Name That Market? +8.6% Average Annual Return Over 33 Years, Worst Drawdown -4%

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'Buy-and-Hold'; Bonds-Schmonds. Sometimes a longer-term perspective is useful for context. Whether you are a safety-seeking, "some-return-is-better-than-no-return" bond-holder; or a "Jim Cramer said 'all clear' so I'm nuts deep in stocks" wannabe trader; the charts below at least provide from insight into why all that 'crazy' money might prefer the bond market to the stock market. Since rear-view-mirror investing appears the meme of the moment (and hope is now a strategy), it makes one wonder, when fixed income returns average 8.6% per annum for 33 years with a maximum 4% drawdown annually as opposed to stocks with a 8.9% per annum return and four 10%-plus annual drawdowns (and two 50% intra-period collapses within a decade). While we hold no judgment here, arguing that rates are so low they can't go any further is futile (ask Ben and see Japan) and applies just as well to equity multiples, margin expectations, and fundamentals. Context is king, be informed.


Fixed Income... Slow and steady wins the race (for now)


Equities... Better Returns but the pain...


Fundamentals... not pretty - as a reminder RED is not good...


Charts: Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley