In February Multiple Jobholders Rose By A Record, As Full-Timers Dropped, Part-Timers Increased

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When it comes to government data, every silver lining has a cloud. Sure enough even today's NFP number, which on the surface was quite acceptable, had its share of thorny issues.

Those who track the quality composition of the jobs, as opposed to just the quantity, will know that the part and full-time jobs breakdown has long been a major issue. And not unexpectedly, in February according to the Household Survey, the number of full-time jobs declined by 77K from 115,918 to 115,841. The offset: a jump in part-time workers which rose from 27,467 to 27,569, or 102K. Part-time jobs, for those who are unaware, are "jobs" only in the broadest of definitions.

But the most surprising development in February from a quality standpoint was that the number of multiple job-holders rose by a massive 340K, which just happens to be a record. One wonders: how many actual people got new jobs, as opposed to how many qualified single individuals ended up getting more than one job in February in order to boost that much needed weekly income to sustainable levels.

Source: BLS

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So we are losing Full Time Workers and Replacing some of them by Part Timers.

Not the best of reports

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I really don't like the way gold is trading. It looks like it's about to fall off a cliff, and bring down the whole doomer libertarian community with it. Silver looks even worse, especially when it's already trading at a 10 dollar premium to fair value.

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Really???  Dude, physical has been flying off the shelves.  The only downward pressure has been paper PM's which are only as good as the paper they're printed on.

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Speaking of physical, my last order is past the 2 week mark. Anyone else seeing a slowdown in fulfilment? Never been this slow for me.

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I had the same issue with APMEX 2-3 years ago, and have not dealt with them since.

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Where do you buy from and why? I'm looking for best source and consider all input.

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Surprise, Surprise, Goober and Andy.  Maybe this incentives and disincentives thingy has legs.

Good news for Geezers looking for a part-time job.  Death on the young.

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You must be on a watchlist or something, I've had a couple orders the past month and took delivery within a week.

Now if I can just stop my boat from sinking and taking all my treasure to the briny deep. . .

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Been using Modern Coin. I'd like to hear input on this as well.

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It also looks like US Govt Treasury Bond prices are about to fall off a super cliff.

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New directive from the Holder Drone CentCom: "It shall be a droneable offense for any U.S. citizen to look at or publish figures from the Daily Treasury Yield Curve report".

If you don't care about a little Hellfire, have a peek:

That's a mean ramp in the long end.

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Where's the "This is great for consumer spending and getting the economy back it normality" post?

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I have some nice well worn ren that I am wiilling to part with for all that shiny, hard gold and silver. I find that well worn ren is particularly useful when one has to take a crap on the side of the road, or as tinder to light your stove with when you need to wok the dog...

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Damn Skippy there, MC, them rounds don't have any BTU's. Have you tried any of the plastic fiat? Hard on the backside but it burns well.

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I agree - I think gold and silver have another leg down. It's great for buying at lower prices.

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I expect silver to test support in the 27 area. Any attempted breach of 27 is my buy trigger. Gold support is strong around $1550. On the other hand, it doesn't really matter where you buy either one today.

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Doomer libertarian? You say that like it is a bad thing, MDB.

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Actually, people who are having their hours cut back below 30/week are finding another part-time gig for 16-25 hours/week.  Two employers satisfied as now they dont have to pay ObamaCare benefits.

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Without doubt the worst possible piece of legislation at the worst possible time.

The coup de grace to the badly wounded economy.

Destroy any jobs not already offshored.

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So when the unemployment rate drops because of the continued increase in part timers and drop in full timers, the Fed will be raising rates because things are great!


Welcome to a Fundamentally Changed America.

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Is there a category for those with 4 or more jobs?

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The Exhausted Class. Welcome to the Recovery...

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"Is there a category for those with 4 or more jobs?"

I think they're called the Hedley's:

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I doubt if the markets or the economy care whether household income is from one job or many jobs. Fact is, people are finding jobs and income.

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Yeah but if I find 3 jobs, do I get counted 3 times?

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I primarily work for a firm (45+ hours a week)...  I also have my own firm on the side in a different industry...  and I do part time work for other firms around town in a different industry...  [too many degrees/certifications].  How many jobs is this?

My wife primarily does work through an agency (40+ hours a week), but then has her own firm on the side...  how many jobs is this?

In aggregate they pay fairly well, but individually they don't...  for young professionals, it's basically eat the wage arbitrage boot/kiss the ring until you're old enough to start having erectile dysfunction...  then it's hope economic conditions are such that you can recoup the opportunity cost lost along the way (wage arbitrage).  Conceptually, this should lead to more competition, but in reality it simply leads to people more in debt and desperate for whatever jobs they can find (after they fail on their own)[not to mention shittier practitioners because school does not prepare them for real practice].

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Obamacare. There are many industries ( like hospitality, retail) that are busy converting full time employees to part time ( <30 hrs per week) in order to skirt the healthcare taxes. I see the multiple job holders increasing in the future.

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LIESman said it would also distort weekly hour numbers higher.

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That isn't a lie. Sometimes the fuck tells the truth.

Most of the time the second part time job pays less than the first. Hours cut from 30 to 15 at one job, but you picked up 16 at the other job. You get one extra hour, but you get paid less. FUN.

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Healthcare is also bracing for obamacare as well. In my hospital in the last year they have drastically reduced full time job offerings and replaced them with per diem. One hospital in our group has reduced the number of microbiologists from 4 per day to 3 per day. There is no way to complete the daily work with so few staff so everyone must work 10 hr days six days a week with no vacation and your better have bubonic plague to call in sick. The couriers going there tell me they're afraid to walk in the micro dept because all they hear are people screaming at each other. It gotten that bad. Finally after 6 months management has agreed to allow them 1 per diem part time to help. The irony of this is they have no time to train a person to do this very complex job. When they pointed this out, management said essentially it sucks to be you. This is at a hospital that is non profit and, at this time, doing well financially. I shudder what the future brings when obamacare hits.


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and the EUR/USD drops to a 2013 low as the DOW rips to a new(er-er) all time high.

what a pig-fuck...

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Eviscerate the proletariat & middle class (done).

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I am looking for a job with low pay and no benefits, please help.

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That's a very competitive field.

You may have to consider lowering your expectations.

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THis will increase significantly to avoid obamacare - watch for it, already happening in restaurants to avoid the 40 hr workweek.

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Spot on! Create many more jobs with short hours to avoid Obamacare.

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Obamacare is only a small part of the equation...  the reality is that we live in an employers' market...  jobs are scarce...  and, as a result, those providing jobs can dictate extraordinary terms that were not possible a few years ago.  One of the biggest changes is moving from employees to independent contractors in virtually every professional field...  and requiring the contractor to keep a certain amount of insurance coverage.  It's pure profit for the job provider...  can't lose...  only pay the contractor when the job provider is certain to get income.  Winner.

Rent seeking comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Employers have more substitutability for their positions than ever. They can be extremely picky with how they fill labor-hours, very specific skill sets and experience requirements, can outsource functions not deemed "core", or can use robots if they are a manufacturing or mining concern. Self employed entrepreneurship and communal ties are really the key to gainful employment for most in my opinion, unless you can "score" a spot as a corporate cog. Unfortunately, these have their drawbacks as well, but life is short, take some risks with your own skin in the game. 

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Second biggest jump was in 2008/08, followed by a drop of 400k next month, or September (FOUR HUNDRED FUCKING THOUSAND) - same massaging technique?

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 SO... When all there is available are part-time jobs. One has to get another part-time job to make ends meet. Thank god I'm not in THAT boat.


    WTF ....Now the unemployed number goes DOWN?  ANd ther rigged game of the Dow is up.

    Ah ha. Thats how we do it.....Covert full-time jobs  to part-time. This should bring unemployment to 6.5% ...M Fer's

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Hand jobs are jobs too.

new government slogan