"Enthusiasm", "Greed" Or "Delusion" Phase?

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The shnozberries taste like schnozberries

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I think we're in the "we dont know what's going to happen so we'll make up a neat chart with vague terminology that we will hopefully be able to fit the facts to later and retroactively make ourselves look like geniuses" phase.


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The Bernank is in the WTF -- LMAO phase.

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Top ways to play the bull market:
  1. Index ETFs - Index ETFs are a simple way for everyday investors to get exposure to the major stock indices. ETFs are managed by proffessional investors, who ensure that when stocks go up, so does your investment.
  2. S&P Futures - Futures are another way to profit from the bull market in stocks. The benefit of futures, is that you can put down very little money, but still reap huge rewards due to "leverage". 
  3. Options - Investors who believe the market is going higher, can buy call options which will rise with the stock market. Just like futures, options have the benefit of costing very little but still allowing you to make a lot of money. 


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Thank you for that great trading tip.

You obviously know a great deal about the market. 

Please let me know when you will be conducting your next seminar.  I will definitely be there.

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Next weekend at the airport Hilton, admission is only $59.99 per person (continental breakfast included).  What a small price to pay to save your retirement future!!!11

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A bargain at twice the price. He better not make the mistake of underpricing himself, you get what you pay for.

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If the implication is, that the public has entered the manic phase and is powering the Dow to new highs, then I reject the premise.

This is strictly an institutionally-driven algo fête. The public, to the extent that they have any investable funds remaining, are out of this game.

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Retail is gone and will never be seen again. The Hedgies are the new target. The squid sees their AUM and hungers.

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I am a little slow... I need a large 'you are here' star on this chart.  Like the kind they have at the malls and airports... 

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Surprised by a new all-time high in the DJIA, but the rally is running on Ben's anal fumes at this point IMHO:


American mass psychology is a manic psychosis:


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If by "institution" you mean private players leveraging the hell out of public money in order to blow the market up so the insiders can bail out at heretofor unbelievable stock market valuations, then I agree.

I'm sure there are a lot of bankster operatives working in pension funds to make sure their wealth gets transferred to the mega banks in the next market collapse as well.

Retail isn't dead, though.  There are still lots of establishment gobemouches that are in the market.

I told a coworker that taxes were going up, the budget was becoming a bigger issue, deficit spending would get hit and all those things indicate now would be a good time to start leaving the market.

She replied, "but it's all I have."

"That's why you need to protect it," I replied.

She's fully invested and just UPPED the amount she puts in here 401k.

She isn't the only one, she's the "normal" one.

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I disagree that the public is out of the game, they are along for the ride and can not get off so they will be part of the crash.

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I've been inside "the Hilton" before, but I had to pay way more than $59.95

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I thought it was free? At least that was the impression I got from a "promo" video some time ago...

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Do I have to attend the timeshare seminar that follows?  Because I'd like to bring an oven to stick my head into in that case.

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That one was cancelled, but they got a replacement!  Miyagi Fukdamuppets, author of "Rich Banker, Poor Banker," is giving a free* seminar about how high retail checking account fees are always worth paying.


*with $59.99 purchase of hard copy edition of "Rich Banker, Poor Banker" signed by Mr. Fukdamuppets himself!

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Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to sign up for the "real" classes at the seminar!

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free admission with a buy on Herbalife

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Those are three good mechanisms to take advantage of this bull market. Depending on the amount of money a person has and the risk profile, you can choose any of them.

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The real fun hasn't even started if I go by that chart

Now buy spy in the money options every Monday till this blows up

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I once got an e-mail from a previously unknown Nigerian friend - he had a very attractive business proposal which he was willing to share with me for just a small entry fee - I think I really should get in touch with him (you know, for old times sake, I guess), after all, he's a friend, so what could go wrong, right?

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and what were you holding during the Flash Crash?

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I was short and loved every minute of it. I did get nervous because the quotes were wrong, however it goes down as one of my ten most fun and profitable days !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring on the flash crashes............. traders best friend.


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the muppets are a getin in the pot uh hotub but theres a short in the water heater

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Where is the:

" .... and if you call within the next 5 minutes we'll include a FREE, yes fols FREE, handy chart reading class. But hurry, quantities limited."

Plus, of course, the obligatory:

" .... but wait, there is more!!! We'll double the order for only $49.99 plus a small Shipping and Handling fee of just $39.99. Expedited shipping available!!!"


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Euphoria, delusion, bear trap, despair.....GEE they left out the part about surveilance drones and tanks and re-education camps??

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How about that x-axis!  "Time" - well that's fuckin specific guys!

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'Time'...yes, yes 'time, the avenger'.....I'm wondering where the 'suspension of disbelief' phase is myself, we've been in that for 10 years at least!

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No shit..  Looks to me like the graph ends March 2009 and we are waaay the fuck off the charts and into Twilight Zone, Bad=Good!, Control-feak fascism phase...

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Yep, this today is supposed to be the 'public phase'? As if retail investors are clamoring for stocks in a 'greed frenzy'? Bullshit, I've seen NO evidence of that anywhere. 

Where's the 'FED pumps with $100 billion a month' phase? Missing.

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Dow Reaches Record High, Spurred by Fed 
New York Times ‎-- 2 hours ago

What’s amazing about this bull market is that people still don’t think it’s real,” said Richard Bernstein, chief executive of Richard Bernstein Advisors, a money management firm. “We think this could be the biggest bull market of our careers.


How the Fed extricates itself is important,” said Mr. Bernstein, the money manager. “It could happen two, three, four, five years from now.”


In the meantime, he said, he remains confused about why more investors aren’t buying stocks. “I just don’t understand why people don’t want to play,” he said.



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I'd rather play Russian Roulette with a semi auto than play 'buy stawks' with the maniacal FED!

Didi mao! *smack* DIDI MAO!! You shoot NOW!!

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Does  it ever go to a second round?

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That article might put The Onion out of business.

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"I just don’t understand why people don’t want to play"

Then why not just ask them you retarded moron, deliberate blindness just isn't cool man...

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Ben Bernanke is the "Hero who saved the world"

Why everyone hates him?!


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According to that same source,Adolf did the same at Munich.

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The "external threat vilification" and "wartime austerity" phases are missing.

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Where's the 'ol permanent gold backwardation and emergence of new monetary paradigm phase? 

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No senile dementia stage ?

Seems the players in the 'market' have  early onset.

Wake me up when the is 1400.Then I will buy.

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Pull over. He can't pull over. He's already pulled over. Pull over further...The opening 5 minutes was the best part of that movie.

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Stop it. That movie was great all the way through.

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+1 for Super Troopers reference. "Hey Farva, what's that restaurant you like with all the shit on the walls?"

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....well two out of three ain't bad......

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Wait until the Fed reflates AAPL for the "new paradigm" phase.

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"bull trap"  Love that shit!

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Wheres the frontal labatomy phase?