"US Equities: What Is There To Say?"

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In 213 words (surprisingly this time not in the form of just one sentence from this particular Joyceian stream-of-Austrian-consciouness) Diapason's Sean Corrigan does a better summation of "the market" than can be found in any expansive weekend Op-Ed or 100-click slideshow "explaining" all that has happened, and claiming to tell you "all you need to know."

From Sean Corrigan, CIO of Diapason Commodities

US equities, what is there to say?

Successive new highs; record buybacks (Miller-Modigliani and ESOP rules, OK!); multi-year heaviest mutual fund buying; vol a whisker off its Crisis Era lows; margin debt rising as fast as in 2000 and 2007; put-call ratios depressed; cumulative A/D in the stratosphere; junk bonds near yield lows; leveraged loan prices back at Blue Sky, mid-2007 levels—and now the jobs numbers giving everyone an all over warm glow.

The only thing to argue against this is that it’s simply all too good to be true; it’s a function of the crazed, macroeconomic theorizing of a sixty year-old, wannabe-Oz sitting in an office on 20th St. and Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., who almost got on the congressional record exhorting his interlocutor to quite belly-aching about the income on his aged mother’s savings and to get her into stocks instead.

For all we can surmise that this is just another in a long series of bubbles, each inflated to ward off the reckoning due from the collapse of its lengthening family tree of predecessors, this all-encompassing experiment not just with our livelihoods but with the wider structure of our very society shows no signs of being called of but, if anything, intensified in scale and extended in geography.

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Ben is telling you very clearly...invest in equities and don't hold onto cash. The velocity of money is key to Ben's strategy, but this is deadly for him and it will be the sword he falls on. He has no chance of exiting the Fed's position without throwing a grenade into the ponzi. Oh.....and one more message from Ben. Gold is not money....and don't buy it.......much better off owning NFLX

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  1. Paper wealth~never does everyone get out in time; are you really in the know?
  2. Nominal returns~Zimbabwe ring a bell? 
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Thunder Dome - Two men enter, one man leaves.


In a zero sum game......never be the zero. Do you know where your 401K is?

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My Broker's name is Sertatm  and he says...."Good nite's sleep garanteed"

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In for a pound in for a penny.

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Well, we were talking about Ponzies, so I reckon Bitcoin is well within the theme.

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Good article.  Just added it to the blog.  Lotsa FUD against Bitcoin.  TPTB know what it is and have for some time.

The End of Ordinary Money


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Anonymity & Security?

Uh, how about physical gold?


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I used to get a "warm glow" in the back seat of my 63 Impala with my gal. Now if I get a warm glow at night it means I am pissing down my leg.

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...unlike most sheeple in Amerika who AREN'T pissing down their own leg.

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The guys who make the markets do...

The rest?

Well, someone's got to lose.

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NFLX was the easy call vs. cash six months ago...when I posted as such and was subsequently roasted on this site.

Now cash and gold are the right calls, even if they deliver little return for some time. It is false euphoria time, making it easy to foresee a storm on the horizon.

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His exit strategy is to put the debt in a box and throw away the key.  Ben can exit whenever he wants to, because US is not Zimbabwe; no one is going to call US out on it.  Anyone who does will be silenced.  The value of the dollar = US military power.

The triumverate of the world is money, power, sex.  If any of those legs goes, the whole thing falls down.

We are witnessing the expression of liberal gospel:  Money for nothing, chicks for free.

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I am now spending lots of time thinking about what will replace the US Republic. Obviously, our Republic can not survive when about half the population is unemployable, all of our production has been shipped else where and cronie-capitalism reigns surpreme. Multi-nationals have bet the farm on endless growh overseas, boy, are they going to be dissappointed. Congress is dysfunctional at best.


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> .... what will replace the US Republic.


What is martial law and foreign troops?

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that is correct...  and thank you for answering in question form.  Now on to Double Jepordy where the pain doubles


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How do you play it?  That is the question.

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I always recommend people to establish, manage, and make regular contributions to their their GO1(d) or SI1(v) account(s).

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Buy every dip -- all day long -- with a tight stop.

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Pretty soon Cramer's new word will be "bubbliciousness."

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Yea, yea, you Tyler Turbans think you know it all, but the guys on TV tell me every thing is great. Do you have a TV show? No, you don't HAVE a TV show. So I'm not listening to you. There.

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You should be a motivational speaker.

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I work for the Dept of Justice. My mom got me the job.

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...and HER momma served shrimp... and her momma before served shrimp... and her momma before that served shrimp...


but NOW... you're getting the shrmp served to you ~ RIGHT?

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the resposnse I liked most from someone was "yeah well I watch MSNBC because it aligns with my worldview, fox doesn't" to which I replied "so you're saying you'd rather take the manure on a spoon up your ass, rather than on a knife up your ass."

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BUT if you had been long US equities since Jan 1, you would have made a lot of money. And if you had been long precious metals since Jan 1, you would have been bleeding. Ergo just go long stocks. That's where you can become filthy rich.

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Great! I'll go back in time one year, sell the PMs and buy the stocks, come back to now, sell stocks and buy PMs. Just one thing. Does anybody, perhaps,  have a time machine to lend? Please.

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I wasn't aware all life was created on Jan 1.

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all life is always created on the EXACT day of the chart bottom of whatever you're shilling at the moment...

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Yes, buy the stock market at all time highs-that has always worked out very well.

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And then one day the market will collapse and you will be dirt poor....  or perhaps you will be prudent enough to cash out ... but then what will you do with the cash before it turns into toilet paper.

I have never been a PM type - but I am oh so Mother Fucking Long gold I can't even see the end -  this fucker is going to blow - there is NO doubt about that.

And anyone holding stocks, bonds, property, cash is going to be eating dog food.

Enjoy your riches while you can brother. 

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your jedi mind tricks don't work on me

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>>>>> Ergo just go long stocks. That's where you can become filthy rich.<<<<< It's also were you can loss it ALL. It's a rigged game. Know that, and keep physical GOLD. It will never be worthless! It is said; "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king".

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Robotrader, is that you?

How ya been, I must admit I miss your irrational optimism and hindsight calls.

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Do you have your profits in hand or are they still just numbers in the database - a perception of money that may or may not be there next year?

If you did cash some out, have you filed your taxes yet?  What did lecherous Uncle Sam take so he could give it to foreign banks and dictators and/or rebels?

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There is the apple, and then, there is the gravity... will the upward momentum of this apple always be stronger than the gravity? Doubtful.

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The higher it goes, the scarier it gets. The economy has not changed, and as every ZHer knows, this will end with massive bubbles popping or with hyperinflation. I am betting on hyperinflation, since the only hope to pay the debt is to tell everyone we have 2% inflation while prices go up 20%. When that happens, 18% of the debt goes away!

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What I would like to see is a ZH stress test. With minds smarter than my own, changing variables to see what systemic fallout would come. I know it's NOT going to last, but I'm stumped to see what can crash it.

In the past few years, they amp up the printing. What's the actual limit to what they can actually do before they simply can't? Which variables can derail the stock market surge. Right now, all we are seeing is straight up. Fundamentals at any mark don't matter.

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Put the 10yr at 4.5% and everybody fails.

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Only the important people like the federal government or large banks steaming piles of mortgage and other debt crap.

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"I'm stumped to see what can crash it."

That is the big question.  In a word: war.  Ben, Jamie, Lloyd, and the folks at the BIS have many of the macro variables in their hands already, including the US military and the bond markets among myriad others.  The only real variables not in their hands, as I imagine it, are China and Russia, and the occasional loose cannon from NK, Japan, or Israel (and Vietnam, but they've been smart enough not to show their hand yet).  What if these progressively escalating territorial disputes with China continue to escalate to where more than just water cannons are fired and fighter jets only scrambled?  The US is bound by treaty to back Japan in military conflicts, and any hint of US military intervention against China, and within their imagined sovereign territory, could escalate economic conflict such as China dumping its USD and UST holdings at auction until its liquidated.  The last time China did something like this, they suddenly dumped around US$100 billion in the spring of 2008 in response to the negative comments in the freshly published 2007 Human Rights Report; the dollar and global markets plunged.  At the time, China's USD holdings were a small fraction of what they are today.  Surely they would lose a lot of 'value' in liquidating $2 trillion in US paper, but they could diversify into every other countries monies while crashing the dollar.  Then there'd really be war.

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Sadly for Japan, that treaty does not cover the Senkaku islands. However, the US has been reaffirming that it does. Time will tell if China dares.

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The price of oil, as always.

You can't blow bubbles without making a speculative bubble there too and the economy will tank once it starts crushing business margins (to the tune of 0.5% of GDP per $10 increase).



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If that happens the whole system will collapse... I see deflationary collapse

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You see deflation, but you're long gold?