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Now we know why you get to post pictures.

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I agree.  That guy holding the IV bag is a fucking genious...or is that a bottle of booze?

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why are they mutually exclusive?

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All of Europe is at the spring bunga-bunga party.  I'm pissed, 'cause I didn't see the invite in time to book my trip.

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"iv bag" = enema

ask pension funds. they can explain it.

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Funny that all the brain trusts....Einhorn, Bass, Loeb etc. etc. etc.....who all see what we see....none of them have announced they are heavily short the market.

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is that a fat chicks finger print on that down arrow?

and...fat chicks rule....

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HFT platforms applying the latest "patch".


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From the bottle blond, the all over tan, the belly button adornment...,

I'd say you can see her necked down at the Pink Pussycat almost any old time, but hell, why not celebrate Tequila?

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I was contemplating feeling bad for that lost soul of a woman selling her body for male attention and then I realized I had been staring at her tits for nearly a minute as I contemplated it all.  I still have no answers.

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Your big brain is hard-wired for procreation with females that can nurse offspring to vitality, thus leading to statistically likelier chances of survival, via lactation.

Big brain--> perceives large mammaries--> enters involuntary exciteability stage--> instinctively sends signal to little brain

Then, there is this nice United Parcel Delivery Woman, who elicits a similar "nice birthing hips" reflexive response. It's all very scientific.

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So what exactly lies behind the apparent hard-wiring in some males to select females with the widest possible backsides?

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I am a caucasian, and am still working on my "red beans & rice didn't miss her" thesis.

For that matter, I never finished by  Chinese "foot binding reflexively induced response" thesis.

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Let me know when you get to the "covered head-to-toe burqa" thesis.

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wouldnt 6 inches of duct tape across the mouth be better than a birka?

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Ball protection man, its all about ball protection...

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More cushin' for the pushin'.

Nuff' said.

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So what exactly lies behind the apparent hard-wiring in some males to select females with the widest possible backsides?

Same thing behind the now-defunct Kaulong Indian practice of ritual asphyxation of all newly widowed women.

No one knows, but it sure as fuck has nothing to do with adaptivity, evolvability, or selective fitness.

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Biologists really do have more fun.

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Agree with your response TIS, we must have other instincts to nurture, respect and treat women with dignity too?  That is what I mean about I don't have any answers, because I really love hot slutty chicks,  its just, its not a good long term pursuit for most women.

edit: they're not a good long term pursuit for most men either.

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It if floats, flies or f*cks, rent, I just don't know anymore.

I think Bernanke may have broken that market, too.

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 its just, its not a good long term pursuit for most women.


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HH, sure some of the only revenue producing industries that have contributed to GDP growth in the last 3 decades have been porn, allimony and child support, I don't deny this fact.  All I am trying to say that long term they may be sort of like the drone industry...short term gain long term pain.

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Thats it, I'm ordering "Atlas Shrugged" from Amazon, one page at a time !!!

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TIS, you've read way to much Schopenhauer. I've never met a man interested in procreation. It's all about pleasure baby. What greater pleasure is there than a long juicy organism? Procreation is just an after effect. Gods joke on us. For that infitesimal period of pleasure comes 18 years of grief. I always wondered was going on in men's heads when they gawked and salivated at my D cup rack. Finally figured out not much thought at all. The beauty in your sex is your simplicity. And we enjoy distracting you!


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Yeah, but somewhere someone is just tired of her bullshit.  Then, again, I tire slowly:)

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My volume (of blood flow) has made me solid (as a rock).

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Store bought titties...,

 not that there's anything wrong with that.

  Must Be PC, Must Be PC

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With volume like this, the etrade baby can move es another 20 points with her online account, who needs ben

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Now that's "wealth effect"


Mom! Get off the stage! We can just walk away from the mortgage!!

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Should you tell your young adult children that if you could do it all over you really would party more?

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Is this a joke?

Deja Vu? 3/12/12

"U.S. Stock Volume Lowest of Year as S&P 500 Gain Fails to Awaken Investors"

As Max Keiser proclaims himself the "most accurate forecaster so far" saying his forecast of the crisis intensifying by April 15th is coming true.

Lotsa lols...

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Keiser is just antsy. It's any day now. 

I've made a lot of money for little old me investing in bitcoin so far. It's going nowhere but up. 

Max says he's made $1 Million with bitcoin. I believe it. If he bought in early enough ($2, I heard Stacy referency on Truth about markets once), then he could easily have a million worth of bitcoin already.



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I've been fighting the Fed, and am therefore too broke to afford a Bloomberg Big Gulp Terminal.  Please explain.

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So from what I can gleam via the web, this is basically an index used as a proxy to determine volume in the overall equity market... in this case, showing a somewhat significant and recent decrease.

Ergo - "Great rotation?!?" - Wo bist du??

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To really put it in perspective, on the 1 year chart, current volume is on par with 11/23 and 12/24 -- the days before christmas and new year's.

Maybe tomorrow is a big holiday they forgot to tell us about?


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Tomorrow is Arbor Day.  In a market that exists only on paper that's a big deal.

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oops, that's Chinese Arbor Day.  Wikipedia misled me again.

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Even fucking Arbor Day is made in China these days.

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It sure as hell isn't Be Kind to Pigs day for chinese citizenisms working for middle class chinese citizen values or however the hell ananonymouschinesecitizenhackermiddleclassvaluescrusader says it.


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Ah, more US 'american' citizenism offuscationalizing throating of mind and blobbing-up.

Makings of false sympathies for food animals only part and package of typical US 'american' citizenism eternal nature.  Why expecting you of chineses Sons of Heaven treat food animals with any shreddings of humaneness, when we don't even deal with own chinese citizenism citizens in suchlike manners?

This why Mousy Tongue most revered Communist Chineses citizenism hero, because he was willingness to kill tens of millions of chineses citizenism citizens in pursuit of greater glory of Long March of Insanitation Communist Chinese citizenism regime.  In chinese citizenism, the regime is all.

Poor US 'american' citizens, failing to grasp essentials.  Cast your failures away, like we do our bowel movings on the roadsides.