Inside America's Money Vault

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"Whether its cash, gold, or digital-data bits, we all know that money makes the world go round; but what that money is worth depends on trust." In this fascinating documentary, National Geographic Channel takes you inside the heart of the money machine to places that you're not allowed to bring a camera (unless you're a blind-folded Bob Pisani)... straight into some of the world's largest vaults. America's Money Vault follows 55 million dollars worth of gold as it makes its way down into the most valuable gold vault in the world. Hidden deep under the streets of New York City, hundreds of billion dollars in gold bars - the wealth of nations - are tucked away in a bunker that is anchored to the bedrock of Manhattan Island itself. Following this introduction, tomorrow, we will reveal much more on the world's biggest vault.

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Fuck You Bob Piss-on-me

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You've gotta be asleep to believe it..  ;-)

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the bars had serial numbers, just like fedresnotes .. *but* -- did you notice? -- They Don't Have Any Signature On Them! 

sheesh. clearly they aren't backed by anything.

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Money is debt. Gold is money.

“That’s not by accident. It’s by design. Those in whose interest it is to put a cap on the gold price forever so to speak, they want to conceal the actual cash price. You have to digg into the market to find that out … The Deutsche Bundesbank is not a free agent. They do what the Americans want them to do … [The repatriation of "german" gold,] it’s a trial balloon. They don’t really know how much actual demand there is for cash gold. So they are occasionally letting trial ballons up to see the wind … The cash gold is disappearing. It’s going into hiding. And they have to stop that flight by hook or by crook … You may not have something to eat tomorrow, I mean if it comes down to the nitty-gritty.”

Prof. Antal Fekete:

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So all that stands between the people & 25% of all the gold in the world are a bunch of fat fucks trying to look tough, but actually thinking about what donut they're going to eat next...



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way more of them than you and they have friends

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Credit is debt. Gold is money.

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nice timing on this propaganda, just when germany gets stiffed this comes out.

barbarous metal indeed.

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That's a lot of security for the world's stockpile of dusty air.

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And, as usual, the fed/msm will lie to you about it.  The claim is that the shipment shown in the beginning is 'over a ton'.  I count 70 bars on that cart, and based on the average weight of the GLD bar count, the average bar weight is 401.3 troy ounces.  That is .87 tonnes.  Even assuming msm ignorance of gold weights, it is only .93 short tons.  Oh hell, we are just ignorant muppets, and its close.

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Nausea gave way to projectile vomiting at the 16:00 mark.


What a load of shit. Eat up America.

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Max Tyler and me have the same barber.   Fekete is awsome, thanks for that.

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Given the coverage of many writers here at ZH, I find it odd that Dr. Antal Fekete isn't followed other than indirect links from commenters.   Fekete has been a significant part of my education and several writers in the past have taken a swing at him, Mishfor one. Fekete has always responded to his inferiors.   Steve Savoie has written a critique of Fekete and I linked several other of his essay's.  Should keep you busy untill monday.  Don't forget to make a liquor run so's you don't run out.’s-historical-silver-errors-9666

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none of that stuff happens when I make a deposit at my bank

no police

no guns

no vault

no underground stuff

makes me wonder if maybe my deposit isn't worth guarding


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Your bank is different.  Your holdings are computer controlled.  Rotate accumlator right with borrow.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

your deposit turns into a promise that you may of may not get back.

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"...a blind-folded Bob Pisani."

Literally, AND figuratively.

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Where is Gerry Rivers?

(My father went to high school with him before he came out of his Latino closet)...

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Public relations to show the masses that they do have the gold the Germans are repatriating and not a bunch of dead beats that sold off someone else's gold. Even in the matrix people are questioning why it is taking them 7 years pay ship it over there if they were only supposed to store it.

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Isnt Nat Geo owned by Rupert Murdoch??


I think Ill pass............

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Ja ja, zie gold ist all zerr.

Shister, for und minut vee thought you Americans sent it to zee Chinese!

Phew. Sank you National Geographic!

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Mexico is now wondering about all their gold stored in The Bank of England...

Hey, Good luck with that!

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That's right people, gold is a barbarous relic that you can't eat - no sense investing in it - unless of course you are a central bank, or a millionaire, or a dictator, or a government, or...

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It's a great system for those folks - they purchase the wealth of the nation with an endless supply of paper but make sure when they get paid it's in gold. 

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I bet they break into hysterical laughter when they even see our "money".

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So if you are waliking down the street and you spot several gold, one ounce coins, you would not pick them up?   Remember you can't eat it.   It has no use you say.  So the old 50s song is applicable "Walk on By."  

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I found a sterling silver earing on the ground the other day.  I picked it up.

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propaganda. make believe.  somebody wants us to believe there is something; otherwise "they" wouldnt do it.

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Seems like a risky place to keep it to me, seeing how Mnahattan is such a target.

They probably have the real stuff under some mountain in Wyoming.

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Risky, indeed.  It's Friday night, and I have some leftover tinfoil, so here goes.  If you really followed the 'counterfeit bearer bond' bust in Italy a few years ago, you see alleged that the Chinese families who accumulated all the gold from the tea, silk, and spice trade asked the fed to hold that gold for them in the '30s for fear that the Japanese would seize it.  IFIRC, it totaled 7 battleships loaded with gold.  They were issued bearer bonds in special fed boxes.  The fed declined payment on maturity 60 years later in 1998, and the case went to the world court.  The court found in the Chinese' favor and dictated payment was to be made on 9/11/2001.  The gold in question was housed in WTC 7 which fell 30 minutes after the BBC announced it happened on the night of 9/11.  The Chinese have been buying tons of gold in excess of what they produce the last few years.  Where is this gold coming from?  Could the Germans have to wait because the Chinese are in line in front of them?  Could it be the original Chinese deposits being sold back to them?  Could there be some additional political or monetary consideration involved to enable such supply?  Damn, I will need to grill again to get another surplus of tinfoil, and snow is in the forecast tomorrow.

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When you pitch a movie your pitch has to be limited to 25 words.

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Quit all the ignorant bigotry against the jews. Mormons are a lot worse than jews.


Don't get me wrong, I like mormons. My door is always open. Got a couple in for lunch the other day. (Even though I had to make a special trip to the mountains to ditch their bikes. Jusy sayin')

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  I hope there are a bunch of self-immolated Banksters. Wishful thinking<   Levi Strauss & Cos. biggest customer. (Denim gives FIAT percieved durability).   just for fun

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Miles and miles of toliet paper as far as the eye can see.

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Trend Alert: Increase in number of anonymous central banks.

My vault is intact and reserves are growing weekly.

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Sweet baby cheeses, look at all that tungsten.

(Hope fedrez's cops are better shots than NYPD).


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Smells like propaganda.

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I learned something today, thanks!  (and I'd rather have the goat)

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Who wouldn't?  The car is long term operational expense requiring energy and maintenance.  The other is delicious in curry.

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...or can be used as weed abatement and source of milk/cheese.

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The video message is that fiat is good, bitcoin is bad, gold is heavy, and the FED is noble and good. Enjoyable video to watch.

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The subtle message is that bitcoin deserves to be in the conversation with fiat and gold.