Hogwash Update - Latest Number Of Floating Chinese Pigs: 5,916 And Rising Fast

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First it was 900, then 1200, then 3000, and now the latest tally of dead pigs floating in the Shanghai water supply has hit nearly 6000. AP has the latest number: " The number of dead pigs found floating in a river flowing into Shanghai has reached nearly 6,000. The Shanghai municipal government said in an online announcement that 5,916 swine carcasses had been retrieved from Huangpu River by 3 p.m. Tuesday, but added that municipal water remains safe." At what point will the dead pigs begin to pose a health challenge? 10,000? 100,000? What is the maximum Chinese Surgeon General RDA of dead pig in one's drinking water? And whatever it is, how long until, pulling a page from Fukushima, it is quickly doubled? But perhaps the biggest question is what is causing this mass death phenomenon, and what does it mean for the quality and safety of other pigs in circulation?

More from AP

The surge in the dumping of dead pigs — believed to be from pig farms in the upstream Jiaxing area in the neighboring Zhejiang province — has followed police campaigns to curb the illicit trade of pork products harvested from diseased pigs.


Shanghai authorities said the city has taken proper measures to safely dispose of the pig carcasses and that the city's water plants are stepping up efforts to disinfect public water and testing for six common swine viruses.


The Shanghai government reported no major swine epidemic, widespread pig deaths or dumping of pigs within the city boundaries of Shanghai.


The state-run China News news agency said Monday that Zhejiang province had reported no swine epidemic but that a provincial agriculture official blamed cold weather for the deaths of the pigs.


The official, who was identified only by his family name Gu, told China News that the practice of dumping dead pigs into rivers lingers among some pig farmers in the city of Jiaxing. "We are still introducing the practice of collecting dead pigs," Gu was quoted as saying.


Shanghai authorities have been pulling out the swollen and rotting pigs, some with their internal organs visible, since Friday — and revolting images of the carcasses in news reports and online blogs have raised public ire against local officials.


Beijing-based writer Li Mingsheng expressed shock when he learned of the latest number of dead pigs in Shanghai.


"This is not only an environmental issue but also a public moral problem," Li wrote. "What's been polluted is not only Shanghai's river water but also the spirit of our country people."

The good news: China has many, many more pigs. Recall this chart:

The bad news: what happens if China were to uncover that whatever ailments were present in the current batch of "hog wash" has become an epidemic? Just how high will the most important price tag in all of China - pork meat - soar to if quality controls were to be enabled? And what happens to food inflation which in China is actually indicative of reality due to its component as a percentage of CPI being one of the highest in the entire world?

How quick will the PBOC be forced to extract even more liquidity from the market then, and have the Politburo make urgent calls to the rest of the G-7 demanding an immediate, if transitory, end to the global reflation experiment?

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ParkAveFlasher's picture

Pig Shoo Soup, special today, $6.99 with rice and egg roll.

kliguy38's picture

MooShoo Pork with special plum sauce on discount at Shanghai Bistro today

ParkAveFlasher's picture

General Sow Chicken, $8.99.  Comes with fortune cookie and Chinese tea.

Divided States of America's picture

I am sure those pigs will make their way over here somehow...its cheaper and it will definitely help in the fight against inflation.

ZerOhead's picture


I'm still waiting for a report of 100 tonnes of egg noodles and 10 tonnes of MSG being dumped into the river before anyone can can it and send it to the USA...

kaiserhoff's picture

I smell opportunity.

If we floated a few horse heads down the Potomac, do you think maybe the symbolism would...

Ahmeexnal's picture

We already knew pigs can't fly.
This is confirmation that pigs can't scuba without gear either.

Time to start rolling out those melamine pig meals to the serfs.

Troll Magnet's picture

Poor pigs, man...They had to live in fucking China and now this.

Manthong's picture

Did Goldman shut down a brokerage over there?

toys for tits's picture



"Ooh, ooh that smell

 Can't you smell that smell?

Ooh, ooh that smell

The smell of death surrounds you." 

silverserfer's picture

mmm. bacon water. most honarable.

Vegamma's picture

Kaiser, Don't look now, but is that a drone above your house?

Pool Shark's picture



Five "Beatles-haters"?


The Big Ching-aso's picture

Chinese Poultry Foundation:      "Pork, the other white decaying meat."

tenpanhandle's picture

Yellow River pork will become a new delicasy, something on the order of 1000 year old eggs.

Say What Again's picture

The thing that is the most troubling here is the amount of disease that will be "cultivated" by these dead pigs floating around in public water-ways.

ChrisFromMorningside's picture

Those public waterways in China are already so polluted and so devoid of life that a few thousand rotting pigs probably makes little to no impact. What are some pig guts compared to lead runoff and cyanobacteria blooms?

Caviar Emptor's picture

Is'nt this one of the harbingers of the apocalypse?

ChrisFromMorningside's picture

Don't forget the locust swarms in the Middle East. 

The Tribulation FTW!

espirit's picture


Seems the DOS is tugging on quite a few these days.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

Maybe this is a Chinese version of U.S. style tax rebellion through a Beijing Pig Party?

Say What Again's picture

I suspect that the chemical run-off does NOT breed bacteria.  As you said, NOTHING can live in that environment.  But take 4000 pigs washed up on the shore in the sun, and you have some rather fertile environments for strange bacteria and viruses.  I'm not going back there for any amount of money.

ChrisFromMorningside's picture

There's some truth to that. I certainly would not want to be one of the residents of the area(s) where these pigs washed ashore.

Nonetheless, the chemical run-off does breed bacteria -- some of the nastiest kinds (from a human health perspective). This is Tai Lake:


In the long-term, the heavy metals, polymers, fertilizers, and industrial waste-water in the water are doing far more damage to human health than any kind of rotting organic matter. 

SamAdams's picture

wonder what type of virus killed these pigs?  could it jump species?  could it have been a designer virus? 

BeaverFever's picture

Has anyone checked to see if the pigs were sporting designer lipstick?

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I love Friday humor...

Oh wait!

The Big Ching-aso's picture

I wonder what killed the pigs first.  Getting shot or chemicals in the river?

lotsoffun's picture

dear mr/ms say what again - that's the funniest thing posted on this thread.  why would anyone be concerned about diseases?

chinese local public was told the water was safe to drink and implicitly there was nothing wrong with pigs deciding to drown themselves,

somebody probably left the barn door open and they it was better than becoming sausage.  or something like that.

or else they wanted to get to the other side.

dead animals in drinking water really isn't an issue.  as many of the astute posters have pointed out, soup is soup.

what goes into soup?  dead animals and a few onions.


McMolotov's picture

Maybe this was actually a tax protest, and the disease thing is propaganda from the Chinese government.

Perhaps we should be calling it the Shanghai Pig Party.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

This little piggy went to market,

This little piggy stayed home,

This little piggy had Peking Duck,

This little piggy had none,

And this little piggy went glub glub glub all the way home.



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My guess is they are trying to improve the smell of Songjiang

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...and the looks of Chengdu, so pigs poisoned by paint?

“Two workers were spraying the grass, turning the yellow grass into green. Were they painting the grass?” When Chengdu city resident He Tao passed by Chenglong Road on the morning of February 24, he was shocked by what he saw. “Wouldn’t spray painting the grass green pollute the environment?”


espirit's picture

That's not unique to China, HH.  Not that long ago, we had GI's spray painting the grass green (winter) during an expected visit from POTUS.  We only had bird flu to worry about back then.

BooMushroom's picture

True. But there's a difference between spraying an ornamental lawn, and spray painting the grass you're grazing your pigs on. Feel free to insert your favorite "pork barrel" joke here.

ebworthen's picture

Divided States said:  "I am sure those pigs will make their way over here somehow..."

"Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner..."

I'm surprised they don't have a portable hot dog production truck for that province.

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Mmmm... Bacon. Pay attention to the country of origin of the pork products you consume.

akak's picture

New Chinese Citizenism movie:

"A River Runs Through Shit".

The Big Ching-aso's picture

"I'll have Pigs in a Wet Blanket please."

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cHiNee citizenism show piggy can't swim. Speaking of, where's Anonomous in all this???