Hot And Cold Weather Caused Dick's Revenue Shrinkage

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Water is wet. Sky is blue. Spring follows Winter. All things we hold as true and yet, it appears the last of these has managed to foil the best laid plans of Dick's Sporting Goods amid their dismal earnings call. The company at once blamed 'warmer weather' than expected for shrinkage in its outerwear sales and because "it didn't look like Winter was going to come," the firm then blamed excessively cold weather and its lack of outerwear inventory to meet those needs. Just as the firm said, "we're not as smart as we look," as it appears that unless we get Goldilocks perfection year-round, retail sales are all but a pure guess on meteorological mysticism.

From Dicks' Sporting Goods Earnings Call...

Dicks: ...Higher than anticipated sales in hunting were more than offset by significantly lower expected sales in outerwear and cold weather accessories as we experienced warmer weather relative to this year versus last year during peak selling periods...


Dicks: ...the warm weather again this year, we significantly reduced receipts of our partnership orders in winter outerwear and related accessories...


Dicks: ...Although as we finally received cold weather along with snow in January, it had a negative effect on our store sales performance for the back end of Q4 and into Q1.


Dicks: ...It didn't look like winter was going to come again and then when we did get some of the colder weather, we didn't have enough inventory to really support those sales


Analyst: ...I guess the first question is a tough one but retailers have been dealing with weather problems for as long as they've been around but is there any new technology that you think will help this type of problem?


Dicks: ...Based on the temperature, we can pretty much predict on a day-by-day basis what our business is going to do. The issue is we can't influence the temperature.


Dicks: ...I've said this a hundred times when it's been cold and we've had a lot of snow, I've indicated to the Street, hey! we're not as smart as we look, the weather was helpful to our business and when the weather isn't helpful to our business we're not as dumb as we look  but what we can do to change how to predict the weather and how sales are going to be based on the weather, I don't see anything different next year than this year   and I don't see anything different five years from now than this year.

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otto skorzeny's picture

sure it had nothing to do with the fact that you guys were sold out of guns/ammo before Xmas-that and people can buy alot of Dick's overpriced shit for cheaper on the internet-if they can afford it at all

krispkritter's picture

Dick-heads...that's what you get for bending over on the 2nd Amendment issue. 

otto skorzeny's picture

I have no reason to go to Walmart anymore since they don't restock ammo.

krispkritter's picture

Local Wally employee told me that the smart shoppers wait at the back entrance on to the shopping floor for the carts in the morning. They then take their 'limit'(currently 3 boxes) and head for the cashiers. Most of it never sees a shelf...I'm stocked so I don't see the need for that but it goes to show how dedicated people are. Haven't found any 12ga, .223, 7.62x39, .40, .45, etc. for more than 3 months now at 4 Wally's I visited. Hell, I was worried when Gainesville took almost 3 weeks to fill my last boat ballast order...just came in so now I can go fishing again...

WayBehind's picture

"Dicks: ...Higher than anticipated sales in hunting"


Finally some good news, hahaha, GOT AMMO?


Molon Labe

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is not understand complex financials, but even Boris is know bad weather is shrink dick.

Oquities's picture

i bot a box of ammo for a friend's birthday at Dick's because every other store was sold out.  when i told the gun clerk i only came there because i had to, he said that if he did not work there that he would not shop there either.  also told me he shoots an AR-15.

Supernova Born's picture

YES! I was waiting/hoping for this exact story.

DICKS! They can go eat a bag of same.

johnQpublic's picture

yes they can eat a dick

tend to forget alot of their customers are hunters and shooters who are boycotting them and going to cabelas, bass pro etc


Blythes Master's picture

....a bag of dicks.....

are they in a ziplock baggie all squsged together like a buncha squids.

or are they in a paper sack, sticking up like a buncha bagettes?

Imminent Crucible's picture

"Hot, cold weather cause Dick's shrinkage"---LOL. Only on Zero Hedge.  A lot more people would read Forbes if they came up with such disreputably clever headlines.

Respectability is SO overrated.

Muddy1's picture

You are right, you have to be there when they stock the shelves.  We have 2 local Wally's.  One stocks ammo around 9:00pm, the other around 7:00am.  Be there or miss out.  The one had a nice supply of .40 S&W, and Winchester .45 ACP a couple of nights ago.  No problemo.

As for Dicks's, they should've thought through the consequences of their decision to stop selling firearms.  I don't feel sorry for them one bit.

johnQpublic's picture

wal mart has a nice setup for watching their inventory online so you can check your local stores and haul ass over and get it before it sells out

DirkDiggler11's picture

Did you notice the amount of out-of-stocks on silver coin inventory at Gainesville Coin? It appears that half the coins they offer are out of stock right now. I did not see nearly the amount of OOS items in all of 2012. Definitely getting interesting .....

Son of Loki's picture

One excuse fter another.....but mine is for real, "the dog ate my assignment."

krispkritter's picture

BTW...last name ends in 'less' I'm really glad I wasn't named 'Richard'.

myptofvu's picture

Yeah, didn't they jump right at the opportunity to remove AR 15s from the shelves?

The Axe's picture

right on  bro   ha ha Cabellas     cause they got ammo     earnings off the they let me shot inside the store,,while i drink a    love it....they even sell tracers...


Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

I guess they didn't factor in all the overpriced crap they sell. You can only hawk so many $275 North Face jackets to the sheeple.

american eyedol's picture

wait till all those people with that northface crap have to buy their obamacare first then try to buy northface

Offthebeach's picture

Nothing like seeing some pasty face, chubby she sheeple in her North Face gear getting chips, sodas, muffins.
And then there are the Patagonia trust fund posers.
I work outdoors construction most every day. Salvation Army baby! I'm only going to destroy it anyways, so why buy new? Work jeans,( Eddy Bauer, Old Navy....) 5$. Thick hoodsies, 5$. Sweaters, 2$. New misprint t-shirts, a buck.

Guns? Just got a 1930' s metal lathe/mill machine. Free. Time to replicate the British Sten submachine gun. Put it on YouTube.....

daveO's picture

When lathes are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!

max2205's picture

They are as dumb as they look....overpriced plastic clothes

Lendo's picture

Didn't they stop selling assault rifles?

A Lunatic's picture

Yes, and that is where Dicks screwed the pooch.......

nmewn's picture

"Didn't they stop selling assault rifles?"

Ah-ah-ahhh...Personal Defense Weapons.

Thats what the government calls firearms for their citizen-employees...we should at least use the same terminology ;-)

Offthebeach's picture

If " civilians ", Muppets, sheeple have them, they are assault weapons. If Fedgov bootlicks have'm, they are " self defense " tools.

nmewn's picture

That would be the PR game they're trying to run...its about played out

Osmium's picture

Don't forget, they get the "Select Fire" version.

nmewn's picture

Exactly fire...a "real assault weapon".

So here we are, in the surreal world of MSM-government speak, led to believe the people can't have assault weapons, when in fact the government (and FFL's) are the only ones who can have them...and government employees get them for freeeeee! (naturally) charged to the accounts of those who are forbidden to have them.

Somethings not quite right here ;-)

The Gooch's picture

It's for the CHILDREN!


Havana White's picture

Same with C4.  I just shake my head these days, good God.

mac_daddy's picture

And of course comeing out anti-2nd amendment could not of helped either.

Rustysilver's picture

I was at Dick's last week. Very much empty store. I don't vist many stores but if this any indication, we are in deep trouble.

otto skorzeny's picture

I stop at Gander Mountain once and awhile to look around with the kids-if there was no gun department the place would be empty

gimli's picture

They are truthfully just dickheads

Yen Cross's picture

 That's what happens when Corps. think with the wrong head. Soon to be rebranded [Cocks Sporting Goods]...

dark pools of soros's picture

i bought some socks there today...

The Gooch's picture

Did you fill them with shit and throw them back inside?



Dick's has (had) some of the absolute best deals on ammo before TSHTF in December.  I remember buying 50 round packs of Remington UMC for $21.99, and you could buy three at that price and get the fourth one free.  It came out to around $0.30 cents a round or whatever.  Even after the craziness, they still ran good deals on 12 guage 2 3/4" 1oz slugs.  I saw one deal where it was a pack of five for $3.99, buy four get one free.  I never saw it cheaper on the internet ever, not even close.

Now, all they have (much like everyone else) is birdshot and clay pigeon shooting shells.  Bummer.

Stuck on Zero's picture

And the sun was in their eyes.


trollin4sukrz's picture

They need to start carrying (coughcoughcoughin) nails

tawdzilla's picture

Maybe Dick's is onto something...

Algore once famously said that global warming is causing global cooling.

espirit's picture

Dick's shrinkage caused by systemic greed.