Federal Government Offices In Washington DC Will Not Open Today Due To Snow

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Today, the Federal Government's office in D.C. will be closed due to weather: we note this because supposedly someone would notice a difference. Not the sequester, no matter how hard the administration would like to blame it for today's shutdown, but the weather is to blame. Stone McCarthy explains what this means for today's economic reports. "The Office of Personal Management announced Wednesday, March 6 that federal government offices in the Washington, DC area would be closed due to weather. As a result, the usual lockup procedures for the release of economic data will be suspended. The only economic report of note set for release by the federal government on Wednesday is the data for factory orders in January. It will be published on the Census Bureau website at 10:00 ET as scheduled. The Federal Reserve's Beige Book is scheduled for release at 14:00 ET on Wednesday, and we anticipate it will be available on that website at the announced time."

Remember - never let a one day weather crisis go to waste, because it now means that we have a perfectly valid reason for the BLS and DOL to "estimate" better than expected claims and non-farm payrolls for March over the next 4 weeks.

Because otherwise the government may be forced to show what the real economic data underpinning the record DJIA is.... and that would be very bad.

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francis_sawyer's picture

Open or closed ~ DC = One big snow job clusterfuck surrounded by a circle jerk...

redpill's picture

My car wouldn't start this morning because of the sequester.

knukles's picture

OK, so here's a real time shut down of the federalies.
It's Wednesday morning and I ain't seen anything different.
Maybe if it shut down for.....

espirit's picture

If they don't want to work - don't pay them!

aint no fortunate son's picture

may it snow in DC every day for the next thousand fucking years

A Nanny Moose's picture

Can't we just pay them to stay home....permanently?

DblAjent's picture

And yet, no one noticed...

BobPaulson's picture

Except the non-US residents who either have to work in DC or who regularly get their flights routed through the bottleneck known as the United States.

Is anybody keeping track of how the situation in the US is scaring away the business it used to attract by being knowns as a functioning and free place? Blame the snow if you want, but as they slowly throttle off the movement of people bringing business to the country, there has to be some effect.

I think the USSR experimented with complete control and it didn't work out for them.

GetZeeGold's picture



Due to lack of funds the snow cats are not running today.


Damn the sequestration man.

CheapBastard's picture

Freezing weather....deep snow....lots of homeless...


Sad story, eh.

redpill's picture

Could use them for 'beef' lasagna in Detroit

Svendblaaskaeg's picture

That's Global Bloody Warming for ya..

General Decline's picture

The only thing worse than gridlock in Washington is no gridlock in Washington.  Stay home, douchebags.

redpill's picture

I for one am happy we don't get nearly all the government we pay for.

TBT or not TBT's picture

We aren't paying the full tab for it since 08.

Sudden Debt's picture


Big Corked Boots's picture

Millions for bullets, but nothing for snow shovels.

EvlTheCat's picture

The official line on this from DHS is, "It's too hard to goose step and shovel snow ."

spankfish's picture

Not fair!!! You peaked at the National Defense Authorization Act.

ebworthen's picture

The academics in that town have trouble shoveling snow, walking in snow, driving in snow.

It goes up their noses just fine.

Colonial Intent's picture

Your salary is a symptom of a totally rotten system, in which profits generated correspond to no concrete value in the real world, leastways not until some taxpaying schmuck has to make sure you're good for it.

Cdad's picture

The lives of our government employees are far to precious to risk on treacherous roads.  Perhaps, DC should remain closed until April?  We can protect them and save money.  Or do government employees get time and a half for snow days?

El Hosel's picture

They are all down in Fla, playing golf. They are richer than you and cold weather is for the regular people.

espirit's picture

Believe me, we don't want them down here either.  But, if they do decide to come...they're fair game.

ziggy59's picture

Is it actually snowing now? Dont think it is...


They lie about important stuff, why wouldnt the small stuff be a lie automatically?

Albertarocks's picture

Rahm Emanuel will be all over that crisis like white on rice.

A Nanny Moose's picture

I feel compelled to point out that Stink on Shit might be the appropriate metaphor for all things related to Rahm

francis_sawyer's picture

Close it down forever... The fucking place was more useful when it was swampland before they started tattooing the landscape with Illuminati bullshit...

fomcy's picture

Who cares, they are useless anyhow, If their offices will stay close for whole year
nobody will even notice and maybe GDP will finally rise 0.5% as result. :)

NoWayJose's picture

Algos probably like this headline - bullish!

HD's picture

I assume its snow day everyday behind the walls of the Fed. Giant piles of new fiat as far as the eye can see. A hot coco in hand someone yells, "MONEY FIGHT!!" and they playfully throw wads of cash at each other and make money angels. It's all fun and games until someone who had a little too much french wine at lunch tries to write his name in the fiat...

Calculated_Risk's picture

Do they really need anymore reasons to not work?!

'Uh oh, pelosi has a hang nail! Close DC!!!!'

Fucking pussies!

ziggy59's picture

DC Forecast: 100% chance of BS

thismarketisrigged's picture

remember guys, if we have bad employment numbers for the next 8-9 months, its due to the snowstorm today. 

Schmuck Raker's picture

It's not the snow. It's a day of mourning for Hugo Chavez.

TBT or not TBT's picture

All the flakes in any case

GetZeeGold's picture



It's a day of mourning for Hugo Chavez.


I heard an AP news report on his death yesterday.....I didn't realize he was a saint.

azzhatter's picture

Due to sequestor I can no longer afford an alarm clock

KRUZER's picture

,,,,,,,,,,,,,since when ZH is into weathering ,,,,not pertinent to your lector.

Curtis LeMay's picture

Will anyone outside the Beltway even notice?

Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

what a complete an total joke.  I work in the heart of Parasite City here in DC and there is no snow on the ground, all rain right now.

Straw Dog's picture

I live in the DC metro area, 20 minutes drive from the Capital. Yes it is snowing lightly, no snow lying on the roads. Normally with conditions like these it would be business as usual for government. Don't know why DC is shut down, looks like a scam to me.

rejected's picture

Working for Telephone company we were required to report to work throught the Cat 4 Hurricane Ivan...

lindaamick's picture

Washington Closed today in order to allow intense planning of new coup in Venezuela.

Venezuela sits on US OIL.

SilverDOG's picture

Shut it down... shut it ALL down.

Anasteus's picture

They can go sledding.