Europe's Scariest Chart Update: Italy Now Worse Than Portugal

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For the first time in two years, Italy's youth unemployment rate is now higher than Portugal's at a staggering 38.7% (which is where Greece was just two years ago). Apart from Germany (which fell from 8.0% to 7.9%), every other nation saw youth unemployment rates rise with a record 24.2% of European youth unemployed. Greece (59.4%) and Spain (55.5%) remain the most concerning as we noted in the past, austerity sounds straightforward as a policy, until the consequences bite in terms of social unrest.


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work is overrated

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Compensation for it must be then too.  Can they just live off their love?


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I hear that in Italy, your welfare checks are etched in little marble tablets.  And with it they give you a little chianti and something to eat, just a little bit, for you to tide you over, that's all.

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The old get old and the young get stronger,
May take a week and it may take longer,
They got the guns... But we got the numbers!
-The Doors, Five To One

Young people have served as the catalyst for social change and revolution throughout history. A lost generation is bold, unpredicatble and perilous to those in power. They have nothing, therefore nothing to lose.

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Yes, the young get stronger, except when they die in a bathtub from the effects of a massive coke, heroin and whiskey speedball.

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Numbers vs guns, yeah, the North Koreans thought that would work out okay, too.

Quad fifty video.

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Unfortunately, young people of the west have been thoroughly indoctrinated in Fabian Socialism/Cultural Marxism. So don't look to our youth to do anything besides totally fucking everything up.

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No really, Europe is getting better every day. Spain especially.

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Buckaroo, remember how you were telling to a German lately something like that his country is hopelessly socialist?

a little factoid that might interest you: Germany, together with Austria and Italy don't have a "minimum wage"

the very hallmark of Fabian Socialism, one of their greatest "accomplishments"


(yes, there are usually "nationwide collective bargaining agreements" but they typically don't cover that part of unskilled labour that gets priced out of the market according to the critics - you need to be skilled to be part of a collective agreement)

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I like the unskilled labour bit - you have to be skilled to perform any task properly, regardless of whether you acquire those skills through school or experience.

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Good news the US has decoupled... from reality.

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No need to work just trade the market. thing are fine now...

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No going back now. Get in there Beppe and detonate that shit.

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 Look at how wide the bond spreads in Europe are now. The bund is down 4bps! Italy is barking on Spains heels.


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Prepare the horse mince machine...

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We have moved past that to pure horse shit.

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Rumor has it, "a deal is near."

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Here's the deal I want:

Barry's scrawny ass loaded on a skeet launcher and Mitch McConnell yelling "Pull!".

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Are they unemployed and drawing a government check?  That's all I want to know.  If they are, they will remain passive.  If they aren't, this is a powder keg.


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as all things in europe, it depends. some of the numbers were anyway fantasy even in the 90's, particularly the Spanish ones - American readers might be astonished to read that for peculiar political reasons in Spain those numbers were always overstated

in Italy, there are people that work in summer in tourism and spend four months in places like Thailand (it's cheaper) and get on the statistic as partially unemployed (so unemployed it is)

the scary number is in Greece - there you'll find real pain, locally

I'm not trying to talk the numbers down, just as a matter of perspective

to your question: yes, they do get a gov check - but the amount on it is often nothing to write home about

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Well this explains why european equities keep climbing. LOL

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Looks like another 200 points on the dow after those numbers

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The EU ball of yarn is unraveling.

<Fed to the swaps room stat.>

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I wonder how bad the real numbers are...

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Hard to fathom why Italy and especially Greece continue to stay in the EU and Euro.

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The bankers game is to infest sovereign countries like a cancer.   

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Its the incredible amounts of money the bankstas make from this whole horendous situation. The money they distribute to each other in the bailout 'Ponzi' farce process conbined with the premiums they collect from the mind boggling quantity of derivative money betting against them. It is more than likely that those institutions providing bailout money are one and the same institutions that issue the derivatives which bet against them.  The derivatives mean that 1 default will be game over. For the bankstas the choice is simple; keep the charade/ponzi going and make filthy amounts of money in the process or face complete oblivion through a default. By ensuring bailouts, they have a license to print money (pun not intended). Austerity is just a distraction from the real crimes.  Its just truely astonishing.

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why? because of the consequences - if getting out, devaluing by half and then stabilizing your currency would lead to prosperity, every country would do it every ten years

ask any South American

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Stuff that used to matter

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It goes on until she blows.


When it becomes serious, you have to lie." -Jean Claude Juncker

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George Costanza: Jerry, just remember. It's not a lie... if you believe it.

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Said one jew to another.

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Spain should invade Germany.

Black Markets's picture

2013 is all about France.

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My thought is that the fear of USA youth social unrest is (one) of the agendas for HR748. I didn't have kids so that they could serve the gov't, or even serve society. My hope was that they would be good, productive, generous people who could pursue thay're own idea of happiness. And they ARE! 7 YEARS!? When do they put down roots, buy a house, have kids (without the gov't big teat), develop a career?

FORCED community service is a punishment meted out to low-level lawbreakers. It's not the lifestyle of the land of the FREE.

Fuck Charlie Rangel

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China + 150 million jobs
World youth - 150 million jobs
Winner - WALMART

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I thought Maxxine Watters said it was 170 million jobs.

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Affirmative action in CONgress, why even a complete moron can just get ahead, it's all about fairness equity.  That being said if they where all has retarded as she is then this nightmare would probably all be over by now. It's the intellectual psychopaths we need to worry about. Kind of like Hannibal Lecter armed with Excel, a printing press....  and a few good drones :(

... meanwhile the circle jerk continues.

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China really should talk to Greece about their state of the art moonshot technology.

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They all live at home with Mama and Papa whether they work or not and drink Cinzano or Campari

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Once the SHTF I wonder what the effect will be on tourism.All the little espresso bars and discos will be hosed. Much tourism in Greece lately? I think that as well as the finance side of things,ZH should do an article on how these countries have had their politics manipulated by outsiders for the last hundred years.Where would we be now if this had not occurred?  The world wonders..... 

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Portugal hasn't been in the news much but I guess they are having a brain drain,all the talented moving to Brazil.Interestingly,Portugal had an overseas empire until recently,and when it came crashing down due to economic factors,these colonies were faced with sudden independence,without the structural preparation for multiparty government,and often the only revenue stream being the sale of the countries' natural resources.These funds were often wasted on the large scale purchases of defense equipment,and stuffing of Swiss numbered accounts. Seems like a blueprint for the rest of the planet.

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You are wrong and Angola won't be investing in your country any more, now, you neocolonialist pig ;)

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I was staying at a hostel in germany in 2010.  It was a busy place but maybe it was just busy season.   I talked with one of the owners and he said that they could only afford to hire student because of all the benefits that  must be paid for full time workers.  This might explain the lower under 25 unemployment rate.

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Maybe instead of watching funds flows in Europe we should watch human traffic, as people try to find a country to live in that isn't totally effed up. My advice, don't come to the USA, we got nothing here either.

No Euros please we&#039;re British's picture

Fitch say political instability is negative for Italy.

Guess you need a PhD in economics to run a ratings agency and come up with insight like that.

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+1 LOL - funny if you think about it: twenty years ago the lower chamber in the hands of one party only that also sports the Prez and the upper chamber with two parties being able to have a supermajority would have been super-hyper-stable

Italy has an history of five-party coalitions, minority governments and technical "bridges" that is unmatched

and produces plenty of political cabaret, of course

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It isn't just the rate of unemployment among young people - it's which young people are unemployed. For the most part the unemployed youth are those who have never believed they had a future anyway. Many of them are from immigrant families - not all by any means, but many. The fact that the young people now without jobs and with no prospects of employment are largely those who never believed they had a stake in society means that they will not hesitate to join in tearing society down as soon as some "leader" rallies them to that cause. It has happened before in Europe, and it will happen again. Soon.

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But but... Portugal is now BETTER than Italy!

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My question is - is youth unemployment in Portugal really down? Migration must be working (lol), then...