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Guest Post: Here Comes China's Drones

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Submitted by Trefor Moss of The,

Unmanned systems have become the legal and ethical problem child of the global defense industry and the governments they supply, rewriting the rules of military engagement in ways that many find disturbing. And this sense of unease about where we’re headed is hardly unfamiliar. Much like the emergence of drone technology, the rise of China and its reshaping of the geopolitical landscape has stirred up a sometimes understandable, sometimes irrational, fear of the unknown.

It’s safe to say, then, that Chinese drones conjure up a particularly intense sense of alarm that the media has begun to embrace as a license to panic. China is indeed developing a range of unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAVs/UASs) at a time when relations with Japan are tense, and when those with the U.S. are delicate. But that hardly justifies claims that “drones have taken center stage in an escalating arms race between China and Japan,” or that the “China drone threat highlights [a] new global arms race,” as some observers would have it. This hyperbole was perhaps fed by a 2012 U.S. Department of Defense report which described China’s development of UAVs as "alarming."

That’s quite unreasonable. All of the world’s advanced militaries are adopting drones, not just the PLA. That isn’t an arms race, or a reason to fear China, it’s just the direction in which defense technology is naturally progressing. Secondly, while China may be demonstrating impressive advances, Israel and the U.S. retain a substantial lead in the UAV field, with China—alongside Europe, India and Russia— still in the second tier. And thirdly, China is modernizing in all areas of military technology – unmanned systems being no exception.

New unmanned missions

Nonetheless, China has started to show its hand in terms of the roles that it expects its growing fleet of UAVs to fulfill. In a clear indication that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has an operational armed UAV capability in which it feels relatively confident, last week reports of a plan to send a UAV into Myanmar to assassinate a drug trafficker who had murdered 13 Chinese nationals came to light. The Chinese government ultimately rejected this tactic, but it is evidently tempted to follow Washington’s lead in reserving the right to use UAVs to target enemies of the state, even on foreign soil.

Territorial disputes in the East China Sea and the South China Sea have also persuaded Beijing to accelerate its deployment of UAVs, which are ideally suited to maritime surveillance missions. UAVs are already used routinely to monitor the disputed Diaoyu/Senkaku islands, a PLA general recently claimed. “[Both China and Japan] seem intent on establishing more presence in these disputed zones,” comments Peter Singer, Director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution,“both to establish their own claims … and to watch what the other is doing. UAS are helpful in those aims, especially with their longer duration versus traditional manned platforms.” The PLA Air Force has also converted its obsolete J-6 fighters into UAVs; based in Fujian, the J-6s are apparently being used for Diaoyu surveillance, as well as being expendable strike assets in the event of an armed engagement.

Nor is China’s deployment of UAVs limited to the military realm. The government of Liaoning Province is reportedly using UAVs to monitor the North Korean border, and is also said to be establishing two coastal UAV bases from which it will oversee its areas of jurisdiction in the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Gulf. Meanwhile, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) – one of China’s main maritime agencies – announced in August that it is setting up 11 UAV bases, one in each of China’s coastal provinces. It expects to have these bases up and running by 2015 (images of some of the SOA’s current UAVs can be seen here). It’s also worth recalling that all of China’s UAV advances have been enabled by the Beidou satellite constellation, which now includes 16 active satellites providing coverage across China and the Asia-Pacific.

If provincial governments and civilian law enforcement agencies plan to induct UAVs in tandem with the PLA, then that’s a large fleet of unmanned aircraft able to perform a variety of different functions that China will need to bring online over the next few years. But, there is no shortage of technology programs competing to make the cut.

China’s UAV programs

Dozens of Chinese UAV concepts have appeared over the years, most of which will never leave the laboratory, let alone the runway. However, the Chinese aerospace sector has clearly devoted a great deal of energy to producing a range of designs from which the PLA has been able to cherry-pick. Chinese engineers have also been able to draw on Israeli technology, having acquired Harpy UAVs from Israel Aerospace Industries in the 1990s. “They've gone in the last few years from having none in development to at least 25 different models displayed at arms shows,” says Singer.“So, it’s a very ambitious program. But again, it parallels their growth in capabilities and ambitions in many others beyond UAS, from jet fighters to missiles.” He warns against overhyping China’s UAV effort, noting that for now “we’re talking very small numbers [of Chinese UAVs] … and not yet near U.S. capabilities.”

If the example of the U.S military is anything to go by, the PLA should only have operational requirements for around six to ten UAVs. It appears closer to filling some of these operational niches than others.

The China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC) has developed a number of ASN series UAVs, at least two of which appear to be in operational use. First is the ASN-15, a small intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) UAV similar to the U.S. RQ-11 Raven, a small, man-portable system able to perform basic battlefield ISTAR duties. Second is the ASN-209 medium altitude and medium endurance UAV comparable to the U.S. ScanEagle, a larger ISR asset than the Raven with up to 20 hours of flight time for longer-range battlefield and maritime surveillance. The ASN-209 is probably the same aircraft as the “Silver Eagle” which was widely reported to have taken part in naval exercises over the South China Sea in 2011.

Vertical takeoff UAVs (VTUAV), which are especially useful for naval ISTAR and fire control, are also beginning to enter service (though the U.S. Navy’s comparable MQ-8 Fire Scout is itself yet to receive operational clearance). A PLA Navy frigate was pictured in 2012 operating what was probably one of the 18 Camcopter S-100s China acquired from Austrian company Schiebel, supposedly intended for civilian use. Another VTUAV, the SVU-200, made its first flight late last year, while a third unmanned helicopter, the V750, recently entered civilian service. The PLA Navy is known to be exploring the possible applications of VTUAVs, including their use in anti-submarine warfare, and to be interested in the use of UAVs more broadly on its new and future aircraft carriers, not least because UAVs can significantly augment China’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities. “A2/AD places a premium on extending your range of monitoring and tracking targets from afar,” Singer says.“UAS are very helpful in that.”

Bigger, more advanced UAVs are also now breaking cover. Two in particular appear to be similar to the U.S.’s MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper drones, medium altitude, long endurance (MALE) UAVs best known for conducting lethal operations in Pakistan and elsewhere. These are the Yilong/Wing Loong “Pterodactyl”, built by the Chengdu Aircraft Design and Research Institute (CADI), and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s (CASC’s) CH-4. According to a recent Global Times report, the Yilong is primarily regarded as a Reaper-style strike aircraft, while the CH-4 is more of a multi-role aircraft that will be deployed by civilian agencies, as well as by the military, for surveillance purposes, though it can also be weaponized. These two UAVs appear to be in the same class as the CH-91, built by Aerospace Long March International (ALIT), an ISTAR system which is reported to have already entered production, and the more advanced CH-92, which is due to enter production in 2014. A similar class of UAV, the WJ-600, has been showcased by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), though this system – which is jet-powered, unlike the propeller-driven Yilong and the CH-4 – was not seen at the most recent China Air Show.

Finally, the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation is working on the Soaring Eagle, an analogue of the RQ-4 Global Hawk, Washington’s high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) UAV. Recent pictures of a Soaring Eagle on the runway suggest that its development is moving forward effectively. There are also hints that China is working on a stealthy UAV called the Wing Blade, which is reminiscent of the U.S.’s black-budget RQ-170 Sentinel, while a stealthy Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) called the Dark Sword – perhaps along the lines of the U.S. Navy’s experimental X-74B – may also be in development. Chinese technicians are also undoubtedly experimenting with a new generation of nano-UAVs, like the Black Hornet micro-helicopter now in action with the British Army.

China’s drone boom

The aerospace sector must now supply huge demand from both the PLA and civilian authorities. So it is not hard to envisage several of these seemingly competing UAVs, rather than just one winner, being produced in large numbers in order to help the defense industry meet its growing demand. In fact, last November a senior CASIC executive forecast that Chinese UAV sales would double in 2013.

Chinese firms also have high hopes for export sales. The Predator-style CH-4 in particular is being pushed for export, and was displayed at the recent IDEX defense expo in Abu Dhabi. The system is part of CASC’s CH “Rainbow” family of drones, and is understood to be an upgraded version of the CH-3 UAV, which China has already sold to Pakistan. The Yilong has also “already successfully entered the international market”, according to Chinese sources quoted by RIA Novosti at the recent China Air Show.

China has rightly identified a gap in the market, with relatively few countries having inducted UAVs so far, and few capable of building drones themselves, the low cost of Chinese systems will certainly be an advantage. A U.S. Predator costs around $4.5 million, while a Reaper is closer to $10 million for countries that manage to obtain clearance to buy them. Chinese sources have claimed that their equivalent UAVs cost less than $1 million, making them a highly affordable capability for a host of international customers, especially those unable or unwilling to source U.S. and Israeli technology.

So if there is an alarm bell worth ringing about the emergence of Chinese UAVs, it is probably not the threat they will pose to the U.S. or Japan in the Asia-Pacific – it is the proliferation to the developing world of armed, unmanned systems that China’s low prices, and even lower export barriers, may soon begin to drive.



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Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:44 | 3292312 Uncle Zuzu
Uncle Zuzu's picture

They look oddly identical to ours.  Who leaked the blueprints?

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:46 | 3292317 markmotive
Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:09 | 3292360 DJ Happy Ending
DJ Happy Ending's picture

In the 1990s they bought and stole our satellite launch tech to mollify the insurance companies so they could enter the commercial market. In the 2000s they bought the USSR's spacecraft tech to put humans in orbit. This time I'm guessing it was more of the same for their drones.

Modern Asian cultures have an amazing track record for copying and optimizing other people's technology (Japan in the 1970s and Korea in the 1980s). The past 20 years, it has been China's turn and they have not disappointed.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:14 | 3292378 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Ultimately, isn't the entire network going to be China's drones?

As the Globalist's mercantile engine for de-industrialization abroad and hub for slavish robotic Stooge* commands won't they be the final control interface for the NWO's completed world-wide network of drones?

*Note: Did not say Alpha Stooge.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:32 | 3292420 Manthong
Manthong's picture

Q:  What’s the difference between a yellow hoard and a yellow drone hoard?

A:  A yellow drone hoard does not have to stand on each other’s back to cross the Pacific.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:40 | 3292439 philipat
philipat's picture

At least the Chinese population has nothing to fear. The air quality in Beijing is so bad even a drone could't see throught it?

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:18 | 3292470 Nadaclue
Nadaclue's picture


Burger King is now advertising $0.25 small coffee. Used to be over a dollar and a quarter. Is this an indicator of a loss of consumer consumption at the FF joints? 

Micky D's lowest price is $0.99 for the senior small. The cost per cup is about $0.15 ex labor. Coffee is a high profit margin product. This is way too low of a price for a promotion when not under duress, imho. But, WTF do I know...

I'll be watching this.

just sayin, keep a weather eye...

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:04 | 3292668 Matt
Matt's picture

Coffee is insanely cheap compared to its sale price, which is why Costco does not sell regular coffee. Costco only marks up goods 15% maximum. $0.25 for a regular coffee is probably profitable and at a reasonable markup, i.e. not 400%.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:10 | 3292683 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

I thought the Chinese historically drank tea

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:49 | 3292966 old naughty
old naughty's picture

A "worthy" opponent, 30 years in the making.

It's all "planned".

And, guess what, tea cometh, since coffee is dis-ease plagued?


Sat, 03/02/2013 - 17:30 | 3294073 thisandthat
thisandthat's picture

~10€/Kg at retail (incl. 21% VAT), for a quality blend - an euro sized cup takes ~7g.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 09:48 | 3293201 Muddy1
Muddy1's picture

"Q:  What’s the difference between a yellow hoard and a yellow drone hoard?"

My yellow hoard is nicely stacked PM's.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 06:35 | 3293063 Wile-E-Coyote
Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Another US industry about to be destroyed, when does the US start importing these drones.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 17:36 | 3294088 thisandthat
thisandthat's picture

So did/does everyone else - or do you think espionage agencies work exclusively for government benefit or are an exclusive of governments?

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:55 | 3292340 clara-to-market
clara-to-market's picture

No big surprise.

This century belongs to Asia.

Time to bow to your Chinese masters.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:04 | 3292358 newengland
newengland's picture


The Politburo fears its populace. Demographics rules, baby. 

Foreign adventures in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Britain will ail you. They hate you.

Best you respect the Constitution, and Declaration of Indpendence...and rule of our laws, pet.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:17 | 3292383 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"They look oddly identical to ours.  Who leaked the blueprints?"

A:  Sum Yung Guy

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:48 | 3292448 Teamtc321
Teamtc321's picture

Control population in China, Authored by, Will Drone Ya Yung.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:11 | 3292494 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

Who leaked the blueprints?

Why... Barry Soetoro, of course!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 09:45 | 3293190 Muddy1
Muddy1's picture

Don't think so, they wouldn't have the time to build them already.  Now if you want to consider Bill Clinton providing them in exchange for campaign contributions I might buy that.  Perhaps they told Al Gore they were going to use the drones to monitor climate change and air pollution.



Sat, 03/02/2013 - 10:31 | 3293257 Blazed
Blazed's picture

Speaking of Billy Clinton, here is an article about some early sellout shenanigans during his era. As usual, he was simply the public face, in the manner Bush was, and like Obama is now, the prime movers usually operate in the shadows or in the background.

"Nor is John Podesta the only top Clinton official involved in potential criminal activity with super-computers and Ron Brown. According to documents provided by the Commerce Department, White House official Robert Rubin, and U.S. Trade Rep. Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky were both involved in policy meetings with the CSPP. A May 1994 “CONFIDENTIAL” letter to Ron Brown, partially withheld by the Commerce Department, states the CSPP held a meeting with Brown, Robert Rubin and “Amb. Barshefsky” where super-computer exports to China and Russia were discussed."

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 15:34 | 3293823 GMadScientist
GMadScientist's picture

Funny how you skipped a zero-brain, two-termer there.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 07:41 | 3293081 prains
prains's picture

"They look oddly identical to ours.  Who leaked the blueprints?"


don't worry the onboard cigarette lighter won't work in a month, the door locks will fizzle out in six and the seat controls will seize up

rendering the entire device useless within a year

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 13:20 | 3293551 toady
toady's picture

Drones don't have seats

Mon, 03/04/2013 - 11:22 | 3297700 prains
prains's picture

way to go toady you've nailed the bizarrely obvious, swish nothing but net baby

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 08:22 | 3295064 Wile-E-Coyote
Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Don't be fooled it may look like a copy but it will be low tech, that's why the Chinese can produce them for $199.99 each. There is no hi tech surveylance equipment on board, only a Chinese midget with a Nikon.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:43 | 3292604 mickeyman
mickeyman's picture

It's because the American drone manufacture was offshored a few years ago. Now all US drones are made in China. :)

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:40 | 3292833 sgorem
sgorem's picture

CHINA DRONE, wasn't that an old Doobie Brothers song?

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:31 | 3292898 Zap Powerz
Zap Powerz's picture

How long before China liberates Americans from their oppressive regime?  Maybe china gets sick of getting screwed over by the USA and decides to do something about that would be anyworse than the shit show we have now.


Ive been drinking. FU

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 07:49 | 3293083 Disenchanted
Disenchanted's picture

Uncle Zuzu asked:


"They look oddly identical to ours.  Who leaked the blueprints?"


Israel...or actually Israel probably sold them the blueprints.


Bet me?

From 2002:

U.S. Arms Sales to Israel End Up In China, Iraq


Perhaps the most troubling of all is the Israeli/Chinese arms relationship. Israel is China's second largest supplier of arms. Coincidentally, the newest addition to the Chinese air force, the F-10 multi-role fighter, is an almost identical version of the Lavi (Lion). The Lavi was a joint Israeli-American design based upon the F-16 for manufacture in Israel, but financed mostly with American aid. Plagued by cost overruns, it was canceled in 1987, but not before the U.S. spent $1.5 billion on the project.


Last April, when the Navy EP-3E surveillance plane was forced to land in China after a Chinese F-8 fighter flew into its propeller, photos show Israeli built Python 3 missiles under the fighter's wings.

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 19:02 | 3296113 Tompooz
Tompooz's picture

Makes you wonder what Israel demanded in return from China. Adelson's tentacles up Macao? GS in Shanghai? After all , they have to prepare for the eventuality of the US losing the top dog spot, or, worse, turning against them.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 09:30 | 3293166 Oldrepublic
Oldrepublic's picture

51st state?

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 15:33 | 3293820 GMadScientist
GMadScientist's picture

"Who leaked the blueprints?"


Sat, 03/02/2013 - 16:55 | 3294012 Kiwi Pete
Kiwi Pete's picture


Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:46 | 3292319 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Gen1 codename:  Kung Pao series

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:46 | 3292320 q99x2
q99x2's picture

Yipppeee. Now banksters, crooked politicians, NWO elitists and corporatists are all fair game. Let the hunt begin.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:49 | 3292325 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

  Long " Gorilla Glass"™

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:51 | 3292328 The Heart
The Heart's picture

Drone Wars!

Coming to a theater near you soon.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:53 | 3292329 newengland
newengland's picture

Modern politicians should read Melville's 'Moby Dick'. If you cannot look your target in the face and kill it, then you are a coward. Respect your target, and be a better more peaceful being.

Drones are better than body bags in the USA, imo. However, it is unconstitutional to wage endless war against foreigners. That is a Zionist wish, endless war for profit.

My family is with the military for hundreds of years, and commerce, and the USA. I tell you this: there has never been a time in the history of the USA when so few CONgressmen served in the military and waged so many wars.

The cowards send better men to war and commerce...while sitting in their DC counting house, exempt from standards applied to all, paid by all, and profiting the DC bastids.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:05 | 3292363 dick cheneys ghost
dick cheneys ghost's picture

Fuck these chickenHawk zionist neo-con bastards...........Politics of fear dont work on me


fuck u bill kristol

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:20 | 3292393 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Technically Bill is a Neo-Trotskyite, as are most Neo-cons.  It is his historical pedigree.

And as he and his crew are the Bankster's failed heirs to Lenin's hijacking and robbery they feel they have a lot to recover.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:28 | 3292413 newengland
newengland's picture

Live and learn. I sympathise with socialists and communists, but think they are fuck tards when they persist with their failed ways, slaughter, tax theft, nation bankruptcy...for their own personal gain while claiming to be altruistic or commercial. Eejits.

Jail 'em. Don't bail 'em.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:38 | 3292430 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Hitler's party was the National Socialist German Workers' Party..if there was ever a red flag (pun intended)...

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:47 | 3292447 newengland
newengland's picture


We are living in Orwell's time. Resist, we must.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:56 | 3292461 otto skorzeny
otto skorzeny's picture

hitler didn't give a shit about socialism except that it was a means to an end-he was a realpolitiker who co-opted the name from a small political group he was introduced to that was one of hundreds in politically turbulent 20s Germany.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:10 | 3292484 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Politically turbulent indeed.  Here is one of Hitler's many associates

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:02 | 3292781 newengland
newengland's picture

Banksters liked Hitler. Socialism, communism, Zionism: all the same thing. One fails, and a new name is put in its place.

Now it is O'bomba.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:21 | 3292814 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

So what makes you think O'bomba's drone network is easily defeated?

It appears actually that his technological drone weapon strike force is actually much more pervasive and threatening than anything his Bankster, Hitler, socialism, Zionism masters ever imagined...

As Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote last week about the president's assassination program, "When [the president] kills without due process, he disobeys the laws he has sworn to uphold, no matter who agrees with him. When we talk about killing as if it were golf, we debase ourselves. And when the government kills and we put our heads in the sand, woe to us when there is no place to hide."

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 06:40 | 3293060 Element
Element's picture

The common factor in all '-isms' is the banker and the wretched contraption called 'govt'. It doesn't matter which 'ism' it is, it's largely immaterial as those two factors are the common disaster that awaits all citizens of their systemic exploitations. Why people presume one -ism is less damaging than another -ism I don't know. The major issues of vilification and nastiness seem more cultural and hystery related than '-ism' related and generated.

Communism existed in France for most of the Cold War and some variant of fascism existed in many places for most of the Cold War. Capitalism and Zionism, etc., operated within most of these in parallel to some extent. But always it was the bankers and the Govts that created the social and economic disaster and the mass betrayals of the community, its resources, and asset bases, and abandoned and mistreated the exploited.

Then along come those that survived the corruption/debt cycle, and immediately setup, or allow to be setup the very same systems of bankster and govt exploitation again.

And every time it was the '-ism' that got blamed for how it turned out, last time around. Yet the obvious lessons never sinks through to us, that it's always the manipulation of Govt, in cahoots with money-changers for usury, that lead to all devious corruption and economic collapse, etc. We keep setting up the same structures that keep doing the very same things.  It does not matter if its a dictator or a democracy, it always ends with a corrupt Govt and generally tribal Bankers completely betraying and fleecing the community.

We're not the brightest monkeys.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:27 | 3292412 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

Well said. Fuck the bloody lot of them! Neo-Con scumbags. They cost us trillions with their wars and spread terrorism by supporting Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria.  They spread hatred for the USA by their drone wars in half a dozen nations. They fund Isreal and provide them the best of every America weapons system at the US taxpayers expense.

Send the Coward Bill Kristol to Syria, hope Assad launched a Scud at his useless ass!

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:30 | 3292416 newengland
newengland's picture

Whoa!!! You'll be gettin an NDAA drone on your ass ;-)

Resist, we must.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:34 | 3292954 green888
green888's picture

Thought I read it was against the Geneva Convention to use unmanned aircraft

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 04:21 | 3292988 Ghordius
Ghordius's picture


On a different tack: is it war if only robots are involved? But yes, morally setting up machines to kill civilians....

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 07:03 | 3293070 _ConanTheLibert...
_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

it will get interesting if a drone virus emerges which could turn the drones against each other.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 13:48 | 3293603 toady
toady's picture

Good thing ol' W said we won't follow the Geneva Conventions.

Makes it a lot easier to do whatever the banksters want.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:56 | 3292341 Bunga Bunga
Bunga Bunga's picture

Finally Walmart gets some hot blockbuster products for their empty shelves and Pentagon can buy the drones for a fraction of the original price. It's a win-win!

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:56 | 3292342 Straight Metals...
Straight Metals Homey's picture

Send em to hell

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 21:57 | 3292345 newengland
newengland's picture

Re: drones in the USA. Easily disarmed, peacefully. 

The fascists want the USA to be afraid. Ridiculous. Nazi propaganda, courtesy of the CIA and the House boy O'bomba.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:00 | 3292353 reader2010
reader2010's picture

Apparently they need billions of those to keep watching every Chinese over there.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:01 | 3292356 NoDebt
NoDebt's picture

Starting a war just became that much easier.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:02 | 3292357 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The tail end of the stealth chopper that the Seal Team 6 dropped during the OBL raid will have helped, no doubt, as well as the one that the drone-tech-for-oil exchange with Iran.

Let the Games begin!

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:04 | 3292362 WTFUD
WTFUD's picture

I'll see your drone and raise you 300 years supply off food stamps.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:09 | 3292370 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

it's not the problem child

the problem IS the child

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:11 | 3292373 Rustysilver
Rustysilver's picture

Anybody know the price for these at Walmart.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:59 | 3292653 Shell Game
Shell Game's picture

Orley says they've never been cheaper!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 18:45 | 3294190 thisandthat
thisandthat's picture

Soon everyone will have their own PDA (personal drone assistant):

Traffic jams ahead? Surf's up? Slopes crowded? Is boss at the office? House being raided by Police? No worries - send your drone to check it out and act accordingly.

Possibilities are endless.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:11 | 3292374 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 based on my dumbfounded theories. Obunga has outspent his constituents? Obama phones are edible?

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:23 | 3292402 newengland
newengland's picture


O'bomba plays golf...with ...

He's the pretty boy paid by puppeteers.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:15 | 3292380 otto skorzeny
otto skorzeny's picture

lemme guess-israel "qualifies" to get the reaper. application process-"hello pentagon-yeah this is the IDF-yeah we got the $3 billion in foreign aid thanks to the whores in your congress-we'd like to buy some reapers to take out some palestinian youths throwing rocks at our tanks-so we're good for a dozen of them?"

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:15 | 3292521 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

It's not just Foreign Aid.  They get to bid on some small (but strategic) subassembly and get the contract.  Once on board the supply chain process, they get a bigger piece each time.  Then they'll 'partner' with a US defense contractor on a vital and large subassembly.  Which they and the Am. contractor also manage to get. 

This happens mostly but not exclusively in aerospace products (big ticket items) with the obvious aerial advantage they provide.  The Aid helps pay their engineers and prototyping/development costs, so they can bid so incredibly competitively.  In other words, the US taxpayer fronts and foots everything.  They truly are our best friends, getting to work so close with us.  And that's not fantasy, propaganda or myth it's absolute FACT, no matter how much "dissing" ensues (to disctract/sidetrack from these facts).  To borrow a word, Americans are such maleable "schmucks".

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:48 | 3292618 otto skorzeny
otto skorzeny's picture

don't forget all of the top secret shit they get their hands on with the blackmail photos of Congresspeople, CIA, NSA, etc in various stages of disgusting sexual acts.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:14 | 3292381 Jackagain
Jackagain's picture

We have to quit crashing this things in Iran...

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:16 | 3292382 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

Drones, much like guns are inanimate objects. To abuse or not to abuse, that is the question........

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:24 | 3292406 news printer
news printer's picture

I couldn't resist:

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:27 | 3292411 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture

...for those who missed;


The Business of War: SOFEX


Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:40 | 3292428 newengland
newengland's picture

Dear heart,

War is deadly. Politics wishes it so, and people do too. 

Change your heart and mind, then you will change the world.

You want my people to live and die and pay for war, but you want to feel like you are somehow peaceful, lovely, profitable, civilised.

Some are less civil than us, the Republic.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:19 | 3292533 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

aren't your "people" British Jews?  as in, you're married into their family?

you've not mentioned them lately, but I seem to recall. . .

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:36 | 3292561 newengland
newengland's picture

I am white anglo saxon protestant, and my family came to the USA in the 1600s. Jews came soon after in the 1700s.

Yes, we are wed by tradition. It is the judeo-christian tradition that made the USA. We believe in our Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights. Do not tread on us.

You benefit from it. Next question...

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:38 | 3292590 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

heh, alrighty then.  the "judeo-christian tradition" made the USA. . .

was just noticing a fair amount of "eejits, bollix" lingo here, was merely curious  ^^  you previously mentioned your hubby was a British Jew, no?

oh, and the "you benefit" quip- that's hilarious, carry on!

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:49 | 3292598 newengland
newengland's picture

You are on your own. Keep calm and carry on.

My darling is a jew, and I am christian. Long live the Republic. We wish you no harm. Do not tread on us, pet.

Life is a team effort. I wish no harm to you and yours. Listening now to Oscar Peterson, a great pianist virtuoso.

It is only bad when people love money, and gangsta bankstas, and their political pets.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 04:36 | 3292995 Ghordius
Ghordius's picture

"we wish you no harm" hmm... A good regimental motto?

I'm astonished to find out to which sex you belong - from your way of talking/writing I would not have guessed (of course it's my fault)

If you could change one thing and one only about your Republic, what would it be? (no changes to human nature, though)

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 07:34 | 3293079 bunnyswanson
bunnyswanson's picture

A Jewish man once told me that more than anything, they are motivated by guilt.  He saw the big picture and was heart broken by it.  They craftiness applied to a simple transaction added unnecessary strife to already difficult times.  It was not necessary.  Compelled to drain every last drop of life from the prey, and be amused while doing it, is their badge of fucking honor.  He saw this.  He hated it.  But he couldn't help himself, he drove a hard bargain and lost costs friends in the real world to not honor a contract, even if it is an unspoken one with society that "I shall do no harm." 

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:38 | 3292747 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Awesome clip.  I love the Carry On movies.

So ripe for parody today.  Would Love to see Carry On Obamacare... preferably as a 'gag reel' out-take from the final season of Breaking Bad
(...just to keep it real)

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:49 | 3292626 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Anne Cloutier?  That's not a bad thing.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:55 | 3292642 newengland
newengland's picture

Dear Yen.

Nope. My family only married 'out' to a Canadian who was British in the 1800s, long after the war.

'Loyalists' of the Crown were routed ;-)

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:58 | 3292649 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

   I think you are a wonderful, intelligent woman. I enjoy learning from you. Thank you for taking the time to "sequester" a response.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:03 | 3292665 newengland
newengland's picture


We are a mutual admiration society ;-) Different, but equal.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:18 | 3292810 JOYFUL
JOYFUL's picture

As you are an ongoing source of disinformation here, and appear to be unwilling to discontinue the habit, here is a re-play of the correction to your comments already supplied, but ignored:

"jews" arrived in numbers to "New Holland" in the C17th(1600s),

In 1654, the first Jew, Jacob Barsimson, emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam (New York) and in the next decademany more followed him, settling along the East Coast, principally in New Amsterdam and Newport, Rhode Island...Hayman Levy was soon joined by Jews Nicholas Lowe and Joseph Simon. Lowe conceived the idea of trading rum and whiskey to the Indians... Within a short time there were 22 distilleries in Newport, all of them owned by Jews, manufacturing and distributing 'firewater.' The story of the debauching of the Indians with its resultant massacres of the early settlers, is a dramatic story in itself. - Who Brought the Slaves to America? Walter White 1968

In case the implications of that closing sentence are not clear enough, there is compelling evidence that 'hebraics' were knowing instigators of the conflicts between not just the Indian tribes north and south of the Great Lakes, but the bloody conflicts between the "anglo saxon white protestant" settlers and those tribes with whom they had enjoyed good neighborly relations prior to the introduction of alcohol and weapons.

This myth of "judeo-christian tradition" to which you subscribe is one of the most pernicious sources of the destructive impetus by which the Europoid peoples are being run out of their own house as we speak. The ascendancy of a hegemonistic clique of racial supremacists dedicated to the destruction of civilization East and West  has been abetted by this fiction, the propagation of which relies upon dupes who mistake a glancing and uttterly fallacious knowledge of their own familial background with an grasp of what has transpired in history.

We bear no connection to these serial criminals and their culture other than that of host to parasite.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:52 | 3292835 newengland
newengland's picture

Me, disinformation? Oh, well, excuse me, Your Most Holy Joyful Highness. I am merely a New Englander whose family made the  USA and died for it along with others who respects my neighbors and dislikes two faced money grubbing useless arrogant types. You?

'A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.'

'Joyful'. What did your sort do to make the Republlc? Your sort gain because my sort gave everything, and now you whine, wail and make excuses for your bankruptcy...while you wage endless war contrary to the Constitution.

While my family gives its all, your sort whine, wail and complain.

Silly bint.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:01 | 3292853 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

   whose family made the  USA and died for it along with others who respects my neighbors and dislikes two faced money grubbing useless arrogant types.

 Is this demo still testing?   Really?

I thought Persona was more sophisticated than this? You really DON'T have a a tracker that adjusts for cognitive development?

Who knew?

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:22 | 3292881 newengland
newengland's picture

You write. You don't do. That is your problem, pet.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:14 | 3292931 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

You are what you do. Action is character.

In the context of posting comments on the Internet, what you write, ultimately, is what you do...

Thus, when you race to the bottom...this is where perception can assign your arrival, pet

[For the record, if you were a true Liberty character you could have sought a more reasonable, fair and less contentious conclusion to this thread than the wan responses of an ineffectual 'non-doer'. But Cheers for the anti-Nazi comments in the thread above...Ostensibly, and at first blush, you seem to stand against historically proven tyranny if not the less than obvious and currently real.]

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:33 | 3292952 newengland
newengland's picture

Silly person, and your others.

Your sort always appear on ZH when O'bomba is rightly vilified. Bob Woodward was also threatened by the O'bomba apparatchiks for daring to dissent.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 04:27 | 3292964 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Again.  Too funny.

What, when Bob Woodward of US Navy Intelligence and Nixon Watergate coup-detat fame was not getting enough traction on blowing the horns of war in the Persian Gulf for an attack on Iran I appear to vilify Obama?

Thanks for truly showing what team you are on.  Idiot.

Seriously, is this the best the Neo-Trotskyites have to offer?

Is there any Pentagon over-watch on this farce or are these idiots totally in control?!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 07:19 | 3293074 bunnyswanson
bunnyswanson's picture

This will be a one word sentence by the time it is unleashed but you have to remember discrimination is going to result from the empowering of agencies whose staff is not trained professionally, leading to bigotry, unethical behavior and abuse of every kind on all of us, depending on the circumstances.  Narrow minded people are at hand and they have a grudge against someone.  Do not throw yourself at their feet or they will never stop once they start persecuting you for having allowed your country to lose control of it's financial sector, resulting in despair that will be told in books that will be ashamed to say, tell the truth, we pissed it all away.  What a burden to lay on the future,  regret.  Losers who don't even know they are losing, if you can believe that.  It's a mirage and they demand it be until there is no turning back.  cowards.  lazy.  I don't know but we are all going to pay a hefty price for this lack of concern about the rule of law.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:07 | 3292934 JOYFUL
JOYFUL's picture


You seem to be laboring under the delusion that the "Republic" can be appropriated to support a mythical narrative of familial greatness in which all save your own chosen 'in group' are deemed to be second class citizens.

This would be amusing if not for the evidence of a dangerous madness which your example supplies. It would seem more likely that your antecedents may have supplied the real life particulars for that American author of genius who gave us much to ponder over in stories such as The Fall of the House of Usher, than any of the great 'doings' you are so keen to imagine.

"Keeping these impressions in view, I was cautious in what I said before the young lady; for I could not be sure that she was sane; and, in fact, there was a certain restless brilliancy about her eyes which half led me to imagine she was not."

-  Poe \The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof Fether


Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:34 | 3292953 newengland
newengland's picture

Your sort threaten anyone who dissents. Slave.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 06:15 | 3293054 JOYFUL
JOYFUL's picture

Your act reminds me of a certain vinegary character who used to get into his cups here regularly of a Friday even, and become so immersed in the murky depths of his own aggressive morosity as to give the impression of a pending meltdown.

Though I long ago developed a tolerance and understanding of those who would cast onto others their own weakness' and need therefore no further rejoinder from you in your present state, I trust you'll have the wit and wisdom on the morrow to suffer some pangs of contrition and offer apologies to those you have needlessly give offense to. Failure to do so would be to show exactly that lack of character and refinement for which you so clearly long.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 17:57 | 3294120 thisandthat
thisandthat's picture

Wrong, actually - Jewish went with the Dutch, Iberian Jews looking to get as far as possible from inquisition, mostly (Portuguese and Spanish posing as Portuguese, due to the "bad press" Spain had with the Dutch then). It was them who set up and run the slave trade to America, btw.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:39 | 3292435 stant
stant's picture

magnetos will be baned

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 07:51 | 3293086 Element
Element's picture

Apple iFADEC  ;)

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 19:34 | 3294296 GMadScientist
GMadScientist's picture

Freudian slip?

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:42 | 3292440 buzzsaw99
buzzsaw99's picture

I bet they are 100X cheaper than the ones the spendthrift usa dod buys.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:48 | 3292449 americanspirit
americanspirit's picture

Sow the wind; reap the whirlwind. Chinese drones over the US within the next 2 years. Stealth - undetectable and unstoppable.


Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:55 | 3292460 newengland
newengland's picture


The Chinese Politburo slave masters fear their own people and those they colonise in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Britain.

Drones in the USA are easily downed, peacefully.


Sat, 03/02/2013 - 15:37 | 3293833 GMadScientist
GMadScientist's picture

You can tell by how much care and respect they show for their political dissidents.


Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:50 | 3292451 Onohymagin
Onohymagin's picture

Bit of a worry when everyone starts joking about something like this. Personally I feel a tad worried being on the wrong side of a virtual_game/real_life interface.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:53 | 3292456 newengland
newengland's picture

We are very fortunate in the USA. Drones at our command, horrible though it is. We should use this time to focus on better things: the Constitution and Declaration of Independence which gifted us and the world a better world before Zionists materialists and cowards got the upper hand.

Jail 'em. Don't bail 'em.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:55 | 3292459 Stuck on Zero
Stuck on Zero's picture

A drone is a weapon at a distance just like a bow and arrow, sling, spear, grenade, howitzer, or ICBM.  The good part about a drone is that you can recall it up to the last moment.


Fri, 03/01/2013 - 22:59 | 3292463 newengland
newengland's picture


It is nonsense to suggest that drones are a threat to citizens in the USA. It is easily taken down, peacefully by any citizen with a wit.

Not that I am saying it is right for medievalists in the Middle East, China and other places to be subject to drones.

Those drones usually invited by their own failed two faced money grubbing political class.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:45 | 3292755 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

  It is nonsense to suggest that drones are a threat to citizens in the USA. It is easily taken down, peacefully by any citizen with a wit.

-1 Based on the absurdity of such a statement.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:51 | 3292759 newengland
newengland's picture

Then you lack wit.

The NDAA enacted by O'bomba  is fascist, and drones are weak by comparison. Drones in the USA are a fascist's scare tactic, easily defeated.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:09 | 3292796 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Drones are weak by comparison.


So why is Obomba so silent on this weak issue that is so easily defeated?

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:32 | 3292821 newengland
newengland's picture

It is ridiculous for citizens to fear O'bomba and his NDAA and his drones.

But I am in New England, so I guess you others inhabit another fearful place. 

No surrender. Not now. Not ever. 

Long live the Republic.

Possession is nine tenths of the law, physical, not words.

A legion of snipers cannot overcome these woods and waters. Think not? Try it.

Drones are easily defeated. No need for me to tell your sort how to do it. Slave.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:49 | 3292842 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture


Too funny.

Yes, long live the Republic indeed, in the reality of the adversity and awareness of all threats foreign, domestic thanks to newengland...the fanciful...

Please do tell how the resourceful Yankee snipers shall thwart the middling threat of drones plying their trade at (the very closest) a 2 Km range

YES. Tell MY SORT how to do it... PLEASE!!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:58 | 3292850 newengland
newengland's picture

Slave by nature, you are and your ilk.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:33 | 3292903 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Yes, slaves love to think autonomously. Thank-you master.

Does Francis have a night off?

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:21 | 3292945 JOYFUL
JOYFUL's picture

would some brave 'new Englander' please shoot down this offensive drone[dronix!?]!?!

I fear it's guidance and control mechanism has gone inoperative, and it's continued presence represents a menace to both sanity and cordial discussion!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 15:41 | 3293838 GMadScientist
GMadScientist's picture

Your ilk: stupid by nature, ignorant by choice.

You've never seen a drone, have zero knowledge of their electronics or guidance systems, and wouldn't know how to bring one down if your life depended on it.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:42 | 3292909 Lordflin
Lordflin's picture

NewEngland... Just read back over some of your earlier comments... You really are an idiot aren't you... Please find yourself a site more to your level, you are way out of your league here...

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:05 | 3292480 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture



Office of Policy and External Affairs: NIPLECC - National IP Law Enforcement Coordination Council – Introduction 

Intellectual property, foreign direct investment and China

Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash 

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:24 | 3292539 newengland
newengland's picture

That bankster brat Clinton ought to be hung drawn and quartered. Hideous CiA asset, and low life slut. Impeached, but telly tubby Americans forget that. He screwed the intern jewess Lewinsky. Filthy, both of them disprespecting the Republic of the USA.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:14 | 3292685 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

Take a deep breath and inhale from a brown paper bag. I have the signed document of Clinton handing over US Intellectual Property to China. That information is in mothballs for me. Perhaps someone else can upload a link. The one with his signature at bottom of agreement. Winks..

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:29 | 3292724 newengland
newengland's picture

That bitch Clinton should be ...

C'mon now. Send your evidence to a useful link.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:19 | 3292875 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

Honestly, cannot. Those old hard drives will never be linked to the grid. I have them buried next to my gold and silver. No joke. 

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:29 | 3292893 newengland
newengland's picture

OK. Gold, silver, land, genuine neighbor and community. All good :-D

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 18:19 | 3294153 thisandthat
thisandthat's picture

Tor, foreign anon VPNs, Mega, etc. file hosts - what's stopping you?

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:08 | 3292486 LeisureSmith
LeisureSmith's picture

Wildly off topic, but i just got my krautrock on and wanted to share. Interesting if one has the ear for it.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:41 | 3292597 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 We have ranted. I am so pissed off at myself. I broke even on a trade that should have been a "home run". One thing I'm noticing is NANEX is fucking with FX!  Fill times, and flows are getting more fucked up. FX is instant and I can see fill time problems on "High Flow " platforms. My general council is aware.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:58 | 3292650 newengland
newengland's picture

Long live Yen! Wise counsel ;-) 

You lose some. You gain some. Such is life.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:03 | 3292666 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 Quiet. Royalty keeps the "status quo". look at Europe. Infinate Wisdome? sarc< mispel

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:26 | 3292709 newengland
newengland's picture

You will win. Logic dictates. Keep calm and carry on.

Time is on your side.

My opinion is that virtue and value is more important. 

I hope your money helps your family in the USA. You see my bias? 

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 04:12 | 3292950 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Royalty is happy to hear you are back on your Meds tonight!!

The commoners, looking for cheap (and alas, weaaaak) entertainment...not so much.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:42 | 3292600 percolator
percolator's picture

Good for the Chinese. 

Imagine the outrage of the stupid Americans if there were Chinese drones flying over US air space not only watching their every move, but in indiscriminately killing Americans!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:01 | 3292657 newengland
newengland's picture


China for the Chinese. The USA for its inhabitants. Equal, but different.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:30 | 3292727 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 China-ism is an exemplary example of <Disfunctional ism> ISM <GDPism / barfism!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:39 | 3292744 newengland
newengland's picture

Yep. It is like we are supposed to believe that every country is one thing, one voice, one people.


Long live the Republics.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:24 | 3292716 Lordflin
Lordflin's picture

I suspect that we have far more to fear from drones made in America than China.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:33 | 3292730 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 I suspect that you are " I'll informed".

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:35 | 3292736 newengland
newengland's picture


Diplomats are always the first to talk, and the last to know. The 'lord'wotsisname is a typical fey prat.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:43 | 3292751 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 I'll take notice the next time Draghi or [Edwald Nowatny] speaks in the middle of the night! Like last September, when I got my annual "prostate checkup".

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 00:54 | 3292768 newengland
newengland's picture

Don't get me started on the sick care system!

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 03:24 | 3292948 JOYFUL
JOYFUL's picture

If you don't get started, you'll never get cured, 'pet' ...

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:11 | 3292801 Lordflin
Lordflin's picture

The Chinese military has wanted war with us for the past thirty years... But given the domestic applications for drone technology my statement stands...

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:18 | 3292809 newengland
newengland's picture

Silly ninny. I suggest that you learn more about drones, and write less.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 01:45 | 3292838 Lordflin
Lordflin's picture

Ouch... That hurt... I am not going to get into a name calling contest... If you choose to believe that a government that is arming itself for civil unrest, has declared the right to kill US citizens it deems a threat, has insisted that there is no right to privacy from arial surveillance, and has used the drone as it's preferred platform for assassination, is ultimately benign that is your choice...

Now, why don't you run along like a good little sheep... Hmm... So I lied about the name calling...

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:03 | 3292851 newengland
newengland's picture

Your problem. Not mine, pet. You seem to think that a government is almighty. You are the sheep to be shorn and herded.

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 02:07 | 3292864 Lordflin
Lordflin's picture

Your canned response, it seems... You obviously have nothing useful to contribute... Just vagary and imbecilic jibes, and I have wasted enough time on you...

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 12:15 | 3293415 Money Squid
Money Squid's picture

china has had plenty of opportunity to war with the US in Korea and Viet Nam. China did not invade Viet Nam until after the US left. In a conventional war China would get its ass kicked by the US and China and every other country knows it. If there is a second nuclear war and both countries have nuclear weapons no one wins.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!