Okun Shrugs With Productivity Plunging, Labor Costs Surging, And Claims Improving

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Initial claims were expected to rise modestly to 355k from last week's noisy 344k print (which was revised up) but instead (seasonally-adjusted of course) they improved to 340k (from a revised 347k). However, non-seasonally-adjusted claims rose at their fastest rate of the year. Adding further confusing salt to the wound, as we noted here, it seems Okun's Law is broken, with productivity dropping at its fastest since Dec 2008, unit labor costs surging at their fastest since in 11 months - and all with GDP going nowhere and initial claims improving.

Non-Seasonally-adjusted claims surged the most in 2013...


as Productivity and labor costs diverged...


Charts: Bloomberg

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It's OK.....there's a lot of laws being broken right now.

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Indeed, the Law of Gravity has nothing on the power of pixie dust and positive thinking.

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besides, the S&P 500 still hasn't set a new all time high yet, they must have rebalanced it with the wrong stawks / s

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"productivity dropping at its fastest since Dec 2008, unit labor costs surging at their fastest since in 11 months - and all with GDP going nowhere and initial claims improving"

Those productivity and GDP numbers must be wrong

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Just more Obamanomics happy days are here again happy news for the masses of Belivers of the New Messiah!

They can now point to the paper and say "Happy Days are here Again" see it says so right here. Things are getting better even though unemployment is up, food stamps are up, no ones hiring, GPD way down, but hey the fed is still printing money so what could possible go wrong?

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  The trade balance looks like crap, and both Claims #s were revised higher. This bait and switch game is real old.

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That which cannot be sustained won't be.  Now that it is a "global eCONomy" exactly who is the earth trading with and what are they offering us in exchange of real value?  Printing 188 million dollars an hour is what is maintaining the status quo in the U.S.  God only knows how much yuan is being created out of nothing.  "Winning" - hedge accordingly folks, it is all you can do anyway.

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No mention of all the crappy weather we had when the claims drop.

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Why does all that up-and-down chart porn remind me of Japan ?

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Nothing is going to improve until gold goes up.  Why would anyone put money into a crud economy during a printfest when gold is on fake sale during that same printfest?  You make gold unattractive by putting the price where it belongs, not by trying to rig the market lower.  No one is that fn stupid.  They did it in the 80's to save the economy and the currency.  They will have to do it again.  It is what works.

LawsofPhysics's picture

So you are asking for true "price discovery" in the land of "mark to fantasy"?   Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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The thing about gold is that it will happen anyway.  It has that physical component with easy storage that makes it money.  All low gold prices/supplies do is destabilize national currencies and national debt. 

I can't think of a worse situation than having your currency in a bubble vs gold, and then having a national debt and stock bubble riding on top of that. 

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Will. Not. Happen.  You are asking for transparency in a rigged "market".  Just as with the collapse of the former Soviet Union there will be mulitple markets, one "official" market and another market altogether, call it a black market if you like.  The price of physical assets in the latter will begin to reflect their true price, but that is it.  The world has been here before and the issue of available energy will be a major problem, along with fresh water and other essentials.  While the world has "been here" before, it hasn't been here with 7+ billion people.

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Yeah.  It will happen.  Governments always devalue vs gold in the end because it is the easy way.  For one reason or another, it is always the answer.  Only CNBC watching idiots don't realize it is inevitable and already happening.

They will never let a two market system happen in the US.  There is too much power and profit to be lost doing that.  By saying otherwise, you are saying for profit banking system will decide to leave world finance and just play a meaningless game of Monopoly in the corner. 

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"They will never let a two market system happen in the US"  LMFAO!!!

I paid a plumber in silver for running some lines for me last summer.  Right, you really believe that no one is doing business "under the table".  Halarious.

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Short SPY again, here and now.

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Thank you Kevin but I really don't want to make it easy for you. You'll need to use some of the $185 million, that your boss just printed in the last hour, to drive up the SPY. Running stops has run it's course, I hope.

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Oblahblah said buy stocks at the bottom in 09,  now he says things will get bad now that the sequester kicked in. I'm just curious when they'll  start revising all the numbers to look worse in compliance with Oblahblah's wishes (not that there not bad already) but when do they go the other way with the revision games ?  He has the Dow at all time highs so mission accomplished? What are they waiting for ? Maybe momo needs to fade naturally ? btw 14 RSI on SPY combined with volume looks as ugly as I've ever seen it with this latest break out. If not for the fed holding it up this whore of a market looks like it's about to crash and burn.

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my guess is hours were cut again.. productivity growth has sucked these past 3 years now.  

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I'm so mad I didn't buy the shit out of bitcoin last year.  100 bitcoins at $4/pc would of netted me an $18,000 profit.  Anonymously.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Wake me when I can buy diesel for my tractors with bitcoins.

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Productivity declining is the consequence of adding imaginary workers to the payroll. Labour input seems to rise without any accompanying growth in production. Sorry Mr. President but you can't have it both ways.

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How do you count 'productivity' of all those vendors standing in the malls at their tiny booths selling cell phone packages, junk jewelry, fake watches, etc?

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Isn't productivity merely a measure of output/labor input?  It doesn't really factor in, for example, output/energy input.  Super labor productivity also might not employ the poor that everyone on ZH cares so much about.

20th century agriculture is a great example of massive labor productivity but terrible energy productivity.  It substituted energy for labor.  And labor went to do other work.

Now, if productivity doesn't rise, that may suggest we cannot even substitute energy for labor effectively.  What to do then?

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Okun's beard trimmer strikes again.

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Let's take this sucker to 15,000 this week

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Yeah, but Okun's Law is more like a "guideline" than an actual law....

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This phenomenon has a name.

Reflation. Wages rise faster than productivity. Corporation invest not because they have good projects but because they are losing money on their treasuries. Nominal GDP increases but most of it is inflation and nominal tax revnues also.

I love it.

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So is productivity dropping because workers are hobbled by inadequate equipment/policies or because workers are fed up with producing more wealth for less pay?