Guest Post: NFIB: "No Sign Of A Surge In Confidence"

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

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Of course "optimism" is up - it's the only thing that consumers and small business owners have left!

I can hope the shit out of this economy as much as I want - it won't change that fact that nothing is in my wallet.

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The trend is bearish. We've recently broken through key support levels that had held for decades. Lower lowes and lower highs support the move as well as the fundamentals. People have developed a significsnt tolerance to Hopium and being broke as fuck is a confidence killer as well.

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who gives a shit about small business


they dont donate to barry and the banks could care less


small business= 99%ers

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80% of jobs created by small business.

Big corporations garner the headlines, but its small business that creates the majority of jobs.

The percentage of small firms (3mo. Avg.) expecting the economy to improve has severely tanked.

Seventy-six percent of NFIB owners think that business conditions will be the same or worse in six months.

When in doubt? Buy stock! How could the "market" be wrong? Sunshine & lollypops la, la, la...

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The elites would like you to cheer up. You are harshing their mellow.

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They think it's DOWN now, wait till they have to fork over the cash for this.

Gonna be more Americans w/out ANY Healthcare because of OBaMao's AFFORDABLE CARE ACT...........Yeah right.

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Use common sense.

This is not a healthy business environment.

Nothing done by this administration had done anything to improve the overall economy.

Sure, the corporate fascist companies are making out ok.  But they are not large enough to keep this sinking ship afloat.


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unh unh.  Lamborghini sales are way up.  special interest profiteers are keeping the small business lamborghini dealers goingm, and those things are shipped from somewhere in Euorpe.

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yeah, but let's see if Prada and Lambo can keep all of Italy afloat.... 


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Can't you see the recovery? We're making ALL-TIME HIGHS!!!!11!!!!!1!!™, so you're obviously not looking hard enough.

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I'm working on an all time high now! Huffing paint like my hero, Jesco White, who taught Bennie B a thing or two about getting an economy high. Clip is worth the click, you'll never be the same again. "I wanted to get all that good stuff in me......."

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I thought the president was concerned about the poor? Say it ain't so!

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Who cares what small businesses think?  Oh, wait, I have a small business.  Maybe I should just ask myself what I think.

What do you think, NoDebt?

It sucks.

Thanks for your comment, NoDebt.

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Thanks for your comment NoDebt. It may not help, but it is tough everywhere.

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America peaks on March 22, 2013  .. according to Armstrong.

We head toward a potential dark age from there... shit.

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OK, double dipping on this one.  Did anyone think that things would get better for small businesses when politicians started talking incessantly about how to "help" them and how "important" they are to the nation?  When the government starts talking about "helping" some group it means helping them right into the ground.  "Help" is code for "we're coming to kill you, take your posessions, rape your wife and sell your children into slavery."

I dare you to argue with me about that.

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In other words, small businesses have been "liberated" and given the gift of "democracy."

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"and they'll drop roses at the feet of USFED liberators.."


"break it, you bought it.."

or, and i really like this for Obama

"Mission Accompliced"


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Yeah, that's the same ploy they're pulling on the poor, but the poor are too dumb to realize that they're being raped. 

I own a chain of retail stores, when manufacturers started shipping one item per box as opposed to packing the box to capacity, I knew these fuckers were juicing their numbers. Last time they pulled this shit was circa '07-'08.

I would complain, but I say fuck it. I'll pass the cost off on the consumer. That's the 'Merican way.

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How are those FTAs working out? 

Hopefully people will stop going to SprawlMart to buy soap made in Costa Rica and start making it at home. Globalization is dying on the vine (and trying to take down the tree of life with it). 

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Depends on your definition of small business. Remember John McCain thought anyone earning under $5 million a year wasn't rich. So I'm quite sure many "small" businesses have attached quite nicely to the teat and are doing fantastic.

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Kashi cereal just  moved from San Diego to Michigan, which is probably the new China in the hunt for cheap labor? in a few years there will be no one left in this state without a government job, but so far the huge story of the year is USG negotiating with the Taliban to keep the war going, so the US can remain in Afghanistan (and keep the military contractors rolling in dough) At the same time corruption stories are hitting the headlines, including one about a chicken processing plant in Iraq we built, which never processed a single chicken. Of course this might be a case of government vs government, one party feeding these stories to the press in order to set the stage for huge military cuts. At this stage in the game DOD cuts would hurt towns like SD, and their shipyard a lot. I'm just not sure who is leaking these stories, and which side wants to drop the axe, maybe both.

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It does not matter the specifics, be assured that corruption and waste abounds in all connected to gov't/military.

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And here I thought 'confidence' was well over all time highs according to all media blowhorns! 

Huh....sounds extrememly bullsih I'm sure....DOW 15,000 we hardly knew ye! Well, that's what everyone will probably by mid next week when they ramp it to 15,500 or so.

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I actually think we should cheer on the DOW to 20K, 30K, 40K.  Let's make this bubble as big as fucking possible.....because the bigger they are, the funnier it is when they fall down.

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Only if your well prepared.