Send In The Economists

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Submitted by Clive Hale from View From the Bridge

Send In The Economists

Back in August 2011 I quoted these lines from Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music” apropos the then raising of the debt ceiling in the US which we thought was the height of farce at the time.

Don’t you love farce?
My fault I fear
I thought that you’d want what I want,
Sorry my dear
But where are the clowns
There ought to be clowns
Quick send in the clowns, don’t bother they’re here…

It turned out to be a “little light music” compared to the sequestration dance we are going through now. I find castration a lot easier to say and would have no problems applying the procedure to the members of the political circus that poses as democracy on both sides of the pond. The real problem is that a good number of the electorate require the same treatment for voting the muppets in in the first place.

The gravy train that poses as the Electoral College in the States is rigged to make it near impossible for anyone other than the Democrat or GOP nominee to get into the White House. Ron Paul was on the ballot paper but he knew that third place was as good as it gets. Eventually the US electorate will wake up to the fact that their political system only works for their politicians. Democracy US style means that the rich get richer and the poor get food stamps...

In Europe it is very different. We can vote for the Monster Raving Looney Party – yes there truly is such a thing – the Beer party and one day soon the Blessed Nigel of Farage. To get on the list of candidates over here you have to stump up £500, be a UK, Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland (how did that happen?) citizen, be seconded by 10 voters in the constituency and not be a police officer, in the military or a member of the House of Lords or bankrupt or bonkers. UKIP may well have won the Eastleigh by-election had Farage stood as a candidate – along with 13 others - but as it was Diane James took votes off the Tories and Liberal Democrats in equal measure. This may have been spun as an inconsequential protest vote the happenings in Italy earlier in the week is beginning to cause the establishment some angst.

A whole raft of vested interests German newspapers and politicos have been venting spleens; here’s a selection.

Italy’s Childlike Refusal to Acknowledge Reality Der Speigel

Silvio Berlusconi ruined Italy and brought it almost as close to bankruptcy as Greece. It is worrying that voters didn’t punish this jester by ignoring him. In the campaign he promised the abolition of the IMU real estate tax and even the repayment of the taxes already paid under it. The failure to punish such nonsense casts a bad light on a country that requires a fundamental political renewal. If you count the results of the Five Star Movement of the rabid Beppe Grillo, who has been preaching wild hatred of the ‘freeloaders up there,’ then more than half of Italians voted for some form of populist. This amounts to an almost childlike refusal to acknowledge reality. – Die Welt

“More than half of Italians voted for some form of populist”. Well I wonder why that was. Could it be that they have had enough of the “freeloaders up there”? And then there is The Economist that bastion of the establishment with a remonstrating front page headline, “Send in the Clowns. How Italy’s disastrous election threatens the future of the euro”. The democratic process; more than half the electorate voted for Grillo and Berlusconi; has been sidelined as a childish tantrum. Is there any chance that the powers that be have some real skin in this game as in can they get more power and more money? When Grillo was making his name as a proper comedian the then premier of Italy, the head of the Italian Socialist party Bettino Craxi was visiting China. The apocryphal joke runs as follows. “If the Chinese are all socialists who do they steal from?” Craxi spent the latter years of his life in Tunisia to avoid the rather short arm of the Italian law on charges of corruption.

The euro is a political construct that has been flawed in design and execution from day one of its sorry existence. The Greeks know that; they have just been downgraded by Russell to emerging market status. In Spain with youth unemployment at 55% Catalonia has taken the first steps towards succession and ominously General Juan Antonio Chicharro, until 2010 commander of the Marine Corps, has opined that “What do the Armed Forces do now?” he gave no answer but the inference is quite clear. In Italy the populace has had enough of the German insistence on austerity. Their choice of politicians is, after all, their choice and if they want to live as Italians in a sub optimally run country then good for them.

Leaving the eurozone is an option unless your pig headedness misguided politico/economic beliefs prevents you from understanding that fact. The populist vote suggests that they want to get back to being what they are very good at – being Italian.....not German. Euro R.I.P.

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Bad propiganda? i guess TPTB dont like these guys!

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"Eventually the US electorate will wake up to the fact that their political system only works for their politicians."

The only way Americans are going to wake up is if the propaganda distribution networks are disabled. I understand why it is essential to seize the television stations and newspapers during a coup.

NoDebt's picture

Give it time.  They're working on trampling the 2nd Ammendment right now.  The 1st Amendment will be after that.

AlaricBalth's picture

I agree. As it stands right now consolidation in media has diminished the free flow of information and alternative ideas. Now the FCC is getting ready to suspend a 37 years old rule which has restricted cross ownership of newspapers, radio and television. Concentrated media ownership is tantamount to state control of information.

q99x2's picture

Before long the only ones watching it will be those that are paid to produce it.

Accounting101's picture

For the love of god! Keep your eye on the ball. There are over 300 million guns in this country. No one is going to take those guns. We are mired in the 5th year of an economic depression and you are focused on a nonexistent threat. This is the kind of dumbness that causes the middle class to continually get its economic ass kicked.

Since 2008, $23 trillion of taxpayer money has been used to bail out the financial services industry. This is the threat! This is what is causing us to devolve as an economy and society.

Diogenes's picture

In its entire history when has the US government backed off from guns? Never. When have they backed off from angry voters? About a million times.

That's why the big boys don't give a shit about guns but do care about controlling the media, public opinion, and the voting process.

Once they have that wrapped up the guns won't be a problem.

GMadScientist's picture

Seems to me that if one election in a member country is threatening "the future of the euro", it was already weak and on its deathbed anyway.


Rainman's picture

euro ( date of birth 1/1/99 ) will most certainly pass away as a unatural causes.

Winston Churchill's picture

.The coalition UK Govt., is failing ,the LibDems are imploding(sex and money

scandals),that the importance of the UKIP win.

Early general election coming in the UK,So no,looks like two

countries plus Spain to me.

Italy is not that indebted ,and has lots of gold,unlike the rest of

the euro after discounting 'their' gold held in the US.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Re Britain's Ukip party and Nigel Farage - ZH favourites, but sadly, they have a less-well-known dirty aspect

Farage is a great, effective speaker against euro-zone idiocy


Very sadly, Nigel Farage and his UKIP party apparently are rabid neo-cons in the American mode ...

Ukip and Farage show support for extremist versions of Zionism, the bullying of Palestinians, fostering war against Iran, etc. ... and apparently seek to punish party members who try to disagree

Winston Churchill's picture

veterans today political slant is somewhere to the left of Karl Marx.

Some of their stuff is good,but they would call Karl a neocon,so their political

commentary is somewhat dubious.

disabledvet's picture

I would call myself "directly in line with Karl Marx" actually. "This guy was on to something." Ironically enough "buried in London"...which goes to PROVE you're not a real capitalist if you don't read or are taught Marx. (He didn't title his book Das Kapital for nothing. Double entrende--play on words--saying to Europe in effect "your political capitals are nothing next to the monied ones.") MarxISM on the other hand is more than a little out there. I do find it interesting that he sent a letter to the US Secretary of State during the time of Lincoln. (we didn't have dysfunctional Government back then...we had NON EXISTENT Government.)
that's what i mean when i say "Governments don't have spending problems...they have problems with the economy." Forget spending...DEBT is a given when it comes to Government...but "making that debt dollar mean something" is the purview of the economics profession. PERIOD. ("all money printed being used to pay the debt" means there is no money. yes? yes?) Interestingly "there was no problem with the North's currency during the Civil War. (We still use that same money today amazingly enough.) The reason the USA went on a gold today in both Europe and the USA...there was no supply of "money" (the monetary base was shrinking) as all Governments and their people were effectively...or in the case of the USA then literally...bankrupt and "just printing interest payments on the debt." it's hard to imagine now but back then one of the most powerful men in North America was the Postmaster General of the United States. And back then a Treasury Secretary by the name of Salmon P. Chase discovered the wonders of "debt monetization schemes" in the form of "a constant bailing out of New York City Banks being no problem whatsoever." needless to say this still goes on today. "free soil, free labor, free men." this guy was the real deal...and his name stands next to Morgan on Morgan's bank...even though it was David Rockefeller's Salmon P. Chase's Manhattan Bank that bought out Morgan in my view. (of course it was Chemical Bank that bought Salmon P. Chase's Manhattan i boring everyone yet?) Hard to imagine that not even in the 90's was there a bank that could be run without "potential merger possibilities." In my view if you want to reform the financial services industry you should ban the entire industry from being able to merge with one another. "if they can bankrupt Twinkies Inc. to pay themselves huge bonuses...wait 'till you see what they do with the banks." God forbid if i'm actually right in my "greed trade" (and believe me i REALLY want to be wrong on this trade) because if i am that would mean New York City is in DEEP doo-doo.
i will say this the New York State Thruway Authority really is a wonder to behold. If you were to ask me "where's a safe place to put my money without fear of return of capital risk" (are there any left anymore?) that would be A Number One on my list. it would also be my advice to the new Governor of North Dakota: you want to BUY the Interstate Highway system in your state back from the Federal Government. as a (hopefully slight) toll road "it will do nothing buy throw off free cash flow for centuries." plus it creates a "capital market" from whence you can...God forbid!..."use as the capital base for a bank" and thus "fire up the lending engines." in the case of North Dakota that would "the Bank of North Dakota" no it's not publicly traded because it's owned by the State...and therefore is still solvent unlike all the private ones which Alan Greenspan wiped off the map. (apparently including all of Europe's banks interestingly one of course...MAYBE two. but that story is for another day.)

Totentänzerlied's picture

Care to rewrite that in English?

akak's picture

Please refer back to the poster's name here.

MisterMousePotato's picture

I second the motion. I, too, feel that there's something important in there. (Oops. meant to reply to Totentänzerlied.)

JustObserving's picture

Farage is a great, effective speaker against euro-zone idiocy

He accuses the Euro-Zone of having a very strong anti-Israel bias. That may explain his objection to the European Union:


'There is within the European institutions a very strong anti-Israel bias', Mr Farage said. 'I would almost say — and I am bit nervous of saying this — there’s almost a new trendy form of anti-Semitism creeping in…

'I could show you, within the last three months, transcripts of several dozen speeches in the European Parliament. There is a fundamental dislike of Israel. But it’s more than that. And we find that objectionable and worrying.'



indygo55's picture

"discounting 'their' gold held in the US."


The gold isn't held by the US, it's held by the FED, a private bank. 

BurningFuld's picture

Ya ya...all this stuff used to work when we were making our own stuff. Now that someone else is making all of our stuff we actually need to come up with something of value to give them. Here in lies the problem. Of course we could always go back to making our own stuff.

e_goldstein's picture

Making our own stuff requires skilled labor and a currency that doesn't constantly devalue. Two things that are in short supply in Amerika.

FeralSerf's picture

Not necessarily so!  The Italians made some very nice Ferraris and some other very tasty dishes when they were using the rapidly depreciating lira.

The euro has made government pensions much more attractive than when they were paid in lira, but the lira worked well enough to facilitate manufacturing and trade in stuff.

NeedtoSecede's picture

The Italians still make some the world's finest firearms. I am fond of Berettas and Perazzis, but there are others. If I handn't of lost them in a boating accident, my competition shotgun would be a Beretta DT10 and my home defense weapon of choice would be that sweet shooting CX4 that I loved so much... I am still mourning the loss.

FeralSerf's picture

Benelli and Franchi aren't too bad either.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

It requires a committment to American ideals, and then placing updated tools into the hands of properly managed worker/citizens.

HD's picture

 Not bonkers? Damn it, I was so close to establishing the "Unelected Technocrat Horse Meat for All" Party...

Fewer civil liberties, more "mystery meat" and unlimited fiat. Central bankers will be on hand to blow bubbles for the kids. What's not to like?



FeralSerf's picture

Do we get fries with that?

I guess the "Monster Raving Looney Party" must be a Canadian construct if bonkers are necessarily excluded.

HD's picture

Fries? You bet.  Of course, you don't mind a little cellulose do you?

FeralSerf's picture

If someone can just come up with a new catchy name for it, perhaps they will be able to charge extra for it as a non-fattening health food.  Maybe the folks that renamed rapeseed oil canola?

HD's picture

Corn sugar maybe - wait that's taken...

Oldwood's picture

The only sustainable trade policy is one where imports equal exports. We cannot balance this trade through manipulation of currency exchange rates for very long. The exporting nations of the world will not accept rapid devaluing dollars or euros forever. When it stops it will happen pretty quickly and the "consumers" of the world ain't going to like one bit. The banks are broke because they have been facilitating this fraud for a cut fnthe action. They will soon see who their freinds are when push comes to shove. The politicians of the world will throw teir mother under the train to protect themselves. Bankers see the writing on the wall and we will see increasingly more stepping down and moving to some island somewhere. The rats will soon be leaving the ship.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

dear American discontent..

so you want change or why would you read ZH? violence is a way but most here for very good reasons eliminate that option. moving to another land, where? they all are in the system.

here is one thing many can do: change your voter registration NOW. D or R go down to your local election office and change your registration to any other 3rd party of your choice or the global Independent.

The mass of people doing so would be the biggest hit we could do that avoids violence...please do it. That is a message the two headed monster will get

Sean7k's picture

Voting provides legitimacy to any government, you grant approval regardless of the outcome. The problem is not choosing the State it is the State. All States have degenerated into means for social control, resulting in debt slavery. 

While I agree the solution resides not in violence, it does lie in the elimination of the State as we know it. As long as the State is married with law, it is nothing but a vehicle for slavery at the hands of those most capable of acquiring power and influence. 

While people refuse to value liberty and responsibility, the ranks of slaves will be stuffed to the gills. Whether those with State positions, entitlement mentalities or the gross population held in thrall by bread and circuses. Hopefully, if ever exposed to real freedom, people might learn once again what it is to be free. It isn't safe, it isn't easy, it isn't secure, but it is what makes us feel alive and drives us to achieve.

Sovereignty must start with the individual, our loyalties must begin with ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods and then on to greater groupings that provide concrete benefits we agree to accept voluntarily.


formadesika3's picture

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater."

- Frank Zappa

nmewn's picture

"In Spain with youth unemployment at 55% Catalonia has taken the first steps towards succession and ominously General Juan Antonio Chicharro, until 2010 commander of the Marine Corps, has opined that “What do the Armed Forces do now?” he gave no answer but the inference is quite clear."

Well, that is interestng...more here...

"The Irish Times reports that when asked what the armed forces should do in such a situation, the general made clear he favoured some form of physical response.

El Pais reports that if the general had intended his remarks to be ambiguous, his audience seemed to be in no doubt as to their meaning. His speech got a standing ovation, punctuated with shouts of “Bravo! Bravo". And here... “The homeland comes first and is more important than democracy. Patriotism is emotion and the Constitution is just another law,” the general told the group." Well...alrighty "The only active military official to speak during the symposium, Chicharro explained that “there is an overall feeling of worry, fear, uncertainty and confusion” among the military divisions. He said he believed that it was unfortunate that another general, José Mena, was placed under house arrest and later replaced as head of the ground troops after he made a speech on January 6, 2006 criticizing that Catalan autonomy statute and suggesting that military intervention might be necessary to quell the region’s demands for increased home rule."

GMadScientist's picture

I wonder if the Euro Parliament (which somehow always makes me think of Rompuy dressed up like Bootsy Collins) has considered that their aspirations of empire will be thwarted by losing a portion of each member country (ala Catalonia). Having a non-Eurozone competitor in every country with their own independent currencies would make their little experiment extremely difficult to sustain.

nmewn's picture

I hear ya.

I've been quitely rooting on the Catalonians as well as the Basques ;-)

Bicycle Repairman's picture

They have.  Thwartation (?) is not an option.

AnAnonymous's picture

Because Catalunia wants out of Spain to remain alone?

That is a good one, a wonderful one.

Catalunia wants out of Spain immediately to apply to the EU and EMU.

They want to speed up the European people process by removing the nation state.

It goes the same for many other european areas.

If parts of Europe is left out of the EU and the EMU, it wont be Catalunia, Bavaria, Lombardia, Scotland, Euskali etc

All of them want out of their national structure to boost the Europeanization of Europe.

It is easily noted that 'americans' residing in the US love to lull themselves with the fantasy that no meltingpot process is wanted in Europe by the 'americans' residing there.

Very, very funny.

GMadScientist's picture

Im sorry, I can't hear you over the burning cars and nationalistic protests.

Great forward thinkers, those Catalans, to have started clamoring for independence decades before there was an EU to join, eh wot?

akak's picture

I can't hear him either, but it has much more to do with the disgusting and deafening din of mass Communist 'chinese' blobbing-up roadside sharting to the tune of B Citizenism major.

Alas, alas, one plus two times alas, just have to wade through it.

Sean7k's picture

It would appear that what the world REALLY needs is a global case of anti-semeticism, with the focus on the elimination of the inbred Rothschilds. When you have a religion that believes everyone but them are mules to be used as slavery stock- what do you expect?

Political correctness for the purpose of protecting criminal scum is only useful for the criminal scum.

GMadScientist's picture

You don't need a religion for that.

Sean7k's picture

No, but we have one all the same.

shovelhead's picture

Then we can get the Muzzies, then the spics, moolies, hillbilly trailer trash, Chinks, Japs...etc.

Then on to Australia.

I don't trust those Aussies...they talk funny.

e-recep's picture

I guess the collapse of Euro will mean huge losses for the owners the Economist (a Rothschild magazine). Can't wait.

jjsilver's picture

Very funny, The Rothschild owned economist making fun of their own puppets, more misdirection. Like saying they're always incompetent but never criminal in nature.

tempo's picture

robots and clowns. Million of jobs are eliminated each year worldwide due to automation (robots) and its accelerating. Tax revenues to support entitlements and overall consumption declines. Central bankers fund deficit spending to partially offset the deflationary impact of jobless recoveries. central bankers in a sense are just robots trying to contain social unrest. Thats the reason Obama doesn't think there is a spending or debt problem and his only prayer is that there is no limit to the amount of debt that can be issued. Of course it hurts billions of people in undeveloped countries but its impossible for them see the connection between their pain, robots and clowns.

GlobalCtzn's picture

Anybody from the Beer party has got to be head and shoulders above any Dem or GOP at this point.............