Rumor Ramp Reverses Rout

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We saw what happened yesterday when the unknowable vote went exactly as everyone expected - the supposedly totally-priced-in equity market dumped. Today, the rumor is that a deal is on the cards and sure enough S&P 500 futures ramp almost 20 points. Interestingly, this ramp has stopped just as Gold and stocks have recoupled relative to each other on the week. Of course, once the rumor is flatly denied or rejected, we would expect little to no selling pressure in this broken market because there is always hope...

The last 3 times the S&P got back to even with gold, it sold off relatively...


as is clear here...


Charts: Bloomberg

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DJ Happy Ending's picture

I wonder if algos could be influenced by prnewswire releases.

Richard Chesler's picture

Fucking monkeys.

Long live fraud and the corrupt Obama Aministration.

Cursive's picture

We're past the point of no return and algos and momo still acting as though any action could save it.

philosophers bone's picture

Trading algos react to headlines and headline-writing algos react to trading.  Nice and convenient, internally coherent and reality does not have to be factored in. 

Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

truth is treason in the empire of lies

thismarketisrigged's picture

whens the rumor that bernake and bullard were killed and obama has been impeached? im waiting for that rumor

therover's picture

Yeah, who ( better word is what) codes that algo ?

Maybe there is a coding algo, that writes the 'headline' , which in turn sparks the 'trading' algo, which then tanks the market based on Big Ben's demise and Barry's impeachment headline.

Oh man, my head hurts.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

I haven't been on the 'boards as much...Has anyone seen my kid around here?

akarc's picture

Heard he bought the Dallas Cheerleaders and an Island and retired. Something about an awesome bet on face book or something?

fuu's picture

Nope. Looks like he got the boot over at wallstreetbear too.

azzhatter's picture

I heard it was a bad bust, should be out in 24 hours

SheepDog-One's picture

Last I heard RoboTarder was applying for head buttboy job with Bernank.

Dr. Engali's picture

Ben needs to print a lot more if he ever wants to push through S&P 1565......if he does gold will lead the way.

Tsar Pointless's picture

Ben has not yet begun to print.

Eventually, helicopters will be put into use.

Tsar Pointless's picture

Boundless bullshit baffles, bitchez.

ekm's picture

The 'deal' news is for the HFTs to war against each other until only few are left.


Real traders are gone by now. Primary Dealers own everything.

Super Broccoli's picture

no shit ? a deal ? that wasn't expected !


Monedas's picture

Re-couple, you say ?   Like Bernanky's small, rubbery penis up our "collective" asses !      Dennis Rodman pleads with Norkoms to send Norkom tutors to inner city black schools .... to teach disciplne !

bigkahuna's picture

Everybody knows....

SheepDog-One's picture

'A 'deal' is in the cards'....well you know what that means, lube up and bend over america!

I wonder how much payroll taxes will be increased to make this 'deal', another 3% at least? Nevermind the added trillions in debt, that's nothing as long as stawks are up.

Mark123's picture

Spot if a "deal" can fix the mess! 


Most western nations are completely bankrupt AND continue to spend with borrowed money from their friendly central bankers....AND we continue to believe that these same governments can keep all the promises for social welfare for all, guarantee all new debts to buy houses, cars, student loans etc etc etc.


The only deal that will work is a big reset (revolution) led by enlightened men.  Fat chance of that.

Bizaro World's picture

If you ain't got no job, you ain't be carin' bout no payroll tax! 

Now if there was to be implemented a Parolee Tax, that's a different story.....the Baryy O's supporters would be up in arms over that. They might have to vote 6 times (again) to knock that down.


Dr. Engali's picture

The top is in....



You Haven't Missed the Rally: Goldman's Cohen

ekm's picture

Do not be fooled.

A person drowing in a river will try to hang on to anything, even his own friend. Just today news here in Toronto that a canadian drowned in Cuba along with a cuban trying to save him.


Do not be fooled.

e-recep's picture

come on, the goldman jew cohen would never fool the masses. heeding his advice i feel a strong urge to sell all my gold and silver and buy AAPL and GRPN. after all, what can possibly go wrong?

GrinandBearit's picture

Another fiscal crisis averted...horray!  Thank god our congress people are competent enough to fix all these problems.


How ridiculous it all is.  Just take the whole thing down and get it over with for cryin out loud.

Pareto's picture

Another fiscal crisis averted...horray!

Even when they are not there.  Its a miracle!

Element's picture

We're saved!!!

Confundido's picture

They managed to bring gold back to $1,575/oz, thanks to the 10am slam down... I chuckled at Gartman when he wrote today that the margin clerks are growing weary of their (i.e. gold bugs) excuses....Margin clerks on gold bugs???? Gold bugs hold physical, unlevered gold! What a motherfucker this guy is!

SheepDog-One's picture

Can't have clerks growing weary now, can we!

Yen Cross's picture

  TOTUS is supposed to make an announcement in 7 minutes. Re; SEQUESTER.

SheepDog-One's picture

We DEMAND moar breads and circuses and whatnots!

thismarketisrigged's picture

fuck head obama is speaking at 1135. he will say everything he can to pump the markets past new highs.


i hate that fucker so much.

SheepDog-One's picture

Paint us a pie in the sky rosy story Great Caligula! I want to hear about pink unicorns or sharting out crates of free US Doellars for all!

Mark123's picture

I recall a tale about a guy called King Canute....he declared the tide would not come in.


King Obamanute!  King Benankanute!!!

Confundido's picture

$1,573/'s so easy to print paper gold....

jeff314's picture

he will be late...that negro should buy a watch...

disabledvet's picture

I still like my " Unicorns blowing rainbows out their ass" headline better. "while snorting Brahms and whinnying Thaichovsky" as well apparently. Listen "deflations are marked by GENERALIZED price declines." we've had probably the biggest asset inflation in history burst by the Fed (for a second time in lest than five years i might add--both times with the same guy in charge) should not come as a surprise that gold is struggling here. "this time is different" in that it may be impossible to have an asset inflation under QE. I'm still sticking by my view that we may get a "print" of "1 dollar chickens already cooked"...and that's a hard way to pay down trillion dollar deficits.

Mark123's picture

Tell me more of this plan "1 dollar chickens already cooked".....Maxine W should be briefed.

rsnoble's picture

My comment that got voted down this am:

"We're so use to seeing green that now we consider a -60pt down on the DOW futures a bad morning when it's at 14K?

Based on the past several years and this is friday the day remains low volume and closes flat or a throwing stone on either side of zero.

One day that will change id laugh my ass off if it came out of the blue like today but im just calling it like it's been."

I do more than just run my mouth around here.

boeing747's picture

Operation German Gold: Next few years, gold price will be Up&Down very quickly in very short period of time. Only this way, fed can get enough physical golds to return to German.