenpoofs politics.

New slogans:

End the Fed(eral Reserve)

Defund the Fed(eral Government)

These "leaders" are acting like catty bitches at a hair salon.

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I think the sequester will cause a temporary pull back in the market so I shorted, lets see.

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Sex with your anus, if you play it wrong.

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Who the fuck cares anymore.

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Thank you

Having been around for a few news cycles (debt ceiling, fiscal cliff, etc.) I barely read the ZH commentary anymore (not that it's first rate, it is). But even the Tyler's can run out of adjectives to ridicule and lambast these fucks. In the future, all such circle jerk, tragicomedies can be boiled down to a few phrases (especially for the noobs and naive); the Ds and Rs are politicians, the politicians are owned by the bankers, the bankers don't give a shit about you and will either keep you alive to milk what little wealth you have left, kill you for sport or fuck you in the ass for fun. I hope you enjoy the show, serfs; FOAD.

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all bitches give in

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Last minute the republicans fold? All-mighty dictator Obama wins?

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I'm already on the bet that he will take off his jacket, rip apart his shirt and cry out, "THOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

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Of course he will fold like a cheap suit. The question is will he bawl his little pussy eyes out?

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you don't think the cunty repubs will let anything happen to their precious toy soldiers-do you?

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I am not sure he has bawls. Just a weeping pussy.

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He'll do whatever his masters tell him to do; but yeah, he'll cry about it later.

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The Republicans always cave.  Why wouldn't they cave again. Weak.

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I read somewhere that the Repubs prepared a Bill that will give Obama complete and unopposed control of the budget and spending cuts.  Maybe the repubs are getting a brain cell, let him officially do what he wants.  Obama is effectively running unopposed now.

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I believe Lew Rockwell summarizes Bohner quite well when he recently blogged - They also want to make his horse a consul. Well, not yet, but--led by neocons--they seek to build the presidential dictatorship as they have since Lincoln. And keep in mind that this contrived hysteria does not involve what Murray Rothbard called a cut-cuts, actual cuts, but rather a proposed cut in the proposed increase.

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+1 Much truthiness there.  Love he and DiLorenzo calling out what Lincoln really was - first American dictator; one of the biggest historical revisionisms in US history.

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and yet the bankers killed him anyway...  I suppose he accomplished all they needed, and therefore, was expendable.

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charles chiniquy (spelling) and lincoln's relationship is interesting to say the least

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come on, DDL's Oscar has barely made it onto the mantle. that's how you know the history fix is in, and you're home free, Steven Speilberg makes a movie about you. I can't wait for The Decider, followed by The Decider Two. If only he could make Bush and Obama part of the Royal family that would be a slam dunk, double Oscars around. Wait, Presidents, who are members of the Royal Family, who sneak Jews out of concentration camps in WW2.

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LOL.  They are our saviours, ya know.  That's the story on Mt. Olympus anyway...  ;)

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Any man who cares that much about his suntan, because he can't possibly have other people see him pale, will always submit. He will be easily swayed by manufactured public opinion.

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FARK YOU BOEHNER. You freaking hack!! If you were a real leader, you would tell Obama to go to hell and not pass any budget that creates a deficit.

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~40B out of ~3000B.  Big Whoop!

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Irrelevant as there is only one party, for the banks and financial houses, by the banks and financial houses and they are directly monetizing 85 billion per month already.

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Nothing to cave on. Big deal some spending cuts go through which will have no impact on anything in the greater scheme of things. Sequester is a big fat non event.

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but the press will use it to their advantage as anything that fits the WH Memo of the day will be blamed on the sequestration....and of course blamed on the Republicans...even Bush...they just can´t cut one thing..not one thing...

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SPY and IWM call bullshit.  cave and another bullshit do nothing deal that raises debt and kicks the can

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If we were talking about real cuts..maybe..but we are talking about reductions in the increases for next year..they still SPEND more next year than this year...this should be what SNL leads off with next week...but they won´t ..because the sheeple do not know and do not care as long as they are getting their free stuff....