Bubble On The Margin

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Presented with little comment except to note, each time the NYSE member firms margin-buying has become so vociferously positive over and above the Dow, things have not turned out so well...


But we are sure it's different this time...


(h/t TJ Marta, Bloomberg via Chris C)

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The next crash is closer and closer, bitchez!

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What do you mean there is a margin bubble?

Just a few days ago, the monetary God Bernanke said affirmatively there were no bubbles.

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Bubble on the margin is what my wife calls cum bubbles that pop up after a pussy dart.

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That's more information than I need thanks.

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Guess ya had to be there kind a thing

azzhatter's picture

probably wanna keep that between you and the wife

Jack Sheet's picture

judging by all those down votes there must be prudes swarming.

Relentless's picture

Yup, she said that to me too

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Your comment sounds like a pollyannaISH remark. Hopeful expectations often are disapointing. Been waiting a while myself, grrrr!

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Tick-tock... Bernak's clock is winding down

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I really feel that there will be one more crash. It will be big enough to break the system and the oligarchs will try to put everything back together the way they want. They will fail and we will be set free.

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"Now is the best time to buy a house." - Real Estate agent

"This time it's different." - Wall Street banker/broker

"The check's in the mail." - Underwater soon-to-be-foreclosed homeowner

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"Just the tip..."  - High school or college student

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Looks like the Jim is about to meet the Willie in the Jim Willie Death Cross.

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"Gold is in a bubble"... a financial advisor

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Hope you sent that check by USPS.

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I promise i wont cum in your mouth.

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"Deficits don't matter!" scum economist or polticians about to score a wall street advisory roll.

Cdad's picture

That's what babies in incubators are saying.  "DUH!"  Margin debt!  And "BUY PUTS MAMMIT!"  It is hard to believe that incubator babies might have it over janitors about to be fired.   Fascinating.

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Can somebody please explain to me why I'm still paying taxes?

What would happen if a concerted effort was made and 20% of the population just opted out?

Well... besides being called a terrorist and detained on a sunny island indefinetly

insanelysane's picture

Didn't notice "firing IRS agents" on the endless list of cuts due to the sequester.  

We can no longer afford to guard illegals as they were set free ahead of the sequester but we can sure as hell continue to afford the guards watching over the tax payers.

akarc's picture

We will never be set free

akarc's picture

thats why we had to have a revolution. Something about taxation.......

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Actually that was the cover story.

<Still going strong centuries later I might add.>

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What would happen if 20% of the population opted out? 

Zats when we zend in da drones....

I am more equal than others's picture

Hey, if the government can print money, let them print all that is needed.  Leave me the fuck alone with your confiscatory taxes. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

So I guess you would be OK with the resulting confiscatory inflation then?


Toolshed's picture

Might not be too bad if you have enough pm's. I would be thrilled to the point of delerium if I was able to stroll into the local Wells Fargo office and pay off my mortgage with a 1oz bar of gold. It could happen! Oh wait it already did in Weimar Germany.

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Better to pay off your mortgage with the inflated fiat and save the 1oz gold bar to buy a loaf of bread

I am more equal than others's picture

If it causes the system to reset - Yes.  Let it begin today. 

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Q: What would happen if a concerted effort was made and 20% of the population just opted out?

A: Ben Bernanke would monetize the difference.

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You forgot B I T C H E Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z.

Haager's picture

Sure it is.
But I want this f*****g bubble to pop immediately.

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It still blows my mind to see the EPIC ramp job that the onset of shadow-banking system created in 1994-1998.

fonzannoon's picture

nice commodity knockdown while stawks gently float higher. it really can drive you insane. 

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Already off the deep edge, brother!


Mining shares have really taken a beating...but, I always come back for more. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Maybe I like fundamentals. Who knows?!

gjp's picture

yep, every day it seems, stocks up, bonds up, commodities down, Internet bubble bigger and stupider than ever, central banker nirvana!

uglier and uglier, this time is different only in that there will be no rescue from the next crash

so everyone's all in, and reason has left the building

I'm going insane too, fonz

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If you're not batshit crazy already you are a stronger man than me.

besnook's picture

to the moon.

how do you know that margin isn't on the short side?

Awakened Sheeple's picture

Good question.

Tyler, inquiry minds want to see charts on short interest!

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It's like moths to a flame. How can they possibly refuse the leverage with Big Ben's ZIRP?

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Bubbles Bernanke loves taking warm soapy baths with W. Buffett.

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Wow. A dose of realism in Europe, then America opens and everything turns GRRRRREEEEEN!

There must be a serious flood of money coming over those intertubes. Someone does not want their high messed with.

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It's green on purpose - to lure dumb fucks who will be holding the bag over the weekend.

Wait till the last 10-15 minutes.

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 Didn't anyone look at the News out of China and Europe all week? I know my fellow Z/Hers do. Every damned Central bank is full tilt "put" on U.S. markets. The morning N.Y. ramps are so delusional, that I cringe everytime I fire up my trading platform. I'm going to wake up one morning and sky is going to be full of "mushroom clouds" and "unicorns".

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I need all the margin I can get for Obama's bargain basement prices lol